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The Chester Cycle Play XIV (14) - Christ's Public Ministry

Pagina Decima Quarta: De Jesu Intrante Domum
Simonis Leprosi et de Aliis Rebus

001 JESUS. Brethren, goe we to Bethenye
002 to Lazarre, Martha, and Marye;
003 for I love mych that companye,
004 thidder now will I wend.
005 Symon the lepper hath prayed me
006 in his house to take charitie.
007 With them nowe yt liketh mee
008 a while for to lend.

009 PETRUS. Lord, all readye shall we be
010 in life and death to goe with thee.
011 Great joye they may have to see
012 thy comrninge into there place.

013 PHILIPPUS. Lazarre thou raysed through thy pittye,
014 and Simon also-mesell was hee-
015 thou clensed, lord, that wotten we,
016 and holpe them through thy grace.

Tunc ibunt versus domum Simonis leprosi.

017 SIMON. Welcome, Jesu, full of grace,
018 that mee that fowle and mesell was
019 all whole, lord, thou healed hase,
020 over all for to showe.

021 Well is me that I may see thy face
022 here in my house, this poore place.
023 Thou comfortes me in manye a case
024 and that I full well knowe.

025 LAZARUS. Welcome, lord, sweete Jesu.
026 Blessed be the tyme that I thee knewe.
027 From death to life through thy vertue
028 thou raysed me not yore.
029 Fowre dayes in yearth when I had layne
030 thou grantest me life, lord, agayne.
031 Thee I honour with all my mayne
032 nowe and evermore.

033 MARTHA. Welcome, my lovely lord and leere;
034 welcome, my deareworth darlinge deare.
035 Fayne may thy freindes be in feere
036 to se thy freelye face.
037 Syttes downe, if your will weare,
038 and I shall helpe to serve you here
039 as I was wonte in good manere
040 before in other place.

Tunc Jesus sedebat, et omnes cum eo, et veniet Maria Magdalena
cum alablastro unguenti, et lamentando dicat.

041 MARIA MAGDALENA. Welcome, my lovely lord of leale;
042 welcome, my harte; welcome, my heale;
043 welcome, all my worldes weale,
044 my boote and all my blys.
045 From thee, lord, may I not conceale
046 my fyith and my faultes fayle.
047 Forgive mee that my flesh so frayle
048 to thee hath donne amysse.

049 Oyntment I have here readye
050 to anoynte thy sweete bodye.
051 Though I be wretched and unworthye,
052 wayve me not from thy wonne.
053 Full of synne and sorrowe am I,
054 but therfore, lord, I am sorye.
055 Amend me through thy mercye,
056 that makes to thee my monne.

Tunc aperiet pixidem, et faciet signum unctionis,
et rigabit pedes Jesu lachrymis et tergebit capillis suis.

057 SIMON. A, Judas, why doth Jesus soe?
058 Methinke that hee should lett her goe,
059 this woman full of synne and woe,
060 for feare of worides shame.
061 And if hee verey prophet were,
062 hee should knowe hir life here
063 and suffer her not to come him nere,
064 for payringe of his fame.

065 JUDAS ISCARIOTH. Naye, Simon, brother, sooth to saye,
066 hit is nothinge to my paye;
067 this oyntment goeth to fast awaye
068 that is so mych of pryce.
069 This ylke boyst might have binne sould
070 for three hundreth penyes tould
071 and dealt to poore men, whosoever would,
072 and whosoever had binne wise.

073 JESUS. Simon, take good heed to mee.
074 I have an errand to saye to thee.

075 SIMON. Maister, what you will maye bee,
076 saye on, I you beseech.

077 JESUS. By an example I shall thee showe
078 and to this companye on a rowe,
079 whereby I say thou may knowe
080 to answere to my speache.

081 Two detters somtyme there were
082 oughten money to a userer.
083 The on was in his dangere
084 five hundreth penyes tould;
085 they other fiftie, as I saye here.
086 For they were poore, at there prayer
087 he forgave them both in feare,
088 and nought take of them he would.

089 Whether of these two, read if thou can,
090 was more behoulden to that man?

091 SIMON. Lord, as much as I can thereon
092 I shall saye or I passe.
093 Five hundreth is more then fiftie;
094 therfore methinke skylfullye
095 that hee that hee forgave more partie,
096 more houlden to him he was.

097 JESUS. Simon, thou deemes soothlie, iwysse.
098 Sees thou this woman that here is?
099 Sycker shee hath not donne amysse
100 to worke on this manere.
101 Into thy house here thou me geete;
102 no water thou gave mee to my feete.
103 Shee washed them with her teares weete
104 and wyped them with her heare.

105 Kisse syth I came thou gave non,
106 but syth shee came into this wonne
107 shee hath kyssed my feete eychon;
108 of weepinge shee never ceased.
109 With oyle thou hast not me anoynt,
110 but shee hat donne both foot and joynt.
111 Therfore I tell thee on poynt,
112 mych synne is her released.

Ad Judam Iscarioth:

113 And Judas, also to thee I saye:
114 wherto wouldest thee mispaye
115 with this woman by any waye
116 that eased me this hasse?
117 A good deede shee hath donne todaye,
118 for poore men you have with you aye,
119 and me yee may not have, in faye,
120 but a little space.

121 Therfore, woman, witterlye,
122 for thou hast loved so tenderly,
123 all thy synnes nowe forgive I;
124 beleeffe hath saved thee.

125 And all that preach the evangelye
126 through the world by and by
127 of thy deed shall make memorye
128 that thou hasse donne to mee.

129 MARIA MAGDALENA. My Christ, my comfort and my kinge,
130 I worshippe thee in all thinge,
131 for nowe my hart is in likinge,
132 and I at myne above.
133 Seaven devils nowe, as I well see,
134 thou hast dryven nowe owt of mee,
135 and from fowle life unto great lee
136 releeved me, lord, for love.

Tunc surget Jesus, et stando dicat Ut sequitur:

137 JESUS. Peter and Philipe, my brethren free,
138 before you a castle you may see.
139 Goe you thider and fetch anon to mee
140 an asse and a foale alsoe.
141 Loose them, bringe them hither anone.
142 Yf any man grytch you as yee gonne,
143 and you say that I will ryde thereon,
144 soone will they let them goe.

145 PETRUS. Maister, we shall doe your byddinge
146 and bringe them soone for anythinge.
147 Phillippe, brother, be we goinge
148 and fetch these beastes too.
149 PHILLIPPUS. Brother, I am readye bowne.
150 Hye that we were at the towne.
151 Great joye in hart have we mone
152 on this arrand for to goe.

Tunc ibunt in civitatem, et dicat Petrus Janitro:

153 How, how! I must have this asse.

154 JANITOR. Here thou gettest neither more then lesse
155 but thou tell me or thou passe
156 whither they shall goe.

157 PHILLIPPUS. My maister Jesu, leeve thou mee,
158 thinkes to come to this cittie
159 and bade both brought to him should bee,
160 himselfe to ryde upon.

161 JANITOR. All readye, good men, in good faye!
162 And syth hee will come todaye,
163 all this cittie I will saye
164 and warne of his comynge.
165 Take asse and foale and goe your waye,
166 for eyche man of him marvayle maye.
167 Lazarre, that fowre daye dead laye,
168 hee raysed at his callinge.

Tunc ibit Janitor ad cives.

169 Tydinges, good men evrye one!
170 The prophet Jesus comes anone.
171 Of his disciples, yonder gonne
172 twayne that were nowe here.

173 For his marvayles leeve aye upon
174 that hee is verey Goddes Sonne
175 although hee in this wonne-
176 for elles wonder were.

177 PRIMUS CIVIS. A, lord, blessed most thou bee!
178 Him will I goe nowe and see;
179 and so I read that all wee
180 thidderward take the waye.

181 SECUNDUS CIVIS. Fellowes, I leeve that Christ is hee,
182 commen from God in majestie;
183 elles such marveyles, as thinkes mee,
184 hee ney did daye for daye.

185 TERTIUS CIVIS. Lazarre he raysed, as God me save,
186 that foure dayes hath binne in grave.
187 Therfore devotion nowe I have
188 to welcome him to this towne.

189 QUARTUS CIVIS. Branches of the palme tree
190 eycheon in hand take wee,
191 and welcome him to this cittie
192 with fayre processionn.

193 QUINTUS CIVIS. With all the worshippe that I maye
194 I welcome him will todaye,
195 and spread my clothes in the waye
196 as soone as I him see.
197 SEXTUS CIVIS. These miracles preeven appertlye
198 that from the Father almightie
199 hee is commen, mankynd to bye;
200 yt may not other bee.

201 PRIMUS PUER. Fellowes, I hard my father saye
202 Jesu the prophet will come todaye.
203 Thidder I read we take the waye
204 with branches in our hand.

205 SECUNDUS PUER. Make wee myrth all that we maye
206 pleasant to that lordes paye.
207 'Hosanna!' I read, by my faye,
208 to synge that we founde.

Tunc ibunt pueri versus Jerusalem cantantes 'Hosanna!'
cum ramis palmarum in manibus. Et cives prosternent vestimenta sua in via:
'Hosanna, filio David! Benedictus qui venit in nomine domini!
Hosanna in excelsis!'Tunc Jesus sedens super asellam,
videns civitatem, flebit et dicat.

209 JESUS. A, Jerusalem, holye cittie!
210 Unknowne todaye yt is to thee
211 that peace thou hast-thou canst not see-
212 but bale thou shalt abyde.
213 Mych must thou dreigh yet some daye
214 when woe shall fall on everye waye,
215 and thou begyled, sooth to saye,
216 with sorrowe one all syde;

217 destroyed, dilfullye dryven downe.
218 Noe stone with other in all this towne
219 shall stand, for that they be unlevon
220 to keepe Christes commen
221 and Goddes owne visitation,
222 donne for mankyndes salvation;
223 for the have no devotyon,
224 ne dreiden not his dome.

Tunc Jesus equitabit versus civitatem, et omnes cives
pannos suos in via prosternent. Et cum venerit ad templum,
descendens de asina dicat vendentibus, cum flagello:

225 Doe awaye, and use not this thinge,
226 for hit is not my likinge.
227 You make my Fathers wonnynge
228 a place of marehandize.

229 PRIMUS MERCATOR. What freake is this that makes this fare
230 and casteth downe all our warre?
231 Come no man hither full yare
232 that did us such anoye.

233 SECUNDUS MERCATOR. Owt, owt, woe is mee!
234 My table with my money
235 is spread abroade, well I see,
236 and nought dare I saye.
237 Nowe yt seemes well that hee
238 would attayne royaltee;
239 elles this bould durst hee
240 not bee to make such araye.
241 PRIMUS MERCATOR. Hit seemes well hee would be kinge
242 that casteth downe thus our thinges
243 and sayes his Fathers wonninge
244 in this temple is.
245 Saye, Jesus, with thy janglinge,
246 what evidence or tokeninge
247 shewest thow of thy rayninge,
248 that thou darest doe this?

249 SECUNDUS MERCATOR. What signes nowe shewest thou here
250 that preeves such power
251 to shend our ware in such manere,
252 maisterlye through thy mayne?

253 JESUS. This temple here I maye destroye,
254 and through my might and my maistrye
255 in dayes three hit edifie
256 and buyld yt up agayne.

257 PRIMUS MERCATOR. Aha, Jesu, wilt thou soe?
258 Thys worde, as ever mote I goe,
259 shalbe rehearsed before moe.
260 Cayphas I shall tell.

Tunc Jesus ejiciet cum flagello ementes et vendentes.

261 JESUS. Hye you fast this temple froe,
262 for marchandize shall be here noe more.

263 In this place, be you never soe throe,
264 shall you no lenger dwell.

265 JUDAS ISCARIOTH. By deare God in majestie,
266 I am as wroth as I may be,
267 and some waye I will wreake mee
268 as soone as ever I maye.
269 My maister Jesu, as men might see,
270 was rubbed head, foote, and knee
271 with oyntment of more dayntee
272 then I see many a daye.
273 rfo that I have great envye,
274 that bee suffered to destroye
275 more then all his good thrye,
276 and his dammes too.
277 Had I of yt had maistrye,
278 I would have sould yt soone in hie
279 and put hit up in treasurye
280 as I was wont to doe.

281 Whatsoever was given to Jesu
282 I have kept syns I him knewe;
283 for bee hopes I be trewe,
284 his pursse I alwaye beare.
285 Him had binne better, in good faye,
286 had spared oyntment that daye,
287 for wroken I wilbe some waye
288 of waste that was donne there.

289 Three hundeth penyes-worth yt was
290 that hee lett spill in that place.
291 Therfore God give me hard grace
292 but himselfe shalbe sould
293 to the Jewes, or that I sytt,
294 for the tenth penye of hit;
295 and thus my maister shalbe quytte
296 my greeffe an hundrethfould.

297 Syr Cayphas and his companye
298 conspyrne Jesus to anoye.
299 There speech anon I will espye,
300 with falsshood for to fowle him.
301 And if the gladlye will do whye,
302 I shall teach them to him in hye,
303 for of his counsell well knowe I.
304 I may best beguyle him.

Tunc Judas pro tempore abut, et Cayphas dicit.

305 CAYPHAS. Lordinges, lookers of the lawe,
306 herkyns hether to my sawe.
307 To Jesu all men can drawe
308 and likinge in him base.
309 If we letten him longe gonne,
310 all men will leeve him upon;
311 so shall the Romanes come anon
312 and pryve us of our place.

313 Therfore yt is fullye my readd
314 we cast howe hee best were dead;
315 for yf hee longe on life be leade
316 our lawe goeth all to nought.
317 Therfore saye eychon his counsell,
318 what manere of waye will best avayle
319 this ylke shrewe for to assayle-
320 some sleyght there must be sought.

321 ANNAS. Syr, you saye right skylfullye;
322 but needesly men must espie
323 by him we catch noe vilanye,
324 to fownd and fowle to fayle.
325 For you knowe as well as I,
326 oft we have fownded to do him anoye;
327 but ever he bath the victorye-
328 that noe waye maye avayle.

329 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. Yea, syr, in temple hee bath binne
330 and troubled us with mych teene,
331 that when we wended and did weene
332 of him to have had all our will,
333 or ever we wist, he was awaye.
334 This maketh the people, in good faye,
335 to leeve that bee is Christ vereye,
336 and our lawe for to spill.

337 SECUNDUS PHARASEUS. Yea, lordes, one poynt may doe gayne.
338 That lourden, Lazarre, should be slayne,
339 for he raysed him up agayne
340 that foure dayes had binne dead.
341 For that miracle mych of mayne,
342 to honour him eychon is fayne;
343 and Lazarre, that dead was, will not layne,
344 and bee one life be leade.

345 CAYPHAS. Noe more, forsooth, will many moe
346 that hee base made to speake and goe;
347 and blynd that have theire sight alsoe
348 loven him steadfastlye
349 and followen him both farre and neare,
350 preachinge to the people his powere.
351 Therfore my witt is in a weare
352 to ordayne remedye.

353 ANNAS. And remedye must ordayned be
354 before this great solempnitie,
355 or elles may other as well as we
356 trusse and take our waye.
357 For when bee comes to this cittie,
358 all the world, as you might see,
359 honored him upon there knee
360 as God had comon that daye.

361 PRIMUS PHARASEUS. Alsoe, lordinges, you sawe there
362 how that he fared with chaffere-
363 cast hit downe, God give him care,
364 that 'was so great of price!
365 And alsoe lowdlye hee can lye-
366 called the temple apertlye
367 his Fathers house full falslye,
368 right as yt had binne his!

369 SECUNDUS PHARASEUS. Lordinges, there is noe more to saye-
370 but loost is owr lawe, I dare laye,
371 and bee come one our saboath daye
372 that nowe aprocheth nye.
373 Heale he any, lesse or more,
374 all men will leeve on his lore.
375 Therfore yt is good to slea him before,
376 yf that wee will be slye.

377 CAYPHAS. Amonge our wittes lett us see
378 to take him with some subteltye.
379 Hee shall have sylver, gould, and fee,
380 this thinge that would fulfill.

381 JUDAS. Lordes, what will you give mee
382 and I shall soone helpe that hee
383 sleelye betrayed bee,
384 right at your owne will?

385 CAYPHAS. Welcome, fellowe, as have I roo.
386 That bargayne fayne would I goe too.

387 JUDAS. Lett me see what ye will doe,
388 and laye downe sylver here.
389 For the devill swappe of my swyre
390 and I doe yt without hyre,
391 other for soveraigne or syre-
392 yt is not my manere.

393 CAYPHAS. Saye on what we shall give thee
394 to helpe that he taken bee;
395 and here is readye thy moneye
396 to paye thee or thou passe.

397 JUDAS. As ever mote I thrive or thee,
398 and I shewe my subtilltye,
399 thirtie penyes yee shall give mee
400 and not a farthinge lasse.
401 PRIMUS PHARISEUS. Yea, but thy trueth thou must plight
402 for to serve us aright
403 to betraye thy maister through thy might,
404 and have here thy money.

405 JUDAS. Have here my trueth, as I have tight,
406 or Fridaye that hit be night
407 I shall bringe you to his sight
408 and tell which is bee.

409 PRIMUS PHARISEUS. Yee binne brethren on a rowe.
410 Which is he I cannot knowe.

411 JUDAS. Noe. A verey signe I shall you showe.
412 Aspies whom I kysse,
413 and that is bee, sooth to saye.
414 Takes him manlye, as you maye,
415 and lead him sleelye awaye
416 whither your likinge ys.

417 CAYPHAS. Nowe looke thou serve us truely,
418 thy maysters cornminge to espie.

419 JUDAS. Trust well therto and sickerlye
420 that he shall not eschewe.

421 And would God almightie
422 the kinge of France might so afye
423 in this realme and baronye
424 that they were all so treu!

425 On Fridaye in the morninge
426 espies all on my comminge,
427 for where that he is walkinge
428 I will goe and espie.
429 With him I thinke to eate and drinke
430 and after, tydinges to you to bringe
431 where he shapes his dwellinge,
432 and come and tell you in bye.

433 Finis

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