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The Chester Cycle Play XV (15) - The Last Supper

Pagina Decima Quinta: De Caena Domini et de eius Proditione

001 JESUS. Brethren all, to me right deare,
002 come hither to me and ye shall here.
003 The feaste of Easter you knowe draweth neare
004 and nowe yt is at hand.
005 That feaste needes keepe must we
006 with verye great solempnitie.
007 The pascall lambe eaten must bee
008 as the lawe doth commande.
009 Therfore, Peter, looke that thou goe,
010 and John with thee shalbe alsoe.
011 Prepare all thinges that longeth therto
012 acordinge to the lawe.

013 PETRUS. Lord, thy biddinges doe will we.
014 But tell us first where yt shalbe
015 and we shall doe yt speedelye,
016 and thidder will we drawe.

017 JESUS. Goe into the cittie which yee doe see,
018 and there a man meete shall yee
019 with a water pott that beareth hee,
020 for so you may him knowe.
021 Into what house that bee shall goe,
022 into the same [howse] enter ye alsoe
023 and saye the maister send you too
024 his message for to shewe.

025 Saye 'The maister to thee us sent
026 to have a place convenient
027 the pascall lambe to eate.' There is my entent,
028 with my disciples all.
029 A fayre parlour hee will you shewe.
030 There prepare all thinge dewe
031 where I with my retynewe
032 fulfill the lawe we shall.

033 PETRUS. All readye, lorde. Even thy will
034 shortlye we two shall fulfill,

035 and the fayre cittie we shall goe tyll
036 as fast as we maye.

Tunc Petrus et Johannis ibunt ac hominem vas aquae
testaceum portantem alloquerentur.

037 PETRUS. All hayle, good fellowe, hartelye.
038 To thy maisters house I praye thee hye;
039 and wee must keepe thee companye
040 our message for to saye.

041 SERVUS. Come on your waye and followe mee;
042 my maisters house soone shall you see.
043 Loe, here yt is, verelye.
044 Saye nowe what yee will.

Tunc domum intrant.

045 PETRUS. Syr, the maister saluteth thee
046 and as messingers send we bee.
047 Therfore we praye thee hartelye
048 take heede us until.

049 The maister bath sent us to thee.
050 A place preparde for him must bee;
051 the pascall lambe there eate will hee
052 with his disciples all.

053 PATER FAMILIUS. Loe, here a parloure all readye dight
054 with paved fibres and windowes bright.
055 Make all thinges readye as you thinke right,
056 and this have you shall.
057 JOHANNIS. Nowe, brother Peter, lett us hye
058 the paseall lambe to make readye;
059 and to our maister then will you and I
060 as fast as we maye.

Tunc adornent mensam et revertunt.

061 PETRUS. Thy commandment, lord, donne have wee.
062 The pascail lambe is made readye.
063 Therfore come on and you shall see,
064 and we shall lead the waye.

065 JESUS. Nowe, brethren, goe to your seate;
066 this pascall lambe nowe lett us eate,
067 and then we shall of other thinges entreate
068 that be of greater effecte.
069 For knowe you nowe, the tyme is come
070 that sygnes and shadowes be all donne.
071 Therfore, make haste, that we maye soone
072 all figures deane rejecte.

073 For nowe a newe lawe I will beginne
074 to helpe mankynd owt of his sinne
075 soe that hee may heaven wynne,
076 the which for synne bee loste.
077 And here, in presence of you all,
078 another sacrifice beginne I shall,
079 to bringe mankynd out of his thrall,
080 for helpe him neade I muste.

Tunc accumbet Jesus ac Johannis in gremio dormit.

081 Brethren, I tell you bye and bye,
082 with greate desyre desyred have I
083 this Passeover to eate with you trulye
084 before my Passion.
085 For I saye to you syckerlye,
086 my Fathers will allmightye
087 I must fulifill meekelye,
088 and ever to be bowne.

Tunc Jesus accipiet panem, frangit, et discipulis suis dat, dicens:

089 This bread I give here my blessinge.
090 Takes, eate, brethren, at my byddinge
091 for, leeve you well, withowt leasinge,
092 this is my bodye
093 that shall dye for all mankynde
094 in remission of there synne.
095 This give I you on me to mynd
096 aye after evermore.

Tunc accipit calicem in manibus, oculis elevatis, dicens:

097 Father of heaven, I thanke thee
098 for all that ever thou doest to mee.
099 Brethren, takes this with hart free;
100 that is my blood
101 that shalbe shedd on the tree.
102 For more together drinke not wee
103 in heaven-blys tyll that we bee
104 to tast that ghostly foode.

Tunc edit et bibit cum discipulis, et Judas Iscarioth
habebit manum in patina.

105 Brethren, forsooth I you saye,
106 one of you shall me betraye
107 that eatethe here with me todaye
108 in this companye.

109 PETRUS. Alas, alas and weale-awaye!
110 Whoe that may be, knowe I nay maye-
111 for I yt is not, in good faye,
112 that shall doe such anoye.

113 ANDREAS. Hard yt is for us all
114 to whom this case shall befall.
115 We be but twelve within this hall-
116 lord, tell yf yt be I.

117 JACO BUS. Sorrowfull for these wordes be wee.
118 Who ys yt? I cannot see.
119 If this case shall fall to mee,
120 lord, tell mee hastelye.

Tunc Judas intingit in patinam.

121 JESUS. Through his deceipte I am but dead
122 that in my cuppe weetes his bread.
123 Mych woe for his wicked read
124 that wretch must thole iwys.
125 Well were him had bee binne unborne,
126 for bodye and soule bee is forlorne
127 that falseiye soe hath donne beforne
128 and yett in will bee ys.

129 JUDAS. Leeffe maister, ys yt not I
130 that shall doe thee this villanye?

131 JESUS. Thou hast read, Judas, redealye,
132 for sycker thou arte bee.
133 That thou shalt doe, doe hastelye.

134 JUDAS. Farewell, all this companye,
135 for on an errand I must hye;
136 undonne hit may not bee.

137 JESUS. Brethren, take up this meate anon;
138 to another worke we must gonne.
139 Your feete shall washen be eychone
140 to shewe all charitie.
141 And first myselfe I wyll begynne
142 and washe you all that be herein,
143 one thys deede that you may mynne
144 and meeker for to bee.

Tunc Jesus precinget corpus lintheolo.

145 PETRUS. A, lord, shalt thou washe my feete?

146 JESUS. That doe I, Peeter, I thee beheight.
147 The while more thou shalt not wytt,
148 but thou shalt afterwarde.

149 PETRUS. Naye, lord, forsooth in no manere
150 my feete shalt thou not washe here!

151 JESUS. But I washe thee, withowten were
152 of joye gettes thou noe parte.

153 PETRUS. Naye, lord, my feete may well be layde;
154 but wash my handes and my head.

155 JESUS. All ys cleane Therfore doe I read
156 thy feete shall washen bee
157 and you cleane-but not all.

158 PETRUS. Lord, of wayle thou arte the wall,
159 and, though yt not well befall,
160 have here my feete to thee.

Tunc lavabit pedes omnium singulatim et abstergit lintheo.

161 JESUS. My deare brethren, well wytt yee
162 that lord and maister you call mee;
163 and well you saye as should bee-
164 I am, and have binne yore.
165 Syth I have washen your feete here-
166 lord and maister, in meeke manere-
167 doe eychon to other in fere
168 as I have done before.

Tunc invicem omnes ahorum pedes lavant

169 My litle children and my brethren free,
170 little while maye I with you bee,
171 but thidder shall you not goe with mee

172 as I am nowe in waye.
173 But this soothly my biddinge:
174 you love together in all thinge
175 as I before, withowt fletchinge,
176 have loved you trulye aye.

177 Soe all men may knowe and see
178 my disciples that you bee,
179 falshood if you alwayes flee
180 and loven well in feere.

181 PETRUS. Lord, whither arte thou in waye?

182 JESUS. Peter, thidder as I goe todaye
183 come syckerlye thou ney maye
184 this tyme in noe manere;

185 but thou shalt thidder goe.

186 PETRUS. Whye shall yt not, lord, be soe?
187 My lyffe I will put in woe
188 and for thy sake be slayne.

189 JESUS. Peter, I saye thee syckerlye,
190 or the cocke have crowen thrye
191 thou shalt forsake my companye
192 and take thy word agayne.
193 Brethren, lett not your hartes be sore,
194 but leeve in God evermore
195 and in mee as you have before,
196 and care not for this case.
197 For in my Father house there is
198 manye wonnynges of great blys,
199 and thidder I will goe now, iwys,
200 to purvaye you a place.

201 And though I goe from you awaye
202 to purvaye a place to your paye,
203 I come agayne another daye
204 and take you all with mee.

205 THOMAS. Lord, we wotte not, in good faye,
206 what manere of gate thou wilt assaye.
207 Tell us, that we knowe maye
208 that gate and goe with thee.

209 JESUS. Thomas, I tell thee withowt stryfe,
210 in me is waye, soothnes, and life,
211 and to my Father no man ney wife
212 may come withowt mee.

213 And yf you knowe me verelye,
214 my Father you might knowe in bye.
215 From henceforth, I say you syckerlye,
216 knowe him all shall yee.

217 PHILLIPP. Lord, lett us see thy Father anon
218 and yt sufficeth us everychone.

219 JESUS. A longe tyme you have with me gonne
220 Philipp; why sayest thou soe?
221 Sickerlye, whoe seeth mee
222 seeth my Father, I tell yt thee.
223 Whye willest thou my Father to see
224 while I with you goe?

225 Phillipp, leeves thou not this:
226 that my Father in mee ys,
227 and I in him alsoe, iwys,
228 and both we be one?
229 The workes that I doe are his;
230 for his helpe maye I not mys.
231 Therfore, to wynne you heaven-blys,
232 my deedes you leeve upon!

233 Whatsoever ye aske my Father deare
234 in my name in good manere,
235 to fulfill yt I have power.
236 All that ys to my paye,
237 that my Father in majestie
238 by mee glorified may bee;
239 and eyther, as I saye to thee,
240 for one have binne aye.

241 Yf that you love mee hartfullye,
242 keepe my biddinge truelye,
243 and to my Father praye will I
244 to send you the Holye Ghoste
245 to abyde with you evermore-
246 for the world knoweth not his lore,
247 but you, that have knowen mee yore,
248 in you he shall be most.

249 Though I goe now to distresse,
250 I will not leave you comfortles;
251 but leeves this well and expresse,
252 efte I will come agayne;
253 and then your hartes on a rowe
254 shall gladlye be, my blys to knowe,
255 with joye noe man shall take you froo,
256 would he never so fayne.

257 Ryse up and goe heathen anon.
258 To my prayer I must gone,
259 but syt you styli everychwonne,
260 my Father while I call.
261 Wakes and have my benisonn
262 for fallinge into temptation.
263 The sprite aye to bale is bowne
264 and the flesh readye to fall.

Tunc it Jesus oratum, et discipuh pre dolore dormiunt

265 Father of heaven in majestie,
266 glorifie, yf thy will bee,
267 thy Sonne, that hee may glorifie thee,
268 nowe or I heathen wend.
269 In yearth thou hast given me postie,
270 and I have donne with harte free
271 the worke that thou charged mee
272 and brought yt to an ende.

273 Thy name have I made men to knowe
274 and spared not thy will to showe
275 to my disciples one a rowe
276 that thou hast given mee.
277 And nowe they knowe verelye
278 that from the Father sent am I.
279 Therfore, I pray thee especiallye,
280 save them through thy mercye.

Tunc venit ad diseipulos et invenit eos dormientes, et dicit:

281 What! Sleepe you, brethren all, here?
282 Ryse up and make your prayer
283 lest temptation have power
284 to make you for to fall.
285 The flesh is, as I sayd before,
286 inclininge aye to synne sore,
287 and ghooste oecupyed evermore;
288 therfore nowe wakes all!

Tunc iterum ad orationem, et alta voce loquitur:

289 My hart is in great mislikinge
290 for death that is to me commynge.
291 Father, if I dare aske this thinge,
292 put this awaye froe mee.
293 Eyeh thinge to thee possible is;
294 neverthelesse, nowe in this
295 at your will I am, iwys.
296 As thou wilt, lett yt bee.

Tunc redit ad discipulos iterum.

297 You sleepen, brethren, yett, I see.
298 Sleepes one nowe all yee.
299 My tyme ys common taken to bee.
300 From you I must awaye.
301 He that bath betrayed mee,
302 this night from him will I not flee.
303 In sorye tyme borne was bee
304 and soe he may well saye.

Tunc Judas cum miitum cohorte, laternis facibus et armis, venit illuc.

305 JESUS. You men I aske, whom seeke yee?

306 MALCHUS. Jesus of Nasareth, him seeke we.

307 JESUS. Here, all readye-I am hee.
308 What have you for to saye?

309 JUDAS. A, sweete maister, kysse thou mee,
310 for yt is longe syth I thee see,
311 and togeather we will flee
312 and steale from them awaye.

313 JESUS. What seeke you men with such a breath?

314 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Wee seeke Jesus of Nazareth.

315 JESUS. I saye yore, and yet I saye,
316 I am hee, in good faye.
317 Suffer these men to goe there waye
318 and I am at your will.

319 MALCHUS. False theefe, thou shalt gone
320 to bysshopp Cayphas, and that anon;
321 or I shall breake thy bodye and bonne
322 and thou be to late.

323 PETRUS. Theefe, and thou be so bould
324 my maister soe for to hould,
325 thou shalt be quytte an hundrethfould,
326 and onward take thou that!

327 Be thou so bould, as thrive I,
328 to hould my maister here in bye,
329 full deare thou shalt hit abye
330 but thou thee heathen dight.
331 Thy eare shall of, by Goddes grace,
332 or thou passe from this place.

Tunc extrahet gladium et abscindet auriculam Malchi.

333 Goe playnt nowe to Cayphas
334 and bydd him do the right.
335 MALCHUS. Owt! Alas, alas, alas!

336 By cockes bones, my eare bee hase!
337 Mee is betyde a hard case
338 that ever I come here.

339 JESUS. Peeter, put up thy sword in hye.
340 Whosoever with the sword smiteth gladlye
341 with sword shall perish hastelye,
342 I tell thee withowten were.

Tunc Jesus tetigerit auriculam et sanabit.
343 MALCHUS. A, well is mee, well is mee!
344 My eare is healed nowe, I see.
345 So mercifull a man as ys hee
346 knewe I never none.

347 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Yea, though bee have healed thee,
348 shutt from us shall hee not bee,
349 but to syr Cayphas, as mott I thee,
350 with us shall hee goe.

351 JESUS. As to a theeffe you came here
352 with sword and staves and armerye
353 to take me in fowle manere
354 and end your wicked will.
355 In temple with you when I was aye,
356 noe hand on mee would you laye,
357 but nowe is common tyme and daye
358 your talent to fulfill.

359 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Come, caytiffe, to Cayphas
360 or thou shalt have a hard grace.
361 Trott upon a prowder pase,
362 thou vilde popelard.

363 Though Belzebubb and Sathanas
364 come to helpe thee in this case,
365 both thy hand that thou hase
366 shalbe bounden hard.

367 Finis

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