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NPT 3447 [ " Sire Nonnes Preest, " oure Hooste seide anoon,
NPT 3448 " I-blessed be thy breche, and every stoon!
NPT 3449 This was a murie tale of Chauntecleer.
NPT 3450 But by my trouthe, if thou were seculer,
NPT 3451 Thou woldest ben a trede-foul aright.
NPT 3452 For if thou have corage as thou hast myght,
NPT 3453 Thee were nede of hennes, as I wene,
NPT 3454 Ya, moo than seven tymes seventene.
NPT 3455 See, whiche braunes hath this gentil preest,
NPT 3456 So gret a nekke, and swich a large breest!
NPT 3457 He loketh as a sperhauk with his yen;
NPT 3458 Him nedeth nat his colour for to dyen
NPT 3459 With brasile ne with greyn of Portyngale.
NPT 3460 Now, sire, faire falle yow for youre tale! "
NPT 3461 And after that he, with ful merie chere,
NPT 3462 Seide unto another, as ye shuln heere.]

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