Chaucer in Translation

eChaucer ¤ Chaucer in the Twenty-First Century

These pages contain translations of all of the major original works of Chaucer in modern English, including The Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde, The Book of the Duchess, The Parliament of Fowls, The House of Fame, and The Legend of Good Women.

The following works have been translated by Gerard NeCastro into prose format for ease of reading. They are now in their penultimate draft. You are welcome to read, downlaod, and reproduce them for classroom or personal use. The only conditions are these: 1. That you retain my name as translator and my notation of copyright in all reproductions; and 2. you send a very brief note to me at to say that you are using them. Suggestions for revisions will also be much appreciated.

PlainText refers to .txt files that hove no footnotes or endnotes (best for audio readers); Text, to .txt files with endnotes (best for those who would like to reformat the document); Word, to .doc files (best for Word users); PDF, to .pdf (best for stable image of the text).

Translator's Statement

Canterbury Tales (CT)

Book of the Duchess HTML PlainText Text Word PDF (BD)

The House of Fame HTML PlainText Text Word PDF (HF)

Anelida and Arcite HTML PlainText Text Word PDF (Anel)

The Parliament of Fowls HTML PlainText Text Word PDF (PF)

Troilus and Criseyde (Tr)

The Legend of Good Women (LGW) HTML PlainText Text Word PDF

The Short Poems HTML PlainText Text Word PDF