Coming Soon, Or At Least We Hope So

As The Binnacle continues to develop as an international literary magazine, we are looking to the future. We have several developments that we hope to put into place or complete over the next year.

First, we hope to publish a volume of the Very Best of the Ultra-Short Competition. Because the works published in the first five editions of the Ultra-Short have been of such high quality, the selection for this special edition will be no easy task (nor will be the logistics of coordinating 100 authors), but we look forward to the edition.

Second, we are looking for recongnition as one of the Pushcart Prize contributors. As so many of our authors have received or have been nominated for this prestigious award, we hope to be among those who nominate fine authors and their work.

Third, we hope to continue to develop our website so that it is more useful for writers. Our new look, humble as it may be, is our first step.

We hope for the continued support of excellent writers and the writing community in general.