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The Chester Cycle Play I (1) The Fall of the Rebel Angels

Pagina Prima: De Celi, Angelorom, et Infirne Speciun Creacion Pagina

001 DEUS. Ego sum alpha et oo,
002 primus et novissimus.
003 It is my will it shoulde be soe;
004 hit is, yt was, it shalbe thus.

005 I ame greate God gracious,
006 which never had begyninge.
007 The wholl foode of parente is sett
008 in my essention.
009 I ame the tryall of the Trenitye
010 which never shalbe twyninge,
011 pearles patron ymperiall,
012 and Patris sapiencia.
013 My beames be all beawtitude;
014 all blisse is in my buyldinge.
015 All meirth lyeth in mansuetude,
016 cum Dei potentia,
017 bouth viscible and inviscible.

018 As God greatest and glorious,
019 all is in mea licencill.

020 For all the meirth of the majestye
021 is magnifyed in me.
022 Prince principall, proved
023 in my perpetuall provydence,
024 I was never but one
025 and ever one in three,
026 set in substanciall southnes
027 within selestiall sapience.
028 The three tryalls in a throne
029 and true Trenitie
030 be grounded in my godhead,
031 exalted by my exelencie.
032 The might of my makeinge
033 is marked in mee,
034 dissolved under a deadem
035 by my devyne experience.

036 Nowe sithe I am soe soeleme
037 and set in my solatacion,
038 a biglie blesse here will I builde,
039 a heaven without endinge,
040 and caste a comely compasse
041 by comely creation.
042 Nyne orders of angells,
043 be ever at onste defendinge;
044 doe your indevoure and doubte you not
045 under my dominacion
046 to sytt in celestial saftye.
047 All solace to your sendinge!
048 For all the likeinge in this lordshipp
049 be laude to my laudacion.
050 Through might of my most majestic
051 your meirth shall ever be mendinge.

052 LUCIFER. Lorde, through thy mighte thou hast us wrought,
053 nine orders here that we maye see:
054 Cherubyn and Seraphin through thy thought;
055 Thrones and Dominationes in blisse to bee;

056 with Principates, that order brighte,
057 and Potestates in blisfuil lighte;
058 also Vertutes, through thy greate mighte,
059 Angel! and also Arkeangelle.

060 Nine orders here bene witterlye,
061 that thou hast made here full right.
062 In thy blisse full brighte the bee,
063 and I the principal!, lorde, here in thy sighte.

064 DEUS. Here have I you wrought with heavenly mighte,
065 of angels nine orders of greate beautye,
066 iech one with others, as it is righte,
067 to walke aboute the Trenitie.

068 Nowe, Lucifer and Lightborne, loke lowely you bee.
069 The blessinge of my begyninge I geve to my first operacion.

070 For crafte nor for cuninge, cast never comprehension;
071 exsalte you not to exelente into high exaltation.
072 Loke that you tende righte wisely, for hence I wilbe wendinge.
073 The woride that is bouth voyde and vayne, I forme in the formacion,
074 with a dongion of darkenes which never shall have endinge.
075 This worke is nowe well wrought by my devyne formacion.
076 This worke is well donne, that is soe cleane and cleare.
077 As I you made of naughte, my blessinge I geve you here.

078 ANGELIE. Wee thanke thee, lorde, full soveraignely,
079 that us hath formed soe cleane and cleare,
080 ever in this blesse to byde thee bye.
081 Graunte us thy grace ever to byde here.

082 ARCKEANGELIS. Here for to byde God grante us grace
083 to please this prince withouten peare;
084 him for to thanke with some solace
085 a songe now let us singe here.

'Dignus Dei'

086 DEUS. Nowe seeinge I have formed you soe fayer
087 and exalted you so exelente-
088 and here I set you nexte my cheare,
089 my love to you is soe fervente-
090 loke you fall not in noe dispaier.
091 Touche not my throne by non assente.
092 All your beautie I shall appaier,
093 and pride fall oughte in your intente.

094 LUCIFFER. Ney, lorde, that will we not in deed,
095 for nothinge tresspasse unto thee.
096 Thy greate godhead we ever dreade,
097 and never exsaulte ourselves soe hie.
098 Thou hast us marked with greate might and mayne,
099 in thy blesse evermore to byde and bee,
100 in lastinge life our life to leade.
101 And bearer of lighte thou hast made me.

102 LIGHTEBORNE. And I ame marked of that same moulde.
103 Loveinge be to our creator
104 that us hase made gayer then goulde,
105 under his dieadem ever to indure.

106 DEUS. I have forbyd that ye neare shoulde;
107 but keepe you well in that stature.
108 The same covenante I charge you houlde,
109 in paine of heaven your forfeyture.

110 For I will wende and take my trace
111 and see this blesse in every tower.
112 Iche one of you kepe well his place;
113 and, Lucifer, I make thee governour.
114 Nowe I charge the grounde of grace
115 that yt be set with my order.

116 Behoulde the beames of my brighte face,
117 which ever was and shall indewer.
118 This is your health in every case:
119 to behoulde your creator.
120 Was never none so like me, soe full of grace,
121 nor never shall as my fygure.
122 Here will I bide nowe in this place
123 to be angells comforture.
124 To be revisible in shorte space,
125 it is my will in this same houre.

126 LUCIFFER. Aha, that I ame wounderous brighte,
127 amongest you all shininge full cleare!
128 Of all heaven I beare the lighte
129 though God bymselfe and he were here.
130 All in this throne yf that I were,
131 then shoulde I be as wise as hee.
132 What saye ye, angels all that bene here?
133 Some comforte soone now let me see.

134 VERTUTES. Wee will not assente unto your pride
135 nor in our hartes take such a thoughte;
136 but that our lorde shalbe our guyde,
137 and keepe that he to us hath wroughte.

138 CHERUBYN. Our lorde comaunded all that bene here
139 to keepe there seates, bouth more and lesse.
140 Therfore I warne the, Lucifer,
141 this pride will torne to greate distresse.

142 LUCIFFER. Destresse? I commaunde you for to
143 cease and see the beautie that I beare.
144 All heaven shines through my brightnes
145 for God himselfe shines not so cleare.

146 DOMINACIONES. Of all angells yee beare the price
147 and most beautie is you befall.
148 My counsell is that you be wise,
149 that you bringe not yourselves in thrall.

150 PRINCIPATES. Yf that ye in thral you bringe,
151 then shall you have a wicked fall;
152 and alsoe your ofspringe,
153 away with you they shall all.

154 CHERUBYN. Our brethers counsel is good to here,
155 to you I saye, Lucifer and Lightborne.
156 Wherfore beware you of this cheere,
157 least that you have a fowle spurne.

158 LIGHTEBORNE. In fayth, brother, yet you shall
159 sitt in this throne-arte cleane and cleare-
160 that yee maye be as wise withal!
161 as God himselfe, yf he were heare.
162 Therfore you shalbe set here,
163 that all heaven maye ye behoulde.
164 The brightnes of your bodie cleare
165 is brighter then God a thousandfoulde.

166 THRONES. Alas, that beautie will you spill
167 yf you keepe it all in your thought;
168 then will pride have all his will
169 and bringe your brightnes all to naughte.
170 Let yt passe out of your thought,
171 and caste awaye all wicked pride;
172 and keepe your brightnes to you is wrought,
173 and let our lorde be all our guyde.

174 POTESTATES. Alas that pride is the wall of beautye
175 that tomes your thought to greate offence.
176 The brightnes of your fayer bodyes
177 will make yee to goe hense.

178 LUCIFFER. Goe hense? Behoulde, sennyors one every syde,
179 and unto me you caste your eyen.
180 I charge you angells in this tyde
181 behoulde and see now what I meane.
182 Above greate God I will me guyde
183 and set myselfe here; as I wene,
184 I ame pearlesse and prince of pride,
185 for God hymselfe shines not so sheene.

186 Here will I sitt nowe in his steade,
187 to exsaulte myselfe in this same see.
188 Behoulde my bodye, handes and head-
189 the mighte of God is marked in mee.
190 All angells, torne to me I read,
191 and to your soveraigne kneele one your knee.
192 I ame your comforte, bouth lorde and head,
193 the meirth and might of the majestye.

194 LIGHTEBORNE. And I ame nexte of the same degree,
195 repleth by all experience.
196 Methinkes yf I mighte sit him bye
197 all heaven shoulde doe us reverence.
198 All orders maye assente to thee and me;
199 thou hast them torned by eloquence.
200 And here were nowe the Trenitie,
201 we shoulde him passe by our fullgens.

202 DOMINACIONES. Alas, why make yee this greate offence?
203 Bouth Lucifer and Lightborne, to you I saye,
204 our soveraigne lorde will have you hense
205 and he fynde you in this araye.
206 Goe too your seates and wynde you hense.
207 You have begone a parlous playe.
208 Ye shall well witt the subsequence-
209 this daunce will tome to teene and traye.

210 LUCIFER. I redd you all doe me reverence,
211 that ame repleth with heavenly grace.
212 Though God come, I will not hense,
213 but sitt righte here before his face.

'Gloria tibi Trinitas'

214 DEUS. Saye, what araye doe ye make here?
215 Who is your prince and principall?

216 I made thee angell and Lucifer,
217 and here thou woulde be lorde over all.
218 Therfore I charge this order cleare,
219 faste from this place looke that. yce fall.
220 Full soone I shall chaunge your cheare-
221 for your fowle pride to hell you shall.

222 Lucifer, who set thee here when I was goe?
223 What have I offended unto thee?
224 I made thee my frende; thou arte my foe.
225 Why haste thou tresspassed thus to me?
226 Above all angells there were no moe
227 that sitt so nighe my majestye.
228 I charge you to fall till I byd 'Whoo,'
229 into the deepe pitt of hell ever to bee.

Nowe Lucifer and Lightborne fall.

230 PRIMUS DEMON. Alas that ever we were wroughte,
231 that we shoulde come into this place!
232 Wee were in joye; nowe we be naughte.
233 Alas, we have fomfayted our grace!

234 SECUNDUS DEMON. And even heither thou hast us broughte
235 into dungeon to take our trace.
236 All this sorrowe thou hast us soughte-
237 the deviIl maye speede thy stinckinge face.

238 PRIMUS DEMON. My face, false feature, for thy fare!
239 Thou hast us broughte to teene and treay.
240 I cumber, I congere, I kindle in care.
241 I sincke in sorrowe; what shall I saye?

242 SECUNDUS DEMON. Thou haste us broughte this wicked waye
243 through thy mighte and thy pryde,
244 out of the blesse that lasteth aye
245 in sorowe evermore to abyde.

246 PRIMUS DEMON. Thy witt yt was as well as myne,
247 of that pryde that we did shewe;
248 and nowe bene here in hell fler
249 till the day of dome that [beames] shall bloo.

250 SECUNDUS DEMON. Then shall we never care for woo,
251 but lye here like two feeyndes blacke.
252 Alas, that ever we did forgett soe
253 that lordes love to lose that did us make.

254 PRIMUS DEMON. And therfore I shall for his sake
255 shewe mankynde greate envye.
256 As soone as ever he can hym make,
257 I shall sende, hym to destmoye,

258 one-of myne order shall he bee-
259 to make mankinde to doe amisse.
260 Ruffyn, my frende fayer and free,
261 loke that thou keepe mankinde from blesse

262 that I and my fellowes fell downe for aye.
263 He will ordeyne mankinde againe
264 in blesse to be in greate araye,
265 and wee evermore in hell paine.

266 SECUNDUS DEMON. Out, harrowe! Where is our mighte
267 that we were wonte to shewe,
268 and in heaven bare soe greate lighte,
269 and nowe we be in hell full lowe?

270 PRIMUS DEMON. Out, alas! For woo and wickednesse
271 I ame so fast bounde in this cheare
272 and never awaye hense shall passe,
273 but lye in hell allwaye heare.

274 DEUS. A, wicked pryde! A, woo worth thee, woo!
275 My meirth thou hast made amisse.
276 I maye well suffer: my will is not soc
277 that they shoulde parte this from my blesse.
278 A, pryde! Why mighte thou not braste in two?
279 Why did the that? Why did they thus?
280 Behoulde, my angells, pride is your foe.
281 All sorrowe shall shewe wheresoever yt is.

282 And though they have broken my comaundement,
283 me ruse yt sore full sufferently.
284 Neverthelesse, I will have myne intente-
285 that I first thought, yet soe will I.
286 I and two persons be at one assente
287 a sollempne matter for to trye.
288 A full fayer image we have imente,
289 that the same stydd shall multiplye.

290 In my blessinge here I begyne
291 the first that shalbe to my paye.
292 Lightenes and darkenes, I byde you twene:
293 the darke to the nighte, the lighte to the day.
294 Keepe your course for more or myne
295 and suffer not, to you I saye;
296 but save yourselfe, bouth out and in.
297 That is my will, and will allwaye.

298 As I have made you all of noughte
299 at myne owne wisheinge,
300 my first day heare have I wroughte.
301 I geve yt here my blessinge.

302 Finis

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