From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Chester Cycle Play XXIV (24) - The Coming of the Antichrist

Pagina Vicessima Tertia: De Adventu Antechristi

001 ANTECHRISTE. De celso throno poli, pollens clarion sole,
002 age vos monstrare [descendi], vos judicare.
003 Reges et principes sunt subditi sub me viventes.
004 Sitis sapientes vos, semper in me credentes
005 et faciam flentes gaudere atque dolentes.
006 Sic omnes gentes gaudebunt in me sperantes.
007 Descendi pnaesens rex pius et perlustrator,
008 princeps aeternus vocor, Christus, vester salvator.

009 All leedes in land nowe be light
010 that wilbe ruled throughout the right.
011 Your saviour nowe in your sight
012 here may you saffelye see.
013 Messias, Christ, and most of might,
014 that in the lawe was you beheight,
015 all mankind to joye to dight
016 ys commen, for I am hee.

017 Of me was spoken in prophecye
018 of Moyses, Davyd, and Esaye.
019 I am hee the call messye,
020 forbyar of Israell.
021 Those that leeven on me steadfastlye,
022 I shall them save from anoye,
023 and joye right as have I
024 with them I thinke to deale.

De me dicitur Ezechielis tricesimo sexto
'Tollam vos de gentibus et congregabo vos de urnversis terns,
et reducam vos m terram vestram.'

025 But one hath ligged him here in land,
026 Jesu he height, I understand.
027 To further falsehood he can found
028 and fand with fantasye.
029 His wickednes hee would not wond
030 tyll he was taken and put in band
031 and slayne through vertue of my sond.
032 This ys sooth, sickerlye.

033 My people of Jewes he could twynne
034 that there land came the never in.
035 Then on them nowe must I mynne
036 and restore them agayne.
037 To buyld this temple wyll I not blynne,
038 as God honored be therein,
039 and endelesse wayle I shall them wynne,
040 all that to me benne bayne.

De me enim dicitur in psalmo 'Adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum in timore tuo'

041 One thinge me glades, be you bould.
042 As Danyell the prophett before me tould,
043 all women in world me love should
044 when I were come in land.
045 This prophecye I shall well hould
046 which ys most likinge to yonge and ould.
047 I thinke to fast manye hould
048 and theire fayrenes to found.

049 Also he tould them, leeve you mee,
050 that I of gyftes should be free,
051 which pnophecye donne shalbe
052 when I my reahne have wonnen;
053 and that I should grant men postee,
054 ryved ryches, land and fee--
055 hitt shalbe donne, that you shall see,
056 when I am hither conunen.

'Dabit eis potestatem, et multis terram dividet gratuito.'
Danielis decimo tertio

057 What saye you kinges that here be lent?
058 Are not my wordes at your assent?
059 That I am Christe omnipotent,
060 leeve you not this eychon?

061 PRIMUS REX. Wee leeven, lord, withouten lett,
062 that Christ ys not common yett.
063 Yf thou be hee, thou shalbe sett
064 in temple as God alonne.

065 SECUNDUS REX. Yf thou bee Christe called messie
066 that from our bale shall us bye,
067 doe before us maistrye,
068 a signe that wee may see.

069 TERTIUS REX. Then will I leeve that yt ys soe.
070 Yf thou doe wonders or thou goe
071 soe that thou save us of our woe,
072 then honored shalt thou bee.

073 QUARTUS REX. Fowle have we leeved manye a yeare
074 and of our weeninge binne in were.
075 And thou be Christe commen here,
076 then may thou stynt all stryffe.

077 ANTECHRISTE. That I am Christ and Christ wilbe
078 by verey signe soone shall you see,
079 for dead men through my postee
080 shall ryse from death to life.

081 Nowe wyl I turne, all through my might,
082 trees downe, the rootes upright--
083 that ys marveyle to your sight--
084 and fruyt groinge upon.
085 So shall they growe and multiplye
086 through my might and my maisterye.
087 I put you owt of heresye
088 to leeve me upon.

089 And bodyes that binne dead and slayne,
090 yf I may rayse them up agayne,
091 then honoures mee with might and mayne.
092 Then shall no man you greeve.
093 Forsoothe, then after will I dye
094 and ryse agayne throwe my postee.
095 Yf I may doe this marveylouslye,
096 I read you on me leeve.

097 Men buryed in grave you may see.
098 What maistrye ys nowe, hope yee,
099 to rayse them up throwe my postye
100 and all through my owne accorde?
101 Whether I in my godhead bee
102 by verey signe you shall see.
103 Ryse up, dead men, and honour me
104 and knowe me for your lord.

Tunc resurgent mortui de sepulchris.

105 PRIMUS MORTUUS. A, lord, to thee I aske mercye.
106 - I was dead but nowe live I.
107 Nowe wotte I well and witterlye

108 that Christe ys hither commen.

109 SECUNDUS MORTUUS. Him honour wee and all men,
110 devoutlye kneelinge on our kneene.
111 Worshippe be thou there amen.
112 Crist, our [knave], ys commen.

113 ANTECHRISTE. That I shall fulfill Whollye Wrytte
114 you shall wotte and knowe well hitt,
115 for I am wall of wayle and wytt
116 and lord of everye land.
117 And as the prophett Sophonye
118 speakes of mee full wytterlye
119 I shall rehearse here readelye
120 that clarkes shall understand:

'Expecta me in die resurrectionis meae in futurum
quia judicium ut congregem gentes et colligam regna' Sophoni 3.

121 Nowe will I dye, that you shall see,
122 and ryse agayne through my postee.
123 I will in grave that you put mee
124 and worshippe me alonne.
125 For in this temple a tombe ys made,
126 therein my bodye shall be layde.
127 Then will I ryse as I have sayde--
128 take tent to me eycheone!

129 And after my resurrection
130 then will I sitt in greate renowne
131 and my ghooste send to you downe
132 in forme of fyre full soone.

133 I dye, I dye! Nowe am I dead!

134 PRIMUS REX. Nowe sythe this worthye lord ys deade
135 and his grace ys with us leade,
136 to take his bodye yt ys my reade
137 and burye yt in a grave.

138 SECUNDUS REX. Forsoothe, and so to us he sayde
139 in a tombe he would be leade.
140 Nowe goe we further, all in a brayde;
141 from disease hee may us save.

Tunc transeunt ad Antechristum.

142 TERTIUS REX. Take we the bodye of this sweete
143 and burye hit lowe under the greete.
144 Nowe, lord, comfort us, we thee beseech,
145 and send us of thy grace.

146 QUARTUS REX. And yf hee ryse soone through his might
147 from death to life, as hee beheight,
148 him will I honour both daye and night
149 as God in everye place.

Tunc recedent de tumulo usque ad terram.

150 PRIMUS REX. Nowe wotte I well that he ys dead,
151 for nowe in grave we have him lead.
152 Yf he ryse as hee hath sayde,
153 hee ys of full great might.

154 SECUNDUS REX. I cannot leeve him upon
155 but yf hee ryse himselfe alonne
156 as hee hath sayde to manye one,
157 and shewe him here in sight.

158 TERTIUS REX. Tyll that my savyoure bee rysen agayne,
159 in fayth my harte may not bee fayne
160 tyll I him see with eye.

161 QUARTUS REX. I must mourne with all my mayne

162 tyll Christ be rysen up agayne
163 and of that miracle make us fayne.
164 Ryse up, lord, that we maye see.

Tunc Antechristus levat corpus suum surgens a mortuis.

165 ANTECHRISTUS. I ryse! Nowe reverence dose to mee,
166 God glorified created of degree.
167 If I be Christe, nowe leeve yee
168 and worche after my wise.

169 PRIMUS REX. A, lord, welcome most thou bee.
170 That thou ante Godd nowe leeve wee.
171 Therefore, goc sytt up in thy see
172 and keepe our sacrafice.

Tunc transeunt ad Antechristum cum sacrificio

173 SECUNDUS REX. Forsoothe, in seate thou shalt be sett
174 and honored with lambe and geat
175 as Moyses lawe that lasteth yett,
176 as hee hath sayde before.

177 TERTIUS REX. O gratiouse lord, goe sytt downe then,
178 and wee shall kneelinge on our kneene

179 worshippe thee as thy owne men
180 and worke after thy lore.

Tunc anscendit Antechristus ad cathedram.

181 Hither wee be commen with good intent
182 to make our sacrifice, lord excellent,
183 with this lambe that I have here hent,
184 kneelinge thee before.

185 Thou grant grace to doe and saye
186 that yt be pleasinge to thee aye,
187 to thy blysse that come wee maye
188 and never from yt be lore.

189 ANTECHRISTUS. I lord, I God, I high justice,
190 I Christ that made the dead to ryse!
191 Here I receave your sacrifice
192 and blesse you fleshe and fell.

Tunc recedent Antechristo.

193 I will nowe send my holye ghooste.
194 You kinges, also to you I tell
195 to knowe me lord of mightes moste
196 of heaven, yearth, and hell.

Tunc emittet spiritum, dicens 'Dabo vobis con novum
et spiritum novum in medio vestri.'

197 SEVERALIS REX. A, God! A, lord mycle of might!
198 This holye ghoost is in me pight.
199 Methinkes my harte ys verey light
200 syth yt came into mee.

201 PRIMUS REX. Lord, wee thee honour daye and night
202 for thou shewest us in sight right
203 as Moyses us beheight.
204 Honored most thou be.

205 ANTECHRISTUS. Yett worthye workes to your will
206 of prophecye I shall fulfill.
207 As Danyell prophecied you untyll
208 that landes I shall devise,
209 that prophecye yt shalbe donne
210 and yt you shall see right soone.
211 Worshipps me all that ye mon
212 and doe after the wise.

213 You kinges, I shall advance you all,
214 and, because your regions be but smale,
215 citties, castells shall you befall,
216 with townes and towers gaye;
217 and make you lordes of lordshipp fayre,
218 as well yt fall for my power.
219 Yea, looke you doe as I you leere
220 and herkens what I saye.

221 I am verey God of might.
222 All thinges I made through my might,
223 sonne and moone, daye and night.
224 To blysse I may you bringe.
225 Therefore, kinges noble and gaye,
226 token your people what I saye--
227 that I am Christ, God verey--
228 and tell them such tydinge.

229 My people of Jewes were put mee from.
230 Therefore great ruthe I have them one.
231 Whether the will leeve me upon
232 I will full soone assaye.
233 For all that will leeve me upon,
234 worldlye welth shall them fall one
235 and to my blysse the shall come
236 and dwell with mee for aye.

237 And the giftes that I beheight
238 you shall have, as ys good right.
239 Hence or I goe out of your sight
240 eichone shall knowe his dole.

241 To thee I give Lombardee;
242 and to thee Denmarke and Hungarye;
243 and take thou Pathmos and Italie;
244 and Roome yt shalbe thine.

245 SECUNDUS REX. Grantmercye, lord, your giftes todaye!
246 Honour we will thee alwaye,
247 for wee were never so nych, in good faye,
248 nor nonne of all our kynne.

249 ANTECHRISTUS. Therefore be true and stidfast aye,
250 and truely leeves on my lawe,
251 for I will herken on you todaye,
252 stydfast yf I you fynde.

Tunc resedet Antechristus et venient Enock et Helias.

253 ENOCK. Almightie God in majestie,
254 that made the heaven and yearth to bee,
255 fyre, water, stonne, and tree,
256 and man through thy might--
257 the poyntes of thy privitie
258 any yearthlye man to see
259 ys impossible, as thinkes mee,
260 for anye worldelye wight.

261 Gratiouse lord, that art so good,
262 that who so longe in fleshe and blood
263 hath granted lyffe and heavenlye foode,
264 Iett never our thoughtes be defyled,
265 but give us, lord, might and mayne,
266 or wee of this shrewe be slayne,
267 to converte thy people agayne
268 that hee hath thus beguiled.

269 Sythe the worldes begininge
270 I have lyved in great likynge
271 through helpe of high and heaven kinge
272 in paradice withowt anoye,
273 tyll we hard tokeninge
274 of this theves comynge
275 that nowe on yearth is rayninge
276 and doth Goddes folkes destroye.

277 To paradice I was taken that tyde,
278 this theeffe his comynge to abyde,
279 and Helye my brother, here mee besyde,
280 was after sent to mee.
281 With this champion we must chide
282 that nowe in worlde walketh wyde,
283 to disproove his pompe and pryde
284 and payre all his postee.

285 HELIAS. O lord, that madest all thinge
286 and longe hath lent us livinge,
287 lett never the devylls power springe
288 this man hath him within.
289 God gyve you grace, old and yonge,
290 to knowe disceate in his doinge,
291 that you maye come to that likinge
292 of blysse that never shall blynne.

293 I warne you, all men, wytterlye,
294 this ys Enock, I am Helye,
295 binne common his errours to destroye
296 that hee to you nowe shewes.
297 Hee calles himselfe 'Christe' and 'Messye'.
298 Hee lyes, forsooth, apertlye.
299 Hee ys the devyll, you to anoye,
300 and for nonne other him knowes.

301 PRIMUS REX. A, men, what speake you of Helye
302 and Enocke? The binne both in companye.
303 Of our blood the binne, wytterlye,
304 and wee binne of there kynde.

305 QUARTUS REX. Wee readen in bookes of our lawe
306 that they to heaven were idrawe
307 and yett binne there--ys the common sawe
308 wrytten, as men may fynd.

309 ENOCK. Wee binne those men, forsooth iwysse,
310 common to tell you doe amysse,
311 and bringe your soules to heaven-blysse
312 yf yt were anye boote.

313 HELIAS. This devylls lymme that common ys,
314 that sayth heaven and yearth ys
315 his, nowe wee be readye--leeve you this--
316 agaynst him for to moote.
317 PRIMUS REX. Yf that wee here wytt mon
318 by prooffes of disputacon
319 that you have skyll and reason,
320 With you wee wyll abyde.

321 SECUNDUS REX. And yf your skylles may doe him downe,
322 to dye with you we wilbe bowne
323 in hope of salvatyon,
324 whatever may betyde.

325 ENOCK. To doe him downe wee shall assaye
326 through might of Jesu, borne of a maye,
327 by right and reason, as you shall saye,
328 land that you shall well here.
329 And for that cause hither were we sent
330 by Jesu Christe omnypotent,
331 and that you shall not all be shent.
332 Hee bought you all full deare.

333 Be gladd, therefore, and make good cheare,
334 and and I doe reede as I you leere,
335 for wee be commen in good maneere
336 to save you evenychone.
337 And dreade you not for that false feynde,
338 Or you shall see him cast behinde
339 or wee departe and from him wend,
340 and shame shall light him one.

Et sic transibunt Enock et Helias ad Antechristum.

341 ENOCK. Saye, thou verey devylles lymme
342 that syttes so grysely and so gryme--
343 from him thou came and shalt to him,
344 for manye a soule thou deceaves.
345 Thou hast deceaved men manye a daye
346 and made the people to thy paye,
347 and bewitched them into a wronge waye
348 wickedlye with thy wyles.

349 ANTECRISTUS. A, false faytures, from me yee flee!
350 Am not I most in majestie?
351 What men dare mayne them thus to mee
352 or make such distance?

353 HELIAS. Fye one thee, fayture, fye on thee,
354 the devylls owne nurrye!
355 Through him thou preachest and hast postee
356 a while, through sufferance.

357 ANTECHRISTUS. O you ypocrytes that so cryne!
358 Loselles, lardans! Lowdlye you lyne!
359 To spill my lawe you aspine.
360 That speeche ys good to spare.
361 You that my true fayth defyne
362 and needeles [my folke] devyne,
363 from hence hastelye; but you hence hyne,
364 to you comes sorrowe and care.
365 ENOCK. Thy sorrowe and care come on thy head,
366 for falsely through thy wicked read
367 the people ys put to pyne.
368 I would thy bodye were from thy head,
369 twentye myle from yt layde,
370 tyll I hit brought agayne.

371 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt on the, roysard, with thy wyles,
372 for falsclye my people thou begyles.
373 I shall thee hastely honge,
374 and that lurdayne that standes thee bye;
375 hee puttes my folke to great anoye
376 with his false flatteringe tonge.

377 But I shall teach you curtesye,
378 your savyour to knowe anonne in hye,
379 false thceves with your heresye,
380 and yf you dame abyde.

381 HELIAS. Yes, forsoothe, for all thy pryde,
382 here we purpose for to abyde
383 through grace of God almight.
384 And all the world that ys so wyde
385 shall wonder on thee on everye syde
386 soone in all mens sight.

387 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt one you, theeves both too.
388 Eyche man may see you be so
389 all by your araye,
390 muffeled in mantelles. Non such I knowe.
391 I shall make you lowt full lowe
392 or I departe you all froo,
393 to knowe mee lord for aye.

394 ENOCK. Wee bee no theeves, wee thee tell,
395 thou false fyend common from hell.
396 With thee wee purpose for to mel,
397 my fellowe and I in feare,
398 to knowe thy power and thy might
399 as wee these kinges have behight,
400 and thereto wee be readye dight
401 that all men nowe maye heare.

402 ANTECHRISTUS. My might is most, I tell to thee.
403 I dyed, I rose through my postie.
404 That all these kinges sawe with theire eye,
405 and everye man and wyefe.
406 And myracles and marveyles I dyd also.
407 I counsel you, therefore, both too,
408 to worshippe me and noe moe,
409 and lett us nowe noe more stryve.

410 HELIAS. The were no myracles but mervelles thinges
411 that thou shewed unto these kinges
412 through the fyendes crafte.
413 And as the flower nowe springes,
414 falleth, fadeth, and hanges,
415 so thy joye; nowe yt raygnes
416 that shalbe from thee rafte.
417 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt on thee, theeffe, that syttes so styll!
418 Whye wilt thou not one word speake them tyll
419 that commen me to reprove?

420 DOCTOR. O lord, maister, what shall I saye then?

421 ANTECHRISTUS. I beshrewe both thy knen.
422 Art thou nowe for to ken?
423 In fayth, I shall thee greeve.

424 Of my godhead I made thee wyse
425 and sett thee ever at micle pryse.
426 Nowe I would feele thy good advyse
427 and heare what thou would sayen.
428 These lowlers, the would fayne me greeve
429 and nothinge one me the will leeve,
430 but ever be readye me to repreeve
431 and all the people of my lawe.

432 DOCTOR. O lord, thou art so micle of might,
433 meethinke thou should not chyde ne fight;
434 but curse them, lord, through thy might.
435 Then shall they fare full yll.
436 For those whom thou blesses, they shall well speede,
437 and those whom thou cursest, they are but deade.
438 This ys my counsell and my reade,
439 yonder heretikes for to spill.

440 ANTECHRISTUS. The same I purposed, leeve thou mee.
441 All thinges I knowe through my postee.
442 But yett thy wytt I thought to see,
443 what was thyne intent.
444 Hit shalbe donne full syckerlye;
445 the sentence given full openlye,
446 with my mouth, truelye,
447 upon them shalbe hent.

448 My cursse I gyve you, to amend your meeles,
449 from your head to your heeles.
450 Walke yee furth, in the xx devylles waye.

451 ENOCK. Yea, thou shalt never come in coelis,
452 for falselye with thy wyles
453 the people are put in pyne.

454 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt on you, theeves! Whye fare yee thus?
455 Whether had you leaver have, payne or blysse?
456 I maye you save from all amys.
457 I made the daye and eke the night
458 and all thinges that are on yearth growinge--
459 flowes fayre that freshe can springe;
460 also I made all other thinge--
461 the starres that be so bright.

462 HELIAS. Thou lyest! Vengeance on thee beefall!
463 Owt on thee, wretche! Wroth thee I shall!
464 Thou callest thee 'kinge' and 'lord of all';
465 a fyend ys thee within.

466 ANTECHRISTUS. Thou lyest falselye, I thee tell.
467 Thou will be dampned into hell.
468 I made thee man of flesh and fell,
469 and all that ys lyvinge.
470 For other godes have yee nonne.
471 Therefore worshippe mee alonne,
472 the which hath made the water and stonne,
473 and all at my lykinge.

474 ENOCK. Forsoothe thou lyest falselye.
475 Thou art a fyende common to anoye
476 Goddes people that stande us bye.
477 In hell I would thou were.

478 HELIAS. Fye on thee, fellonne, fye on thee, fye!
479 For all thy wytchcrafte and sorcerye,
480 to mote with thee I am readye,
481 that all the people may heare.

482 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt on you, harlottes! Whence come yee?
483 Where have you anye other god but mee?

484 ENOCK. Yes, Christe, God in Trynitie,
485 thou false fayture attaynt,
486 that sent his Sonne from heaven-see
487 that for mankynde dyed on roode-tree,
488 that shall full soone make thee to flee,
489 thou faytume false and faynt.

490 ANTECHRISTUS. Rybbauldes, ruled owt of raye!
491 What ys the Trinitye for to saye?

492 HELIAS. Three persons, as thou leeve may,
493 in on godhead in feere--
494 Father and Sonne, that ys noe naye,
495 and the Holye Ghoost styrringe aye.
496 That ys one God verey;
497 binne all three named here.

498 ANTECHRISTUS. Owt on you, theeves! What sayen yee?
499 Wyll you have on God and three?
500 Howe dare you so saye?
501 Madmen, madmen! Therfore leeve on mee
502 that am on god--so ys not hee!
503 Then may you lyre in joye and lee,
504 all this land I darre laye.

505 ENOCK. Naye, tyrand! Understand thou this:
506 withowt beginyge his godhead ys
507 and also without endinge, iwys.
508 Thus fullye leeven wee.
509 And thou that ingendered was amys
510 haste beginynge and nowe this blys,
511 and end shall have--no dread there ys--
512 full fowle, as men shall see.
513 ANTECHRISTUS. Wretches! Gulles! You be blent.
514 Goddes Sonne I am, from him sent.
515 Howe dare you maynteyne your intent,
516 syth hee and I bee one?
517 Have I not, syth I came him froo,
518 made the dead to speake and goe?
519 And to men I sent my ghoost alsoe
520 that leeved mee upon.

521 HELIAS. Fye on thee, fellonne, fye on thee, fye!
522 For through his might and his majestie,
523 by sufferance of God almightie,
524 the.people are blent throwe thee.
525 Yff those men be raysed wytterlye
526 withowt the devylles fantasye,
527 here shalbe prooved apertlye
528 that all men shall see.

529 ANTECHRISTUS. Ah, fooles! I read you leeve mee upon
530 that myracles have shewed to manye on,
531 to the people everychone,
532 to put them owt of doubt.
533 Therefore I read you hastelye
534 convertes to me most mightie.
535 I shall you save from anoye,
536 and that I am abowt.

537 ENOCK. Nowe of thy miracles would I see.

538 HELIAS. Therefore common hither be wee.
539 Doe what ys thy great postee--
540 and some thereof to leere.

541 ANTECHRISTUS. Soone may you see, yf you wyll abyde,
542 for I wyll neyther fight nor chyde.
543 Of all the world that ys so wyde,
544 therein ys not my peare.

545 ENOCK. Bringe forth those men here in our sight
546 that thou hast reysed agaynst the right.
547 Yf thou bee so micle of might
548 to make them eate and drynke,
549 for verey God we will thee knowe
550 such a signe yf thou wylt shewe,
551 and doe thee reverence on a rowe
552 all at thy likynge.

553 ANTECHRISTUS. Wretches, dampned all bee yee,
554 but nought for that yt falleth mee,
555 as gratyouse god abydinge bee,
556 yf you wyll mend your liefe.
557 You dead men, ryse through my postye.
558 Come date and drynke, that men may see,
559 and prove me worthye of deitee;
560 so shall we stynt all stryffe.

561 PRIMUS MORTUIS. Lord, thy biddinge I will doe aye
562 and for to date I will assaye.
563 SECUNDTJS MORTUUS. And I also, all that I maye,
564 wyll do thy byddinge here.

565 HELIAS. Have here breadd both too.
566 But I must blesse yt or yt goe,
567 that the fyend, mankyndes foe,
568 on hit have no power.

569 This bread I blesse with my hand
570 in Jesus name, I understand,
571 the which ys lord of sea and land
572 and kinge of heaven on hie.
573 In nomine Patris--that all hath wrought--
574 et Filii virginis--that deare us bought--
575 et Spiritus Sancti--ys all my thought--
576 on God and persons three.

577 PRIMUS MORTUUS. Alas, put that bread out of my sight!
578 To looke on hit I am not light.
579 That pnynt that ys uppon hit pight,
580 hit puttes me to great feere.

581 SECUNDUS MORTUUS. To looke on hit I am not light.
582 That bread to me yt ys so bright
583 and ys my foe both daye and night,
584 and puttes me to great deare.

585 ENOCK. Nowe you men that have donne amys,
586 you see well what his power ys.
587 Convertes to him, I read iwys,
588 that you on roode hath bought.

589 TERTIUS REX. A, nowe we knowe appertlye
590 wee have binne brought in heresye.
591 With you to death we will forthye,
592 and never efte torne our thought.

593 QUARTUS REX. Nowe, Enock and Helye, yt ys no naye.
594 You have taynted the tyrant this same daye.
595 Blessed be Jesu, borne of a maye!
596 On him I leeve upon.

597 PRIMTJS REX. Thou fayture feard with fantasye,
598 with sorcerye, wytchcraft, and nygromancye,
599 thou hast us lead in heresye.
600 Fye on thy workes eychone!

601 SECUNDUS REX. Jesu, for thy mycle grace,
602 forgyve us all our trespasse
603 and bringe us to thy heavenlye place
604 as thou art God and man.
605 Nowe am I wyse made through thy might.
606 Blessed be thou, Jesu, daye and night!
607 This greesely groome greetes him to fight,
608 to flea us here anomie.

609 TERTIUS REX. Of our lyves lett us not wreache,
610 though we be slayne of such a wretche,
611 for Jesus sake, that maye us teache
612 our soules to bringe to blys.
613 QUARTUS REX. That was well sayd, and soe I assent.
614 To dye, forsooth, ys myne intent
615 for Christes love omnypotent,
616 in cause that ys rightwyse.

617 ANTECHRISTUS. A, false faytures, turne you nowe?
618 You shall be slayne, I make avowe;
619 and those traytors that so turned you,
620 I shall make them unfayne,
621 that all other by verey sight
622 shall knowe that I am most of might,
623 for with this sword nowe wyll I feight,
624 for all you shall be slayne.

Tunc Antechristus occidet Enock et Heiam et omnes reges
conversos cum gladio et redibit ad cathedmam; cum dicat Michaell cum gladio in dextera sua.

625 MICHAEL ARCHANGELUS. Antechriste, nowe ys common this daye.
626 Reigne no lenger nowe thou maye.
627 Hee that hath led thee alwaye,
628 nowe him thou must goe to.
629 No more men shall be slayne by thee.
630 My lord will dead that thou bee.
631 Hee that hath gyven thee this postee
632 thy soule shall underfoe.

633 In synne ingendered first thou was.
634 In synne ledd thy lyffe thou hasse.
635 In synne an end nowe thow mase
636 that marred hasse manye one.
637 Nowe thou shalt knowe and wytt in hie
638 that more ys Goddes majestie
639 then eke the dyvell and thyne therebye,
640 for nowe thow shalt be deade.
641 Thou hase ever served Sathanas
642 and had his power in evenye place.
643 Therefore thou gettes nowe no grace.
644 With him thou must gonne.

Tunc Michael occidet Antechristum et in occidendo clamat
Antechristus 'Helpe, helpe, helpe, helpe!'.

645 ANTECHRISTUS. Helpe, Sathanas and Lucyfere!
646 Belzebubb, bould batchellere!
647 Ragnell, Ragnell, thou art my deane!
648 Nowe fare I wonder evyll.
649 Alas, alas, where ys my power?
650 Alas, my wytt ys in a weare.
651 Nowe bodye and soule both in feare
652 and all goeth to the devyll.

Tunc morietur Antechristus et venient duo demones et dicunt ut sequitur:

653 PRIMUS DEMON. Anonne, mayster, anonne, anone !
654 From hell-ground I hard thee grone.
655 I thought not to come myselfe alonne
656 for worshippe of thine estate.
657 With us to hell thou shalt gonne.
658 For this death wee make great mone.
659 To wynne more soules into our wonne--
660 but nowe yt ys to late!

661 SECUNDUS DEMON. With mee thou shalt. From mee thou come.
662 Of mee shall come thy last doome,
663 for thou hast well deserved.
664 And through my might and my postee
665 thou hast lyved in dignitie
666 and many a soule deceyved.

667 PRIMUS DEMON. This bodye was gotten by myne assent
668 in cleane whooredome, verament.
669 Of mother wombe or that he went,
670 I was him within
671 and taught him aye with myne intent
672 synne, by which hee shalbe shent.
673 For hee dyd my commaundement,
674 his soule shall never blynne.

675 SECUNDUS DEMON. Nowe, fellowe, in fayth great mone wee maye make
676 for this lord of estate that standes in this steed.
677 Manye a fatt morsel! wee had for his sake
678 of soules that should have bine saved--in hell be the hydd!

Tunc capient animam eius, et potius corpus.

679 PRIMUS DEMON. His soule with sorrowe in hand have I hent.
680 Yee, pennance and payne soone shall hee feele.
681 To Lucyfere, that lord, yt shalbe present
682 that burne shall as a brande; his sorrowe shall not keele.

683 SECUNDUS DEMON. This proctor of prophecye hath procured manye one
684 one his lawes for to leeve, and lost for his sake
685 theire sowles be, in sorrowe, and his shalbe soone.
686 Such maistries through my might manye on I do make.

Posteaquam demones loqunti sunt, resurgens Enock et Helias
ab Antechristo [coesi] et auditoribus status suos commonstrabunt.

687 PRIMUS DEMON. With Lucyfere, that lord, longe shall he lenge; in a seate aye with
688 sorrowe with him shall he sytt.

689 SECUNDUS DEMON. Yea, by the heeles in hell shall hee henge
690 in a dungeon deepe, right in hell-pytt!

691 PRIMUS DEMON. To hell wyll I hye withowt anye fayle,
692 with this present of pryce thither to bringe.

693 SECUNDUS DEMON. Thou take him by the toppe and I by the tayle.
694 A sorrowfull songe, in fayth, shall hee singe.

695 PRIMUS DEMON. A, fellowe, a dole looke that thow deale
696 to all this fayre companye, hence or thou wend.

697 SECUNDUS DEMON. Yea, sorrowe and care ever shall the feele.
698 In hell shall they dwell at theire last ende.

699 ENOCKE. A, lord, that all shall leade
700 and both deeme the quycke and deade!
701 That reverence thee, thou on them reade
702 and them through right releaved.
703 I was deade and right here slayne,
704 but through thy might, lord, and thy mayne
705 thou hast me reased up agayne.
706 Thee will I love and leeve.

707 HELIAS. Yea, lord, blessed must thou bee.
708 My flesh glorifyed nowe I see.
709 Wytt ney sleight agaynst thee
710 conspired may be by noe waye.
711 All that leeven in thee stydfastlye
712 thou helpes, lord, from all anoye,
713 for dead I was and nowe lyre I.
714 Honored be thou aye!

715 MYCHAELL. Enock and Helye, come you anon.
716 My lord wyll that you with mee gonne
717 to heaven-blysse, both blood and bone,
718 evermore there to bee.
719 You have binne longe, for you bynne wyse,
720 dwellinge in yearthly paradyce;
721 but to heaven, where himselfe ys,
722 nowe shall you goe with mee.

Tunc abducens eos ad coelos, cantabit Angelus 'Gaudete justi in domino' etc.

723 Finis

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