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The Chester Cycle Play XIII (13) - Christ's Miracles and the Raising of Lazarus

Pagina Decima Tertia: De Chelidonio et de Resurrectione Lazari


'Ego sum lux mundi. Qui sequitur me non ambulat in tenebris sed habebit lumen vitae.'

001 Brethren, I am Filius Dei, the light of this world.
002 Hee that followeth me walketh not in dearknes
003 but hath the light of life; the scriptures so recorde;
004 as patriarches and prophets of me bearen wytnes,
005 both Abraham, Isaack, and Jacob in there sundrye testimonies,
006 unto whom I was promised before the world beganne
007 to paye there ransome and to become man.

008 Ego et Pater unum sumus: my Father and I are all on,
009 which hath me sent from the throne sempiternall
010 to preach and declare his will unto man
011 because hee loveth him above his creatures all
012 as his treasure and dearlinge most principall-
013 man, I say agayne, which is his owne elect,
014 above all creatures peculiarlye select.

015 Wherfore, deare brethren, yt is my mynd and will
016 to goe to Bethenye that standeth herebye,
017 my Fathers hestes and commandmentes to fulfill.
018 For I am the good sheppard that putteth his life in jeoperdye
019 to save his flocke, which I love so tenderlye;
020 as yt is written of mee-the scripture beareth wytnes-
021 'bonus pastor ponit animam suam pro [ovibus] suis.'

022 Goe we therfore, brethren, while the day is light,
023 to do my Fathers workes, as I am fully mynded;
024 to heale the sicke and restore the blynd to sight,
025 that the prophecye of mee may be fulfilled.
026 For other sheepe I have which are to me commytted.
027 They be not of this flocke, yet will I them regard,
028 that there may be one flocke and one sheppard.

029 But or we goe hence, printe these sayinges in your mynd and harte;
030 recorde them and keepe them in memorye.
031 Contynue in my worde; from yt doe not departe.
032 Therby shall all men knowe most perfectlye
033 that you are my disciples and of my familie.
034 Goe not before me, but let my word be your guide;
035 then in your doinges you shall alwayse well speede.

'Si vos manseritis in sermone meo, veri discipuli mei eritis,
et cognoscetis veritatem, et veritas liberabit vos.'

036 [PUER] (ducens Caecum). If pittie may move your jentyll harte,
037 remember, good people, the poore and the blynd,
038 with your charitable almes this poore man to comforte.
039 Yt is your owne neighbour and of your owne kynd.

040 CAECUS. Your almes, good people, for charitie,
041 to me that am blynd and never did see,

042 your neighbour borne in this cittie;
043 helpe or I goe hence.

044 PETRUS. Maister, instruct us in this case
045 why this man borne blynd was.
046 Is it for his owne trespas
047 or elles for his parentes?

048 JOHN. Was synne the cause oryginall,
049 wherin we be conceived all,
050 that this blynd man was brought in thrall?

051 JESUS. Hit was neither for his offence,
052 neither the synne of his parentes,
053 or other fault or negligence
054 that hee was blynd borne;
055 but for this cause spetiallye:
056 to sett forth Goddes great glorye,
057 his power to shewe manifestlye,
058 this mans sight to reforme.

059 While the daye is fayre and bright,
060 my Fathers workes I must worke right
061 untyll the comminge [of] the night
062 that light be gonne awaye.
063 In this world when I am heare,
064 I am the light that shyneth cleare.
065 My light to them shall well appeare
066 which cleeve to mee alwaye.

Tunc Jesus super terram spuit et lutum faciat,
et oculos Caeci manibus fricabit; postea dicat.

067 JESUS. Doe, man, as I say to thee.
068 Goe to the water of Siloe,
069 there washe thy eyes, and thou shalt see;
070 and give to God the prayse.

Tunc Caecus quaerit aquam et abut Jesus.

071 CAECUS. Leade me, good child, right hastely
072 unto the water of Siloe.

Tunc lavat, et postea dicat:

073 Praysed be God omipotent
074 which nowe to me my sight hath sent.
075 I see all thinges nowe here present.
076 Blessed be God alwaye.

077 When I had donne as God me badde,
078 mye perfect sight forthwith I hadde;
079 wherfore my hart is now full gladde
080 that I doubt where I am.

081 PRIMUS VICINUS. Neighbour, if I the trueth should saye,
082 this is the blynd man which yesterdaye
083 asked our almes as we came this waye.
084 Yt is the verey same.

085 SECUNDUS VICINUS. No, no, neighbour, yt is not hee,
086 but yt is the likest to him that ever I see.
087 One man to another like may bee,
088 and so is hee to him.

089 CAECUS. Good men, truely I am hee
090 that was blynd, and nowe I see.
091 I am no other verelye;
092 enquire of all my kynne.

093 PRIMUS VICINUS. Then tell the trueth, we thee praye,
094 how this his happened to us saye-
095 thou that even yesterdaye
096 couldest see no yearthly thinge,
097 and nowe seest so perfectly.
098 No want of sight in thee we see.
099 Declare therfore to us truelye
100 withowt more reasoninge.

101 CAECUS. The man which we call Jesus,
102 that worketh miracles daylye with us
103 and whom we finde so gratiouse,
104 anoynted my eyes with claye.
105 And to the water of Siloe
106 he bade me goe immediatelye
107 and wash my eyes, and I should see;
108 and thyder I tooke my waye.

109 When the water on my eyes light,
110 immediately I had my sight.
111 Was there never yearthly wight
112 so joyfull in his thought.

113 SECUNDUS VICINUS. Where is hee nowe, we thee praye?

114 CAECUS. I knowe not where he is, by this daye.

115 SECUNDUS VICINUS. Thou shalt with us come on this waye
116 and to the Pharasyes these wordes saye.
117 But yf thou would these thinges denye,
118 yt shall helpe thee right nought.

119 Looke up, lordinges and judges of right!
120 We have brought you a man that had no sight
121 and one the sabaoth day through on mans might
122 was healed and restored forsooth.

123 PRIMUS VICINUS. Declare to them, thou wicked wight,
124 who did restore thee to thy sight,
125 that we may knowe anonright
126 of this matter the trueth.

127 CAECUS. Jesus annoynted my eyes with claye
128 and bade mee washe in Siloe,
129 and before I come awaye
130 my perfect sight I hadd.

131 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. This man, the trueth if I should saye,
132 is not of God-my head I laye-
133 which doth violate the saboath daye.
134 I judge him to be madd.

135 SECUNDUS PHARASEUS. I cannot enter into my thought
136 that hee which hath thys marveyle wrought
137 should be a synner-I leeve yt nought;
138 hit is not in my creede.
139 Saye what is hee that did thee heale.

140 CAECUS. A prophet hee ys, withowt fayle.

141 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. Surely thou arte a knave of kynde
142 that faynest thyselfe for to be blynde;
143 wherfore nowe this is my mynde,
144 the trueth to trye indeede.

145 His father and mother, both in feere,
146 shall come declare the matter heere,
147 and then the trueth shall soone appeare
148 and we put out of doubt.
149 Goe forth, messinger, anon in hye,
150 and fetch his parentes by and by.
151 This knave can nought but prate and lye;
152 I would his eyes were out.

153 NUNTIUS. Your byddinge, maister, I shall fulfill
154 and doe my dutye as is good skill,
155 for this daye hither I knowe the will,
156 and I shall spie them out.

Tunc circumspectat, et adloquitur eos:

157 Syr and dame, both in feare,
158 you must afore the Pharasies appeare.
159 What there will is, there shall you heare.
160 Have donne and come your waye.

161 MATER. Alas, man, what doe we heere?
162 Must we afore the Pharasyes appeare?
163 A vengeance on them farre and neare;
164 they never did poore men good!

165 PATER. Dame, here is no other waye
166 but there commandment wee must obeye,
167 or elles they would without delaye
168 course us and take our good.

169 NUNCIUS. Here I have brought as you bade me
170 these two persons that aged bee.
171 They be the parentes of him truely
172 which sayd that he was blynde.

173 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. Come neare to us both too,
174 and tell us truely or ere wee goe
175 whether this be your sonne or noe
176 looke floe descent we fynde.

177 PATER. Maysters, we knowe certaynlye
178 our sonne hee is-we cannot denye-
179 and blynd was borne, undoubtedly,
180 and that we will depose.

181 But whoe restored him to his sight
182 we be uncertayne, by God almight.
183 Wherfore of him, as is right,
184 the trueth you must enquyre.

185 MATER. For he hath age his tale to tell,
186 and his mother-tonge to utter hit well;
187 although hee could never bye nor sell,
188 lett him speake, we desyre.

189 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. Give prayse to God, thou craftie knave,
190 and looke hereafter thou do not rave
191 nor saye that Jesus did thee save
192 and restored thee to thy sight.

193 SECUNDUS PHARASEUS. Hee is a sinner and that wee knowe,
194 disceavinge the people to and froe.
195 This is most true that wee thee showe.
196 Beleeve us as is right.

197 CAECUS. If he bee sinfull I doe not knowe,
198 but this is trueth that I doe showe.
199 When I was blynd and in great woe,
200 hee cured me, as yee see.

201 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. What did hee, thou lither swayne?

202 CECUS. I tould you once; will you here hit agayne?
203 Or his disciples will [you] become,
204 of all your sinnes to have remission?

205 SECUNDUS PHARASEUS. O cursed caytyffe, yll moote thow thee!
206 Would thou have us his disciples to bee?
207 No, no! Moyses disciples binne wee,
208 for God with him did speake.

209 But whence this is, I never knewe.

210 CECUS. I marvayle of that, as I am trewe-
211 that you knowe not from whence hee should bee
212 that me cured that never did see-
213 knowinge this most certaynlye:
214 God wyll not sinners here.
215 But hee that honoreth God truely,
216 him will hee here by and by
217 and grant his askinge gratiously,
218 for that man is to him deare.

219 And to this I dare be bould,
220 there is noe man that ever could
221 restore a creature to his sight
222 that was blynd borne and never sawe light.
223 If he of God were not, iwis,
224 hee could never worke such thinges as this.

225 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. What, sinful! knave! Wilt thou teach us
226 which all the scriptures can discusse,
227 and of our livinge be so vertuous?
228 We curse thee owt of this place.

229 JESUS. Beleeves thou in God Sonne trulye?

230 CAECUS. Yea, gratious lord. Whoe is hee?

231 JESUS. Thou hast him scene with thy eyee.
232 Hee is the same that talketh with thee.

233 CAECUS. Then I here, I honour him with hart free,
234 and ever shall serve him until! I dye.

235 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Saye, man that makest such maistrye,
236 or thow our sowles doe anoye,
237 tell us here appertly
238 Christ yf that thou be.

239 JESUS. That I spake to you openlye
240 and workes that I doe verelye
241 in my Fathers name almightie
242 beareth wytnes of mee.

243 But you beleeve not as you scene,
244 for of my sheepe yee ne beene;
245 but my flocke, withowten weene,
246 here my voyce alwaye.
247 And I knowe them well eychon,
248 for with me alwaye the gonne;
249 and for them I ordayned in my owne
250 everlastinge life for aye.

251 No man shall reave my sheepe from me,
252 for my Father in majestie
253 ys greater then binne all yee,
254 or any that ever was.

255 SECUNDUS JUDEUS. Thou shalt abye, by my bone,
256 or thou heathen passe.
257 Helpe, fellowe, and gather stones
258 and beate him well, for cockes bones.
259 He scornes us quiantlye for the nones
260 and doth us great anoye.

Tunc lapides colligunt.

261 Yea, stones nowe here I have
262 for this rybauld that thus can rave.
263 One stroke, as God me save,
264 he shall have soone in hye.

265 JESUS. Wretches, manye a good deede
266 I have donne, yea in great neede;
267 nowe quite you fowle my meede
268 to stone me on this manere.

269 PRIMUS JUDEUS. For thy good deede that thou hast wrought
270 at this tyme stone we thee nought.
271 Both in word and thought
272 there thou lyes falselye.

273 JESUS. But I doe well and truely
274 my Fathers biddinge by and by,
275 elles may you hope well I lye
276 and then leeves you me nought.

277 But sythen you will not leeve me,
278 nor my deedes that you may see,
279 to them beleevinge takes yee,
280 for nothinge may be soother.
281 Soe may you knowe well and verey
282 in my Father that I ame aye,
283 and hee in mee, sooth to saye,
284 and eyther of us in other.

Tunc colligunt lapides et statim evanescit Jesus.

285 SECUNDUS JUDEUS. Owt, owt, alas where is our fonne?
286 Quyntly that hee is heathen gonne.
287 I would have taken him, and that anone,
288 and fowle him all to-frapped.
289 Yea, make we never so much mone,
290 nowe there is noe other wonne,
291 for hee and his men everychone
292 are from us clearly scaped.

293 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Nowe by the death I shall one dye,
294 may I see him with my eye,
295 to syr Cayphas I shall him wrye
296 and tell that shall him deare.
297 See I never none, by my faye,
298 when I had stones, soc soone awaye.
299 But yet no force! Another daye
300 his tabret we shall feare.

301 MARIA. A, lord Jesu, that me is woo
302 to wytt my brother syckly soo!
303 In feeble tyme Christ yoode me froo.
304 Well were we and hee were here.

305 MARTHA. Yea, sister, abowt I will goe
306 and seeke Jesu too and froo.
307 To helpe him hee would be throo
308 and hee wyst how hit were.

Tunc venit Jesus.

309 A, my lord, sweete Jesus, mercye!
310 Lazar, that thou loved tenderlye,
311 lyeth sicke a little herebye
312 and suffereth mych teene.

313 JESUS. Yea, woman, I tell thee wytterlye,
314 that sickenes is not deadly
315 but Godes Sonne to glorifie.
316 Loe, I am him, as may be scene.

Tunc ibit Martha ad Mariam.

317 MARIA. A, Martha, sister, alas, alas!
318 My brother ys dead syth thou heere was.
319 Had Jesus my lord binne in this,
320 this case had not befalne.

321 MARTHA. Yea, sister, neare is Godes grace.
322 Manye a man hee holpen hasse.
323 Yett may hee doe for us in this case
324 and him to life call.

325 MARIA. Here will I sitt and mourninge make
326 tyll that Jesu my sorrowe slake.
327 My teene to harte, lord, thou take,
328 and leeche mee of my woe.

329 MARTHA. In sorrowe and woe here wyll I wake,
330 and lament for Lazar my brothers sake.
331 Though I for coulde and pennance quake,
332 heathen will I not goe.

Tunc pariter juxta sepulchrum sedebunt plorantes, et Jesus procul sit.

333 JESUS. Brethren, goe we to Judye.

334 PETRUS. Maister, right nowe thou well might see
335 the Jewes would have stoned thee,
336 and yett thou wilt agayne?

337 JESUS. Wott you not well this is vereye,
338 that xii houres are in the daye
339 and whoeso walketh that tyme a waye
340 trespasseth not, the sooth to saye?

341 Hee offendeth not that goeth in light;
342 but whosoever walketh abowte in night,
343 hee tresspasseth all agaynst the right,
344 and light in him is non.
345 Whye I saye this, as I have tight,
346 I shall tell you soone in height.
347 Have mynd on hit through your might
348 and thinkes well thereupon.

349 To the daye myselfe may likened be,
350 and to the xii houres all yee
351 that lightened be through followinge mee
352 that am most likinge light.
353 For worldes light I am verey,
354 and whoesoe followeth me, sooth to saye,
355 hee may goe no Chester waye,
356 for light in him is dight.

'Oportet me operari opera eius qui misit me donec dies est;
venit nox quando nemo potest operari. Quamdiu sum in mundo, lux sum mundi.'

357 Brethren, I tell you tidinges:
358 Lazar my freinde is sleepinge.
359 Thether wee must be goinge,
360 upon him for to call.

361 JOHN. Lord, if hee sleepe, saffe hee may bee,
362 for in his sleepe no perrill is hee.
363 Therfore yt is not good for thee
364 goe thider for soc smale.

365 JESUS. I tell you, brethren, certenlye;
366 Lazar is deade, and thyder will I.
367 Fayne I am, I wott, that I
368 was not there, as you may see.
369 We goe thider anon in hye.

370 THOMAS. Followe him, brethren, to his anoye,
371 and dye with him devoutly,
372 for other hit will not bee.

Tunc versus locum ibit Jesus ubi Maria et Martha se Martha fuit obviam.

373 MARTHA. A, lord Jesu, haddest thou binne here leade
374 Lazar my brother had not binne deade;
375 but well I wott thou wilt us reade,
376 nowe thou arte with us here.
377 And this I leeve and hope aright:
378 what thinge thou askest of God almight,
379 hee will grant yt thee in height
380 and grant thee thy prayer.

381 JESUS. Thy brother, Martha, shall ryse, I saye.

382 MARTHA. That leeve I, lord, in good faye,
383 that bee shall ryse the last daye;
384 then hope I him to see.

385 JESUS. Martha, I tell thee withowt naye,
386 I am risynge and life verey;
387 which life shall last for aye
388 and never shall ended be.

389 Whosoever leeveth steedfastlye
390 in mee-I tell thee trulye-
391 though he dead bee and downe lye,
392 shall live and fare well.
393 Leeves thou, woman, that this maye?

394 MARTHA. Lord, I leeve and leeve mon
395 that thou arte Christ, Godes Sonne,
396 is commen into this woride to wonne,
397 mans boote for to bee.
398 This have I leeved steedfastlye;
399 therfore on mee thou have mercye,
400 and on my sister eke Marye.
401 I will fetch her to thee.

Tunc Martha ibit et vocabit Mariam, dicens

402 MARTHA. A, Marye, sister leeffe and deare,
403 hye thee quickly and come neare.
404 My sweete lord Jesu hee is here,
405 calleth thee him to.

406 MARIA. A, well were we and hit so were!
407 But had my lovely lord of leere
408 scene my brother lye one beare,
409 some boote might have binne donne.

410 But nowe he stinketh, sooth to saye,
411 for nowe this is the fourth daye
412 syth hee was buryed in the claye,
413 that was to mee so leeffe.
414 But yet my lord I will assaye,
415 and with all my hart him I praye
416 to comforte us, and that hee may
417 and mend all our mischeiffe.

Tunc Maria videns Jesum prosternat se ad pedes, dicens:

418 A, lord Jesu, haddest thou binne here,
419 Lazarre my brother, thy owne deare,
420 had not binne dead in this manere.
421 Mych sorrowe is me upon.

422 JESUS. Where have yee donne him? Telles mee.

423 MARYE. Lord, come hither and thou may see,
424 for buryed in this place is hee
425 fore dayes nowe agonne.

Tunc venient Judei, quorum dicat Primus.

426 PRIMUS JUDEUS. See, fellowe, for cockes soule,
427 this freake beginneth to reeme and yowle
428 and make great dowle for gowle
429 that bee loved well before.

430 SECUNDUS JUDEUS. Hee hadd cunninge, meethinke hee might
431 from death have saved Lazarre by right,
432 as well as send that man his sight,
433 that which so blynd was borne.

434 JESUS. Have donne, and put awaye the stone.

435 MARTHA. A, lord, foure dayes be agone
436 syth hee was buried, bloodd and bonne.
437 He stynkes, lord, in good faye.
438 JESUS. Martha, sayd I not to thee
439 if that thou fullye leeved in mee
440 Godes grace soone shalt thou see?
441 Therfore doe as I thee saye.

Tunc deponent lapidem de sepulchro, et Jesus tergum vertens,
manibus elevatis, dicit.

442 JESUS. Father of heaven, I thanke yt thee
443 that so soone hasse hard mee.
444 Well I wist and soothly see
445 thou hearest myne intent.
446 But for this people that stande hereby
447 speake I the more openlye,
448 that they may leeve steedfastly
449 from thee that I was sent.

450 JESUS. Lazarre, come forth, I bydd thee!

451 LAZARUS. A, lord, blessed most thou be
452 which from death to life hast raysed mee
453 through thy micle might.
454 Lord, when I hard the voyce of thee,
455 all hell fayled of there postie,
456 so fast from them my soule can flee;
457 all divells were afrayd.

458 JESUS. Loose him nowe and lett him goe.

459 MARTHA. A, lord, honored be thou oo
460 that us hast saved from mych woe
461 as thou hast oft beforne.
462 For well I wist hit should be soo,
463 when ye were full farre froo.
464 The, lord, I honour, and no moo,
465 kneelinge upon my kneene.

466 MARIA. A, lord Jesu, mych is thy might,
467 for nowe my harte is glad and light
468 to see my brother ryse in my sight
469 here before all these men.
470 Well I hoped that soone in height
471 when thou came yt should fare aright.
472 The, lord, I honour with all my might,
473 kneelinge upon my knees.

474 A, lord Jesu, I thanke thee,
475 that one my brother hase pittie.
476 By verey signe nowe men maye see
477 that thou arte Godes Sonne.
478 With thee ever, lord, will I bee
479 and serve thee with harte free
480 that this daye hase gladdedd mee,
481 and alwaye with thee wonne.

482 [JESUS]. Have good-day, my doughter deare.
483 Whereever you goe, farre or neare,
484 my blessinge I give you here.
485 To Jerusalem I take the waye.

486 Finis

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