The Concordance
MLT 134 In Surrye whilom dwelte a compaignye 0
MLT 149 A certein tyme, as fil to hire plesance. 16
MLT 157 A doghter hath that, syn the world bigan, 24
MLT 197 In sterres, many a wynter therbiforn, 64
MLT 208 To han Custance withinne a litel space, 74
MLT 213 Many a subtil resoun forth they leyden; 80
MLT 251 May no man tellen in a litel clause 118
MLT 252 As was arrayed for so heigh a cause. 118
MLT 314 Noght whan a roote is of a burthe yknowe? 180
MLT 314 Noght whan a roote is of a burthe yknowe? 180
MLT 352 Coold water shal nat greve us but a lite! -- 218
MLT 353 And I shal swich a feeste and revel make 220
MLT 357 Thogh she a font-ful water with hire lede. " 224
MLT 375 She rydeth to the Sowdan on a day, 242
MLT 387 In Surrye, with a greet solempne route, 254
MLT 396 Receyveth hire with also glad a cheere 262
MLT 399 A softe paas solempnely they ryde. 266
MLT 401 Of which that Lucan maketh swich a boost, 268
MLT 439 And in a ship al steerelees, God woot, 306
MLT 442 A certein tresor that she thider ladde, 308
MLT 459 The white Lamb, that hurt was with a spere, 326
MLT 466 On many a sory meel now may she bayte; 332
MLT 510 That thennes wolde it noght of al a tyde; 376
MLT 519 A maner Latyn corrupt was hir speche, 386
MLT 537 In orisons, with many a bitter teere, 404
MLT 557 Toward the see a furlong wey or two, 424
MLT 577 But kepte it strongly many a wyntres space 444
MLT 585 And made a yong knyght that dwelte in that toun 452
MLT 594 And pryvely upon a nyght he crepte 460
MLT 612 That in a ship was founden this Custance, 478
MLT 615 Whan he saugh so benigne a creature 482
MLT 623 That she had doon so greet a wikkednesse, 490
MLT 628 This gentil kyng hath caught a greet motyf 494
MLT 630 Depper in this, a trouthe for to lere. 496
MLT 645 Have ye nat seyn somtyme a pale face, 512
MLT 646 Among a prees, of hym that hath be lad 512
MLT 648 And swich a colour in his face hath had 514
MLT 662 " Now hastily do fecche a book, " quod he, 528
MLT 666 A Britoun book, written with Evaungiles, 532
MLT 670 That doun he fil atones as a stoon, 536
MLT 673 A voys was herd in general audience, 540
MLT 693 And thus hath Crist ymaad Custance a queene. 560
MLT 699 Hir thoughte a despit that he sholde take 566
MLT 700 So strange a creature unto his make. 566
MLT 702 Maken so long a tale as of the corn. 568
MLT 705 Who bloweth in a trumpe or in an horn? 572
MLT 713 And leye a lite hir hoolynesse aside, 580
MLT 715 On hire he gat a knave child anon, 582
MLT 716 And to a bisshop, and his constable eke, 582
MLT 722 The tyme is come a knave child she beer; 588
MLT 724 This constable dooth forth come a messageer, 590
MLT 745 Out of his box, whil he sleep as a swyn; 612
MLT 751 Of so horrible a feendly creature 618
MLT 774 Thy mynde is lorn, thou janglest as a jay, 640
MLT 775 Thy face is turned in a newe array. 642
MLT 798 Thre dayes and o quarter of a tyde; 664
MLT 812 So ful of synne is many a creature? 678
MLT 822 And Custance, with a deedly pale face, 688
MLT 844 For which thy child was on a croys yrent. 710
MLT 911 Doun fro the castel comth ther many a wight 778
MLT 913 But shortly, from the castel, on a nyght, 780
MLT 915 A theef, that hadde reneyed oure creance, 782
MLT 949 And somtyme est, ful many a wery day, 816
MLT 953 Now lat us stynte of Custance but a throwe, 820
MLT 957 Doon to his doghter by a fals traytour, 824
MLT 965 Ful many a day; but shortly -- this is th' ende -- 832
MLT 989 Upon a day fil in swich repentance 856
MLT 1001 As to doon any kyng a reverence. 868
MLT 1005 And so bifel that in a day or two 872
MLT 1020 A mooder he hath, but fader hath he noon 886
MLT 1021 That I of woot " -- and shortly, in a stounde, 888
MLT 1024 " So vertuous a lyvere in my lyf 890
MLT 1027 I dar wel seyn hir hadde levere a knyf 894
MLT 1028 Thurghout hir brest, than ben a womman wikke; 894
MLT 1031 As possible is a creature to be. 898
MLT 1055 And she, for sorwe, as doumb stant as a tree, 922
MLT 1075 And swich a blisse is ther bitwix hem two 942
MLT 1120 A thousand foold wel moore than I kan telle. 986
MLT 1143 Whan passed was a yeer, evene as I gesse, 1010
MLT 568 The constable weex abasshed of that sight, 434
MLT 721 She halt hire chambre, abidyng Cristes wille. 588
MLT 389 First to his mooder, and al the regne aboute, 256
MLT 542 Thurgh payens, that conquereden al aboute 408
MLT 651 So stant Custance, and looketh hire aboute. 518
MLT 735 To joye and blisse to al this regne aboute. 602
MLT 879 The constable gan aboute his herte colde, 746
MLT 214 They speken of magyk and abusioun. 80
MLT 511 The wyl of Crist was that she sholde abyde. 378
MLT 797 Custance in-with his reawme for t' abyde 664
MLT 1133 Joye of this world, for tyme wol nat abyde; 1000
MLT 244 This same accord was sworn on eyther syde; 110
MLT 198 Was writen the deeth of Ector, Achilles, 64
MLT 238 They been acorded, so as ye shal heere: 104
MLT 654 Haveth som routhe on hire adversitee! 520
MLT 586 Love hire so hoote, of foul affeccioun, 452
MLT 1137 Or ire, or talent, or som kynnes affray, 1004
MLT 563 This lady weex affrayed of the soun, 430
MLT 407 The Sowdan comth hymself soone after this 274
MLT 467 After hir deeth ful often may she wayte, 334
MLT 553 With whiche men seen, after that they ben blynde. 420
MLT 603 Soone after cometh this constable hoom agayn, 470
MLT 690 And after this Jhesus, of his mercy, 556
MLT 749 Fro his constable, as ye shal after heere. 616
MLT 876 Alla the kyng comth hoom soone after this 742
MLT 1044 And after noon, hoom with the senatour 910
MLT 1047 And hastifly he sente after Custaunce. 914
MLT 1161 Joye after wo, governe us in his grace, 1028
MLT 339 And afterward in helle to be drawe, 206
MLT 1040 And afterward he made his argument: 906