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The Chester Cycle Play XIX (19) - The Resurrection of Christ

Pagina Decima Octava: De Resurrectione Jesu Christi

001 PILATUS. Per vous, sir Cayphas,
002 et vous e vous, syr Annas,
003 et sum disciple Judas
004 ou le treison fuite;
005 et grande luces de lucite
006 a moy perfoyte deliverie,
007 nostre dame fuit judge,
008 per loer roy estreite.

009 You lordes and ladyes so lovely and lere,
010 you kemps, you knowne knightes of kynde,
011 herkens all hitherward my hestes to here,
012 for I am most fayrest and freshest to fynd,
013 and most highest I am of estate;
014 for I am prynce pereles, most royall man of ryches.
015 I may deale and I may dresse.
016 My name ys syr Pilate.

017 For Caesar, lord most of postie,
018 honored my estate and my degree
019 when that he sent Jesus to me
020 to delyver him to the dead.
021 The cryed on mee all with on voyce;
022 the Jewes one me made great noyce.
023 I gave them leave to hange him on crosse.
024 This was through Jewes read.

025 I dread yett lest hee will us greeve,
026 for that I sawe I may well beleeve.
027 I sawe the stones begane to cleave
028 and dead men up can ryse.
029 In this cyttye all aboute
030 was non so stearne ne so stowte
031 that up durst looke, for great doubt;
032 they could so soone agryse.

033 And therfore, syr Cayphas, yett I dread
034 leste there were parrell in that deed.
035 I sawe him hange on roode and bleed
036 tyll all his blood was shedd.
037 And when he should his death take,
038 the wedders waxed wondrous blacke-
039 layte, thonder-and earth beganne to quake.
040 Therof I am adread.

041 CAYPHAS. And this was yesterdaye, about noone?

042 PILATUS. Yea, syr byshoppe, this ys one.
043 To speake therfore we have to donne.
044 For I lett burye him full soone
045 in a tombe of stonne.
046 And therfore, syrs, amonge us three
047 lett us ordayne and oversee
048 yf there anye parrell be,
049 or we hence gonne.

050 CAYPHAS. Syr Pilate, all this was donne,
051 as we sawe after sone;
052 but betyme at afternoone
053 the wedder begane to cleare.
054 And, syr, yf yt be your will,
055 such wordes you left be styll
056 and speake of another skyll,
057 least any man us heare.

058 ANNAS. Yea, syr Pilate, nought forthy!
059 I sawe him and his companye
060 rayse men with sorcerye
061 that longe before were dead.
062 For, and there be any more such lafte
063 which can of such wytchcrafte,
064 yf that bodye be from us rafte,
065 advyse you well, I redd.

066 CAYPHAS. Yea, syr Pilate, I tell you right.
067 Lett us ordayne manye a hard knight,
068 well armed, to stand and feight
069 with power and with force,
070 that noe shame to us befall.
071 Lett us ordayne here amonge us all,
072 and trewe men to us call
073 to keepe well the coarse.

074 PILATUS. Nowe by Jesu that dyed on roode,
075 methinke your counsell wondrous good.
076 The best men of kynne and blood
077 anonne I wyll in.
078 Syr Colphram and syr Jeragas
079 Aroysiat and syr Jerophas,
080 we praye you, syrs, here in thys case
081 anonne looke you ne blynne.

082 A, my knightes styffe and stearne of hart,
083 you be bould men and smart.
084 I warne you nowe at wordes short,
085 with you I have to donne.

086 PRIMUS MILES. Syr, we be here all and some
087 as bowld men, readye bowne
088 to dryve your enemyes all adowne
089 while that wee may stand.

090 We be your knights everychon.
091 Fayntnes in us there shalbe nonne.
092 We wilbe wroken upon thy fonne
093 wherever he may be found-
094 and for no dread that we wyll wend.

095 PILATUS. That I am well to understand.
096 You be men doughtie of hand;
097 I love you withowt lacke.

098 But that prophett that was donne and drawes
099 throwe the recountinge of your lawes-
100 but yett somethinge me standes in awes
101 of wordes that he spake.
102 Forsooth, this I hard him saye:
103 that hee would ryse the thyrd daye.
104 Nowe surely and he so maye,
105 he hath a wonderous tatch.

106 SECUNDUS MILES. Yea, lett him ryse yf that him dare;
107 for, and I of him be awarre,
108 hee bode never a worse charre
109 or that hee wend awaye.
110 I helped to slea him yerre while.
111 Weenes he to doe us more guyle?
112 Ney, yt ys no parrayle,
113 my head heare dare I laye.

114 TERTIUS MILES. Yea, lett him quicken! Hardlye,
115 whiles my fellowes here and I
116 may awake and stand him by,
117 he scapeth not uncaught.
118 For and he ones heave up his head,
119 but that he be soone dead,
120 shall I never eate more bread
121 ne never more be saught.

122 PRIMUS MILES. Have good-day, syr. Wee wyll be gonne.
123 Geeve us our charge everychon.

124 PILATUS. Nowe fares-well, the best of blood and bonne,
125 and takes good heede unto my sawe.

126 For as I am a trewe Jewe,
127 yf that you anye treasonn sue,
128 there ys none of you all shall yt eschewe
129 but he shall be to-drawe.

130 SECUNDUS MILES. Nowe, fellowes, we be charged hye.
131 Our prynce hath sworne that we shall dye
132 withowt anye prophecye
133 or anye other encharre
134 but yf we donne as the wyse.
135 I read us we right well advise.
136 Though he be bould, hee shall not ryse
137 but one of us be warre.

138 TERTIUS MILES. Syr, the most wytt lyeth in thee
139 to ordayne and to oversee.
140 You binne the eldeste of us three,
141 and man of most renowne.
142 The tombe ys here att our hand.
143 Sett us there as we shall stand.
144 Yf that he ryse, we shall found
145 to beate him adowne.

146 PRIMUS MILES. And I shall nowe sett us soe,
147 yf that he ryse and would goe,
148 one of us, or elles two,
149 shall see of his upryste.
150 Stand thou there, and thou here,
151 and I myselfe in myddle mere.
152 I trowe our hartes will not feare
153 but yt were stowtly wyste.

Tunc cantabunt duo angeli: 'Christus resurgens a mortuis' etc.,
et Christus tune resurget; ac postea, cantu finito, dicat ut sequitur.
Jesus resurgens et pede eos milites quatlat

154 [JESUS]. Earthlye man that I have wrought,
155 awake out of thy sleepe.
156 Earthly man that I have bought,
157 of me thou take noe keepe.
158 From heaven mans soule I sought
159 into a dungeon deepe;
160 my deare lemmon from thence I brought,
161 for ruth of her I weepe.

162 I am verey prynce of peace
163 and kinge of free mercye.
164 Whoe wyll of synnes have release,
165 one me the call and crye;
166 and yf they will of synnes sease,
167 I grant them peace trulye
168 and therto a full rych messe
169 in bread, my owne bodye.

170 I am verey bread of liffe.
171 From heaven I light and am send.
172 Whoe eateth that bread, man or wiffe,
173 shall lyve with me withowt end.
174 And that bread that I you give,
175 your wicked life to amend,
176 becomes my fleshe through your beleeffe
177 and doth release your synfull band.

178 And whosoever eateth that bread
179 in synne and wicked liffe,
180 he receaveth his owne death-
181 I warne both man and wiffe;

182 the which bread shalbe seene instead
183 the joye ys aye full ryffe.
184 When hee ys dead, through fooles read
185 then ys he brought to payne and stryffe.

Tunc duo angeli, posteaquam Christus resurrexit, sedebunt in sepulchro,
quorum alter ad caput, alter ad pedes, sedeant.

186 PRIMUS MILES Owt, alas! Where am I?
187 So bright abowt ys herebye
188 that my harte wholey
189 owt of slough ys shaken.
190 So fowle feared with fantasye
191 was I never in non anoye,
192 for I wott not, witterlye,
193 whether I be on sleepe or waken.

Tunc socium surgere cogit.

194 SECUNDUS MILES. Where art thou, syr batchlere?
195 About me ys wonder cleare.
196 Wytt me wantes withowten were,
197 for fearder I never was.
198 To remove farre or neare
199 mee fayles might and power.
200 My hart in my bodye here
201 ys hoven owt of my brest.

Tunc tanget socium et de somno surgere coget.

202 PRIMUS MILES. Yea, we are shent, syckerlye,
203 for Jesu ys rysen, well wott I,
204 owt of the sepulchre mightelye,
205 and therof I have in mynd.
206 And, as dead here can I lye,
207 speake might I not, ney espye
208 which waye he tooke, truelye-
209 my eyes the were so blynde.

210 TERTIUS MILES. Alas, what ys thys great light
211 shyninge here in my sight?
212 Marred I am, both mayne and might;
213 to moove have I noe mayne.
214 These two beastes that are so bright-
215 power I ney have to ryse aright-
216 mee fayle with them for to fight,
217 would I never so fayne.

218 SECUNDUS MILES. Yea, I will creepe forth upon my knee
219 tyll I this parrell passed bee,
220 for my waye I may not see,
221 neyther yearth ney stonne.
222 Yea, in a wicked tyme we
223 nayled him on the roode-tree.
224 For us, he sayd, in dayes three
225 that he would ryse agayne.

226 TERTIUS MILES. Hye we fast we were awaye,
227 for this ys Goddes Sonne verey.
228 Stryve with him wee ney maye
229 that mayster ys and more.
230 I will to Cayphas, by my faye,
231 the sooth openlye for to saye.
232 Farewell, syrs, and have good-daye,
233 for I will goe before.

234 PRIMUS MILES. We to lenge here ys no boote,
235 for needes to syr Pilate we moote
236 and tell him both croppe and roote
237 so soothly as wee wist.
238 For and they Jewes knewe as well as wee
239 that he were rysen through his postie,
240 then should the last errour bee
241 worse then was the firste.

Tunc adeunt Pilatum.

242 SECTJNDUS MILES. Herkens, syr Pilate, the sooth to sayne,
243 Jesu that was on Frydaye slayne
244 through his might ys rysen agayne.
245 Thys ys the thyrd daye.
246 There came noe power him to fett,
247 but such a sleepe he on us sett
248 that none of us might him lett
249 to ryse and goe his waye.

250 PILATUS. Nowe by the othe that I have to syr Caesar sworne,
251 all you dogges sonnes
252 shall dye therfore
253 yf yt be on you longe.
254 If that you have privylie
255 sowld him to his companye,
256 then are you worthye for to dye
257 right in your owne wronge.
258 TERTIUS MILES. Nowe by the order that I beare of knight,
259 he rose up in the morninge light
260 by vertue of his owne might.
261 I knowe hit well afyne.
262 Hee rose up, as I saye nowe,
263 and lefte us lyenge, I wott nere howe,
264 all bemased and in a swoone
265 as we had binne stycked swyne.

266 PILATUS. Fye, theeffe; fye, traytour;
267 fye on thee, thy truth ys full bare!
268 Fye, feynd; fye, feature;
269 hye hence. Fast I read that thou fare!

270 PRIMUS MILES. That tyme that hee his waye tooke
271 durst I neyther speake nor looke,
272 but for feare I laye and quooke,
273 and laye in sownd dreame.
274 He sett his foote upon my backe
275 that everye lythe beganne to cracke.
276 I would not abyde such another shacke
277 for all Jerusalem.

278 PILATUS. Fye, harlott; fye, hownde;
279 fye on thee, thou taynted taken dogge!
280 What! Laye thou styll in that stound
281 and lett that losingere goe so on the rogge?
282 Syr Cayphas and syr Annas,
283 what saye you to thys trespas?
284 I praye you, syrs, in this case
285 advyse me of some reede.

286 C AY P HAS. Nowe, good syr, I you praye,
287 herkens to mee what I you saye-
288 for mych avayle us yt maye-
289 and doe after my spell.
290 Praye them nowe, syr, pardye,
291 as the loven well thee,
292 here as they standen all three,
293 to keepe well our counsell.

294 ANNAS. Syr byshoppe, I saye to you verament,
295 unto your counsell I fullye assent.
296 This foolishe prophet that we all torent
297 through his witchcrafte ys stollen awaye.
298 Therfore lett us call our counsell together
299 and lett us conclude to the whole matter,
300 or elles our lawes are donne forever.

301 PILATUS. Nowe in good fayth, full woe ys mee,
302 and so I trowe bynne all yee,
303 that he ys rysen thus privelye
304 and ys from us escaped.
305 Nowe I praye you, syrs, as yee love mee,
306 keepe this in close and privetye
307 untyll our counsell and tyll wee
308 have hard howe hee is scaped.

309 MARIA MAGDALENA. Alas, nowe lorne ys my likinge.
310 For woe I wander and handes wringe.
311 My harte in sorrowe and sighinge
312 ys sadlye sett and sore.
313 That I most loved of all thinge,
314 alas, ys nowe full lowe lyenge.
315 Whye am I, lord, so longe livinge
316 to loose thy luxonne lore?

317 MARIA JACOBI. Alas, wayle awaye ys went.
318 My helpe, my heale from me ys hent.
319 My Christ, my comfort that me kent,
320 is clongen nowe in claye.
321 Mightie God omnipotent,
322 thou give them hard judgment
323 that my soveraygne hath so shent,
324 for so I maye well saye.

325 MARIA SALOME. Alas, nowe marred ys my might.
326 My lord through whom that I was light
327 shamefullye slayne here in my syght!
328 My sorrowe ys aye unsought.
329 Syth I maye have no other ryght
330 of these dyvelles that have my lord so dight,
331 to balme his bodye that ys so bryght boyst
332 here have I brought.

333 MARIA MAGDELENA. Suster, which of us everychon
334 shall remove this great stonne
335 that lyeth my sweet lord upon,
336 for moove yt I ne maye?

337 MARIA JACOBI. Suster, maystrye ys hit nonne.
338 Hit seemes to mee as he were gonne,
339 for on the sepulcher sytteth one,
340 and the stonne away.

341 MARIA SALOMEE. Two children I see ther syttinge-
342 all of whyte ys there clothinge-
343 and the stonne besydes lyeinge.
344 Goe we nere and see.

Tunc ibunt, et aspiciunt in sepulchrum.

345 ANGELUS PRIMUS. What seeke ye women here
346 with weepinge and unlykinge chere?
347 Jesus, that to you was deare,
348 ys rysen, leeve you mee.

349 ANGELUS SECUNDUS. Be not afrayde of us in fere,
350 for he ys wente, withowten were,
351 as hee before can you leere,
352 forth into Gallylye.

353 ANGELUS PRIMUS. This ys the place, therfore be apayde,
354 that Jesu our lord was in layde;
355 but he ys rysen as he sayde,
356 and heathen went awaye.

357 ANGELUS SECUNDUS. Hye you, for ought that may befall,
358 and tell his disciples all;
359 and Peter allso saye you shall
360 there fynde him that you maye.

361 MARIA MACDALENA. Ah, hye wee faste for anye thinge
362 and tell Peter this tydinge.
363 A blessedfull word we may him bringe,
364 sooth yf that hit were.

365 MARIA JACOBI. Yea, walke thou, suster, by on waye
366 and we another shall assaye
367 tyll we have mett with him todaye,
368 my dereworth lord so deare.

Tunc discedent, et palisper circumambulabunt,
et tunc obvient discipulis, Petro et Johanm

369 MARIA MAGDALENA. A, Peter and John, alas, alas!
370 There ys befallne a wondrous case.
371 Some man my lord stollne hase
372 and put him I wott not where.

373 PETRUS. What? Ys he removed owt of the place
374 in the which he buryed was?

375 MARIA MAGDALENA. Yea, sickerlye, all my solace
376 ys gonne and ys not there.

377 JOHANNES EVANGELIST. Peter, goe we thither anon,
378 runninge as faste as we maye gonne,
379 to looke whoe hath removed the stonne
380 and whether hee be awaye.

381 PETRUS. Abyde, brother, sweete John,
382 leste wee meete with anye fonne;
383 but nowe I see non other wonne,
384 to runne I will assaye.

Tunc ambo simul concurrunt, sed Johannes precurreret citius Petro,
et non intrat sepulchrum.

385 JOHANNES. A, Peter, brother, in good faye,
386 my lord Jesu is awaye,
387 but his sudarye, sooth to saye,
388 lyenge here I fynd
389 by hitselfe, as thou se maye;
390 farre from all other clothes yt laye.
391 Nowe Maryes wordes are sooth verey,
392 as we may have in mynd.

393 PETRUS. Yea, but as God keepe me from woe
394 into the sepulcher I wyll goe
395 to looke whether yt be verey soe
396 as Marye to us can saye.

Tunc introibit in sepulchrum.

397 PETRUS. A, lord, blessed be thou ever and oo,
398 for as thou towld me and other moo
399 I fynd thou hasse overcome our foo
400 and rysen art in good faye.

Tunc Petrus lamentando dicat
401 PETRUS. A, lord, howe shall I doe for shame-
402 that have deserved so mych blame
403 to forsake thy sweete name-
404 to meete with thee by any waye,
405 I that in pennance and great anoye
406 my sweete lord forsooke thrye?
407 Save endlesse hope of his mercye,
408 therto trust I maye.

409 For ne hit were his great grace
410 and sorrowe in hart that in me was,
411 worse I were then was Judas,
412 my lord so to forsake.

413 JOHANNES. Peter, comforte thee in this case,
414 for sycker my lord Jesu hase
415 greate repentance for thy tresspasse;
416 my lord in hart will take.

417 Goe we seeke Jesu anon in hye,
418 one waye thow, another way I.

419 PETRUS. Yea, well I hope through his might
420 my pennance shall him please.

Tunc abeunt, hic per aliam viam ille per alteram. Mulieres venient.

421 MARIA MAGDALENA. Heathen will I never, syckerlye,
422 tyll I be comforted of myne anoye
423 and knowe where hee is readelye.
424 Here will I sitt and weepe.

425 ANGELUS PRIMUS. Woman, whye weepest thou so aye?

426 MARIA MAGDALENA. Sonne, for my lord ys taken awaye
427 and I wott nere, the sooth to saye,
428 whoe hath donne that thinge.
429 Alas, whye were I not dead todaye,
430 clought and clongen under claye
431 to see my lord that here laye
432 once at my likynge?

433 Finis

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