Chaucer in the Twenty-First Century

About eChaucer

eChaucer is the site that was formerly known as Geoffrey Chaucer or Gerard NeCastro's Chaucer Site. It has undergone a major transformation and is ready to head in a new direction.

Major Transformation

The original site, which was built as a classroom aid, had to go. As new materials were added, it became awkward in its own navigation. More importantly, partly because my on neglect and ignorance and partly because of the school template, the site was about as non-compliant as a site can be.

The new site is 99% Compliant, in the terminology of the 3WC as "Strict." The Chaucer on the Web page has one feature, the fact that links open up in a separate window, i.e., "blank," that makes is "Transitional."

The site was re-built, as you can see, using an open source template from, which was found at the wonderful Open Design Community site. eChaucer was originally launched on Updated June 15, 2011.

A New Direction

As I have developed a mass of resources over the years, I would like to share them with the public. Some are here now, and some are on their way.

I am also looking to partner with other teachers and scholars who would like to share useful materials. As many people have many useful things to share but are not interested in maintaining a web site, I welcome you to send me any materials you might see fit for a site such as this. I welcome any other sort of scholarly partners as well.

The key here is "useful": as Chaucerian scholars continue through the Twenty-First Century, they will need sites with reliable tools to help them. This site could be such a site.

Why eChaucer

Well, there are two reasons for the name. First, I wanted something that would not simply be a reflection of me. In other words, I wanted a site that belonged to a number of people who were a sort of community. As most scholars know, sharing knowledge in such a way is very productive as well as enjoyable.

Second, my daughter, without whom I would know nothing of style, suggested that a new title, especially something that sounded like it belonged to the digital age, would be a welcome change.


Many thanks to the University of Maine at Machias webmaster, Anne Soucek, and to UMM Information Technology guru, Mike Matis, for their extreme patience with me. Mike's gentle nudges gave me the ideas and resources to follow through on this project. Thanks also to and the Open Design Community for their generosity. Thanks to Santosh Shrestha as well for his encouragement and tutoring over many years. And Special thanks to my daughter who suggested the name and helped with the banner design.

Of course, I am eternally grateful to the one "phisicien."