From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Chester Cycle Play XXV - The Last Judgment

Pagina Vicessima Quanta et Omnium Postmema: De Judicio Extremo

001 DEUS.

Ego sum alpha et omega, I, primus et novissimus.

I God, greatest of degree,
002 in whom begyninge non may bee,
003 that I am pearles of postee,
004 nowe appertly that shalbe preeved.
005 In my godhead are persons three;
006 maye non in faye from other flee.
007 Yett soveraygne might that ys in mee
008 may justly be meeved.

009 It ys full youre syns I beheight
010 to make a reckoninge of the right.
011 Nowe to that doome I will mee dight
012 that dead shall dulye dread.
013 Therefore, my angelles fayre and bright,
014 looke that you wake eych worldlye wight
015 that I maye see all in my sight
016 that I blood forth can bleede.

017 Shewe you my crosse appertlye here,
018 crowne of thorné, sponge and speare,
019 and nayles to them that wanted nere
020 to come to this anoye;
021 and what weede for them I weare,
022 upon my bodye nowe I beare.
023 The most stowtest this sight shall steare
024 that standeth by streete or stye.

025 ANGELUS PRIMUS. Lord that madest through thy might
026 heaven and yearth, daye and night,
027 withowt distance wee be dight
028 your byddinge for to donne.
029 And for to awake eyche worldlye wight
030 I shall bee readye, artd that in height,
031 that they shall shewe them in thy sight.
032 Thou shalt see, lord, full soone.

033 SECUNDUS ANGELUS. Take wee our beames and fast blowe.
034 All mankynd shall them knowe.
035 Good accompt that nowe can shewe,
036 soone yt shalbe scene.
037 That have done well in there lyvinge,
038 they shall have joye withowt enclinge.
039 That evell have done withowt mendinge
040 shall ever have sorrowe and teene.

Tunc angeli tubas accipient et flabunt,
et omnes mortui de sepulchris surgent, quorum dicat primus Papa Salvatus.

041 PAPA SALVATUS. A, lord, mercye nowe aske wee,
042 that dyed for us on the roode-tree.
043 Hit ys three hundreth yeares and three
044 synce I was put in grave.
045 Nowe through thy might and thy postye
046 thy beames blast bath raysed mee--
047 I, flesh and blood as I nowe see--
048 my judgment for to have.

049 While that I lyved in flesh and bloodd,
050 thy great godhead that ys so good
051 mee knewe I never, but ever was wood
052 worshipps for to wynne.
053 The wyttes, lord, thou sent to mee
054 I spend to come to great degree.
055 They highest office under thee
056 in yearth thou puttest me yn.

057 Thou grantest me, lord, through thy grace,
058 Peters power and his place.
059 Yett was I blent. Alas, alas,
060 I dyd not thyne assent.
061 But my fleshiye will that wicked was,
062 the which raysed nowe thou hasse,
063 I forthered, lord, before thy face
064 shall take his judgment.

065 When I in yearth was at my will,
066 this world mee blent, both lowde and styll;
067 but thy commandment to fulfill
068 I was full neglygent.
069 But purged yt ys with paynes yll
070 in purgatorye that sore can gryll.
071 Yett thy grace I hope to come tyll
072 after my great torment.

073 And yett, lord, I must dread thee
074 for my great synne when I thee see;
075 for thou art most in majestie,
076 of mercye nowe I call.
077 The paynes that I have longe in bee,
078 as hard as hell save hope of lee,
079 agayne to goe never suffer mee
080 for ought that may befall.

081 IMPERATOR SALVATUS. A, lord and soveraygne savyoure,
082 that lyvinge put mee to honour
083 and made me kinge and emperour,
084 highest of kythe and kynne--
085 my flesh, that fallen was as the flowre,
086 thou hasse restored in this stowre
087 and with paynes of great languowre
088 clensed mee of my synne.

089 In purgatorye my soule hath binne
090 a thousand yeares in woe and teene.
091 Nowe ys noe synne upon mee seene,
092 for purged I am of pyne.
093 Though that I to synne were bayne and bowne
094 and coveted ryches and renowne,
095 yett at the last contrytion
096 bath made mee on of thyne.

097 As hard payne, I darre well saye,
098 in purgatorye are night and daye
099 as are in hell, save by on waye--
100 that one shall have an end.

101 Worshipped bee thou, high justice,
102 that mee hasse made in flesh to ryse.
103 Nowe wott I well, those that have binne wyse
104 shall come unto thy welth.
105 Grant me, lord, amongest moe,
106 that purged am of synne and woe,
107 on thy right hand that I maye goe
108 to that everlastinge health.

109 REX SALVATUS. A, lord of lordes and kinge of kinges
110 and informer of all thinges,
111 thy power, lord, spreades and springes,
112 as soothly here ys seene.
113 After bale, boote thou bringes,
114 and after teene-tyde tydinges
115 to all that ever thy names mynes
116 and buxon to thee benne.

117 While I was lord of land and leede
118 in purple and in rych weede,
119 meethought to thee I had no neede,
120 so wronge the world me wyled.
121 Though thou for me thy blood can sheede,
122 yett in my hart more can I heede
123 my flesh to further and to feede,
124 but the soule was ever begyled.

125 My fowle bodye through synne blent,
126 that rotten was and all torent,
127 through thy might, lord omnipotent,
128 raysed and whole yt ys.
129 My soule that ys in bales brent
130 to my bodye thou hast nowe sent
131 to take before the judgment
132 of that I have donne amys.

133 But, lord, though I were synfull aye,
134 contrytion yett at my last daye
135 and almes-deedes that I dyd aye
136 hath holpen me from hell.
137 But well I wott that ylke waye
138 that Abraham went wynde I maye,
139 for I am purged to thy paye,
140 with thee evermore to dwell.

141 REGINA SALVATA. Pearles prynce of most postye
142 that after langwore lendeth lee,
143 that nowe in bodye hasse raysed mee
144 from fyre to rest and rowe--
145 my flesh, that as flowre can flye
146 and powder was, through thy pyttie
147 together hasse brought, as I nowe see,
148 the soule and bodye too.

149 While I in yearth rych can goe
150 in softe sandalles and silke alsoe,
151 velvet also that wrought me woe,
152 and all such other weedes,
153 neyther prayed I ney faste.
154 Saffe almes-deedes, yf any paste,
155 and great repentance at the laste
156 hath gotten me to thy grace,

157 that saved I hope fullye to bee,
158 for purged synnes that were in mee.
159 Thy laste doome may I not flee,
160 to come before thy face.
161 All that might excyte lecherye--
162 perrelles and precyouse perrye--
163 agaynst thy byddinge used I,
164 and other wycked deedes.

165 After purgatorye-paynes
166 from me thy lordshippe thou ney laynes.
167 To warne thy doome mee ney gaynes,
168 though I were never so greate.
169 Sythe I have suifred woe and teene
170 in purgatorye longe too benne,
171 lett never my synne be on me seene
172 but, lord, thou hit forgett.

Tunc venient damnati.

173 PAPA DAMNATUS. Alas, alas, alas, alas!
174 Nowe am I worse then ever I was.
175 My bodye agayne the soule hasse
176 that longe hase benne in hell.
177 Together the bee--nowe ys noe grace--
178 fyled to bee before thy face,
179 and after my death here in this place
180 in payne ever to dwell.

181 Nowe bootelesse ys to aske mercye,
182 for, lyvinge, highest in yearth was I,
183 and cunynge closen in cleargye;
184 but covetousnes dyd me care.
185 Also sylver and symonye
186 made mee pope unworthye.
187 That burnes me nowe, full witterlye,
188 for of blys I am full bare.

189 Also, why spend I wronge my wytte
190 in covetousnes my hart to knytte?
191 Hard and hoft nowe feele I hitt;
192 hell howldes me right here.
193 My bodye burnes everye bytt.
194 Of sorrowe must I never be shutt.
195 Mee to save from helI-pytt
196 nowe helpeth noe prayer.

197 Of all the soules in Christianitie
198 that damned were while I had degree
199 nowe gyve accompt behoveth mee,
200 through my lawes forlorne.
201 Also damned nowe must I bee.
202 Accompt befalles, or elles to flee.
203 Make me deafe, I cojure thee,
204 as I had never binne borne.

205 IMPERATOR DAMNATUS. Alas, nowe sterred I am in this stowre.
206 Alas, nowe fallen ys my flowre.
207 Alas, for synne nowe cease succour.
208 No sylver maye mee save.
209 Alas, that I ever was emperoure.
210 Alas, that I ever had towne or towre.
211 Alas, hard bye I my honour;
212 hell-paynes for yt I have.

213 Alas, in world whye was I ware?
214 Alas, that ever mother mee bare!
215 Alas, there ys noe yeane-chare!
216 Scape may I not this chance.
217 Alas, doe evell who ys that dare?
218 To threpe no more us ne dare,
219 for to payne we ordayned are,
220 ever withowt delyverance.

221 Nowe ys manslaughter upon mee seene.
222 Nowe covetousnes makes my care keene.
223 Nowe wronge-workinge, withowten weene,
224 that I in world have wrought,
225 nowe traytorouse tornes do me teene,
226 and false doomes all bydeene.
227 In gluttonye I have in binne
228 that shall nowe deare be bought.

229 Nowe knowe I what I dyd with wronge
230 and eke my lyther lyvinge longe.
231 Falsehoode to hell makes mee to fonge,
232 in fyre ever fowle to fare.
233 Misbegotten money ever I myxed amonge.
234 Nowe ys me yeelded to hell yonge.
235 Whye were I not dead as ys the donge?
236 For deole I drowpe and dare!

237 REX DAMNATUS. Alas, unlykinge ys my lott.
238 My weale ys gonne, of woe I wott.
239 My synne ys seene I was in sett.
240 Of sorrowe nowe may I synge.
241 To hell-payne that ys so hott
242 for my misdeedes wend I mot.
243 Alas, that I hadd beene sheepe or goatte
244 when I was crowned kinge.

245 When I was in my majestie,
246 soveraigne of shyre and of cyttye,
247 never did I good. In noe degree
248 through me was any grace.
249 Of poore had I never pittie.
250 Sore ne sycke would I never see.
251 Nowe have I languowre and they have lee.
252 Alas, alas, alas!

253 Wronge ever I wrought to eych wight.
254 For pennyes, poore in payne I pight.
255 Relygion I reaved agaynst the right.
256 That Jkeenlye] nowe I knowe.
257 Lecherye, I held hit light.
258 In covetousenes my hart was clight.
259 On good deede in God his sight
260 nowe have I not to shewe.

261 REGINA DAMNATA. Alas, alas! Nowe am I lorne.
262 Alas ! With teene nowe am I torne.
263 Alas, that I was.of woman borne,
264 this bytter bale to byde.
265 I made my moane both even and [morne]
266 for feare to come Jesu beforne
267 that crowned for mee was with thorne
268 and thrust into the syde.

269 Alas, that I was woman wrought.
270 Alas, whye God made me of nought
271 and with his pretyouse blood me bought
272 to worke agaynst his wyll?
273 Of lecherye I never wrought,
274 but ever to that synne I sought,
275 that of that fylth in deede and thought
276 yett had I never that fyll.

277 Fye on pearles! Fye on prydee!
278 Fye on gowne! Fye on guyde!
279 Fye on hewe ! Fye on hyde!
280 These harrowe me to hell.
281 Agaynst this chance I may not chyde.
282 This bitter bale I must abyde.
283 Yea, woe and teene I suffer this tyde,
284 noe lyvinge tonge may tell.

285 I, that soe seemelye was in sight,
286 where ys my blee that ys so bright?
287 Where ys baron, where ys knight
288 for mee to alledge the lawe?
289 Where in world ys any wight
290 that for my fayrenes nowe wyll fight,
291 or from this death I am to dight
292 that darre mee heathen drawe?

293 JUSTICIARIUS DAMNATUS. Alas! Of sorrowe nowe ys my sawe.
294 Alas! For hell I am in awe.
295 My fleshe as flowre that all to-flawe
296 nowe tydes a fearely fytt.
297 Alas, that ever I learned lawe,
298 for suffer I must manye a hard thrawe;
299 for the devyll will me drawe
300 right even into his pytt.

301 Alas! While that I lyved in land,
302 [wrought] to worke I would not wond
303 but falsely causes tooke in hand
304 and mych woe dyd elles.
305 When I sought sylver or rych sound
306 of baron, burges, or of bound,
307 his moote to further ever I would found,
308 were yt never so false.
309 Nowe ys the dyvell readye, I see,
310 his moote to further agaynst mee
311 for the judge of such postye
312 that mee wyll not avayle;
313 harte and thought both knoweth hee.
314 Though I would lye, noe boote wyll bee.
315 Alas, this hard fytt to flee
316 rufullye I must fayle.

317 All my lyeffe ever I was bowne
318 to trouble poore in towre an towne,
319 payre Holy Church possession
320 and sharpely them to shend.
321 To reave and robbe relygion,
322 that was all my devotyon.
323 Therefore mee tydes damnatyon
324 and payne withowten end.

325 MERCATOR DAMNATUS. Alas, alas, nowe woe ys mee!
326 My fowle bodye, that rotten hath be,
327 and soule together nowe I see.
328 All stynketh, full of synne.
329 Alas! Marchandize maketh mee,
330 and purchasinge of land and fee,
331 in hell-payne evermore to bee,
332 and bale that never shall blynne.

333 Alas! In world fervent was I
334 to purchase landes falselye.
335 Poore men I dyd such anoye,
336 made them theire landes to sell.
337 But when I dyed, wytterlye,
338 all that I had, my enemye
339 both bodye and soule damned therebye
340 ever to the payne of hell.

341 Yett might not false. purchase suffyce,
342 but ofte I dealed with marchandyce;
343 for there methought wyninge would ryse,
344 I used yt manye a yeare.
345 Ofte I sett upon false assyce,
346 rayvinge poore with layinge myse.
347 Falsely, by God and saynte Hyse
348 a thousand tyme I sware.

349 Occurre I used wylfullye.
350 Wanne I never so much therebye,
351 to Holye Church never taythed I,
352 for meethought that was lorne.
353 Why made thou me, lord, of nought? Whye?
354 To worch in world so wickedlye
355 and nowe burne in the dyvelles bellye?
356 Alas, that ever I was borne!

Finitis lamentationibus mortuorum, [descendet] Jesus quasi in nube,
si fieri potent, quia, secundum doctoris opiniones,
in aere prope terram judicabit Filius Dei. Stabunt angeli cum cruce,
corona spinea, lancea, et instrumentis allis; ipsa demonstrant.

357 JESUS. You good and evell that here benne lent,
358 here you come to your judgment,
359 yf you wyst whereto hit would appent
360 and in what manere.
361 But all myne, as I have ment--
362 prophettes, patriarches here present--
363 must knowe my doome with good intent.
364 Therefore I am nowe here.

365 But you shall heare and see expresse
366 I doe to you all rightwysenes.
367 Loovesome deedes more and lesse
368 I wyll rehearse nowe here.
369 Of yearth through mee made, man, thou was
370 and putt in place of greate cleanes
371 from which thou was, through wyckednes,
372 away then wayved weare.

373 When thou had donne this trespasse,
374 yett wayted I which way best was
375 thee to recover in this case
376 into my companye.
377 Howe might I do thee more grace
378 then that selfe kynd that thou hasse
379 take--here nowe in this place
380 appeareth appertlye--

381 after dyed on the roode-tree
382 and my blood shedd, as thou may see,
383 to pryve the devyll of his postie
384 and wynne that was awaye;
385 the which blood--behouldes yee--
386 fleshe-houlden tell nowe I would should be
387 for certayne poyntes that lyked mee
388 of which I will nowe saye.

389 On cause was this, certeynlye,
390 that to my Father almightie
391 at my Assentyon offer might I
392 this blood, pnayinge a boone:
393 that hee of you should have mercye
394 and more gracyous be therebye
395 when you had synned horryblie,
396 not takinge vengeance to soone.

397 Also, I would, withowten were,
398 this bloodd should nowe be shewed here
399 that the Jewes dyd in this manere
400 might knowe appertlye
401 howe unkynd they them beare.
402 Behould on mee and you may lere
403 whether I be God in full powere
404 or elles man onlye.

405 Also, my blood nowe shewed ys
406 that good therebye maye have blys
407 that avoyded wyckednes, iwys,
408 and ever good workes wrought.
409 And evyll also, that dyd amysse,
410 must have greate sorrowe in sight of this
411 that lost that joye that was his
412 that him on roode-tree bought.

413 Yett, for all this greate torment
414 that suffered here while I was lent,
415 the more spared in your intent.
416 I am not as I feele.
417 For my bodye ys all torent
418 with othes false aiwayes fervent;
419 noe lymme on mee but yt is lent
420 from head right to the heele.

421 Nowe that you shall appertlye see
422 freshe blood bleede, man, for thee--
423 good to joye and full greate lee,
424 the evyll to damnatyon.
425 Behould nowe, all men! Looke on mee
426 and see my blood freshe owt flee
427 that I bleede on roode-tree
428 for your salvatyon.

Tunc emittet sanguinem de latere eius.

429 Howe durst you ever doe amys
430 when you unthought you of this,
431 that I bleede to bringe you to blys
432 and suffered such woo.
433 Me you must not white, iwysse,
434 though I doe nowe as right ys.
435 Therefore eych man reacon his,
436 for ryghtwysenes must goo.

437 PAPA SALVATUS. A, lord, though I lyved in synne,
438 in purgatorye I have [bene] in.
439 Suffer my bale for to blynne
440 and bringe mee to this blysse.

441 IMPERATOR SALVATUS. Yea, lord, and I have therein
442 bee more then three hundreth yeares and three.
443 Nowe I am cleane, forsake not mee,
444 although I dyd amysse.

445 REX SALVATUS. Lord, receyve me to thy grace
446 that payne hath suffered in this place.
447 Although I foule and wycked was,
448 washen yt ys awaye.

449 REGINA SALVATA. And I, lord, to thee crye and call,
450 thy owne christen and thy thrall,
451 that of my synnes am purged all,
452 of thy joye I thee praye.

453 JESUS. Come hither to mee, my dearlynges deare,
454 that blessed in world aiwayse weare.
455 Take my realme, all in feare,
456 that for you ordayned ys.
457 For while I was on yearth here
458 you gave mee meate, in good manere;
459 therefore in heaven-blysse cleare
460 you shall ever lenge, iwysse.

461 In great thyrst you gave me drynke,
462 when I was naked also clothinge,
463 and when mee needed harboringe
464 you harbored me in cold.
465 And other deedes to my lykinge
466 you dyd on yearth there lyvinge.
467 Therefore you shall be quytte that thinge
468 in heaven an hundrethfold.

469 PAPA SALVATUS. Lord, on this can I not mynne:
470 earth when I was dwellinge in,
471 thee in myscheffe or any unwynne
472 to shewe such a will.

473 IMPERATOR SALVATUS. Noe, syckerlye! I can have noe mynde
474 that ever to thee I was so kynd,
475 for there I might thee never fynd,
476 such kyndnes to fulfyll.

477 JESUS. Yes, forsoothe, my freindes deare,
478 such as poore and naked weare,
479 you cladd and fedd them both in feere
480 and harbored them alsoe.
481 Such as weare also in great dangere,
482 in hard prysoun yn yearth here,
483 you visited them in meeke mannere,
484 all men in such woe.

485 Therefore, as I you ere tould,
486 you shalbe quytt an hundrethfould.
487 In my blysse, bee you bowld,
488 evermore you shall bee.
489 There neyther honger ys ney could
490 but all thinges as yourselves would--
491 everlastinge joye to yonge and old
492 that in yearth pleased mee.

493 Therfore, my angeles, goe you anon
494 and twyne my chosen everye one
495 from them that have benne my foen
496 and bringe them unto blysse.
497 On my right hand they shall be sett,
498 for soe full yore I them beheight
499 when the dyd withowten lett
500 my byddinge not amysse.

501 PRIMUS ANGELUS. Lord, we shall never blynne
502 tyll we have brought them blys within,
503 those soules that benne withowten synne,
504 full soone, as you shall see.

505 SECUNDUS ANGELUS. And I knowe them well affyne
506 which bodyes, lord, that benne thyne.
507 The shall have joye withowten pyne
508 that never shall ended bee.

Tunc angel ibunt ac cantabunt euntes ac venientes
'Letamini in domino, salvator mundi, domine.'
Ac omnes salvati eos sequentur; postea veniunt demones,
quorum dicat Primus.

509 DEMON PRIMUS. A, rightuouse judge, and most of might,
510 that there art sett to deeme the right,
511 mercye thou was, nowe ys gright,
512 to save these men from pyne.
513 Doe as thou hast yoare beheight.
514 Those that be synnfull in thy sight,
515 to reacon there deedes I am dight
516 to proove these men for myne.

517 Judge this pope myne in this place
518 that worthye ys for his trespace--
519 and ought to be thyne through grace--
520 through synne commynne myne.
521 A christen man I wott hee was,
522 knewe good from evell in eych case,
523 but my commandment donne hee hase,
524 and ever forsaken thyne.

525 Through mercye hee should be thyne,
526 but myne through wyckednes and synne;
527 thyne through passion thou was in,
528 and myne through temptatyon.
529 To mee obedyent hee was aye,
530 and thy commandment put awaye.
531 Thou righteouse judge therefore I praye,
532 deeme him to my pryson.

533 This emperour also that standeth by,
534 I hould him myne full wytterlye,
535 that held him ever in heresye
536 and leeved not on thy lore.
537 Therefore I tell thee verament
538 myne hee ys withowt judgment.
539 Thou sayd, when thou on yearth went,
540 that leeved not, damned were.

'Qui non credit, jam judicatus est.'

541 This kinge and queene would never knowe
542 poore men, them almes to showe.
543 Therefore, put them all from you
544 that stand before thy face,
545 and I shall leade them tyll a lowe;
546 there fyre shall burne though no man blowe.
547 I have them tyed upon a rowe;
548 they shall never passe that place.

549 SECUNDUS DEMON. Naye, I wyll spute with him this
550 that sytteth as high justice,
551 and yf I see he be righteous
552 soone I shall assaye.
553 And other he shall, forsooth iwysse,
554 forsake that of him wrytten ys
555 or these men that have donne amysse,
556 deeme them us todaye.

557 These wordes, God, thou sayde expresse,
558 as Matthewe thereof bayreth wyttnes,
559 that right as mans deedes was
560 yeelden hee should bee.
561 And, lest thou forgett, good man,
562 I shall mynne thee upon,
563 for speake Latten well I can,
564 and that thou shall soone see.

'Filius hominis venturus est in gloria Patris,
Patris sui cum angelis suis, et tunc reddit unicuiquam secundum opus suum.'

565 Therefore, righteouse yf thou bee,
566 these men are myne, as mote I thee,
567 for on good deede here before thee
568 have they not to shewe.
569 Yf there bee anye, saye on! Lettes see!
570 Yf there be nonne, deeme them to mee;
571 or elles thou art as false as wee--
572 all men shall well knowe.

573 DEMON PRIMUS. Yea, this thou sayd, verament,
574 that when thou came to judgment
575 thy angelles from thee should be sent
576 to put the evyll from the good
577 and put them into great torment,
578 there reemynge and grennynge verey fervent;
579 which wordes to clearkes here present
580 I wyll rehearse.

'Sic erit in consummatione seculi:
exibunt angel et [seperabunt] malos de medio justorum,
et mittent eos in caminum ignis, ubi erit fletus et stridor dentium.'

581 Therefore delyver mee these men
582 and, as broke I my panne,
583 I shall make them to grynne
584 and nufullye to reeme.
585 And in as whott a chimneye
586 as ys ordayned for mee
587 bathed they all shalbee
588 in bitter bale and brenne.

589 This popelard pope here present
590 with covetousenes was aye fullye bent.
591 This emperour also, verament,
592 to all synne did enclyne.
593 This kinge also all righteouse men shent,
594 damned them through false judgment
595 and dyed so withowt amendment;
596 therefore I hould him myne.

597 This queene, while shee was lyvinge here,
598 spared never synne, in no mannere,
599 and all that myght, by Mahound so dere,
600 excyte her lecherye
601 shee used, mans harte to styrre,
602 and thereto fullye ordayned her.
603 Therefore shee hath lost her lure,
604 heaven-blysse, right as dyd I.

605 JESUS. Loe, you men that wycked have benne,
606 what Sathan sayth you heren and scene.
607 Rightuouse doome may you not fleene,
608 for grace ys put awaye.
609 When tyrne of grace was endurynge,
610 to seeke yt you had no lykinge.
611 Therefore must I, for anythinge,
612 doe rightuousenes todaye.

613 And though my sweete mother deare
614 and all the sayntes that ever were
615 prayed for you right nowe here,
616 all yt were to late.
617 Noe grace may growe through theire prayere.
618 Then rightuousenes had no powere.
619 Therefore, goe to the fyre in feere.
620 There gaynes noe other grace.

621 When I was hungrye and thyrstie both,
622 and naked was, you would not mee clothe;
623 also, sycke and in greate woe,
624 you would not vysytt mee;
625 nor yett in pryson to me come,
626 nor of your meate to gyve me somee,
627 nor mee to your harboure nome
628 never yett in wyll were yee.

629 PAPA DAMNATUS. When was thou naked or harborlesse,
630 hongrye, thyrstie, or in sycknes;
631 eyther in any prysoun was?
632 Wee sawe thee never a-could.

633 IMPERATOR DAMNATUS. Hadd we thee hungrye or thyrstie seene,
634 naked, sycke, or in prysoun benne,
635 harborlesse or in anye teene,
636 have harbored thee we would.

637 JESUS. Naye! When you sawe the leaste of myne
638 that on yearth suffered pyne,
639 with your rychesse you would not ryne
640 ney fulfill my desyre.
641 And syth you would nothinge enclyne
642 for to helpe my poore lyne,
643 to mee your love yt was not fyne.
644 Therefore, goe to the fyre!

645 PRIMUS DEMON. A, syr judge, this goeth aright.
646 By Mahound mych of might,
647 you bee myne, eych wyght,
648 ever to lyve in woe.
649 A dowlefull death to you ys dight,
650 for such hyre I you beheight
651 when you served me daye and night,
652 to be rewarded soe.

653 Goe we forthe to hell in hye.
654 Withowt end there shall you lye,
655 for you have loste--right as did I--
656 the blysse that lasteth ever.
657 Judged you be to my bellye
658 there endles sorrowe ys and noye.
659 One thinge I tell you truelye--
660 delyvcred benne you never.

661 DEMON SECUNDUS. Naye, maister, forgett not these theves two,
662 for, by Mahound, the shall not goe!
663 Theire deedes, lord, amonge moe,
664 soone I can them spye.
665 This justice, lord, was ever thy foe,
666 but falsehood to further hee was ever throo.
667 Therefore deeme him to sorrowe and woe,
668 for hee ys full well worthye.

669 This marchant also that standeth here,
670 hee ys myne, withowten were.
671 As oftetymes hee him forswere
672 as seedes be in my secke.
673 And occurre also used hee
674 that my powche ys so heavye,
675 I sweare by Mahound so free,
676 hit well-nyc breakes my necke.

Tunc demones exportabunt eos, et venient quatuor evangelistae.

677 MATTHEUS. I, Matthewe, of this beare wytnes,
678 for in my gospell I wrotte expresse
679 this that my lord of his goodnesse
680 hath rehearsed here.
681 And by mee all were warned before
682 to save theire soules evermore
683 that nowe through lykinge the benne lore
684 and damned to fyre in feare.

685 MARCUS. I, Marke, nowe appartlye saye
686 that warned they were by manye a waye
687 theire lyvinge how the should araye,
688 heaven-blysse to recover;
689 so that excuse them they ne maye
690 that they benne worthye, in good faye,
691 to suffer they doome given todaye
692 and damned to be ever.

693 LUCAS. And I, Luke, on yearth lyvinge,
694 my lordes workes in everyethinge
695 I wrote and taught through my cunnynge
696 that all men knowe might.
697 And therefore I saye, forsooth iwys,
698 excusation none there ys.
699 Agaynst my talkinge they dyd arnysse.
700 This donne, yt goeth aright.

701 JOHANNES. And I, John the Evangeliste,
702 beare wytnes of thinges that I wyste
703 to which they might full well have truste
704 and not have donne amysse.
705 And all that ever my lord sayth here,
706 I wrote yt in my mannere.
707 Therfore, excuse you, withowten were,
708 I may not well, iwysse.

709 Finis

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