Production Update

We are getting to the end of the judging of the Tenth Annual Ultra-Short Competition. One more judge's report, and the e-mails will begin to fly. Fifty-seven works were selected for the edition, but now the difficult decisions are being made on who will take the prizes.

It may be another two weeks before we can post all of the winners and honorees, but there is no suspense about the quality of the entries. It is an amazing group of writings that will be included. (It was even an amazing group of writings that did not make the last cut.)

Our Ninth Annual Ultra-Short Competition Edition is complete and ready for purchase. Likewise, the Spring 2012 edition is complete and available for purchase. Other older editions are also still available.

As we have made a major change this year in our publication schedule, there was no general Fall 2012 edition. The Fall edition will now be our Ultra-Short edition.

Notifications of acceptance are now (early May, 2013) being made for our Spring 2013 edition.

We continue to accept submissions, but our submission guidelines and deadlines have changed. Please see the Guidelines and Deadlines pages for details.

We are slowly but surely making The Binnacle (past, present, and future editions) available on Kindle.