Dr. Gerard P. NeCastro

Professor of English, University of Maine at Machias

Thank you for visiting my home page. Since you have gone through the trouble of finding this inauspicious page among the trillions that are on the page, I will at least tell you a few things about myself.

I am a Professor of English at the University of Maine at Machias, where I have taught for the past fourteen years. (I had taught for two years at the University of Maine at Orono, where I am still part of the graduate faculty.) I teach a variety of courses, including Chaucer, Shakespeare, British Literature, Introduction to Literature and Humanities, and, of course, Creative Writing.

I completed my Ph.D. many years ago at the University of Wisconsin, where I wrote a dissertation on violence and humor in Middle English drama. My research is still in early drama, and I do work as well on Chaucer and healing in the Middle Ages. I am the founder and current secretary of Medica: The Society for the Study of Healing in the Middle Ages.

My most recent publication are an edition of the funniest play of the Middle Ages (and of many other ages as well) called Mankind, and a translation of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, the first novel in the English language. I am about to publish an edition of one of the most controversial works of the Middle Ages (or any age), the Tale of Griselda, as it developed in the Renaissance. I am very glad that my eChaucer and From Stage to Page web sites have been useful for scholars of all sorts. I also publish the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society Newsletter twice a year.

Before I moved into the academic world, I did a variety of jobs, including managing a couple bookstores (in Cranberry, PA, and Redlands, CA), working as a public accountant and for a finance company (I have only been correct once in my adult life on calculating my taxes), waiting on tables (where I really learned public speaking), cleaning offices (I know my way around a mop), working in a factory (with 900-degree aluminum), grinding meat (since then, I haven't eaten much of it).

I became an English major many years ago, because everyone said, "If you want to become a writer, you have to study other writers. I have studied quite a few now, and I am finally writing as a writer should write, every day and with a sense of purpose. I am working on the second draft of my first completed novel (after only 57 tries), and I have been planning my second, third, and fourth ones. (Yes, two sequels and a prequel.) The first one is tentatively titled Columbine AS3

If we want to go back further, I will say that I was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, where I went to Mercyhurst College for my undergraduate degrees (in Business and English) and the University of California at Riverside for my M.A. in English.

On the UMM campus, I have served, among other things, as Faculty President, Chair of the Division of Arts & Letters, Coordinator of Information Technology, Webmaster, and faculty representative to the UMS Board of Trustees. I am happy to serve also as the Advisor/Editor to The Binnacle, UMM's literary journal, as well as to the Dead Poets Society.

Off the UMM campus, I served many years as the PTA President and/or Vice-President and for the last couple of years on the Machias School Board. I also serve on various other boards in the area.

When I am not doing any of the things noted above, I am usually reading (or listening to) good books, jogging, gardening, watching the Boston Celtics, and spending time with my family.