From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Castle of Perseverance

0001 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Glorious God, in all degres lord most of myth,
0002 þat heuene and erthe made of nowth, boþe se and lond,
0003 þe aungelys in heuene hym to serue bryth
0004 And mankynde in mydylerd he made wyth hys hond,
0005 And our lofly Lady, þat lanterne is of lyth,
0006 Save oure lege lord þe kynge, þe leder of þis londe,
0007 And all þe ryall of þis revme and rede hem þe ryth,
0008 And all þe goode comowns of þis towne þat beforn us stonde
0009 In þis place.
0010 We mustyr 3ou wyth menschepe
0011 And freyne 3ou of frely frenchepe.
0012 Cryst safe 3ou all fro schenchepe
0013 þat knowyn wyl our case.
0014 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. þe case of oure comynge 3ou to declare,
0015 Euery man in hymself forsothe he it may fynde:
0016 Whou Mankynde into þis werld borne is ful bare
0017 And bare schal beryed be at hys last ende.
0018 God hym 3euyth to aungelys ful 3ep and ful 3are,
0019 þe Goode Aungel and þe Badde to hym for to lende.
0020 þe Goode techyth hym goodnesse, þe Badde synne and sare;
0021 Whanne þe ton hath þe victory, þe toþyr goth behende,
0022 Be skyll.
0023 þe Good Aungel couetyth euermore Mans saluacion
0024 And þe Badde bysytyth hym euere to hys dampnacion,
0025 And God hathe govyn Man fre arbitracion
0026 Wheþyr he wyl hymself saue or hys soule spyll.
0027 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Spylt is Man spetously whanne he to synne asent.
0028 þe Bad Aungel þanne bryngyth hym thre enmys so stout:
0029 þe Werlde, þe Fende, þe foul Flesche so joly and jent.
0030 þei ledyn hym ful lustyly wyth synnys al abowt.
0031 Pyth wyth Pride and Couetyse, to þe Werld is he went,
0032 To meynten hys manhod all men to hym lout.
0033 Aftyr Ire and Envye þe Fend hath to hym lent,
0034 Bakbytynge and endytynge wyth all men for to route,
0035 Ful evyn.
0036 But þe fowle Flesch, homlyest of all,
0037 Slawth, Lust and Leccherye gun to hym call,
0038 Glotony and oþyr synnys boþe grete and small.
0039 þus Mans soule is soylyd wyh synnys moo þanne seuyn.
0040 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. Whanne Mans sowle is soylyd wyth synne and wyth sore,
0041 þanne þe Googe Aungyl makyth mykyl mornynge
0042 þat þe lofty lyknesse of God schulde be lore
0043 þorwe þe Badde Aungelys fals entysynge.
0044 He sendyth to hym Concyens, pryckyd ful pore,
0045 And clere Confescyon wyth Penauns-doynge.
0046 þei mevyn Man to mendement þat he mysdyd before.
0047 þus þei callyn hym to clennesse and to good levynge,
0048 Wythoutyn dystaunce.
0049 Mekenesse, Pacyense, and Charyte,
0050 Sobyrnesse, Besynesse, and Charyte,
0051 And Largyte, uertuys of good degre,
0052 Man callyth to þe Castel of Good Perseueraunce.
0053 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. þe Castel of Perseuerauns wanne Mankynde hath tan,
0054 Wel armyd wyth vertus and ouyrcome all vycys,
0055 þere þe Good Aungyl makyth ful mery þanne
0056 þat Mankynde hath ouyrcome hys gostly enmiis.
0057 þe Badde Aungyl mornyþ þat he hath myssyd Man.
0058 He callyth þe Werld, þe Fende, and þe foule Flesch iwys
0059 And all þe seuene synnys to do þat þey canne
0060 To brynge Mankynd ageyn to bayle out of blys,
0061 With wronge.
0062 Pride asayleth Meknesse wyth all hys myth,
0063 Ire ageyns Paciensse ful fast ganne he fyth,
0064 Envye ageyn Charyte strywyth ful ryth,
0065 But Covytyse ageyns Largyte fytyth ouyrlonge.
0066 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. Coveytyse Mankynd euere coueytyth for to qwell.
0067 He gaderyth to hym Glotony a3eyns Sobyrnesse,
0068 Leccherye wyth Chastyte fyteth ful fell
0069 And Slawthe in Goddys seruyse ageyns Besynesse.
0070 þus vycys ageys vertues fytyn ful snelle.
0071 Euery buskyth to brynge Man to dystresse.
0072 But Penaunce and Confescion wyth Mankynd wyl melle,
0073 þe vycys arn ful lyckely þe vertues to opresse,
0074 Saun dowte.
0075 þus in þe Castel of Good Perseuerance
0076 Mankynd is maskeryd wyth mekyl varyaunce.
0077 þe Good Aungyl and þe Badde be euere at dystaunce;
0078 þe Goode holdyth hym inne, þe Badde wold brynge hym owte.
0079 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Owt of Good Perseueraunce whanne Mankynde wyl not come,
0080 3yt þe Badde Aungyl wyth Coveytyse hym gan asayle,
0081 Fyndende hym in pouerte and penaunce so benome,
0082 And bryngyth hym in beleue in defaute for to fayle.
0083 þanne he profyrth hym good and gold so gret a sowme,
0084 þat if he wyl come ageyn and wyth þe Werld dayle,
0085 þe Badde Aungyl to þe Werld tollyth hym downe
0086 þe Castel of Perseueraunce to fle fro þe vayle
0087 And blysse.
0088 þanne þe Werld begynnyth hym to restore.
0089 Haue he neuere so mykyl, 3yt he wold haue more;
0090 þus þe Badde Aungyl leryth hym hys lore.
0091 þe more a man agyth, þe harder he is.
0092 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. Hard a man is in age and covetouse be kynde.
0093 Whanne all oþyr synnys Man hath forsake,
0094 Euere þe more þat he hath þe more is in hys mynde
0095 To gadyr and to gete good wyth woo and wyth wrake.
0096 þus þe Goode Aungyl caste is behynde
0097 And þe Badde Aungyl Man to hym takyth,
0098 þat wryngyth hym wrenchys to hys laste ende
0099 Tyl Deth comyth foul dolfully and loggyth hym in a lake
0100 Ful lowe.
0101 þanne is Man on molde maskeryd in mynde.
0102 He sendyth afftyr hys sekkatours, ful fekyl to fynde,
0103 And hys eyr aftyrward comyth euere behynde,
0104 I Wot Not Who is hys name, for he hym nowt knowe.
0105 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Man knowe not who schal be hys eyr and gouerne hys good.
0106 He caryth more for hys catel þanne for hys cursyd synne.
0107 To putte hys good in gouernaunce he mengyth hys mod,
0108 He wolde þat it were scyfftyd amongys hys ny kynne.
0109 But þer schal com a lythyr ladde wyth a torne hod,
0110 I Wot Neuere Who schal be hys name, hys cloþis be ful þynne,
0111 Schal eryth þe erytage þat neuere was of hys blod,
0112 Whanne al hys lyfe is lytyd upon a lytyl pynne
0113 At þe laste.
0114 On lyue whanne he may no lenger lende,
0115 Mercy he callyth at hys laste ende:
0116 "Mercy, God! be now myn frende!"
0117 Wyth þat Mans spyryt is paste.
0118 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. Whanne Manys spyryt is past, þe Badde Aungyl ful fell
0119 Cleymyth þat for couetyse Mans sowle schuld ben hys
0120 And for to ber it ful boysowsly wyth hym into hell.
0121 þe Good Aungyl seyth nay, þe spyryt schal to blys
0122 For at hys laste ende of mercy he gan spell
0123 And þerfore of mercy schal he nowth mysse,
0124 And oure lofly Ladi if sche wyl for hym mell,
0125 Be mercy and be menys in purgatory he is,
0126 In ful byttyr place.
0127 þus mowthys confession
0128 And hys hertys contricion
0129 Schal saue Man fro dampnacion
0130 Be Goddys mercy and grace.
0131 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Grace if God wyl graunte us of hys mykyl myth,
0132 þese parcellys in propyrtes we purpose us to playe
0133 þis day seuenenyt before 3ou in syth
0134 At...on þe grene in ryal aray.
0135 3e haste 3ou þanne þedyrward, syrys, hendly in hyth,
0136 All goode neyborys ful specyaly we 3ou pray,
0137 And loke þat 3e be þere betyme, luffely and lyth,
0138 For we schul be onward be vnderne of þe day,
0139 Dere frendys.
0140 We thanke 3ou of all good dalyaunce
0141 And of all 3oure specyal sportaunce
0142 And preye 3ou of good contynuaunce
0143 To oure lyuys endys.
0144 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR. Os oure lyuys we loue 3ou, þus takande oure leue.
0145 3e manly men of..., þer Crist saue 3ou all!
0146 He maynten 3oure myrthys and kepe 3ou fro greve
0147 þat born was of Mary myld in an ox stall.
0148 Now mery be all...and wel mote 3e cheve,
0149 All oure feythful frendys, þer fayre mote 3e fall!
0150 3a, and welcum be 3e whanne 3e com prys for ro preve
0151 And worþi to be worchepyd in boure and in hall
0152 And in euery place.
0153 Farewel, fayre frendys,
0154 þat lofly wyl lystyn and lende.
0155 Cryste kepe 3ou fro fendys!
0156 Trumpe up and lete vs pace.
0157 MUNDUS. Worthy wytys in al þis werd wyde,
0158 Be wylde wode wonys and euery weye-went,
0159 Precyous prinse, prekyd in pride,
0160 þorwe þis propyr pleyn place in pes be 3e bent!
0161 Buske 3ou, bolde bacheleyrs, vndyr my baner to abyde
0162 Where bryth basnetys be bateryd and backys ar schent.
0163 3e, syrys semly, all same syttyth on syde,
0164 For bothe be see and be londe my sondys I haue sent,
0165 Al þe world myn name is ment.
0166 Al abowtyn my bane is blowe,
0167 In euery cost I am knowe,
0168 I do men rawyn on ryche rowe
0169 Tyl þei be dyth to dythys dent.
0170 Assarye, Acaye, and Almayne,
0171 Cauadoyse, Capadoyse, and Cananee,
0172 Babyloyne, Brabon, Burgoyne, and Bretayne,
0173 Grece, Galys, and to þe Gryckysch See,
0174 I meue also Masadoyne in my mykyl mayne,
0175 Frauns, Flaundrys, and Freslonde, and also Normande,
0176 Pyncecras, Parys, and longe Pygmayne,
0177 And euery toun in trage, euyn to þe Dreye Tre,
0178 Rodys and ryche Rome.
0179 All þese londys at myn avyse
0180 Arn castyn to my werdly wyse.
0181 My tresorer, Syr Couetyse,
0182 Hath sesyd hem holy to me.
0183 þerfor my game and my gle growe ful glad.
0184 þer is no wythe in þis werld þat my wytte wyl me warne.
0185 Euery ryche rengne rapyth hym ful rad
0186 In lustys and in lykyngys my lawys to lerne.
0187 Wyth fayre folke in þe felde freschly I am fadde.
0188 I dawnse doun as a doo be dalys ful derne.
0189 What boy bedyth batayl or debatyth wyth blad
0190 Hym were betyr to ben hangyn hye in hell herne
0191 Or brent on lyth leuene.
0192 Whoso spekyth a3eyn þe Werd
0193 In a presun he schal be sperd.
0194 Myn hest is holdyn and herd
0195 Into hy3e heuene.
0196 BELYAL. Now I sytte, Satanas, in my sad synne,
0197 As deuyl dowty, in draf as a drake.
0198 I champe and I chafe, I chocke on my chynne,
0199 I am boystows and bold, as Belyal þe blake.
0200 What folk þat I grope þei gapyn and grenne,
0201 Iwys fro Carlylle into Kent my carpynge þei take,
0202 Bothe þe bak and þe buttoke brestyth al on brenne,
0203 Wyth werkys of wreche I werke hem mykyl wrake.
0204 In woo is al my wenne.
0205 In care I am cloyed
0206 And fowle I am anoyed
0207 But Mankynde be stroyed
0208 Be dykys and be denne.
0209 Pryde is my prince in perlys ipyth;
0210 Wretthe, þis wrecche, wyth me schal wawe;
0211 Enuye into werre wyth me schal walkyn wyth;
0212 Wyth þese faytourys I am fedde, in feyth I am fawe.
0213 As a dyngne deuyl in my dene I am dyth.
0214 Pryde, Wretthe, and Enuye, I sey in my sawe,
0215 Kyngys, kayserys, and kempys and many a kene knyth,
0216 þese louely lordys han lernyd hem my lawe.
0217 To my dene þei wyl drawe.
0218 Alholy Mankynne
0219 To helle but I wynne,
0220 In bale is my bynne
0221 And schent vnder schawe.
0222 On Mankynde is my trost, in contre iknowe,
0223 Wyth my tyre and wyth my tayl tytly to tene.
0224 þorwe Flaundris and Freslonde faste I gan flowe,
0225 Fele folke on a flokke to flappyn and to flene.
0226 Where I graspe on þe grounde, grym þer schal growe.
0227 Gadyr 3ou togedyr, 3e boyis, on þis grene!
0228 In þis brode bugyl a blast wanne I blowe,
0229 Al þis werld schal be wood iwys as I wene
0230 And to my byddynge bende.
0231 Wythly on syde
0232 On benche wyl I byde
0233 To tene, þis tyde,
0234 Alholy Mankende.
0235 CARO. I byde as a brod brustun-gutte abouyn on þese tourys.
0236 Euerybody is þe betyr þat to myn byddynge is bent.
0237 I am Mankyndys fayre Flesch, florchyd in flowrys.
0238 My lyfe is wyth lustys and lykynge ilent.
0239 Wyth tapytys of tafata I tymbyr my towrys.
0240 In myrthe and in melodye my mende is iment.
0241 þou I be clay and clad, clappyd vndir clowrys,
0242 3yt wolde I þat my wyll in þe werld went,
0243 Ful trew I 3ou behyth.
0244 I loue wel myn ese,
0245 In lustys me to plese;
0246 þou synne my sowle sese
0247 I 3eue not a myth.
0248 In Glotony gracyous now am I growe;
0249 þerfore he syttyth semly here be my syde.
0250 In Lechery and Lykynge lent am I lowe,
0251 And Slawth, my swete sone, is bent to abyde.
0252 þese thre are nobyl, trewly I trowe,
0253 Mankynde to tenyn and trecchyn a tyde.
0254 Wyth many berdys in bowre my blastys are blowe,
0255 Be weys and be wodys, þorwe þis werld wyde,
0256 þe sothe for to seyne.
0257 But if mans Flesch fare wel
0258 Bothe at mete and at mele,
0259 Dyth I am in gret del
0260 And browt into peyne.
0261 And aftyr good fare in feyth þou I fell,
0262 þou I drywe to dust, in drosse for to drepe,
0263 þow my sely sowle were haryed to hell,
0264 Woso wyl do þese werkys iwys he schal wepe
0265 Euyr wythowtyn ende.
0266 Behold þe Werld, þe Deuyl, and me!
0267 Wyth all oure mythis we kyngys thre
0268 Nyth and day besy we be
0269 For to distroy Mankende
0270 If þat we may.
0271 þerfor on hylle
0272 Syttyth all stylle
0273 And seth wyth good wylle
0274 Oure ryche aray.
0275 HUMANUS GENUS. Aftyr oure forme-faderys kende
0276 þis nyth I was of my modyr born.
0277 Fro my modyr I walke, I wende,
0278 Ful feynt and febyl I fare 3ou beforn.
0279 I am nakyd of lym and lende
0280 As Mankynde is schapyn and schorn.
0281 I not wedyr to gon ne to lende
0282 To helpe myself mydday nyn morn.
0283 For schame I stonde and schende.
0284 I was born þis nyth in blody ble
0285 And nakyd I am, as 3e may se.
0286 A, Lord God in trinite,
0287 Whow Mankende is vnthende!
0288 Whereto I was to þis werld browth
0289 I ne wot, but to woo and wepynge
0290 I am born and haue ryth nowth
0291 To helpe myself in no doynge.
0292 I stonde and stodye al ful of þowth.
0293 Bare and pore is my clothynge.
0294 A sely crysme myn hed hath cawth
0295 þat I tok at myn crystenynge.
0296 Certys I haue no more.
0297 Of erthe I cam, I wot ryth wele,
0298 And as erthe I stande þis sele.
0299 Of Mankende it is gret dele.
0300 Lord God, I crye þyne ore!
0301 To aungels bene asynyd to me:
0302 þe ton techyth me to goode;
0303 On my ryth syde 3e may hym se;
0304 He cam fro Criste þat deyed on rode.
0305 Anoþyr is ordeynyd her to be
0306 þat is my foo, be fen and flode;
0307 He is about in euery degre
0308 To drawe me to þo dewylys wode
0309 þat in helle be thycke.
0310 Swyche to hath euery man on lyue
0311 To rewlyn hym and hys wyttys fyue.
0312 Whanne man doth ewyl, þe ton wolde schryue,
0313 þe tothyr drawyth to wycke.
0314 But syn þese aungelys be to me falle,
0315 Lord Jhesu, to 3ou I bydde a bone
0316 þat I may folwe, be strete and stalle,
0317 þe aungyl þat cam fro heuene trone.
0318 Now, Lord Jesu in heuene halle,
0319 Here whane I make my mone.
0320 Coryows Criste, to 3ou I calle.
0321 As a grysly gost I grucche and grone,
0322 I wene, ryth ful of thowth.
0323 A, Lord Jhesu, wedyr may I goo?
0324 A crysme I haue and no moo.
0325 Alas, men may be wondyr woo
0326 Whanne þei be fyrst forth browth.
0327 BONUS ANGELUS. 3a forsothe, and þat is wel sene.
0328 Of woful wo man may synge,
0329 For iche creature helpyth hymself bedene
0330 Saue only man ay hys comynge.
0331 Neuyrþelesse turne þe fro tene
0332 And serue Jhesu, heuene kynge,
0333 And þou shalt, be greuys grene,
0334 Fare wel in all thynge.
0335 þat Lord Xi lyfe hath lante.
0336 Haue hym alwey in þi mynde
0337 þat deyed on rode for Mankynde
0338 And serue hym to þi lyfes ende
0339 And sertys þou schalt not wante.
0340 MALUS ANGELUS. Pes, aungel, þi wordys are not wyse.
0341 þou counselyst hym not aryth.
0342 He schal hym drawn to þe Werdys seruyse
0343 To dwelle wyth caysere, kynge, and knyth,
0344 þat in londe be hym non lyche.
0345 Cum on wyth me, stylle as ston.
0346 þou and I to þe Werd schul goon
0347 And þanne þou schalt sen anon
0348 Whow sone þou schalt be ryche.
0349 BONUS ANGELUS. A, pes, aungel, þou spekyst folye.
0350 Why schuld he coveyt werldys goode,
0351 Syn Criste in erthe and hys meynye
0352 All in pouert here þei stode?
0353 Werldys wele, be strete and stye,
0354 Faylyth and fadyth as fysch in flode,
0355 But heueryche is good and trye,
0356 þer Criste syttyth bryth as blode,
0357 Wythoutyn any dystresse.
0358 To þe World wolde he not flyt
0359 But forsok it euery whytt.
0360 Example I fynde in holy wryt,
0361 He wyl bere me wytnesse.
0361a Diuicias et paupertates ne dederis michi, Domine.
0362 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, 3a, man, leue hym nowth,
0363 But cum wyth me, be stye and strete.
0364 Haue þou a gobet of þe werld cawth,
0365 þou schalt fynde it good and swete.
0366 A fayre lady þe schal be tawth
0367 þat in bowre þi bale schal bete.
0368 Wyth ryche rentys þou schalt be frawth,
0369 Wyth sylke sendel to syttyn in sete.
0370 I rede, late bedys be.
0371 If þou wylt haue wel þyn hele
0372 And faryn wel at mete and mele,
0373 Wyth Goddys seruyse may þou not dele
0374 But cum and folwe me.
0375 HUMANUM GENUS. Whom to folwe wetyn I ne may.
0376 I stonde and stodye and gynne to raue.
0377 I wolde be ryche in gret aray
0378 And fayn I wolde my sowle saue.
0379 As wynde in watyr I wave.
0380 þou woldyst to þe Werld I me toke,
0381 And he wolde þat I it forsoke.
0382 Now so God me helpe and þe holy boke
0383 I not wyche I may haue.
0384 MALUS ANGELUS. Cum on, man, whereof hast þou care?
0385 Go we to þe Werld, I rede þe, blyue,
0386 For þer þou schalt mow ryth wel fare,
0387 In case if þou þynke for to thryue,
0388 No lord schal be þe lyche.
0389 Take þe Werld to þine entent
0390 And late þi loue be þeron lent.
0391 Wyth gold and syluyr and ryche rent
0392 Anone þou schalt be ryche.
0393 HUMANUM GENUS. Now syn þou hast behetyn me so,
0394 I wyl go wyth þe and asay.
0395 I ne lette, for frende ner fo,
0396 But wyth þe Werld I wyl go play,
0397 Certys a lytyl þrowe.
0398 In þis World is al my trust
0399 To lyuyn in lykyng and in lust.
0400 Haue he and I onys cust,
0401 We schal not part, I trowe.
0402 BONUS ANGELUS. A, nay, man, for Cristys blod,
0403 Cum agayn, be strete and style.
0404 þe Werld is wyckyd and ful wod
0405 And þou shalt leuyn but a whyle.
0406 What coueytyst þou to wynne?
0407 Man, þynke on þyn endynge day
0408 Whanne þou schalt be closyd vndyr clay,
0409 And if þou thenke of þat aray,
0410 Certys þou schalt not synne.
0410a Homo, memento finis et in eternum non peccabis.
0411 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, on þi sowle þou schalt þynke al betyme.
0412 Cum forth, man, and take non hede,
0413 Cum on, and þou schalt holdyn hym inne.
0414 þi flesch þou schalt foster and fede
0415 Wyth lofly lyuys fode.
0416 Wyth þe Werld þou mayst be bold
0417 Tyl þou be sexty wyntyr hold.
0418 Wanne þi nose waxit cold,
0419 þanne mayst þou drawe to goode.
0420 HUMANUM GENUS. I vow to God, and so I may
0421 Make mery a ful gret throwe.
0422 I may leuyn many a day;
0423 I am but 3onge, as I trowe,
0424 For to do þat I schulde.
0425 Myth I ryde be sompe and syke
0426 And be ryche and lorlyke,
0427 Certys þanne schulde I be fryke
0428 And a mery man on molde.
0429 MALUS ANGELUS. 3ys, be my feyth, þou schalt be a lord,
0430 And ellys hange me be þe hals!
0431 But þou must be at myn acord.
0432 Oþytwhyle þou muste be fals
0433 Amonge kythe and kynne.
0434 Now go we forth swythe anon,
0435 To þe Werld us must gon,
0436 And bere þe manly euere among
0437 Whanne þou comyst out or inne.
0438 HUMANUM GENUS. 3is, and ellys haue þou my necke,
0439 But I manly be downe and dyche;
0440 And þou I be fals, I ne recke,
0441 Wyth so þat I be lordlyche.
0442 I folwe þe as I can.
0443 þou schalt be my bote of bale,
0444 For were I ryche of holt and hale
0445 þanne wolde I 3eue neuere tale
0446 Of God ne of good man.
0447 BONUS ANGELUS. I weyle and wrynge and make mone.
0448 þis man wyth woo schal be pylt.
0449 I sye sore and grysly grone
0450 For hys folye schal make hym spylt.
0451 I not wedyr to gone.
0452 Mankynde hath forsakyn me.
0453 Alas, man, for loue of the!
0454 3a, for þis gamyn and þis gle
0455 þou schalt grocchyn and grone.
0455a Pipe vp musyk
0456 MUNDUS. Now I sytte in my semly sale;
0457 I trotte and tremle in my trew trone;
0458 As a hawke I hoppe in my hendee hale;
0459 Kyng, knyth, and kayser to me makyn mone.
0460 Of God ne of good man 3yf I neuere tale.
0461 As a lukynge lord I leyke here alone.
0462 Woso brawle any boste, be downe or be dale,
0463 þo gadlyngys schal be gastyd and gryslych grone
0464 Iwys.
0465 Lust, Foly, and Veynglory,
0466 All þese arn in myn memory.
0467 þus begynnyth þe nobyl story
0468 Of þis werldys blys.
0469 Lust, Lykyng, and Foly,
0470 Comly knytys of renoun,
0471 Belyue þorwe þis londe do crye
0472 Al abowtyn in toure and toun.
0473 If any man be fer or nye
0474 þat to my seruyse wyl buske hym boun,
0475 If he wyl be trost and trye
0476 He schal be kyng and were þe croun
0477 Wyth rycchest robys in res.
0478 Woso to þe Werld wyl drawe
0479 Of God ne of good man 3euyt he not a hawe,
0480 Syche a man, be londys lawe,
0481 Schal syttyn on my dees.
0482 VOLUPTAS. Lo, me here redy, lord, to faryn and to fle,
0483 To sekyn þe a seruaunt dynge and dere.
0484 Whoso wyl wyth foly rewlyd be
0485 He is worthy to be a seruaunt here
0486 þat drawyth to synnys seuene.
0487 Whoso wyl be fals and covetouse
0488 Wyth þis werld he schal haue lond and house.
0489 þis werldys wysdom 3euyth not a louse
0490 Of God nyn of hye heuene.
0490a Tunc descendit in placeam pariter
0491 Pes, pepyl, of pes we 3ou pray.
0492 Syth and sethe wel to my sawe.
0493 Whoso wyl be ryche and in gret aray
0494 Toward þe Werld he schal drawe.
0495 Whoso wyl be fals al þat he may,
0496 Of God hymself he hath non awe,
0497 And lyuyn in lustys nyth and day
0498 þe Werld of hym wyl be ryth fawe,
0499 Do dwelle in his howse.
0500 Whoso wyl wyth þe Werld haue hys dwellynge
0501 And ben a lord of hys clothynge
0502 He muste nedys, ouyr al þynge,
0503 Eueremore be couetowse.
0503a Non est in mundo diues qui dicit "habundo".
0504 STULTICIA. 3a, couetouse he must be
0505 And me, Foly, muste haue in mende,
0506 For whoso wyl alwey foly fle
0507 In þis werld schal ben vnthende.
0508 þorwe werldys wysdom of gret degre
0509 Schal neuere man in werld moun wende
0510 But he haue help of me
0511 þat am Foly fer and hende.
0512 He muste hangyn on my hoke.
0513 Werldly wyt was neuere nout
0514 But wyth foly it were frawt.
0515 þus þe wysman hath tawt
0516 Abotyn in his boke.
0516a Sapiencia penes Domini.
0517 VOLUPTAS. Now all þe men þat in þis werld wold thryue,
0518 For to rydyn on hors ful hye,
0519 Cum speke wyth Lust and Lykynge belyue
0520 And hys felaw, 3onge Foly.
0521 Late se whoso wyl vs knowe.
0522 Whoso wyl drawe to Lykybge and Luste
0523 And as a fole in Foly ruste,
0524 On vs to he may truste
0525 And leuyn louely, I trowe.
0526 MALUS ANGELUS. How, Lust, Lykyng, and Folye,
0527 Take to me good entent!
0528 I haue browth, be downys drye,
0529 To þe Werld a gret present.
0530 I haue gylyd hym ful qweyntly,
0531 For syn he was born I haue hym blent.
0532 He schal be serwaunt good and try,
0533 Amonge 3ou his wyl is lent,
0534 To þe Werld he wyl hym take.
0535 For syn he cowde wyte, I vndirstonde,
0536 I haue hym tysyd in euery londe.
0537 Hys Good Aungel, be strete and stronde,
0538 I haue don hym forsake.
0539 þerfor, Lust, my trewe fere,
0540 þou art redy alwey iwys
0541 Of worldly lawys þou hym lere
0542 þat he were browth in werldly blys.
0543 Loke he be ryche, þe soþe to tell.
0544 Help hym, fast he gunne to thrywe,
0545 And whanne he wenyth best to lywe
0546 þanne schal he deye and not be schrywe
0547 And goo wyth vs to hell.
0548 VOLUPTAS. Be Satan, þou art a nobyl knawe
0549 To techyn men fyrst fro goode.
0550 Lust and Lykynge he schal haue,
0551 Lechery schal ben hys fode,
0552 Metys and drynkys he schal haue trye.
0553 Wyth a lykynge lady of lofte
0554 He schal syttyn in sendel softe
0555 To cachen hym to helle crofte
0556 þat day þat he schal deye.
0557 STULTICIA. Wyth ryche rentys I schal hym blynde
0558 Wyth þe Werld tyl he be pytte,
0559 And þanne schal I, longe or hys ende,
0560 Make þat caytyfe to be knytte
0561 On þe Werld whanne he is set sore.
0562 Cum on, man, þou schalt not rewe
0563 For þou wylt be to vs trewe.
0564 þou schalt be clad in clothys newe
0565 And be ryche eueremore.
0566 HUMANUM GENUS. Mary, felaw, gramercy!
0567 I wolde be ryche and of gret renoun.
0568 I 3eue no tale trewly
0569 So þat I be lord of toure and toun,
0570 Be buskys and bankys broun.
0571 Syn þat þou wylt make me
0572 Bothe ryche of gold and fee,
0573 Goo forthe, for I wyl folow þe
0574 Be dale and euery towne.
0574a Trumpe vp. Tunc ibunt VOLUPTAS
0574c HUMANUM GENUS ad mUNDUM, et dicet
0575 VOLUPTAS. How, lord, loke owt! for we haue browth
0576 a serwant of nobyl fame.
0577 Of worldly good is al hys þouth,
0578 Of lust and folye he hath no schame.
0579 He wolde be gret of name.
0580 He wolde be at gret honour
0581 For to rewle town and toure.
0582 He wolde haue to hys paramoure
0583 Sum louely dynge dame.
0584 MUNDUS. Welcum, syr, semly in syth!
0585 þou art welcum to worthy wede.
0586 For þou wylt be my serwaunt day and nyth,
0587 Wyth my seruyse I schal þe foster and fede.
0588 þi bak schal be betyn wyth besawntys bryth,
0589 þou shalt haue byggyngys be bankys brede,
0590 To þi cors schal knele hayser and knyth
0591 Where þat þou walke, be sty or be strete,
0592 And ladys louely on lere.
0593 But Goddys seruyse þou must forsake
0594 And holy to þe Werld þe take
0595 And þanne a man I schal þe make
0596 þat non schal be þi pere.
0597 HUMANUM GENUS. 3ys, Werld, and þerto here myn honde
0598 To forsake God and hys seruyse.
0599 To medys þou 3eue me howse and londe
0600 þat I regne rychely at my enprise.
0601 So þat I fare wel be strete and stronde
0602 Whyl I dwelle here in werldly wyse,
0603 I recke neuere of heuene wonde
0604 Nor of Jhesu, þat jentyl justyse.
0605 Of my sowle I haue non rewthe.
0606 What schulde I recknen of domysday
0607 So þat I be ryche and of gret aray?
0608 I schal make mery whyl I may,
0609 And þerto here my trewthe.
0610 MUNDUS. Now sertys, syr, þou seyst wel.
0611 I holde þe trewe fro top to þe too.
0612 But þou were ryche it were gret del
0613 And all men þat wyl fare soo.
0614 Cum up, my serwaunt trew as stel.
0614a Tunc ascendet HUMANUM GENUS ad MUNDUM
0615 þou schalt be ryche, whereso þou goo.
0616 Men schul seruyn þe at mel
0617 Wyth mynstralsye and bemys blo,
0618 Wyth metys and drynkys trye.
0619 Lust and Lykynge schal be þin ese.
0620 Louely ladys þe schal plese.
0621 Whoso do þe any disesse
0622 He schal ben hangyn hye.
0623 Lykynge, beluye
0624 Late clothe hym swythe
0625 In robys ryve
0626 Wyth ryche aray.
0627 Folye, þou fonde,
0628 Be strete and stronde,
0629 Serue hym at honde
0630 Bothe nyth and day.
0631 VOLUPTAS. Trostyly,
0632 Lord, redy,
0633 Je vous pry,
0634 Syr, I say.
0635 In lyckynge and lust
0636 He schal rust
0637 Tyl dethys dust
0638 Do hym to day.
0639 STULTICIA. And I, Folye,
0640 Schal hyen hym hye
0641 Tyl sum enmye
0642 Hym ouyrgoo.
0643 In worldys wyt
0644 þat in Foly syt
0645 I þynke 3yt
0646 Hys sowle to sloo.
0646a Trumpe vp
0647 DETRACCIO. All þyngys I crye agayn þe pes
0648 To knyt and knaue, þis is my kende.
0649 3a, dyngne dukys on her des
0650 In byttyr balys I hem bynde.
0651 Cryinge and care, chydynge and ches
0652 And sad sorwe to hem I sende,
0653 3a, lowde lesyngys lacchyd in les,
0654 Of talys vntrewe is al my mende.
0655 Mannys bane abowtyn I bere.
0656 I wyl þat 3e wetyn, all þo þat ben here,
0657 For I am knowyn fer and nere,
0658 I am þe Werldys messengere,
0659 My name is Bacbytere.
0660 Wyth euery wyth I walke and wende
0661 And euery man now louyth me wele.
0662 Wyth lowde lesyngys vndyr lende
0663 To dethys dynt I dresse and dele.
0664 To speke fayre beforn and fowle behynde
0665 Amongys men at mete and mele
0666 Trewly, lordys, þis is my kynde,
0667 þus I renne upon a whele,
0668 I am feller þanne a fox.
0669 Fleterynge and flaterynge is my lessun,
0670 Wyth lesyngys i tene boþe tour and town,
0671 Wyth letterys of defanacyoun
0672 I bere in my box.
0673 I am lyth of lopys þorwe euery londe,
0674 Myn holy happys may not ben hyd.
0675 To may not togedyr stonde
0676 But I, Bakbyter, be þe thyrde.
0677 I schape 3one boyis to schame and schonde,
0678 All þat wyl bowyn whanne I hem bydde.
0679 To lawe of londe in feyth I fonde.
0680 Whanne talys vntrewe arn betydde
0681 Bakbytere is wyde spronge.
0682 þorwe þe werld, be downe and dalys,
0683 All abowtyn I brewe balys.
0684 Euery man tellyth talys
0685 Aftyr my fals tunge.
0686 þerfore I am mad massenger
0687 To lepyn ouyr londys leye
0688 þorwe all þe world, fer and ner,
0689 [ON nsayd sawys for to seye.
0690 In þis holte I hunte here
0691 For to spye a preuy pley,
0692 For whanne Mankynde is cloþyd clere,
0693 þanne schal I techyn hym þe wey
0694 To þe dedly synnys seuene.
0695 Here I schal abydyn wyth my pese
0696 þe wronge to do hym for to chese,
0697 For I thynke þat he schal lese
0698 þe lyth of hey heuene.
0699 VOLUPTAS. Worthy World, in welthys wonde,
0700 Here is Mankynde ful fayr in folde.
0701 In bryth besauntys he is bownde
0702 And bon to bowe to 3ou so bolde.
0703 He leuyth in lustys euery stounde;
0704 Holy to 3ou he hathe hym 3olde.
0705 For to makyn hym gay on grounde,
0706 Worthy World, þou art beholde.
0707 þis werld is wel at ese.
0708 For to God I make avow
0709 Mankynde had leuer now
0710 Greue God wyth synys row
0711 þanne þe World to dysplese.
0712 STULTICIA. Dysplese þe he wyl for no man.
0713 On me, Foly, is al hys þowth.
0714 Trewly Mankynde nowth nen can
0715 þynke on God þat hathe hym bowth.
0716 Worthy World, wyth as swan,
0717 In þi loue lely is he lawth.
0718 Sythyn he cowde and fyrste began
0719 þe forsakyn wolde he nowth,
0720 But 3eue hym to Folye.
0721 And syþyn he hathe to þe be trewe,
0722 I rede þe forsakyn hym for no newe.
0723 Lete us plesyn hym tyl þat he rewe
0724 In hell to hangyn hye.
0725 MUNDUS. Now, Foly, fayre þe befall,
0726 And Luste, blyssyd be þou ay!
0727 3e han browth Mankynde to myn hall
0728 Sertys in a nobyl aray.
0729 Wyth werldys welthys wythinne þese wallys
0730 I schal hym feffe if þat I may.
0731 Welcum, Mankynde! to þe I call,
0732 Clenner cloþyd þanne any clay,
0733 Be downe, dale, and dyche.
0734 Mankynde, I rede þat þou reste
0735 Wyth me, þe Werld, as it is beste.
0736 Loke þou holde myn hende heste
0737 And euere þou schalt be ryche.
0738 HUMANUM GENUS. Whou schuld I but I þi hestys helde?
0739 þou werkyst wyth me holy my wyll.
0740 þou feffyst me wyth fen and felde
0741 And hye hall, be holtys and hyll.
0742 In werldly wele my wytte I welde,
0743 In joye I jette wyth juelys jentyll,
0744 On blysful banke my boure is bylde,
0745 In veynglorye I stonde styll.
0746 I am kene as a knyt.
0747 Whoso ageyn þe Werld wyl speke
0748 Mankynde schal on hym be wreke,
0749 In stronge presun i schal hym steke,
0750 Be it wronge or ryth.
0751 MUNDUS. A, Mankynde, wel þe betyde
0752 þat þi loue on me is sette!
0753 In my bowrys þou schalt abyde
0754 And 3yt fare mekyl þe bette.
0755 I feffe þe in all my wonys wyde
0756 In dale of dros tyl þou be deth.
0757 I make þe lord of meekyl pryde,
0758 Syr, at þyn owyn mowthis mette.
0759 I fynde in þe no tresun.
0760 In all þis worlde, be se and sonde,
0761 Parkys, placys, lawnde and londe,
0762 Here I 3yfe þe wyth myn honde,
0763 Syr, an opyn sesun.
0764 Go to my tresorer, Syr Couetouse.
0765 Loke þou tell hym as I seye.
0766 Bydde hym make þe maystyr in hys house
0767 Wyth penys and powndys for to pleye.
0768 Loke þou 3eue not a lous
0769 Of þe day þat þou schalt deye.
0770 Messenger, do now þyne vse;
0771 Bakbytere, teche hym þe weye.
0772 þou art swetter þanne mede.
0773 Mankynde, take wyth þe Bakbytynge.
0774 Lefe hym for no maner thynge.
0775 Flepergebet wyth hys flaterynge
0776 Standyth Mankynde in stede.
0777 DETRACCIO. Bakbytynge and Detracion
0778 Schal goo wyth þe fro toun to toun.
0779 Haue don, Mankynde, and cum doun.
0780 I am þyne owyn page.
0781 I schal bere þe wyttnesse wyth my myth
0782 Whanne my lord þe Werlde it behyth.
0783 Lo, where Syr Coueytyse sytt
0784 And bydith us in his stage.
0785 HUMANUM Genus. Syr Worlde, I wende,
0786 In Couetyse to chasyn my kende.
0787 MUNDUS. Haue hym in mende,
0788 And iwys þanne schalt þou be ryth þende.
0789 BONUS ANGELUS. Alas, Jhesu, jentyl justyce,
0790 Whedyr may mans Good Aungyl wende?
0791 Now schal careful Coueytyse
0792 Mankende trewly al schende.
0793 Hys sely goste may sore agryse;
0794 Bakbytynge bryngyth hym in byttyr bonde.
0795 Worldly wyttys, 3e are not wyse,
0796 3our louely lyfe amys 3e spende
0797 And þat schal 3e sore smert.
0798 Parkys, ponndys, and many pens
0799 þei semyn to 3ou swetter þanne sens,
0800 But Goddys seruyse nyn hys commaundementys
0801 Stondyth 3ou not at hert.
0802 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, whanne þe fox prechyth, kepe wel 3ore gees!
0803 He spekyth as it were a holy pope.
0804 Goo, felaw, and pyke of þo lys
0805 þat crepe þer upon þi cope!
0806 þi part is pleyed al at þe dys
0807 þat þou schalt heue here, as I hope.
0808 Tyl Mankynde fallyth to podys prys,
0809 Coueytyse schal hym grype and grope
0810 Tyl sum schame hym schende.
0811 Tyl man be dyth in dethys dow
0812 He seyth neuere he hath inow.
0813 þerfore, goode boy, cum blow
0814 At my neþer ende!
0815 DETRACCIO. Syr Couetyse, God þe saue,
0816 þi pens and þi poundys all!
0817 I, Bakbyter, þyn owyn knaue,
0818 Haue browt Mankynde vnto þine hall.
0819 þe Werlde bad þou schuldyst hym haue
0820 and feffen hym, whatso befall.
0821 In grene gres tyl he be graue
0822 Putte hym in þi precyous pall,
0823 Coueytyse, it were ell rewthe.
0824 Whyl he walkyth in worldly wolde
0825 I, Bakbyter, am wyth hym holde.
0826 Lust and Folye, þo barouns bolde,
0827 To hem he hath plyth hys trewthe.
0828 Ow, Mankynde, blyssyd, mote þou be!
0829 I haue louyd þe derworthly many a day,
0830 And so I wot wel þat þou dost me.
0831 Cum up and se my ryche aray.
0832 It were a gret poynte of pyte
0833 But Coueytyse were to þi pay.
0834 Sit up ryth here in þis se.
0835 I schal þe lere of werldys lay
0836 þat fadyth as a flode.
0837 Wyth good inow I schal þe store,
0838 And 3yt oure game is but lore
0839 But þou coueyth mekyl more
0840 þanne euere schal do þe goode.
0841 þou muste 3yfe þe to symonye,
0842 Extorsion, and false asyse.
0843 Helpe no man but þou haue why.
0844 Pay not þi serwauntys here serwyse.
0845 þi neyborys loke þou dystroye.
0846 Tythe not on non wyse.
0847 Here no begger þou he crye;
0848 And þanne schalt þou ful sone ryse.
0849 And whanne þou vsyste marchaundyse
0850 Loke þat þou be sotel of sleytys,
0851 And also swere al be deseytys,
0852 Bye and sell be fals weytys,
0853 For þat is kynde coueytyse.
0854 Be not agaste of þe grete curse.
0855 þis lofly lyf may longe leste.
0856 Be þe peny on þi purs,
0857 Lete hem cursyn and don here beste.
0858 What deuyl of hell art þou þe wers
0859 þow þow brekyste Goddys heste?
0860 Do aftyr me, I am þi nors.
0861 Alwey gadyr and haue non reste.
0862 In wynnynge be al þi werke.
0863 To pore men take none entent,
0864 For þat þou haste longe tyme hent
0865 In lytyl tyme it may be spent;
0866 þus seyth Caton, þe gret clerke.
0866a Labitur exiguo quod partum tempore longo.
0867 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Auarryce, wel þou spede!
0868 Of werldly wytte þou canst iwys.
0869 þou woldyst not I hadde nede
0870 And schuldyst be wrothee if I ferd amys.
0871 I schal neuere begger bede
0872 Mete nyn drynke, be heuene blys;
0873 Rather or I schulde hym cloþe ot fede
0874 He schulde sterue and stynke iwys.
0875 Coueytyse, as þou wylt I wyl do.
0876 Whereso þat I fare, be fenne or flod,
0877 I make avow be Goddys blod
0878 Of Mankynde getyth no man no good
0879 But if he synge si dedero.
0880 AUARICIA. Mankynd, þat was wel songe.
0881 Sertys now þou canst sum skyll.
0882 Blyssyd be þi trewe tonge!
0883 In þis bowre þou schalt syde and byll.
0884 Moo synnys I wolde þou vndyrfonge:
0885 Wyth coveytyse þe feffe I wyll;
0886 And þanne sum pryde I wolde spronge,
0887 Hy3e in þi hert to holdyn and hyll
0888 And abydyn in þi body.
0889 Here I feffe þe in myn heuene
0890 Wyth gold and syluyr lyth as leuene.
0891 þe dedly synnys, all seuene,
0892 I schal do comyn in hy.
0893 Pryde, Wrathe, and Envye,
0894 Com forthe, þe Deuelys chyldryn þre!
0895 Lecchery, Slawth, and Glotonye,
0896 To mans flesch 3e are fendys fre.
0897 Dryuyth downne ouyr dalys drye,
0898 Beth now blyþe as any be,
0899 Ouyr hykk and holtys 3e 3ou hy3e
0900 To com to Mankynde and to me
0901 Fro 3oure dowty dennys.
0902 As dukys dowty 3e 3ou dresse.
0903 Whanne 3e sex be comne, I gesse,
0904 þanne be we seuene and no lesse
0905 Of þe dedly synnys.
0906 SUPERBIA. Wondyr hy3e howtys on hyll herd I houte;
0907 Koueytyse kryeth, hys karpynge I kenne.
0908 Summe lord or summe lordeyn lely schal loute
0909 To be pyth wyth perlys of my proude penne.
0910 Bon I am to braggyb and buskyn abowt,
0911 Rapely and redyly on rowte for to renne.
0912 Be doun, dalys, nor dennys no duke I dowt,
0913 Also fast for to fogge, be flodys and be fenne.
0914 I rore whanne I ryse.
0915 Syr Belyal, bryth of ble,
0916 To 3ou I recomaunde me.
0917 Haue good day, my fadyr fre,
0918 For I goo to Coveytyse.
0919 IRA. Whanne Coveytyse cried and carpyd of care,
0920 þanne must I, wod wreche, walkyn and wend
0921 Hy3e ouyr holtys, as hound aftyr hare.
0922 If I lette and were þe last, he schuld me sore schend.
0923 I buske my bold baston, be bankys ful bare.
0924 Sum boy schal be betyn and browth vndyr bonde.
0925 Wrath schal hym wrekyn and weyin hys ware.
0926 Forlorn schal al be for lusti laykys in londe,
0927 As a lythyr page.
0928 Syr Belyal, blak and blo,
0929 Haue good day, now I goo
0930 For to fell þi foo
0931 Wyth wyckyd wage.
0932 INVIDIA. Whanne Wrath gynnyth walke in ony wyde wonys,
0933 Envye flet as a fox and folwyth on faste.
0934 Whanne þou steryste or staryste or stumble upon stonys,
0935 I lepe as a lyon; me is loth to be laste.
0936 3a, I breyde byttyr balys in body and in bonys,
0937 I frete myn herte and in kare I me kast.
0938 Goo we to Coveytyse, all þre at onys,
0939 Wyth oure grysly gere a grome for to gast.
0940 þis day schal he deye.
0941 Belsabubbe, now haue good day,
0942 For we wyl wendyn in good aray,
0943 Al þre in fere, As I þe say,
0944 Pride, Wrath, and Envye.
0945 BELIAL. Farewel now, chyldryn fayre to fynde!
0946 Do now wel 3oure olde owse.
0947 Whanne 3e com to Mankynde
0948 Make hym wroth and envyous.
0949 Leuyth not lytly vndyr lynde;
0950 To his sowle brewyth a byttyr jous.
0951 Whanne he is ded I schal hym bynde
0952 In hell, as catte dothe þe mows.
0953 Now buske 3ou forþe in brede.
0954 Imay be blythe as any be,
0955 For Mankynde in euery cuntre
0956 Is rewlyd be my chyldyr þre,
0957 Envye, Wrathe, and Pryde.
0958 GULA. A grom gan gredyn gayly on grounde.
0959 Of me, gay Glotoun, gan al hys gale.
0960 I stampe and I styrte and stynt upon stounde,
0961 To a staunche deth I stakyr and stale.
0962 What boyes wyth here belys in my bondys ben bownd,
0963 Boþe here bak and here blod I brewe al to bale.
0964 I fese folke to fyth tyl here flesch fond.
0965 Whanne summe han dronkyn a drawth þei drepyn in a dale;
0966 In me is here mynde.
0967 Mans florchynge flesch,
0968 Fayre, frele, and fresch,
0969 I rape to rewle in a rese
0970 To kloye in my kynde.
0971 In mans kyth I cast me a castel to kepe.
0972 I, Lechery, wyth lykynge, am lovyd in iche a lond.
0973 Wyth my sokelys of swettnesse I sytte and I slepe.
0974 Many berdys I brynge to my byttyr bonde.
0975 In wo and in wrake wyckyd wytys schal wepe
0976 þat in my wonys wylde wyl not out wende.
0977 Whanne Mankynde is castyn undyr clourys to crepe,
0978 þanne þo ledrouns for here lykynge I schal al to-schende,
0979 Trewly to tell.
0980 Syr Flesch, Now I wende,
0981 Wyth lust in my lende,
0982 To cachyn Mankynde
0983 To þe Devyl of hell.
0984 ACCIDIA. 3a, what seyst þou of Syr Slawth, wyth my soure syth?
0985 Mankynde louyth me wel, wys as I wene.
0986 Men of relygyon I rewle in my ryth;
0987 I lette Goddys seruyse, þe soþe may be sene.
0988 In bedde I brede brothel wyth my berdys bryth;
0989 Lordys, ladys, and lederounnys to my lore leene.
0990 Mekyl of Mankynd in my clokys schal be knyth
0991 Tyl deth dryuyth hem down in dalys bedene.
0992 We may non lenger abyde.
0993 Syr Flesch, comly kynge,
0994 In þe is al oure bredynge.
0995 3eue us now þi blyssynge,
0996 For Coveytyse hath cryde.
0997 CARO. Glotony and Slawth, farewel in fere,
0998 Louely in londe is now 3our lesse;
0999 And Lecherye, my dowtyr so dere,
1000 Dapyrly 3e dresse 3ou so dyngne on desse.
1001 All þre my blessynge 3e schal haue here.
1002 Goth now forth and gyue 3e no fors.
1003 It is no nede 3ou for to lere
1004 To cachyn Mankynd to a careful clos
1005 Fro þe bryth blysse off heuene.
1006 þe Werld, þe Flesch, and þe Devyl are knowe
1007 Grete lordys, as we wel owe,
1008 And þorwe Mankynd we settyn and sowe
1009 þe dedly synnys seuene.
1010 SUPERBIA. What is þi wyll, Syr Coveytyse?
1011 Why hast þou afftyr vs sent?
1012 Whanne þou creydyst we ganne agryse
1013 And come to þe now par asent.
1014 Oure loue is on þe lent.
1015 I, Pryde, Wrath, and Envye,
1016 Gloton, Slawth, and Lecherye,
1017 We arn cum all sex for þi crye
1018 To be at þi commaundement.
1019 AUARICIA. Welcum be 3e, breþeryn all,
1020 And my systyr, swete Lecherye!
1021 Wytte 3e why I gan to call?
1022 For 3e must me helpe and þat in hy.
1023 Mankynde is now com to myn hall
1024 Wyth me to dwell, be downys dry.
1025 þerfore 3e must, whatso befall,
1026 Feffyn hym wyth 3oure foly,
1027 And ell 3e don hym wronge.
1028 For whanne Mankynd is kendly koueytous
1029 He is provd, wrathful, and envyous;
1030 Glotons, slaw, and lecherous
1031 þei arn oþyrwhyle amonge.
1032 þus euery synne tyllyth in oþyr
1033 And makyth Mankynde to ben a foole.
1034 We seuene fallyn on a fodyr
1035 Mankynd to chase to pynyngys stole.
1036 þerfore, Pryde, good broþyr,
1037 And breþyryn all, take 3e 3our tol.
1038 Late iche of vs take at othyr
1039 And set Mankynd on a stomlynge stol
1040 Whyl he is here on lyve.
1041 Lete vs lullyn hym in oure lust
1042 Tyl he be dreuyn to dampnynge dust.
1043 Colde care schal ben hys crust
1044 To deth whanne he schal dryve.
1045 SUPERBIA. In gle and game I growe glad.
1046 Mankynd, take good hed
1047 And do as Covytyse þe bad,
1048 Take me in þyn hert, precyous Pride.
1049 Loke þou be not ouyrlad,
1050 Late no bacheler þe mysbede,
1051 Do þe to be dowtyd and drad,
1052 Bete boyes tyl þey blede,
1053 Kast hem in careful kettys.
1054 Frende, fadyr and modyr dere,
1055 Bowe hem not in non manere,
1056 And hold no maner man þi pere,
1057 And vse þese new jettys.
1058 Loke þou blowe mekyl bost
1059 Wyth longe crakows on þi schos.
1060 Jagge þi clothis in euery cost,
1061 And ell men schul lete þe but a goos.
1062 It is þus, man, wel þou wost,
1063 þerfore do as no man dos
1064 And euery man sette at a thost
1065 And of þiself make gret ros.
1066 Now se þiself on euery syde.
1067 Euery man þou schalt schende and schelfe
1068 And holde no man betyr þanne þiselfe.
1069 Tyl dethys dynt þi vody delfe
1070 Put holy þyn hert in Pride.
1071 HUMANUM GENUS. Pryde, be Jhesu, þou seyst wel.
1072 Whoso suffyr is ouyrled al day.
1073 Whyl I reste on my rennynge whel
1074 I schal not suffre, if þat I may.
1075 Myche myrthe at mete and mel
1076 I loue ryth wel, and ryche aray.
1077 Trewly I þynke, in euery sel,
1078 On grounde to be graythyd gay
1079 And of myselfe to take good gard.
1080 Mykyl myrthe þou wylt me make,
1081 Lordlyche to leue, be londe and lake.
1082 Myn hert holy to þe I take
1083 Into þyne owyn award.
1084 SUPERBIA. I þi bowre to abyde
1085 I com to dwelle be þi syde.
1086 HUMANUM GENUS. Mankynde and Pride
1087 Schal dwell togedyr euery tyde.
1088 IRA. Be also wroth as þou were wode.
1089 Make þe be dred, be dalys derne.
1090 Whoso þe wrethe, be fen or flode,
1091 Loke þou be avengyd 3erne.
1092 Be redy to spylle mans blod.
1093 Loke þou hem fere, be feldys ferne.
1094 Alway, man, be ful of mod.
1095 My lothly lawys loke þou lerne,
1096 I rede, for any þynge.
1097 Anon take venjaunce, man, I rede,
1098 And þanne schal no man þe ouyrlede,
1099 But of þe þey schul haue drede
1000 And bowe to þi byddynge.
1101 HUMANUM GENUS. Wrethe, for þi councel hende,
1102 Haue þou Goddys blyssynge and myn.
1103 What caytyf of al my kende
1104 Wyl not bowe, he schal abyn.
1105 Wyth myn venjaunce I schal hym schende
1106 And wrekyn me, be Goddys yne.
1107 Raþyr or I schulde bowe or bende
1108 I schuld be stekyd as a swyne
1109 Wyth a lothly launce.
1110 Be it erly or late,
1111 Whoso make wyth me debate
1112 I schal hym hyttyn on þe pate
1113 And takyn anon venjaunce.
1114 IRA. Wyth my rewly rothyr
1115 I com to þe, Mankynde, my broþyr.
1116 HUMANUM GENUS. Wrethe, þi fayr foþyr
1117 Makyth iche man to be vengyd on oþyr.
1118 INVIDIA. Envye wyth Wrathe muste dryve
1119 To haunte Mankynde also.
1120 Whanne any of þy neyborys wyl þryve
1121 Loke þou haue Envyee þerto.
1122 On þe hey name I charge þe belyue
1123 Bakbyte hym, whowso þou do.
1124 Kyll hym anon wythowtyn knyue
1125 And speke hym sum schame were þou go,
1126 Be dale or downys drye.
1127 Speke þi neybour mekyl schame,
1128 Pot on hem sum fals fame,
1129 Loke þou vndo hys nobyl name
1130 Wyth me, þat am Envye.
1131 HUMANUM GENUS. Envye, þou art boþe good and hende
1132 And schalt be of my counsel chefe.
1133 þi counsel is knowyn þorwe mankynde,
1134 For ilke man callyth oþyr hore and thefe.
1135 Envye, þou art rote and rynde,
1136 þorwe þis werld, of mykyl myschefe.
1137 In byttyr balys I schal hem bynde
1138 þat to þe puttyth any reprefe.
1139 Cum vp to me above.
1140 For more envye þanne is now reynynge
1141 Was neuere syth Cryst was kynge.
1142 Cum vp, Envye, my dere derlynge.
1143 þou hast Mankyndys love.
1144 INVIDIA. I clymbe fro þis crofte
1145 Wyth Mankynde to syttyn on lofte.
1146 HUMANUM GENUS. Cum, syt here softe,
1147 For in abbeys þou dwellyst ful ofte.
1148 GULA. In gay Glotony a game þou begynne,
1149 Ordeyn þe mete and drynkys goode.
1150 Loke þat no tresour þou part atwynne
1151 But þe feffe and fede wyth al kynnys fode.
1152 Wyth fastynge schal men neuere heuene wynne,
1153 þese grete fasterys I holde hem wode.
1154 þou þou ete and drynke, it is no synne.
1155 Fast no day, I rede, be þe rode,
1156 þou shyde þese fastyng cherlys.
1157 Loke þou haue spycys of goode odoure
1158 To feffe and fede þy fleschly floure
1159 And þanne mayst þou bultyn in þi boure
1160 And serdyn gay gerlys.
1161 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Glotony, wel I þe grete!
1162 Soth and sad it is, þy sawe.
1163 I am no day wel, be sty nor strete,
1164 Tyl I haue wel fyllyd my mawe.
1165 Fastynge is fellyd vndyr fete,
1166 þou I neuere faste, I ne rekke an hawe,
1167 He seruyth of nowth, be þe rode, I lete,
1168 But to do a mans guttys to gnawe.
1169 To faste I wyl not fonde.
1170 I schal not spare, so haue I reste,
1171 To haue a mossel of þe beste.
1172 þe lenger schal my lyfe mow leste
1173 Wyth gret lykynge in londe.
1174 GULA. Be bankys on brede,
1175 Oþyrwhyle to spew þe spede!
1176 HUMANUM GENUS. Whyl I lyf lede
1177 Wyth fayre fode my flesche schal I fede.
1178 LUXURIA. 3a, whanne þi flesche is fayre fed,
1179 þanne schal I. louely Lecherye,
1180 Be bobbyd wyth þe in bed;
1181 Hereof serue mete and drynkys trye.
1182 In loue þi lyf schal be led;
1183 Be a lechour tyl þou dye.
1184 þi nedys schal be þe better sped
1185 If þou 3yf þe to fleschly folye
1186 Tyl deth þe downdrepe.
1187 Lechery syn þe werld began
1188 Hath avauncyd many a man.
1189 þerfore, Mankynd, my leue lemman,
1190 I my cunte þou schalt crepe.
1191 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Lechery, wel þe be.
1192 Mans sed in þe is sowe.
1193 Fewe men wyl forsake þe
1194 In any cuntre þat I knowe.
1195 Spousebreche is a frend ryth fre,
1196 Men vse þat mo þanne inowe.
1197 Lechery, cum syt be me.
1198 Xi banys be ful wyd iknowe,
1199 Lykynge is in þi lende.
1200 On nor oþyr, i se no wythte
1201 þat wyl forsake þe day ner nyth.
1202 þerfore cum vp, my berd bryth,
1203 And reste þe wyth Mankynde.
1204 LUXURIA. I may soth synge
1205 "Mankynde is kawt in my slynge".
1206 HUMANUM GENUS. For ony erthyly þynge,
1207 To bedde þou muste me brynge.
1208 ACCIDIA. 3a, whanne 3e be in bedde boþe,
1209 Wappyd wel in worthy wede,
1210 þanne I, Slawthe, wyl be wrothe
1211 But to brothelys I may brede.
1212 Whanne þe messe-belle goth
1213 Lye stylle, man, and take non hede.
1214 Lappe þyne hed þanne in a cloth
1215 And take a swet, I þe rede,
1216 Chyrche-goynge þou forsake.
1217 Losengerys in londe I lyfte
1218 And dyth men to mekyl vnthryfte.
1219 Penaunce enjoynyd men in schryfte
1220 Is vndone, and þat I make.
1221 HUMANUM GENUS. Owe, Slawthe, þou seyst me skylle.
1222 Men vse þe mekyl, God it wot.
1223 Men lofe wel now to lye stylle
1224 In bed to take a morowe swot.
1225 To chyrcheward is not here wylle;
1226 Here beddys þei þynkyn goode and hot.
1227 Herry, Jofferey, Jone, and Gylle
1228 Arn leyd and logyd in a lot
1229 Wyth þyne vnþende charmys.
1230 Al mankynde, be þe holy rode,
1231 Are now slawe in wekys goode.
1232 Com nere þerfore, myn fayre foode,
1233 And lulle me in þyne armys.
1234 ACCIDIA. I make men, I trowe,
1235 In Goddys seruyse to be ryth slowe.
1236 HUMANUM GENUS. Com up þis þrowe.
1237 Swyche men þou schalt fynden inowe.
1238 HUMANUM GENUS. Mankynde I am callyd be kynde,
1239 Wyth curssydnesse in costys knet.
1240 In sowre swettenesse my syth I sende,
1241 Wyth seuene synnys sadde beset.
1242 Mekyl myrþe I moue in mynde,
1243 Wyth melody at my mowþis met.
1244 My prowd pouer schal I not pende
1245 Tyl I be putte in peynys pyt,
1246 To helle hent fro hens.
1247 In dale of dole tyl we are downe
1248 We schul be clad in a gray gowne.
1249 I se no man but þey vse somme
1250 Of þese seuene dedly synnys.
1251 For comounly it is seldome syne,
1252 Whoso now be lecherows
1253 But of oþyr men he schal haue dysdeyne
1254 And ben prowde or covetous.
1255 In synne iche man is founde.
1256 þer is pore nor ryche, be londe ne lake,
1257 þat alle þese seuene wyl forsake,
1258 But wyth on or oþyr he schal be take
1259 And in here byttyr bondys bownde.
1260 BONUS ANGELUS. So mekyl þe werse, weleawoo,
1261 þat euere good aungyl was ordeynyd þe.
1262 þou art rewlyd aftyr þe fende þat is þi foo
1263 And noþynge certys aftyr me.
1264 Weleaway, wedyr may I goo?
1265 Man doth me bleykyn blody ble.
1266 Hys swete sowle he wyl now slo.
1267 He schal wepe al hys game and gle
1268 At on dayes tyme.
1269 3e se wel all sothly in syth
1270 I am abowte boþe day and nyth
1271 To brynge hys sowle into blis bryth,
1272 And hymself wyl it brynge to pyne.
1273 MALUS ANGELUS. No, Good Aungyl, þou art not in sesun,
1274 Fewe men in þe feyth þey fynde.
1275 For þou hast schewyd a ballyd resun,
1276 Goode syre, cum blowe myn hol behynde.
1277 Trewly man hath non chesun
1278 On þi God to grede and grynde,
1279 For þat schuld cunne Cristis lessoun
1280 In penaunce hus body he muste bynde
1281 And forsake þe worldys mende.
1282 Men arn loth on þe to crye
1283 Or don penaunce for here folye.
1284 þerfore haue I now maystrye
1285 Welny ouyr al mankynde.
1286 BONUS ANGELUS. Alas, Mankynde
1287 Is bobbyd and blent as þe blynde.
1288 In feyth, I fynde,
1289 To Crist he can nowt be kynde.
1290 Alas, Mankynne
1291 Is soylyd and saggyd in synne.
1292 He wyl not blynne
1293 Tyl body and sowle parte atwynne.
1294 Alas, he is blendyd,
1295 Amys mans lyf is ispendyd,
1296 Wyth fendys fendyd.
1297 Mercy, God, þat man were amendyd!
1298 CONFESSIO. What, mans Aungel, good and trewe,
1299 Why syest þou and sobbyst sore?
1300 Sertys sore it schal me rewe
1301 If I se þe make mornynge more.
1302 May any bote þi bale brewe
1303 Or any þynge þi stat astore?
1304 For all felechepys olde and newe
1305 Why makyst þou grochynge vndyr gore
1306 Wyth pynynge poyntys pale?
1307 Why was al þis gretynge gunne
1308 Wyth sore syinge vndyr sunne?
1309 Tell me and I schal, if I cunne,
1310 Brewe þe bote of bale.
1311 BONUS ANGELUS. Of byttyr balys þou mayste me bete,
1312 Swete Schryfte, if þat þou wylt.
1313 For Mankynde it is þat I grete;
1314 He is in poynt to be spylt.
1315 He is set in seuene synnys sete
1316 And wyl certys tyl ne be kylt.
1317 Wyth me he þynkyth neuermore to mete,
1318 He hath me forsake, and I haue no gylt.
1319 No man wyl hym amende.
1320 þerfore, Schryfte, so God me spede,
1321 But if þou helpe at þis nede
1322 Mankynde getyth neuere oþyr mede
1323 But peyne wythoutyn ende.
1324 CONFESCIO. What, Aungel, be of counfort stronge,
1325 For þi lordys loue þat deyed on tre.
1326 On me, Schryfte, it schal not be longe
1327 And þat þou schalt þe sothe se.
1328 If he wyl be aknowe hys wronge
1329 And noþynge hele, but telle it me,
1330 And don penaunce sone amonge,
1331 I schal hym stere to gamyn and gle
1332 In joye þat euere schal last.
1333 Whoso schryue hym of hys synnys alle
1334 I behete hym heuene halle.
1335 þerfor go we hens, whatso befalle,
1336 To Mankynde fast.
1336a Tunc ibunt ad HUMANUM GENUS et dicet
1337 CONFESSIO. What, Mankynde, whou goth þis?
1338 What dost þou wyth þese deuelys seuene?
1339 Alas, alas, man, al amys!
1340 Blysse in þe name of God in heuene,
1341 I rede, so haue I rest.
1342 þese lotly lordeynys awey þou lyfte
1343 And cum doun and speke wyth Schryfte
1344 And drawe þe 3erne to sum thryfte.
1345 Trewly it is þe best.
1346 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Schryfte, þou art wel be note
1347 Here to Slawthe þat syttyth here-inne.
1348 He seyth þou mytyst a com to mannys cote
1349 On Palme Sunday al betyme.
1350 þou art com al to sone.
1351 þerfore, Schryfte, be þi fay,
1352 Goo forthe tyl on Good Fryday.
1353 Tente to þe þanne wel I may;
1354 I haue now ellys to done.
1355 CONFESCIO. Ow, þat harlot is now bold!
1356 In bale he byndyth Mankynd belyue.
1357 Sey Slawthe I preyd hym þat he wold
1358 Fynd a charter of þi lyue.
1359 Man, þou mayst ben vndyr mold
1360 Longe or þat tyme, kyllyd wyth a knyue,
1361 Wyth podys and froskys manyfold.
1362 þerfore schape þe now to schryue
1363 If þou wylt com to blys.
1364 þou synnyste, or sorwe þe ensense.
1365 Behold þynne hert, þi preue spense,
1366 And þynne owyn consyense,
1367 Or sertys þou dost amys.
1368 HUMANUM GENUS. 3a, Petyr, so do mo!
1369 We haue etyn garlek euerychone.
1370 þou schulde to helle go,
1371 I wot wel I schal not gon alone,
1372 Trewly I tell þe.
1373 I dyd neuere so ewyl trewly
1374 But oþyr han don as ewyl as I.
1375 þerfore, syre, lete be þy cry
1376 And go hens fro me.
1377 PENITENCIA. Wyth poynt of penaunce I schal hym prene
1378 Mans pride for to felle.
1379 Wyth þis launce I schal hym lene
1380 Iwys a drope of mercy welle.
1381 Sorwe of hert is þat I mene;
1382 Trewly þer may no tunge telle
1383 What waschyth sowlys more clene
1384 Fro þe foul fend of helle
1385 þanne swete sorwe of hert.
1386 God, þat syttyth in heuene on hye,
1387 Askyth no more or þat þou dye
1388 But sorwe of hert wyth wepynge eye
1389 For all þi synnys smert.
1390 þei þat syh in synnynge,
1391 In sadde sorwe for here synne,
1392 Whanne þei schal make here endynge,
1393 Al here joye is to begynne.
1394 þanne medelyth no mornynge
1395 But joye is joynyd wyth jentyl gynne.
1396 þerfore, Mankynde, in þis tokenynge,
1397 Wyth spete of spere to þe I spynne,
1398 Goddys lawys to þe I lerne.
1399 Wyth my spud of sorwe swote
1400 I reche to þyne hert rote.
1401 Al þi bale schal torne þe to bote.
1402 Mankynde, go schryue þe 3erne.
1403 HUMANUM GENUS. A sete of sorwe in me is set;
1404 Sertys for synne I syhe sore.
1405 Mone of mercy in me is met;
1406 For werldys myrþe I morne more.
1407 In wepynge wo my wele is wet.
1408 Mercy, þou muste myn stat astore.
1409 Fro oure lordys lyth þou hast me let,
1410 Sory synne, þou grysly gore,
1411 Owte on þe, dedly synne!
1412 Synne, þou haste Mankynde schent.
1413 In dedly synne my lyfe is spent.
1414 Mercy, God omnipotent!
1415 In 3oure grace I begynne.
1416 For þou Mankynde haue don amys,
1417 And he wyl falle in repentaunce,
1418 Crist schal hym bryngyn to bowre of blys
1419 If sorwe of hert lache hym wyth launce.
1420 Lordyngys, 3e se wel alle þys,
1421 Mankynde hathe ben in gret bobaunce.
1422 I now forsake my synne iwys
1423 And take me holy to Penaunce.
1424 On Crist I crye and calle.
1425 A, mercy, Schryfte! I wyl no more.
1426 For dedly synne myn herte is sore.
1427 Stuffe Mankynde wyth þyne store
1428 And haue hym to þyne halle.
1429 CONFESCIO. Schryffte may no man forsake.
1430 Whanne Mankynde cryeth I am redy.
1431 Whanne sorwe of hert þe hathe take
1432 Schryftee profytyth veryly.
1433 Whoso for synne wyl sorwe make
1434 Crist hym heryth whanne he wyl criye.
1435 Now, man, lete sorwe þyn synne slake
1436 And torne not ageyn to þi folye,
1437 For þat makyth dystaunce.
1438 And if it happe þe turne ageyn to synne,
1439 For Goddys loue lye not longe þerinne.
1440 He þat dothe alwey ewyl and wyl not blynne,
1441 þat askyth gret venjaunce.
1442 HUMANUM GENUS. Nay sertys þat schal I not do,
1443 Schryfte, þou schalte þe sothe se;
1444 For þow Mankynde be wonte þerto
1445 I wyl now al amende me.
1445a Tunc descendit ad CONFESSIONEM
1446 I com to þe, Schryfte, alholy, lo!
1447 I forsake 3ou, synnys, and fro 3ou fle.
1448 3e schapyn to man a sory scho;
1449 Whanne he is begylyd in þis degre
1450 3e bleykyn al hys ble.
1451 Synne, þou art a sory store.
1452 þou makyst Mankynd to synke sore.
1453 þerfore of 3ou wyl I no more.
1454 I aske schryfte for charyte.
1455 CONFESCIO. If þou wylt be aknowe here
1456 Only al þi trespas,
1457 I schal þe schelde fro helle fere
1458 And putte þe fro peyne vnto precyouse place.
1459 If þou wylt not make þynne sowle clere
1460 But kepe hem in þyne hert cas,
1461 Anoþyr day þey schul be rawe and rere
1462 And synke þi sowle to Satanas
1463 In gastful glowynge glede.
1464 þerfore, man, in mody monys,
1465 If þou wylt wende to worþi wonys,
1466 Schryue þe now, al at onys,
1467 Holy of þi mysdede.
1468 HUMANUM GENUS. A, 3ys, Schryfte, trewly I trowe,
1469 I schal not spare, for odde nor even,
1470 þat I schal rekne al on a rowe
1471 To lache me up to lyuys leeuene.
1472 To my Lord God I am aknowe
1473 þat syttyth abouen in hey heuene
1474 þat I haue synnyd many a þrowe
1475 In þe dedly synnys seuene,
1476 Boþe in home and halle.
1477 Pride, Wrathe, and Envye,
1478 Coueytyse and Lecherye,
1479 Slawth and also Glotonye,
1480 I haue hem vsyd alle.
1481 þe ten comaundementys brokyn I haue
1482 And my fyue wyttys spent hem amys.
1483 I was þanne wood and gan to raue.
1484 Mercy, God, forgeue me þys!
1485 Whanne any pore man gan to me craue
1486 I gaf hym nowt, and þat forþynkyth me iwys.
1487 Now, Seynt Saueour, 3e me saue
1488 And brynge me to 3our boure of blys!
1489 I can not alle say.
1490 But to þe erthe I knele adown,
1491 Boþe wyth bede and orisoun,
1492 And aske myn absolucioun,
1493 Syr Schryfte, I 3ou pray.
1494 CONFESCIO. Now Jhesu Cryste, God holy,
1495 And all þe seyntys of heuene hende,
1496 Petyr and Powle, apostoly,
1497 To whom God 3afe powere to lese and bynde,
1498 He for3eue þe þi foly
1499 þat þou hast synnys wyth hert and mynde.
1500 And I up my powere þe asoly
1501 þat þou hast ben to God vnkynde,
1502 Quantum peccasti.
1503 In Pride, Ire, and Envye,
1504 Slawthe, Glotony, and Lecherye,
1505 And Coveytyse continuandelye
1506 Vitam male continuasti.
1507 I þe asoylee wyth goode entent
1508 Of alle þe synnys þat þou hast wrowth
1509 In brekynge of Goddys commaundement
1510 In worde, werke, wyl, and þowth.
1511 I restore to þe sacrament
1512 Of penauns weche þou neuere rowt;
1513 þi fyue wyttys mysdyspent
1514 In synne þe weche þou schuldyst nowt,
1515 Quicquid gesisti,
1516 Wyth eyne sen, herys herynge,
1517 Nose smellyd, mowthe spekynge,
1518 And al þi bodys bad werkynge,
1519 Vicium quodcumque fecisti.
1520 I þe asyle wyth myle mod
1521 Of al þat þou hast ben ful madde
1522 In forsakynge of þyn aungyl good,
1523 And þi fowle Flesche þat þou hast fadde,
1524 þe Werld, þe Deuyl þat is so woode,
1525 And folwyd þyne aungyl þat is so badde.
1526 To Jhesu Crist þat deyed on rode
1527 I restore þe ageyn ful sadde.
1528 Noli peccare.
1529 And all þe goode dedys þat þou haste don
1530 And all þi tribulacyon
1531 Stonde þe in remyssion.
1532 Posius noli viciare.
1533 HUMANUM GENUS. Now, Syr Schryfte, where may I dwelle
1534 To kepe me fro synne and woo?
1535 A comly counseyl 3e me spelle
1536 To fende me now fro my foo.
1537 If þese seuene synnys here telle
1538 þat I am þus fro hem goo,
1539 þe Werld, þe Flesche, and þe Deuyl of hell
1540 Schul sekyn my soule for to sloo
1541 Into balys bowre.
1542 þerfore I pray 3ou putte me
1543 Into sum place of surete
1544 þat þei may not harmyn me
1545 Wyth no synnys sowre.
1546 CONFESCIO. To swyche a place I schal þe kenne
1547 þer þou mayst dwelle wythoutyn dystaunsce
1548 And alwey kepe þe fro synne,
1549 Into þe Castel of Persueraunce.
1550 If þou wylt to heuene wynne
1551 And kepe þe fro werldly dystaunce,
1552 Goo to 3one castel and kepe þe þerinne,
1553 For it is strenger þanne any in Fraunce.
1554 To 3one castel I þe sende.
1555 þat castel is a precyous place,
1556 Ful of vertu and of grace;
1557 Whoso leuyth þere hys lyuys space
1558 No synne schal hym schende.
1559 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Schryfte, blyssyd mote þou be!
1560 þis castel is here but at honde.
1561 þedyr rapely wyl I tee,
1562 Sekyr ouyr þis sad sonde.
1563 Good perseueraunce God sende me
1564 Whyle I leue here in þis londe.
1565 Fro fowle fylthe now I fle,
1566 Forthe to faryn now I fonde
1567 To 3one precyous port.
1568 Lord, what man is in mery lyue
1569 Whanne he is of hys synnys schreue!
1570 Al my dol adoun is dreue.
1571 Criste is myn counfort.
1572 MALUS ANGELUS. Ey, what deuyl, man, wedyr schat?
1573 Woldyst drawe now to holynesse?
1574 Goo, felaw, þi goode gate,
1575 þou art forty wyntyr olde, as I gesse.
1576 Goo ageyn, þe deuelys mat,
1577 And pleye þe a whyle wyth Sare and Sysse.
1578 Sche wolde not ellys, 3one olde trat,
1579 But putte þe to penaunce and to stresse,
1580 3one foule feterel fyle.
1581 Late men þat arn on þe pyttys brynke
1582 Forberyn boþe mete and drynke
1583 And do penaunce as hem good þynke,
1584 And cum and pley þe a whyle.
1585 BONUS ANGELUS. 3a, Mankynde, wende forthe þi way
1586 And do noþynge aftyr hys red.
1587 He wolde þe lede ouyr londys lay
1588 In dale of dros tyl þou were ded.
1589 Of cursydnesse he kepyth þe key
1590 To bakyn þe a byttyr bred.
1591 In dale of dol tyl þou schuldyst dey
1592 He wolde drawe þe to cursydhed,
1593 In synne to haue myschaunce.
1594 þerfor spede now my pace
1595 Pertly to 3one precyouse place
1596 þat is al growyn ful of grace,
1597 þe Castel of Perseueraunce.
1598 HUMANUM GENUS. Good Aungyl, I wyl do as þou wylt,
1599 In londe whyl my lyfe may leste,
1600 For I fynde wel in holy wryt
1601 þou counseylyste euere for þe beste.
1602 CARITAS. To Charyte, man, haue an eye
1603 In al þynge, man, I rede.
1604 Al þi doynge as dros is drye
1605 But in Charyte þou dyth þi dede.
1606 I dystroye alwey Envye;
1607 So dyd þi God whanne he gan blede;
1608 For synne he was hangyn hye
1609 And 3yt synnyd he neuere in dede,
1610 þat mylde mercy welle.
1611 Poule in hys pystyl puttyth þe prefe,
1612 "But charyte be wyth þe chefe".
1613 þerfore, Mankynde, be now lefe
1614 In Charyte for to dwelle.
1615 ABSTINENCIA. In abstinens lede þi lyf,
1616 Take but skylful refeccyon;
1617 For Gloton kyllyth wythoutyn knyf
1618 And dystroyeth þi complexion.
1619 Whoso ete or drynke ouyrblyue
1620 It gaderyth to corrupcion.
1621 þis synne browt us alle in stryue
1622 Whanne Adam fel in synne down
1623 Fro precyous paradys.
1624 Mankynd, lere now of oure lore.
1625 Whoso ete or drynke more
1626 þanne skylfully hys state astore,
1627 I holde hym noþynge wys.
1628 CASTITAS. Mankynd, take kepe of Chastyte
1629 And moue þe to maydyn Marye.
1630 Fleschly foly loke þou fle,
1631 At þe reuerense of Oure Ladye.
1631a Quia qui in carne viuunt Domino placere non possunt.
1632 þat curteys qwene, what dyd sche?
1633 Kepte hyre clene and stedfastly,
1634 And in here was trussyd þe Trinite;
1635 þorwe gostly grace sche was worthy,
1636 And al for sche was chaste.
1637 Whoso kepyt hym chast and wyl not synne,
1638 Whanne he is beryed in bankys brymmne
1639 Al hys yoye is to begynne.
1640 þerfore to me take taste.
1641 SOLICITUDO. In Besynesse, man loke þou be,
1642 Wyth worþi werkys goode and þykke.
1643 To Slawthe if þou cast þe
1644 It schal þe drawe to þowtys wyckke.
1644a Osiositas parit omne malum.
1645 It puttyth a man to pouerte
1646 And pullyth hym to penyns prycke.
1647 Do sumwhat alwey for loue of me,
1648 þou þou schuldyst but thwyte a stycke.
1649 Wyth bedys sumtyme þe blys
1650 Sumtyme rede and sumtyme wryte
1651 And sumtyme pleye at þi delyte.
1652 þe deuyl þe waytyth wyth dyspyte
1653 Whanne þou art in idylnesse.
1654 LARGITAS. In Largyte, man, ley þi loue.
1655 Spende þi good, as God it sent.
1656 In worchep of hym þat syt above
1657 Loke þi goodys be byspent.
1658 In dale of dros whanne þou schalt droue
1659 Lytyl loue is on þe lent;
1660 þe sekatourys schul seyn it is here behoue
1661 To make us mery, for he is went
1662 þat al þis good gan owle.
1663 Ley þi tresour and þy trust
1664 In place where no ruggynge rust
1665 May it destroy to dros ne dust
1666 But al to helpe of sowle.
1667 HUMANUM GENUS. Ladys in londe, louely and lyt,
1668 Lykynge lelys, 3e be my leche.
1669 I wyl bowe to 3our byddynge bryth;
1670 Trewe tokenynge 3e me teche.
1671 Dame Meknes, in 3our myth
1672 I wyl me wryen fro wyckyd wreche.
1673 Al my purpos I haue pyt,
1674 Paciens, to don as 3e me preche;
1675 Fro Wrathe 3e schal me kepe.
1676 Charyte, 3e wyl to me entende.
1677 Fro fowle Envye 3e me defende.
1678 Manns mende 3e may amende,
1679 Whethyr he wake or slepe.
1680 Abstynens, to 3ou I tryst;
1681 Fro Glotony 3e schal me drawe.
1682 In Chastyte to leuyn me lyst,
1683 þat is Oure Ladys lawe.
1684 Besynes, we schul be cyste;
1685 Slawthe, I forsake þi sleper sawe.
1686 Largyte, to 3ou I tryst,
1687 Coveytyse to don of dawe.
1688 þis is a curteys cumpany.
1689 What schuld I more monys make?
1690 þe seuene synnys I forsake
1691 And to þese seuene vertuis I me take.
1692 Maydyn Meknes, now mercy!
1693 HUMILITAS. Mercy may mende al þi mone.
1694 Cum in here at þynne owyn wylle.
1695 We schul þe fende fro þi fon
1696 If þou kepe þe in þis castel stylle.
1696a Cum sancto sanctus eris, et cetera. Tunc intrabit
1697 Stonde hereinne as stylle as ston;
1698 þanne schal no dedly synne þe spylle.
1699 Wheþyr þat synnys cumme or gon,
1700 þou schalt wyth us þi bourys bylle,
1701 Wyth vertuse we schul þe vaunce.
1702 þis castel is of so qweynt a gynne
1703 þat whoso euere holde hym þerinne
1704 He schal neuere fallyn in dedly synne;
1705 It is þe Castel of Perseueranse.
1705a Qui perseuerauerit usque in finem, his saluus erit.
1705b Tunc cantabunt "Eterne rex altissime", et dicet
1706 HUMILITAS. Now blyssyd be Oure Lady, of heuene Emperes!
1707 Now is Mankynde fro foly falle
1708 And is in þe Castel of Goodnesse.
1709 He hauntyth now heuene halle
1710 þat schal bryngyn hym to heuene.
1711 Crist þat dyed wyth dyen dos
1712 Kepe Mankynd in þis castel clos
1713 And put alwey in hys purpos
1714 To fle þe synnys seuene!
1715 MALUS ANGELUS. Nay, be Belyals bryth bonys,
1716 þer schal he no whyle dwelle.
1717 He schal be wonne fro þese wonys
1718 Wyth þe Werld, þe Flesch, and þe Deuyl of hell.
1719 þei schul my wyl awreke.
1720 þe synnys seuene, þo kyngys thre,
1721 To Mankynd haue enmyte.
1722 Scharpely þei schul helpyn me
1723 þis castel for to breke.
1724 Howe, Flypyrgebet, Bakbytere!
1725 erne oure message loke þou make.
1726 Blythe about loke þou bere.
1727 Sey Mankynde hys synnys hath forsake.
1728 Wyth 3ene wenchys he wyl hym were,
1729 Al to holynesse he hath hym take.
1730 In myn hert it doth me dere,
1731 þe bost þat þo moderys crake;
1732 My galle gynnyth to grynde.
1733 Flepyrgebet, ronne upon a rasche.
1734 Byd þe Werld, þe Fend, and þe Flesche
1735 þat þey com to fytyn fresche
1736 To wynne a3eyn Mankynde.
1737 DETRACCIO. I go, I go, on grounde glad,
1738 Swyftyr þanne schyp wyth rodyr.
1739 I make men masyd and mad
1740 And euery man to kyllyn odyr
1741 Wyth a sory chere.
1742 I am glad, be Seynt Jamys of Galys,
1743 Of schrewdnes to tellyn talys
1744 Boþyn in Ingelond and in Walys,
1745 And feyth I haue many a fere.
1745a Tunc ibit ad BELIAL
1746 Heyl, set in þyn selle!
1747 Heyl, dynge Deuyl in þi delle!
1748 Heyl, lowe in helle!
1749 I cum to þe talys to telle
1750 BELYAL. Bakbyter, boy,
1751 Alwey be holys and hothe,
1752 Sey now, I sey,
1753 What tydyngys? Telle me þe sothe.
1754 DETRACCIO. Teneful talys I may þe sey,
1755 To þe no good, as I gesse:
1756 Mankynd is gon now awey
1757 Into þe Castel of Goodnesse.
1758 þer he wyl boþe lyuyn and deye
1759 In dale of dros tyl deth hym dresse;
1760 Hathe þe forsakyn, forsoþe I sey,
1761 And all þi werkys more and lesse;
1762 To 3one castel he gan to crepe.
1763 3one modyr Meknes, sothe to sayn,
1764 And all 3ene maydnys on 3one playn
1765 For to fytyn þei be ful fayn
1766 Mankynd for to kepe.
1765a Tunc vocabit SUPERBIAM, INUIDIAM, et IRAM
1767 SUPERBIA. Syr kynge, what wytte?
1768 We be redy þrotys to kytte.
1769 BELYAL. Sey gadelyngys--ha 3e harde grace
1770 And euyl deth mote 3e deye!--
1771 Why lete 3e Mankynd fro 3ou pase
1772 Into 3ene castel fro us aweye?
1773 Wyth tene I schal 3ou tey.
1774 Harlotys, at onys
1775 Fro þis wonys!
1776 Be Belyals bonys,
1777 3e schul abeye.
1777a Et verberabit eos super terram
1778 DETRACCIO. 3a, for God, þis was wel goo,
1779 þus to werke wyth bakbytynge.
1780 I werke boþe wrake and woo
1781 And make iche man oþyr to dynge.
1782 I schal goo abowte and makyn moo
1783 Rappys for to route and rynge.
1784 3e bakbyterys, loke þat 3e do so.
1785 Make debate abowtyn to sprynge
1786 Betwene systyr and broþyr.
1787 If any bakbyter here be lafte,
1788 He may lere of me hys crafte.
1789 Of Goddys grace he schal be rafte
1790 And euery man to kyllyn oþyr.
1790a Ad CARNEM:
1791 Heyl, kynge, I calle!
1792 Heyl, prinse, proude prekyd in palle!
1793 Heyl, hende in halle!
1794 Heyl, syr kynge, fayre þe befalle!
1795 CARO. Boy Bakbytynge,
1796 Ful redy in robys to rynge,
1797 Ful glad tydynge,
1798 Be Belyals bonys, I trow þow brynge.
1799 DETRACCIO. 3a, for God, owt I crye
1800 On þi too sonys and þi dowtyr 3ynge:
1801 Glotoun, Slawthe, and Lechery
1802 Hath put me in gret mornynge.
1803 þey let Mankynd gon up hye
1804 Into 3ene castel at hys lykynge,
1805 þerin for to leue and dye,
1806 Wyth þo ladys to make endynge,
1807 þo flourys fayre and fresche.
1808 He is in þe Castel of Perseuerauns
1809 And put hys body to penauns.
1810 Of hard happe is now þi chauns,
1811 Syre kynge, Mankyndys Flesche.
1811a Tunc CARO clamabit ad GULAM, ACCIDIAM, ET LUXURIAM
1812 LUXURIA. Sey now þi wylle.
1813 Syr Flesch, why cryest þou so schylle?
1814 CARO. A, Lechery, þou skallyd mare!
1815 And þou Gloton, God 3eue þe wo!
1816 And vyle Slawth, euyl mote þou fare!
1817 Why lete 3e Mankynd fro 3ou go
1818 In 3one castel so hye?
1819 Euele grace com on þi snowte!
1820 Now I am dressyd in gret dowte.
1821 Why ne had 3e lokyd betyr abowte?
1822 Be Belyalys bonys, 3e schul abye.
1822a Tunc uerberabit eos in placeam
1823 DETRACCIO. Now, be God, þis is good game!
1824 I, Bakbyter, now bere me wel.
1825 If I had lost my name,
1826 I vow to God it were gret del.
1827 I schape þese schrewys to mekyl schame;
1828 Iche rappyth on oþyr wyth rowtynge rele.
1829 I, Bakbyter, wyth fals same
1830 Do brekyn and brestyn hodys of stele.
1831 þorwe þis cuntre I am knowe.
1832 Now wyl I gynne forth to goo
1833 And make Coueytyse haue a knoke or too,
1834 And þanne iwys I haue doo
1835 My deuer, as I trowe.
1835a Ad MUNDUM:
1836 Heyl, styf and stounde!
1837 Heyl, gayly gyrt upon grounde!
1838 Heyl, fayre flowr ifounde!
1839 Heyl, Syr Werld, worþi in wedys wonde!
1840 MUNDUS. Bakbyter in rowte,
1841 þou tellyst talys of dowte,
1842 So styf and so stowte.
1843 What tydyngys bryngyst þou abowte?
1844 DETRACCIO. Noþynge goode, þat schalt þou wete.
1845 Mankynd, Syr Werld, hath þe forsake.
1846 Wyth Schryfte and Penauns he is smete
1847 And to 3ene castel he hath hym take
1848 Amonge 3ene ladys whyt as lake.
1849 Lo, Syr Werld. 3e moun agryse
1850 þat 3e be seruyd on þis wyse.
1851 Go pley 3ou wyth Syr Coyeytyse
1852 Tyl hys crowne crake.
1852a Tunc buccunabit cornu ad AUARICIAM
1853 AUARICIA. Syr bolnynge bowde,
1854 Tell me why blowe 3e so lowde!
1855 MUNDUS. Lewde losel, þe Deuel þe brenne!
1856 I prey God 3eue þe a fowl hap!
1857 Sey, why letyst þou Mankynd
1858 Into þene castel for to skape?
1859 I trowe þou gynnyst to raue.
1860 Now, for Mankynd is went,
1861 Al oure game is schent.
1862 þerfore a sore dryuynge dent,
1863 Harlot, þou schalt haue.
1863a Tunc Verberabit eum
1864 AUARICIA. Mercy, mercy! I wyl no more.
1865 þou hast me rappyd wyth rewly rowtys.
1866 I snowre, I sobbe, I sye sore.
1867 Myn hed is clateryd al to clowtys.
1868 In al 3oure state I schal 3ou store
1869 If 3e abate 3oure dyntys dowtys.
1870 Mankynd, þat 3e haue forlore,
1871 I schal do com owt fro 3one skowtys
1872 To 3oure hende hall.
1873 If 3e wyl no more betyn me,
1874 I schal do Mankynd com out fre.
1875 He schal forsake, as þou schalt se,
1876 þe fayre vertus all.
1877 MUNDUS. Haue do þanne, þe Deuyl þe tere!
1878 þou schalt ben hangyn in hell herne.
1879 Byleue my baner up þou bere
1880 And besege we þe castel 3erne
1881 Mankynd for to stele.
1882 Whanne Mankynd growyth good,
1883 I, þe Werld, am wyld and wod.
1884 þo bycchys schul bleryn in here blood
1885 Wyth flappys felle and fele.
1886 3erne lete flapyr up my fane
1887 And schape we schame and schonde.
1888 I schal brynge wyth me þo bycchys bane;
1889 þer schal no vertus dwellyn in my londe.
1890 Mekenes is þat modyr þat I mene,
1891 To hyre I brewe a byttyr bonde.
1892 Sche schal dey upon þis grene
1893 If þat sche com al in myn honde,
1894 3ene rappokys wyth here rumpys.
1895 I am þe Werld. It is my wyll
1896 þe Castel of Verty for to spyll.
1897 Howtyth hye upon 3ene hyll,
1898 3e traytours, in 3oure trumpys.
1898a Tunc MUNDUS, CUPIDITAS, et STULTICIA ibunt ad castellum
1898b cum vexillo et dict DEMON:
1899 BELYAL. I here trumpys trebelen al of tene.
1900 þe worþi Werld walkyth to werre
1901 For to clyuyn 3one castel clene,
1902 þo maydnys meyndys for to merre.
1903 Sprede my penon upon a prene
1904 And stryke we forthe now vndyr sterre.
1905 Schapyth now 3oure scheldys schene
1906 3ene skallyd skoutys for to skerre
1907 Upon 3one grene grese.
1908 Buske 3ou now, boyes, belyue.
1909 For euere I stonde in mekyl stryue;
1910 Whyl Mankynd is in clene lyue
1911 I am neuere wel at ese.
1912 Make 3ou redy, all þre,
1913 Bolde batayl for to bede.
1914 To 3one feld let us fle
1915 And bere my baner forth on brede.
1916 To 3one castel wyl I te;
1917 þo mamerynge modrys schul haue here mede.
1918 But þei 3eld up to me,
1919 Wyth byttyr balys þei schul blede,
1920 Of here reste I schal hem reue.
1921 In woful watyrs I schal hem wasche.
1922 Haue don felaus, and take 3oure trasche
1923 And wende we þedyr on a rasche
1924 þat castel for to cleue.
1925 SUPERBIA. Now, now, now, go now!
1926 On hye hyllys lete us howte;
1927 For in pride is al my prow
1928 þi bold baner to bere abowte.
1929 To golyas I make avow
1930 For to schetyn 3one iche skowte.
1931 On hyr ars, raggyd and row,
1932 I schal boþe clatyr and clowte
1933 And 3eue Meknesse myschanse.
1934 Belyal bryth, it is þyn hest
1935 þat I, Pride, goo þe nest
1936 And bere þi baner beforn my brest
1937 Wyth a comly contenaunce.
1938 CARO. I here an hydows whwtynge on hyt.
1939 Belyue byd my baner forth for to blase.
1940 Whanne I syt in my sadyl it is a selkowth syt;
1941 I gape as a gogmagog whanne I gynne to gase.
1942 þis worthy wylde werld I wagge wyth a wyt;
1943 3one rappokys I ruble and al to-rase;
1944 Boþe wyth schot and wyth slynge I caste wyth a sleyt
1945 Wyth care to 3one castel to crachen and to crase
1946 In flode.
1947 I am mans Flesch; where I go
1948 I am mans most fo;
1949 Iwys I am euere wo
1950 Whane he drawyth to goode.
1951 þerfore, 3e bolde boyes, buske 3ou abowte.
1952 Scharply on scheldys 3our schaftys 3e scheuere.
1953 And Lechery ledron, schete þou a skoute.
1954 Help we Mankynd fro 3one castel to keuere.
1955 Helpe we moun hym wynne.
1956 Schete we all at a schote
1957 Wyth gere þat we cunne best note
1958 To cache Mankynd fro 3ene cote
1959 Into dedly synne.
1960 GULA. Lo, Syr Flesch, whov I fare to þe felde,
1961 Wyth a faget on myn hond for to settyn on a fyre.
1962 Wyth a wrethe of þe wode wel I can me welde;
1963 Wyth a longe launce þo loelys I schal lere.
1964 Go we wyth oure gere.
1965 þo bycchys schul bleykyn and blodyr;
1966 I schal makyn swyche a powdyr,
1967 Boþe wyth smoke and wyth smodyr,
1968 þei schul schytyn for fere.
1968a Tunc descendent in placeam
1968b MALUS ANGELUS dicet ad Belyal:
1969 As armys! as an herawd, hey now I howte.
1970 Deuyl, dyth þe as a duke to do þo damyselys dote.
1971 Belyal, as a bolde boy þi brodde I bere abowte;
1972 Helpe tp cache Mankynd fro caytyfys cote.
1973 Pryd, put out þi penon of raggys and of rowte.
1974 Do þis modyr Mekenes meltyn to mote.
1975 Wrethe, prefe Paciens, þe skallyd skowte.
1976 Envye, to Charyte schape þou a schote
1977 Ful 3are.
1978 Wyth Pryde, Wrethe, and Envye,
1979 þese deuelys, be downys drye,
1980 As comly kyngys I dyscrye
1981 Mankynd to kachyn to care.
1981a Ad CARNEM:
1982 Flesche, frele and fresche, frely fed,
1983 Wyth Gloton, Slawthe, and Lechery mans sowle þou slo.
1984 As a duke dowty do þe to be dred.
1985 Gere þe wyth gerys fro toppe to þe too.
1986 Kyth þis day þou art a kynge frely fedde.
1987 Gloton, sle þou Abstynensce wyth wyckyd woo.
1988 Wyth Chastyte, þou Lechour, be not ouyrledde.
1989 Slawthe, bete þou Besynes on buttokys bloo.
1990 Do now þi crafte, in coste to be knowe.
1990a Ad MUNDUM:
1991 Worthy, wytty, and wys, wondyn in wede,
1992 Lete Coueytyse karpyn, cryen, and grede.
1993 Here ben bolde bacheleris batyl to bede,
1994 Mankynd to tene, as I trowe.
1995 HUMANUM GENUS. þat dynge Duke þat deyed on rode
1996 þis day my sowle kepe and safe!
1997 Whanne Mankynd drawyth to goode
1998 Beholde what enmys he schal haue!
1999 þe Werld, þe Deuyl, þe Flesche arn wode;
2000 To men þei casten a careful kaue;
2001 Byttyr balys þei brewyn on brode
2002 Mankynd in wo to weltyr and waue,
2003 Lordyngys, sothe to sey.
2004 þerfore iche man be war of þis,
2005 For whyl Mankynd clene is
2006 Hys enmys schul temptyn hym to don amys
2007 If þei mown be any wey.
2007a Omne gaudium existimate cum variis temptacionibus insideritis.
2008 þerfore, lordys, beth now glad
2009 Wyth elmesdede and orysoun
2010 For to don as Oure Lord bad,
2011 Styfly wythstonde 3oure temptacyoun.
2012 Wyth þis foul fende I am ner mad.
2013 To batayle þei buskyn hem brown.
2014 Certys I schuld ben ouyrlad,
2015 But þat I am in þis castel town,
2016 Wyth synnys sore and smerte.
2017 Whoso wyl leuyn oute of dystresse
2018 And ledyn hys lyf in clennesse
2019 In þis Castel of Vertu and of Goodnesse
2020 Hym muste haue hole hys hert.
2020a Delectare in Domino et dabit tibi peticiones cordis tui.
2021 BONUS ANGELUS. A, Mekenesse, Charyte, and Pacyens,
2022 Prymrose pleyeth parlasent.
2023 Chastyte, Besynes, and Abstynens,
2024 Myn hope, ladys, in 3ou is lent.
2025 Socoure, paramourys, swetter þanne sens,
2026 Rode as rose on rys irent.
2027 þis day 3e dyth a good defens.
2028 Whyl Mankynd is in good entent
2029 His þoutys arn vnhede.
2030 Mankynd is browt into þis walle
2031 In freelte to fadyn and falle.
2032 þerfore, ladys, I pray 3ou alle,
2033 Helpe þis day Mankynde.
2034 HUMILITAS. God, þat syttyth in heuene on hy,
2035 Saue al Mankynd be se and sonde!
2036 Lete hym dwellyn here and ben vs by
2037 And we schul puttyn to hym helpynge honde.
2038 3yt forsoþe neuere I sy
2039 þat any fawte in vs he fonde
2040 But þat we sauyd hym fro synne sly
2041 If he wolde bee us styfly stonde
2042 In þis castel of ston.
2043 þerfore drede þe not, manys aungel dere.
2044 If he wyl dwellyn wyth vs here
2045 Fro seuene synnys we schul hym were
2046 And his enmys ichon.
2047 Now my seuene systerys swete,
2048 þis day fallyth on us þe lot
2049 Mankynd for to schylde and schete
2050 Fro dedly synne and schamely schot.
2051 Hys enmys strayen in þe strete
2052 To spylle man wyth spetows spot.
2053 þerfor oure flourys lete now flete
2054 And kepe we hym, as we haue het,
2055 Among vs in þis halle.
2056 þerfor, seuene systerys swote,
2057 Lete oure vertus reyne on rote.
2058 þis day we wyl be manys bote
2059 Ageyns þese deuelys alle.
2060 BELYAL. þis day þe vaward wyl I holde.
2061 Avaunt my baner, precyous Pride,
2062 Mankynd to cache to karys colde.
2063 Bold batayl now wyl I byde.
2064 Buske 3ou, boyes, on brede.
2065 Alle men þat be wyth me wytholde,
2066 Boþe þe 3onge and þe olde,
2067 Envye, Wrathe, 3e boyes bolde,
2068 To rounde rappys 3e rape, I rede.
2069 SUPERBIA. As armys, Mekenes! I brynge þi bane,
2070 Al wyth pride peyntyd and pyth.
2071 What seyst þou, faytour? be myn fayr fane,
2072 Wyth robys rounde rayed ful ryth,
2073 Grete grounse, I schal þe gane.
2074 To marre þe, Mekenes, wyth my myth,
2075 No werldly wyttys here ar wane.
2076 Lo, þi castel is al beset!
2077 Moderys, whov sschul 3e do?
2078 Mekenes, 3eld þe to me, I rede.
2079 Myn name in londe is precyous Prede.
2080 Myn bolde baner to þe I bede.
2081 Modyr, what seyste þerto?
2082 HUMILITAS. Ageyns þi baner of pride and bost
2083 A baner of meknes and mercy
2084 I putte ageyns pride, wel þou wost,
2085 þat schal schende þi careful cry.
2086 þis meke kynge is knowyn in euery cost
2087 þat was croysyd on Caluary.
2088 Whanne he cam doun fro heuene ost
2089 And lytyd wyth mekenes in Mary,
2090 þis lord þus lytyd lowe.
2091 Whanne he cam fro þe Trynyte
2092 Into a mayden lyted he,
2093 And al was for to dystroye þe,
2094 Pride, þis schalt þou knowe.
2094a Deposuit potentes de sede et ceters.
2095 For whanne Lucyfer to helle fyl,
2096 Pride, þerof þou were chesun,
2097 And þou deuyl, wyth wyckyd wyl
2098 In paradys trappyd us wyth tresun.
2099 So þou us bond in balys ille,
2100 þis may I preue be ryth resun,
2101 Tyl þis duke þat dyed on hylle
2102 In heuene man myth neuere han sesun;
2103 þe gospel þus declaryt.
2104 For whoso lowe hym schal ben hy,
2105 þerfore þou schalt not comen us ny,
2106 And þou þou be neuere so sly,
2107 I schal felle al þi fare.
2107a Qui se eexaltat humiliabitur et cetera.
2108 IRA. Dame Pacyens, what seyt þou to Wrathe and Ire?
2109 Putte Mankynd fro þi castel clere,
2110 Or I schal tappyn at þi tyre
2111 Wyth styffe stonys þat I haue here.
2112 I schal slynge at þe many a vyre
2113 And ben avengyd hastely here.
2114 þus Belsabub, oure gret syre,
2115 Bad me brenne þe wyth wyld fere,
2116 þou bycche blak as kole.
2117 þerfor fast, fowle skowte,
2118 Putte Mankynd to us owte,
2119 Or of me þou schalt haue dowte,
2120 þou modyr, þou motyhole!
2121 PACIENCIA. Fro þi dowte Crist me schelde
2122 þis iche day, and al mankynde!
2123 þou wrecchyd Wrethe, wood and wylde,
2124 Pacyens schal þe schende.
2124a Quia ira viri justiciam Dei non operatur.
2125 For Marys sone, meke and mylde,
2126 Rent þe up, rote and rynde,
2127 Whanne he stod meker þanne a chylde
2128 And lete boyes hym betyn and bynde,
2129 þerfor, wrecche, be stylle.
2130 For þo pelourys þat gan hym pose,
2131 He myth a dreuyn hem to dros,
2132 And 3yt, to casten hym on þe cros,
2133 He sufferyd al here wylle.
2134 þowsentys of aungellys he myth han dad
2135 To a wrokyn hym þer ful 3erne,
2136 And 3yt to deyen he was glad
2137 Us oacyens to techyn and lerne.
2138 þerfor, boy, wyth þi boystous blad,
2139 Fare awey be feldys ferne.
2140 For I wyl do as Jhesu bad,
2141 Wrecchys fro fro my wonys werne
2142 Wyth a dyngne defens.
2143 If þou fonde to comyn alofte
2144 I schal þe cacche fro þis crofte
2145 Wyth þese rosys swete and softe,
2146 Peyntyd wyth pacyens.
2147 INUIDIA. Out, myn herte gynnyth to breke,
2148 For Charyte þat stondyth so stowte.
2149 Alas, myn herte gynnyth to wreke.
2150 3elde up his castel, þou hore clowte,
2151 It is myn offyce fowle to speke,
2152 Fals sklaundrys to bere abowte.
2153 Charyte, þe Deuyl mote þe cheke
2154 But I þe rappe wyth rewly rowte,
2155 þi targe for to tere.
2156 Let Mankynde cum to us doun
2157 Or I schal schetyn to þis castel town
2158 A ful fowle defamacyoun.
2159 þerfore þis bowe I bere.
2160 CARITAS. þou þou speke wycke and fals fame,
2161 þe wers schal I neuere do my dede.
2162 Whoso peyryth falsly anoþyr mans name,
2163 Crystys curs he schal haue to mede.
2163a Ve homini illi per quem scandalum venit.
2164 Whoso wyl not hys tunge tame,
2165 Take it sothe as mes-crede,
2166 Wo wo to hym and mekyl schame!
2167 In holy wrytte þis I rede.
2168 For euere þou art a schrewe.
2169 þou þou speke euyl, I ne 3eue a gres;
2170 I schal do neuere þe wers.
2171 At þe last þe sothe vers
2172 Certys hymself schal schewe.
2173 Oure louely Lord wythowtyn lak
2174 3af example to charyte,
2175 Whanne he was betyn blo and blak
2176 For trespas þat neuere dyd he.
2177 In sory synne had he no tak
2178 And 3yt for synne he bled blody ble.
2179 He toke hys cros upon hys bak,
2180 Synful man, and al for þe.
2181 þus he mad defens.
2182 Envye, wyth þi slaundrys þycke,
2183 I am putte at my Lordys prycke;
2184 I wyl do good a3eyns þe wycke
2185 And kepe in sylens.
2186 BELYAL. What, for Belyals bonys,
2187 Whereabowtyn chyde 3e?
2188 Haue don, 3e boyes, al at onys.
2189 Lasche don þese moderys, all þre.
2190 Werke wrake to þis wonys.
2191 þe vaunward is grauntyd to me.
2192 Do þese moderys to makyn monys.
2193 3oure dowty dedys now lete se.
2194 Dasche hem al to daggys.
2195 Haue do, boyes blo and blake,
2196 Wirke þese wenchys wo and wrake.
2197 Claryouns, cryeth up at a krake,
2198 And blowe 3our brode baggys!
2198a Tunc pugnabunt diu
2199 SUPERBIA. Out, my proude bak is bent!
2200 Mekenes hath me al forbete.
2201 Pride wyth Mekenes is forschent.
2202 I weyle and wepe wyth wondys wete;
2203 I am betyn in þe hed.
2204 My prowde pride adoun is dreuyn;
2205 So scharpely Mekenes hath me schreuyn
2206 þat I may no lengyr leuyn,
2207 My lyf is me bereeuyd.
2208 INVIDIA. Al myn enmyte is not worth a fart;
2209 I schyte and schake al in my schete.
2210 Charyte, þat sowre swart,
2211 Wyth fayre rosys myn hed gan breke.
2212 I brede þe malaundyr.
2213 Wyth worthi wordys and flourys swete
2214 Charyte makyth me so meke
2215 I dare neyþyr crye nore crepe,
2216 Not a achote of sklaundyr.
2217 IRA. I, Wrethe, may syngyn weleawo.
2218 Pacyens me 3af a sory dynt.
2219 I am al betyn blak and blo
2220 Wyth a rose þat on rode was rent.
2221 My speche is almost spent.
2222 Hyr rosys fel on me so scharpe
2223 þat myn hed hangyth as an harpe.
2224 I dar neyþyr crye nor carpe,
2225 Sche is so pacyent.
2226 MALUS ANGELUS. Go hens, 3e do not worthe a tord.
2227 Foule falle 3ou, alle foure!
2228 3erne, 3erne, let fall on bord,
2229 Syr Flesch, wyth þyn eyn soure.
2230 For care I cukke and koure.
2231 Syr Flesch, wyth þyn company,
2232 3erne, 3erne, make a cry.
2233 Helpe we haue no velony
2234 þat þis day may be oure.
2235 CARO. War, war, late mans Flesche go to!
2236 I com wyth a company.
2237 Haue do, my chyldryn, now haue do,
2238 Glotoun, Slawth, and Lechery.
2239 Iche of 3ou wynnyth a scho.
2240 Lete not Mankynde wynne maystry.
2241 Lete slynge hem in a fowl slo
2242 And fonde to feffe hym wyth foly.
2243 Dothe now wel 3oure dede.
2244 3erne lete se whov 3e schul gynne
2245 Mankyndto temptyn to dedly synne.
2246 If 3e muste þis castelle wynne
2247 Hell schal be 3our mede.
2248 GULA. War, Syr Gloton schal makyn a smeke
2249 A3eyns þis castel, I vowe.
2250 Abstynens, þou þou bleyke,
2251 I loke on þe wyth byttyr browe.
2252 I haue a faget in myn necke
2253 To settyn Mankynd on a lowe.
2254 My foul leye schalt þou not let,
2255 I wou to God, as I trowe.
2256 þerfor putte hym out here.
2257 In meselynge flotonye,
2258 Wyth goode metys and drynkys trye,
2259 I norche my systyr Lecherye
2260 Tyl man rennyth on fere.
2261 ABSTINENCIA. þi metys and drynkys arn vnthende
2262 Whanne þei are out of mesure take.
2263 þei makyn men mad and out of mend
2264 And werkyn hem bothe wo and wrake.
2265 þat for þi fere þou þou here kyndyl,
2266 Certys I schal þi wele aslake
2267 Wyth bred þat browth us out of hell
2268 And on þe croys sufferyd wrake:
2269 I mene þe sacrament.
2270 þat iche blysful bred
2271 þat hounge on hyl tyl he was ded
2272 Schal tempere so myn maydynhed
2273 þat þi purpos schal be spent.
2274 In abstynens þis bred was browth,
2275 Certys, Mankynde, and al for þe.
2276 Of fourty dayes ete he nowth
2277 And þanne was naylyd to a tre.
2277a Cum jejunasset quadraginta diebus et cetera.
2278 Example us was betawth,
2279 In sobyrnesse he bad us be.
2280 þerfor Mankynd schal not be cawth,
2281 Glotony, wyth þy degre.
2282 þe sothe þou schalt se.
2283 To norysch fayre þou þou be fawe,
2284 Abstynens it schal wythdrawe
2285 Tyl þou be schet vndyr schawe
2286 And fayn for to fle.
2287 LUXURIA. Lo, Chastyte, þou fowle skowte!
2288 þis ilke day here þou schalt deye.
2289 I make a fer in mans towte
2290 þat launcyth up as any leye.
2291 þese cursyd colys I bere abowte
2292 Mankynde in tene for to teye.
2293 Men and wommen hathe no dowte
2294 Wyth pyssynge pokys for to pleye.
2295 I bynde hem in my bondys.
2296 I haue no reste, so I rowe,
2297 Wyth men and wommen, as I trowe,
2298 Tyl I, Lechery, be set on a lowe
2299 In al Mankyndys londys.
2300 CASTITAS. I Chastyte, haue power in þis place
2301 þe, Lechery, to bynd and bete.
2302 Maydyn Marye, well of grace,
2303 Schal qwenche þat fowle hete.
2303a Mater et Virgo, extingue carnales concupiscentias!
2304 Oure Lord God mad þe no space
2305 Whanne his blod strayed in þe strete.
2306 Fro þis castel he dyd þe chase
2307 Whanne he was crounyd wyth þornys grete
2308 And grene.
2309 To drery deth whanne he was dyth
2310 And boyes dyd hym gret dyspyth,
2311 In lechery had he no delyth,
2312 And þat was ryth wel sene.
2313 At Oure Lady I lere my lesun
2314 To haue chaste lyf tyl I be ded.
2315 Sche is qwene and beryth þe croun,
2316 And al was for hyr maydynhed.
2317 þerfor go fro þis castel toun,
2318 Lechery, now I þe rede,
2319 For Mankynd getyst þou nowth doun
2320 To soloyen hym wyth synful sede.
2321 In care þou wouldys hym cast.
2322 And if þou com up to me,
2323 Trewly þou schalt betyn be
2324 Wyth þe 3erde of Chastyte
2325 Wyl my lyf may last.
2326 ACCIDIA. Ware, war, I delue wyth a spade.
2327 Men calle me þe lord Syr Slowe.
2328 Gostly grace I spylle and schade;
2329 Fro þe watyr of grace þis dyche I fowe.
2330 3e schulyn com ryth inowe
2331 Be þis dyche drye, be bankys brede.
2332 Thyrti thousende þat I wel knowe
2333 In my lyf louely I lede
2334 þat hed leuere syttyn at þe ale
2335 Thre mens songys to syngyn lowde
2336 þanne toward þe chyrche for to crowde.
2337 þou Besynesse, þou bolnyd bowde,
2338 I brewe to þe þyne bale.
2339 SOLICITUDO. A, good men, be war now all
2340 Of Slugge and Slawthe, þis fowl þefe!
2341 To þe sowle he is byttyrer þanne gall;
2342 Rote he is of mekyl myschefe.
2343 Goddys seruyse, þat ledyth us to heuene hall,
2344 þis lodeyn for to lettyn us is lefe.
2345 Whoso wyl schryuyn hym of hys synnys all,
2346 He puttyth þis brethel to mykyl myschefe,
2347 Mankynde he þat myskaryed.
2348 Men moun don no penauns for hym þis,
2349 Nere schryue hem whanne þey don amys,
2350 But euyr he wold in synne iwys
2351 þat Mankynd were taryed.
2352 þerfor he makyth þis dyke drye
2353 To puttyn Mankynde to dystresse.
2354 He makyth dedly synne a redy weye
2355 Into þe Castel of Goodnesse.
2356 But wyth tene I schal hym teye,
2357 þorwe þe helpe of heuene emperesse.
2358 Wyth my bedys he schal abeye,
2359 And oþyr ocupacyons more and lesse
2360 I schal schape hym to schonde,
2361 For whoso wyle Slawth putte doun
2362 Wyth bedys and wyth orysoun
2363 Or sum oneste ocupacyoun,
2364 As bokee to haue in honde.
2364a Nunc lege nunc ora nunc disce nuncque labora.
2365 CARO. Ey, for Belyalys bonys, þe kynge,
2366 Whereabowte stonde 3e al-day?
2367 Caytyuys, lete be 3our kakelynge
2368 And rappe at rowtys of aray.
2369 Glotony, þou fowle gadlynge,
2370 Sle Abstynens, if þou may.
2371 Lechery, wyth þi werkynge,
2372 To Chastyte make a wyckyd aray
2373 A lytyl þrowe.
2374 And whyl we fyth
2375 For owre ryth,
2376 In bemys bryth
2377 Late blastys blowe.
2377a Tunc pugnabunt diu
2378 GULA. Out, Glotoun, adown I dryue.
2379 Abstynens hathe lost my myrth.
2380 Syr Flesch, i schal neuere thryue;
2381 I do not worthe þe deuelys dyrt;
2382 I may not leuyn longe.
2383 I am al betyn, toppe and tayl;
2384 Wyth Abstynens wyl I no more dayl;
2385 I wyl gon cowche qwayl
2386 At hom in 3our gonge.
2387 LUXURIA. Out on Chastyte, be þe rode!
2388 Sche hathe me dayschyd and so drenchyd.
2389 3yt haue sche þe curs of God
2390 For al my fere þe qwene hath qwenchyd.
2391 For ferd I fall and feynt.
2392 In harde ropys mote sche ryde!
2393 Here dare I not longe abyde.
2394 Sumwhere myn hed I wolde hyde
2395 As an irchoun þat were schent.
2396 ACCIDIA. Out, I deye! ley on watyr!
2397 I swone, I swete, I feynt, i drulle!
2398 3ene qwene wyth hyr pytyr-patyr
2399 Hath al to-dayschyd my skallyd skulle.
2400 It is as softe as wulle.
2401 Or I haue here more skathe,
2402 I schal lepe awey, be lurkynge lathe,
2403 þere I may my ballokys bathe
2404 And lekyn at þe fulle.
2405 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, þe Deuyl spede 3ou, al þe packe!
2406 For sorwe I morne on þe mowle,
2407 I carpe, I crye, I coure, I kacke,
2408 I frete, I fart, I fesyl fowle.
2409 I loke lyke an howle.
2409a Ad MUNDUM:
2410 Now, Syr World, whatso it cost,
2411 Helpe now, or þis we haue lost;
2412 Al oure fare is not worth a thost;
2413 þat makyth me to mowle.
2414 MUNDUS. How, Coveytyse, banyour avaunt!
2415 Here comyth a batayl nobyl and newe;
2416 For syth þou were a lytyl faunt,
2417 Coveytyse, þou hast ben trewe.
2418 Haue do þat damysel, do hyr dawnt.
2419 Byttyr balys þou hyr brewe.
2420 þe medys, boy, I þe graunt,
2421 þe galows of Canwyke to hangyn on newe,
2422 þat wolde þe wel befalle.
2423 Haue don, Syr Coueytyse.
2424 Wyrke on þe best wyse.
2425 Do Mankynde com and aryse
2426 Fro 3one vertuse all.
2427 AUARICIA. How, Mankynde! I am atenyde
2428 For þou art þere so in þat holde.
2429 Cum and speke wyth þi best frende,
2430 Syr Coueytyse, þou knowyst me of olde.
2431 What deuyl schalt þou þer lenger lende
2432 Wyth grete penaunce in þat castel colde?
2433 Into þe werld if þou wylt wende,
2434 Amonge men to bere þe bolde,
2435 I rede, be Seynt Gyle.
2436 How, Mankynde! I þe prey.
2437 Com to Coueytyse, I þe prey.
2438 We to schul togedyr pley,
2439 If þou wylt, a whyle.
2440 LARGITAS. A, God helpe! I am dysmayed,
2441 I curse þe, Coveytyse, as I can;
2442 For certys, treytour, þou hast betrayed
2443 Nerhand now iche erthely man.
2444 So myche were men neuere afrayed
2445 Wyth Coueytyse, syn þe werld began.
2446 God almythy is not payed.
2447 Syn þou, fende, bare þe Werldys bane,
2448 Ful wyde þou gynnyst wende.
2449 Now arn men waxyn ner woode;
2450 þey wolde gon to helle for werldys goode.
2451 þat Lord þat restyd on þe rode
2452 Is maker of an ende.
2452a Maledicti sunt auariciosi hujus temporis.
2453 þer is no dysese nor debate
2454 þorwe þis wyde werld so rounde,
2455 Tyde nor tyme, erly nor late,
2456 But þat Coveytyse is þe grounde.
2457 þou norchyst pride, envye, and hate,
2458 þou coueytyse, þou cursyd hounde.
2459 Criste þe schelde fro oure gate
2460 And kepe us fro þe saf and sounde
2461 þat þou no good here wynne!
2462 Swete Jhesu, jentyl justyce,
2463 Kepe Mankynde fro Coueytyse,
2464 For iwys he is, in al wyse,
2465 Rote of sorwe and synne.
2466 AUARICIA. What eylyth þe, Lady Largyte,
2467 Damysel dyngne upon þi des?
2468 And I spak ryth not to þe,
2469 þerfore I prey þe holde þi pes.
2470 How, Mankynde! cum speke wyth me,
2471 Cum ley þi ;oue here in my les.
2472 Coueytyse is a frend ryth fre,
2473 þi sorwe, man, to slake and ses.
2474 Coueytyse hathe many a 3yfte.
2475 Mankynd, þyne hande hedyr þou reche.
2476 Coueytyse schal be þi leche.
2477 þe ryth wey I schal þe teche
2478 To thedom and to þryfte.
2479 HUMANUM GENUS. Coueytyse, whedyr schuld I wende?
2480 What wey woldyst þat I sulde holde?
2481 To what place woldyst þou me sende?
2482 I gynne to waxyn hory and olde.
2483 My bake gynnyth to bowe and bende,
2484 I crulle and crepe and wax al colde.
2485 Age makyth man ful vnthende,
2486 Body and bonys and al vnwolde;
2487 By bonys are febyl and sore.
2488 I am arayed in a sloppe,
2489 As a 3onge man I may not hoppe,
2490 My nose is colde and gynnyth to droppe,
2491 Myn her waxit al hore.
2492 AUARICIA. Petyr! þou hast þe more nede
2493 To haue sum good in þyn age;
2494 Markys, poundys, londys and lede,
2495 Howsys and homys, castell and cage.
2496 þerfor do as I þe rede;
2497 To Coueytyse cast þi parage.
2498 Cum, and I schal þyne erdyn bede;
2499 þe worthi Werld schal 3eue þe wage,
2500 Certys not a lyth.
2501 Com on, olde man, it is no reprefe
2502 þatCoueytyse be þe lefe.
2503 If þou deye at any myschefe
2504 It is þiselfe to wyth.
2505 HUMANUM GENUS. Nay, nay, þese ladys of goodnesse
2506 Wyl not lete me fare amys,
2507 And þou I be a whyle in dystresse,
2508 Whanne I deye I schal to blysse.
2509 It is but foly, as I gesse,
2510 Al þis werldys wele iwys.
2511 þese louely ladys, more and lesse,
2512 In wyse wordys þei telle me þys.
2513 þus seyth þe bok of kendys.
2514 I wyl not do þese ladys dyspyt
2515 To forsakyn hem for so lyt.
2516 To dwellyn here is my delyt;
2517 Here arn my best frendys.
2518 AUARICIA. 3a, up and don þou take þe wey
2519 þorwe þis werld to walkyn and wende
2520 And þou schalt fynde, sothe to sey,
2521 þi purs schal be þi best frende.
2522 þou þou syt al-day and prey,
2523 No man schal com to þe nor sende,
2524 But if þou haue a peny to pey,
2525 Men schul to þe þanne lystyn and lende
2526 And kelyn al þi care.
2527 þerfore to me þou hange and helde
2528 And be coueytous whylys þou may þe welde.
2529 If þou be pore and nedy in elde
2530 þou schalt oftyn euyl fare.
2531 HUMANUM GENUS. Coueytyse, þou seyst a good skyl.
2532 So grete God me avaunce,
2533 Al þi byddynge don I wyl.
2534 I forsake þe Castel of Perseueaunce.
2535 In Coueytyse I wyl me hyle
2536 For to grete sum sustynaunce.
2537 Aforn mele men mete schul tyle;
2538 It is good for al chaunce
2539 Sum good owhere to hyde.
2540 Certys þis 3e wel knowe,
2541 It is good, whouso þe wynde blowe,
2542 A man to haue sumwhat of hys owe,
2543 What happe so-euere betyde.
2544 BONUS ANGELUS. A, ladyse, I prey 3ou of grace,
2545 Helpyth to kepe here Mankynne.
2546 He wyl forsake þis precyous place
2547 And drawe a3eyn to dedly synne.
2548 Helpe, ladys, louely in lace.
2549 He goth fro þis worthi wonnynge.
2550 Couetyse awey 3e chace
2551 And schyttyth Mankynd sumwhere here-inne,
2552 In 3oure worþi wyse.
2553 Ow, wrechyd man, þou schalt be wroth,
2554 þat synne schal be þe ful loth.
2555 A, swete ladys, helpe, he goth
2556 Awey wyth Coueytyse.
2556a Tunc descendit ad AUARICIAM
2557 HUMILITAS. Good Aungyl, what may I do þerto?
2558 Hymselfe may hys sowle spylle.
2559 Mankynd to don what he wyl do,
2560 God hath 3ouyn hym a fre wylle.
2561 þou he drenche and hys sowle slo,
2562 Certys we may not do þeretylle.
2563 Syn hee cam þis castel to,
2564 We dyd to hym þat vs befelle
2565 And now he hath us refusyd.
2566 As longe as he was wythinne þis castel walle,
2567 We kepte hym fro synne, 3e sawe wal alle;
2568 And now he wyl a3eyn to synne falle,
2569 I preye 3ou holde us excusyd.
2570 PACIENCIA. Resun wyl excusyn us alle.
2571 He helde þe ex be þe helue.
2572 þou he wyl to foly falle,
2573 It is to wytyn but hymselue.
2574 Whyl he held hym in þis halle,
2575 Fro dedly synne we dyde hym schelue.
2576 He brewyth hymselfe a byttyr galle;
2577 In dethys dynt whanne he schal delue
2578 þis game he schal begrete.
2579 He is endewyd wyth wyttys fyue
2580 For to rewlyn hym in hys lyue.
2581 We vertuse wyl not wyth hym stryue,
2582 Avyse hym and hys dede.
2583 CARITAS. Of hys dede haue we nowt to done;
2584 He wyl no lenger wyth us be lad.
2585 Whanne he askyd out, we herd hys bone,
2586 And of hys presens we were ryth glad.
2587 But, as þou seste, he hath forsakyn us sone;
2588 He wyl not don as Crist hym bad.
2589 Mary, þi Sone abouyn þe mone
2590 As make Mankynd trewe and sad,
2591 In grace for to gon.
2592 For if he wyl to foly flyt,
2593 We may hym not wthsyt.
2594 He is of age and can hys wyt,
2595 3e knowe wel euerychon.
2596 ABSTINENCIA. Ichon 3e knowyn he is a fole,
2597 In Coueytyse to dyth hys dede.
2598 Werldys wele is lyke a thre-fotyd stole,
2599 It faylyt a man at hys most nede.
2599a Mundus transit et concupiscencia ejus.
2600 Whanne he is dyth in dedys dole,
2601 þe ryth regystre I schal hym rede;
2602 He schal be tore wyth teneful tole;
2603 Whanne he schal brenne on glemys glede
2604 He schal lere a new lawe.
2605 Be he neuere so ryche of werldys wone,
2606 Hys seketouris schul makyn here mone:
2607 "Make us mery and lete hym gone!
2608 He was a good felawe."
2609 CASTITAS. Whanne he is ded here sorwe is lest.
2610 þe ton sekatour seyth to þe tothyr:
2611 "Make we mery and a ryche fest
2612 And lete hym lyn in dedys fodyr."
2612a Et sic relinquent alienis diuicias suas.
2613 So hys part schal be þe lest;
2614 þe systyr seruyt þus þe brothyr.
2615 I lete a man no betyr þanne a best,
2616 For no man can be war be oþyr
2617 Tyl he hathe al ful spunne.
2618 þou schalt se þat day, man, þat a bede
2619 Schal stonde þe more in stede
2620 þanne al þe good þat þou mytyst gete,
2621 Certys vndyr sunne.
2622 SOLICITUDO. Mankynde, of on þynge haue I wondyr:
2623 þat þou takyst not into þyn mende,
2624 Whanne body and sowle schul partyn on sundr
2625 No werldys good schal wyth þe wende.
2625a Non descendet cum illo gloria ejus.
2626 Whanne þou art ded and in þe erthee leyd vudyr
2627 Mysgotyn good þe schal schende;
2628 It schal þe weyen as peys in pundyr
2629 þi sely sowle to bryngyn in bende
2630 And make it ful vnþende.
2631 And 3yt Mankynd, as it is sene,
2632 Wyth Coueytyse goth on þis grene.
2633 þe treytor doth us al þis tene
2634 Aftyr hys lyuys ende.
2635 LARGITAS. Out, I crye, and noþynge lowe,
2636 On Coueytyse, as I wel may.
2637 Mankynd seyth he hath neuere inowe
2638 Tyl hys mowthe be ful of clay.
2638a Auarus numquam repleitur pecunia.
2639 Whanne he is closyd in dethis dow
2640 What helpyt ryches or gret aray?
2641 It flyet awey as any snow
2642 Anon aftyr þye endynge day,
2643 To wylde werldys wyse.
2644 Now good men alle þat here be,
2645 Haue my systerys excusyd and me,
2646 þou Mankynde fro þis castel fle.
2647 Wyte it Coueytyse.
2648 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, go forthe and lete þe qwenys cakle!
2649 þer wymmen arn are many wordys.
2650 Lete hem gon hoppyn wyth here hakle!
2651 þer ges syttyn are many tordys.
2652 Wyth Coueytyse þou renne on rakle
2653 And hange þyne hert upon hys hordys.
2654 þou schalt be schakyn in myn schakle;
2655 Vnbynde þi baggys on hys bordys,
2656 On hys benchys aboue.
2657 Parde, þou gost owt of Mankynde
2658 But Coueytyse be in þi mende.
2659 If euere þou þynke to be thende,
2660 On hym þou ley þi loue.
2661 HUMANUM GENUS. Nedys my loue muste on hym lende,
2662 Wyth Coueytyse to waltyr and wave.
2663 I knowe non of al my kynde
2664 þat he ne coueytyth for to haue.
2665 Penyman is meekyl in mynde;
2666 My loue in hym I leye and laue.
2667 Where þat euere I walke or wende
2668 In wele and woo he wyl me haue;
2669 He is gret of grace.
2670 Whereso I walke in londe or lede
2671 Penyman best may spede;
2672 He is a duke to don a dede
2673 Now in euery place.
2674 BONUS ANGELUS. Alas, þat euere Mankynde was born!
2675 On Coueytyse is al hys lust.
2676 Nyth and day, mydnyth and morn,
2677 In Penyman is al hys trust.
2678 Coueytyse schal makyn hym lorn
2679 Whanne he is doluen al to dust;
2680 To mekyl schame he schal be schorn,
2681 Wyth foule fendys to roten and rust.
2682 Alas, what schal I do?
2683 Alas, alas, so may I say.
2684 Man goth wyth Coueytyse away.
2685 Haue me excusyd, for I ne may
2686 Trewly not do þerto.
2687 MUNDUS. A, a, þis game goth as I wolde.
2688 Mankynde wyk neuere þe Werld forsake.
2689 Tyl he be ded and vndyr molde
2690 Holy to me he wyl hym take.
2691 To Coveytyse he hath hym 3olde;
2692 Wyth my wele he wyl awake;
2693 For a thousende pounde I nolde
2694 But Coveytyse were Mans make,
2695 Certys on euery wyse.
2696 All þese gamys he schal bewayle,
2697 For I, þe Werld, am of þis entayle,
2698 In hys moste nede I schal hym fayle,
2699 And al for Coveytyse.
2700 AUARICIA. Now, Mankynd, be war of þis:
2701 þou art a-party wele in age.
2702 I wolde not þou ferdyst amys;
2703 Go we now knowe my castel cage.
2704 In þis bowre I schal þe blys;
2705 Worldly wele schal be þi wage;
2706 More mucke þanne is þyne iwys
2707 Take þou in þis trost terage
2708 And loke þat þou do wronge.
2709 Coveytyse, it is no sore,
2710 He wyl þe feffen ful of store,
2711 And alwey, alwey sey "more and more",
2712 And þat schal be þi songe.
2713 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Coveytyse, haue þou good grace!
2714 Certys þou beryst a trewe tonge.
2715 "More and more", in many a place,
2716 Certys þat songe is oftyn songe.
2717 I wyste neuere man, be bankys bace,
2718 So seyn in cley tyl he were clonge:
2719 "Inow, inow" hadde neuere space,
2720 þat ful songe was neuere songe,
2721 Nor I wyl not begynne.
2722 Goode Coveytyse, I þe prey
2723 þat I myth wyth þe pley.
2724 3eue me good inow, or þat I dey,
2725 To wonne in werldys wynne.
2726 AUARICIA. Haue here, Mankynd, a thousend marke.
2727 I, Coveytyse, haue þe þis gote.
2728 þou mayst purchase þerwyth bothe ponde and parke
2729 And do þerwyth mekyl note.
2730 Lene no man hereof, for no karke,
2731 þou he schulde hange be þe þrote,
2732 Monke nor frere, prest nor clerke,
2733 Ne helpe þerwyth chyrche nor cote,
2734 Tyl deth þi body delue.
2735 þou he schuld sterue in a caue,
2736 Lete no pore man þerof haue.
2737 In grene gres tyl þou be graue
2738 Kepe sumwhat fore þiselue.
2739 HUMANUM GENUS. I vow to God, it is gret husbondry.
2740 Of þe I take þese noblys rownde.
2741 I schal me rapyn, and þat in hye,
2742 To hyde þis gold vndyr þe grownde.
2743 þer schal it ly tyl þat I dye,
2744 It may be kepte þer saue and sownde.
2745 þou my neybore schuld be hangyn hye,
2746 þerof getyth he neythyr peny nor pownde.
2747 3yt am I not wel at ese.
2748 Now wolde I haue castel wallys,
2749 Stronge stedys and styf in stallys.
2750 Wyth hey holtys and hey hallys,
2751 Coveytyse, þou muste me sese.
2752 AUARICIA. Al schalt Xou haue al redy, lo,
2753 At þyn owyn dysposycyoun.
2754 Al þis good take þe to,
2755 Clyffe and cost, toure and toun.
2756 þus hast þou gotyn in synful slo
2757 Of þyn neyborys be extorcyoun.
2758 "More and more" sey 3yt, haue do,
2759 Tyl þou be ded and drepyn dounn;
2760 Werke on wyth werldys wrenchys.
2761 "More and more" sey 3yt, I rede,
2762 To more þanne inow þou hast nede.
2763 Al þis werld, bothe lenthe and brede,
2764 þi coveytyse may not qwenche.
2765 HUMANUM GENUS. Qwenche neuere no man may;
2766 Me þynkyth neuere I haue inow.
2767 þer ne is werldys wele, nyth nor day,
2768 But þat me thynkyth it is to slow.
2769 "More and more" 3it I say
2770 And schal euere whyl I may blow;
2771 On Coveytyse is al my lay
2772 And schal tyl deth me ouyrthrow.
2773 "More and more", þis is my steuene.
2774 If I myth alwey dwellyn in prosperyte,
2775 Lord God, þane wel were me.
2776 I wolde, þe medys, forsake þe
2777 And neuere to comyn in heuene.
2778 MORS. Ow, now it is tyme hye
2779 To castyn Mankynd to Dethys dynt.
2780 In all hys werkys he is vnslye;
2781 Mekyl of hys lyf he hath myspent.
2782 To Mankynd I ney ny,
2783 Wyth rewly rappys he schal be rent.
2784 Whanne I com iche man drede forþi,
2785 But 3yt is þer no geyn-went,
2786 Hey hyl, holte, nyn hethe.
2787 3e schul me drede euerychone;
2788 Whanne I come 3e schul grone;
2789 My name in londe is lefte alone:
2790 I hatte drery Dethe.
2791 Drery is my deth-drawth;
2792 Ageyns me may no man stonde.
2793 I durke and downbrynge to nowth
2794 Lordys and ladys in euery londe.
2795 Whomso I haue a lessun tawth,
2796 Onethys sythen schal he mowe stonde;
2797 In my carful clothys he schal be cawth,
2798 Ryche, pore, fre and bonde;
2799 Whanne I come þei goo no more.
2800 Whereso I wende in any lede,
2801 Euery man of me hat drede.
2802 Lette I wyl for no mede
2803 To smyte sadde and sore.
2804 Dyngne dukys arn adred
2805 Whanne my blastys arn on hem blowe.
2806 Lordys in londe arn ouyrled;
2807 Wyth þis launce I leye hem lowe.
2808 Kyngys kene and knytys kyd,
2809 I do hem deluyn in a throwe,
2810 In banke I buske hem abed,
2811 Sad sorwe to hem I sowe,
2812 I tene hem koltys þow þey kynse,
2813 As kene koltys þow þey kynse,
2814 Ageyns me is no defens.
2815 In þe grete pestelens
2816 þanne was I wel knowe.
2817 But now almost I am for3ete;
2818 Men of Deth hold no tale.
2819 In coveytyse here good þey gete;
2820 þe grete fyschys ete þe smale.
2821 But whanne I dele my derne dette
2822 þo prowde men I schal avale.
2823 Hem schal helpyn noþyr mel or metee
2824 Tyl þey be drewyn to dethys dale;
2825 My lawe þei schul lerne.
2826 þer ne is peny nor pownde
2827 þat any of 3ou schal saue sownde.
2828 Tyl 3e be grauyn vndyr grownde
2829 þer may no man me werne.
2830 To Mankynde now wyl I reche;
2831 He hathe hole hys hert on Coveytyse.
2832 A newe lessun I wyl hym teche
2833 þat he schal bothe grwcchyn and gryse.
2834 No lyf in londe schal ben hys leche;
2835 I schal hym proue of myn empryse;
2836 Wyth þis poynt I schal hym broche
2837 And Wappyn hym in a woful wyse.
2838 Nobody schal ben hys bote.
2839 I schal þe schapyn a schenful schappe.
2840 Now I kylle þe wyth myn knappe!
2841 I reche to þe, Mankynd, a rappe
2842 To þyne herte rote.
2843 HUMANUM GENUS. A, Deth, Deth! drye is þi dryfte.
2844 Ded is my desteny.
2845 Myn hed is cleuyn al in a clyfte;
2846 For clappe of care now I crye;
2847 Myn eyeledys may I not lyfte;
2848 Myn braynys waxyn al emptye;
2849 I may not onys myn hod up schyfte;
2850 Wyth Dethys dynt now I dey!
2851 Syr Werld, I am hent.
2852 Werld, Werld, haue me in mende!
2853 Goode Syr Werld, helpe now Mankend!
2854 But þou me helpe, Deth schal me schende.
2855 He hath dyth to me a dynt.
2856 Werld, my wyt waxyt wronge;
2857 I chaunge boþe hyde and hewe;
2858 Myn eyeledys waxyn al outewronge;
2859 But þou me helpe, sore it schal me rewe.
2860 Now holde þat þou haste behete me longe,
2861 For all felachepys olde and newe,
2862 Lesse me of my peynys stronge.
2863 Sum bote of bale þou me brewe
2864 þat I may of þe 3elpe.
2865 Werld, for olde aqweyntawns,
2866 Helpe me fro þis sory chawns.
2867 Dethe hathe lacchyd me wyth hys launce.
2868 I deye but þou me helpe.
2869 MUNDUS. Owe, Mankynd, hathe Dethe wyth þe spoke?
2870 Ageyns hym helpyth no wage.
2871 I wolde þou were in þe erthe beloke
2872 And anoþyr hadde þyne erytage.
2873 Oure bonde of loue schal sone be þy cage;
2874 In colde clay schal be þy cage;
2875 Now schal þe Werld on þe be wroke
2876 For þou hast don so gret outrage.
2877 þi good þou schalt forgoo.
2878 Werldys good þou hast forgon
2879 And wyth tottys þou schalt be torn.
2880 þus haue I seruyd here-beforn
2881 A hundryd thousend moo.
2882 HUMANUM GENUS. Ow, Werld, euere worthe wo!
2883 And þou, synful Coveytyse!
2884 Whanne þat a man schal fro þou go
2885 3e werke wyth hym on a wondyr wyse.
2886 þe wytte of þis werld is sorwe and wo.
2887 Be ware, good men, of þis gyse!
2888 þus hathe he seruyd many on mo.
2889 In sorwe slakyth al hys asyse;
2890 He beryth a tenynge tungge.
2891 Whyl I leyd wyth hym my lott
2892 3e seyn whou fayre he me behott;
2893 And now he wolde I were a clott
2894 In colde cley for to clynge.
2895 MUNDUS. How, boy, aryse! now þou muste wende
2896 On myn erdyn, be steppe and stalle.
2897 Go brewe Mankynd a byttyr bende
2898 And putte hym oute of hys halle.
2899 Lete hym þerinne no lenger lende.
2900 Forbrostyn, I trowe, be hys galle
2901 For þou art not of hys kende.
2902 All hys erytage wyl þe wele befalle.
2903 þus faryth myn fayre feres.
2904 Oftyn tyme I haue 3ou told,
2905 þo men þat 3e arn to lest behold
2906 Comynly schal 3oure wonnynge wold
2907 And ben 3oure next eyrys.
2908 GARCIO. Werld worthy, in wedys wounde,
2909 I þanke þe for þi grete 3yfte.
2910 I go glad upon þis grounde
2911 To put Mankynde out of hys þryfte.
2912 I trowe he stynkyth þis ilke stounde.
2913 Into a lake I schal hym lyfte.
2914 Hys parkys, placys, ahd penys rounde,
2915 Wyth me schul dryuen in þis dryfte
2916 In baggys as þei ben bownde.
2917 For I þynke for to dele,
2918 I vow to God, neythyr corn nore mele.
2919 If he haue a schete he beryth hym wele
2920 Whereinne he may be wounde.
2920a Tunc iet ad HUMANUM GENUS
2921 Whou faryst, Mankynde? art þou ded?
2922 Be Goddys body, so I wene.
2923 He is heuyer þanne any led.
2924 I wold he were grauyn vndyr grene.
2925 HUMANUM GENUS. Abyde, I breyd uppe wyth myn hed.
2926 What art þou? what woldyst þou mene?
2927 Whedyr comyst þou for good or qwed?
2928 Wyth peynys prycke þou dost me tene,
2929 þe sothe for to sey.
2930 Telle me now, so God þe saue,
2931 Fro whom comyst þou, good knaue?
2932 What dost þou here? what woldyst þou haue?
2933 Telle me or I deye.
2934 GARCIO. I am com to haue al þat þou hast,
2935 Ponndys, parkys, and euery place.
2936 Al þat þou hast gotyn fyrst and last,
2937 þe Werld hathe grauntyd it me of hys grace
2938 For I haue ben hys page.
2939 He wot wel þou schalt be ded,
2940 Neuermore to ete bred;
2941 þerfore he hath for þe red
2942 Who schal haue þyne erytage.
2943 HUMANUM GENUS. What deuyl! þou art not of myn kyn.
2944 þou dedyst me neuere no maner good.
2945 I hadde leuer sum nyfte or sum cosyn
2946 Or sum man hadde it of my blod.
2947 In sum stede I wold it stod.
2948 Now schal I in a dale be delue
2949 And haue no good þerof myselue.
2950 Be God and be hys apostelys twelue,
2951 I trowe þe Weerld be wod.
2952 GARCIO. 3a, 3a, Xi parte schal be þee leste.
2953 Deye on, for I am maystyr here.
2954 I schal þe makyn a nobyl feste
2955 And þanne haue I do myn deuere.
2956 þe Weerld bad me þis gold areste,
2957 Holt and hallys and castell clere.
2958 þe Werldys joye and hys jentyll jeste
2959 Is now þyne, now myn, boþe fere and nere.
2960 Go hens, for þis is myne.
2961 Syn þou art ded and browth of dawe,
2962 Of þi deth, syr, I am ryth fawe.
2963 þou þou knowe not þe Werldys lawe,
2964 He hath 3oue me al þat was þyne.
2965 HUMANUM GENUS. I preye þe now, syn þou þis good schalt gete,
2966 Telle þi name or þat I goo.
2967 GARCIO. Loke þat þou it not for3ete:
2968 My name is I Wot Neuere Whoo.
2969 HUMANUM GENUS. I Wot Neuere Who! so welaway!
2970 Now am I sory of my lyf.
2971 I haue purchasyd many a day
2972 Londys and rentys wyth mekyl stryf.
2973 I haue purchasyd holt and hay,
2974 Parkys and ponndys and bourys blyfe,
2975 Goode gardeynys wyth gryffys gay,
2976 To myne chyldyr and to myn wyfe
2977 In dethe whanne I were dyth.
2978 Of my purchas I may be wo,
2979 For, as þout, it is not so,
2980 But a gedelynge I Wot Neuere Who
2981 Hath al þat þe Werld me behyth.
2982 Now, alas, my lyf is lak.
2983 Bittyr balys I gynne to brewe.
2984 Certis a vers þat Dauid spak
2985 I þe sawter I fynde it trewe:
2985a Tesauri3at et ignorat cui congregabit ea.
2986 Tresor, treso, it hathe no tak;
2987 It is oþyr mens, olde and newe.
2988 Ow, ow, my good gothe al to wrak!
2989 Sore may Mankynd rewe.
2990 God kepe me fro dyspayr!
2991 Al my good, wythout fayle,
2992 I haue gadryd wyth gret trauayle,
2993 þe Werld hathe ordeynyd of hys entayle
2994 I Wot Neuere Who to be myn eyr.
2995 Now, good men, takythe example at me.
2996 Do for 3ourself whyl 3e han spase.
2997 For many men þus seruyd be
2998 þorwe þe werld in dyuerse place.
2999 I bolne and bleyke in blody ble
3000 And as a flour fadyth my face.
3001 To helle I schal bothe fare and fle
3002 But God me graunte of hys grace.
3003 I deye certeynly.
3004 Now my lyfe I haue lore.
3005 Men hert brekyth, I syhe sore.
3006 A word may I speke no more.
3007 I putte me in Goddys mercy.
3008 ANIMA. "Mercy", þis was my last tale
3009 þat euere my body was abowth.
3010 But Mercy helpe me in þis vale,
3011 Of dampnynge drynke sore I me doute.
3012 Body, þou dedyst brew a byttyr bale
3013 To þi lustys whanne gannyst loute.
3014 þi sely sowle schal ben akale;
3015 I beye þi dedys wyth rewly rowte,
3016 And al it is for gyle.
3017 Euere þou hast be coueytows
3018 Falsly to getyn londe and hows.
3019 To me þou hast browyn a byttyr jows.
3020 So welaway þe whyle!
3021 Now, swet Aungel, what is þi red?
3022 þe ryth red þou me reche.
3023 Now my body is dressyd to ded
3024 Helpe now me and be my leche.
3025 Dyth þou me fro deuelys drede.
3026 þy worthy weye þou me teche.
3027 I hope þat God wyl helpyn and be myn hed
3028 For "mercy" was my laste speche;
3029 þus made my body hys ende.
3030 MALUS ANGELUS. Wytnesse of all þat ben abowte,
3031 Syr Coueytyse he had hym owte.
3032 þerfor he schal, wythoutyn dowte,
3033 Wyth me to helle pytt.
3034 BONUS ANGELUS. 3e, alas, and welawo!
3035 A3eyns Coueytyse can I not telle.
3036 Resun wyl I fro þe goo,
3037 For, wrechyd sowle, þou muste to helle.
3038 Coueytyse, he was þi fo;
3039 He hathe þe schapyn a schameful schelle;
3040 þus hathe seruyd many on mo
3041 Tyl þei be dyth to dethys delle,
3042 To byttyr balys bowre.
3043 þou muste to peyne, be ryth resun,
3044 Wyth Coveytyse, for he is chesun.
3045 þou art trappyd ful of tresun
3046 But Mercy be þi socowre.
3047 For ryth wel þis founde I haue
3048 A3eyns Rythwysnesse may I not holde.
3049 þou muste wyth hym to careful caue
3050 For grete skyllys þat he hathe tolde.
3051 Fro þe awey I wandyr and waue;
3052 For þe I clynge in carys colde.
3053 Alone now I þe laue
3054 Whylyst þou fallyst in fendys folde,
3055 In helle to hyde and hylle.
3056 Rytwysnesse wyl þat þou wende
3057 Forthe awey wyth þe fende.
3058 But Mercy wyl to þe sende,
3059 Of þe I can no skylle.
3060 ANIMA. Alas, Mercy, þou art to longe!
3061 Of sadde sorwe now may I synge.
3062 Holy wryt it is ful wronge
3063 But Mercy passe alle þynge.
3064 I am ordeynyd to peynys stronge,
3065 In wo is dressyd myn wonnynge,
3066 In helle on hokys I schal honge,
3067 But mercy fro a welle sprynge.
3068 þis deuyl wyl haue me away.
3069 Weleaway! I was ful wod
3070 þat I forske myn Aungyl Good
3071 And wyth Coueytyse stod
3072 Tyl þat day þat I schuld dey.
3073 MALUS ANGELUS. 3a, why woldyst þou be coueytous
3074 And drawe þe agayn to synne?
3075 I schal þe brew a byttyr jous;
3076 In bolnynnge bondys þou schalt brenne.
3077 In hye helle schal be þyn hous,
3078 In pycke and ter to grone and grenne;
3079 þou schalt lye drenkelyd as a movs;
3080 þer may no man þerfro þe werne
3081 For þat ilke wyll.
3082 þat day þe ladys þou forsoke
3083 And to my counsel þou þe toke,
3084 þou were betyr anhangyn on hoke
3085 Upon a jebet hyll.
3086 Farter fowle, þou schalt be frayed
3087 Tyl þou be frettyd and al forbled.
3088 Foule mote þou be dysmayed
3089 þat þou schalt þus ben ouyrled.
3090 For Coueytyse þou hast asayed
3091 In byttyr balys þou schalt be bred.
3092 Al mankynd may be wel payed
3093 Whou Coueytysee makyth þe adred.
3094 Wyth rappys I þe rynge.
3095 We schul to helle, bothe to,
3096 And bey in inferno.
3097 Nulla est redempcio.
3098 For no kynnys þynge.
3099 Now dagge we hens a dogge trot.
3100 In my dongion I schal þe dere.
3101 On þe is manya synful spot;
3102 þerfore þis schame I schal þe schere
3103 Whanne þou comyst to my neste.
3104 Why woldyst þou, schrewe schalt neuere þe,
3105 But in þi lyue don aftyr me?
3106 And þi Good Aungyl tawth þe
3107 Alwey to þe beste.
3108 3a, but þou woldyst hym not leue;
3109 To Coueytyse alwey þou drow.
3110 þerfore schalt þou euyl preue;
3111 þat foul synne þi soule slow.
3112 I schal fonde þe to greue
3113 And putte þe in peynnys plow.
3114 Haue þis, and euyl mote þou scheue,
3115 For þou seydyst neuere "inow, inow"
3116 þus lacche I þe þus lowe.
3117 þou þou kewe as a kat,
3118 For þi coueytyse haue þou þat!
3119 I schal þe bunche wyth my bat
3120 And rouge þe on a rowe.
3121 Lo, synful tydynge,
3122 Boy, on þi bak I brynge.
3123 Spedely þou sprynge.
3124 þi placebo I schal synge.
3125 To deuylys delle
3126 I schal þe bere to helle.
3127 I wyl not dwelle.
3128 Haue good day! I goo to helle.
3129 MISERICORDIA. A mone I herd of mercy meve
3130 And to me, Mercy, gan crye and call;
3131 But if it haue mercy, sore it schal me greve,
3132 For ell it schal to hell fall.
3133 Rythwysnes, my systyr cheve,
3134 þys 3e herde; so dyde we all.
3135 For we were mad frendys leve
3136 Whanne þe Jevys proferyd Criste eysyl and gall
3137 On þe Good Fryday.
3138 God grauntyd þat remission,
3139 Mercy, and absolicion,
3140 þorwe vertu of hys passion,
3141 To no man schuld be seyd nay.
3142 þerfore, my systyr Rytwysnes,
3143 Pes, and Trewth, yo 3ou I tell,
3144 Whanne man crieth mercy, and wyl not ses,
3145 Mercy schal be hys waschynge-well:
3146 Wytnesse of Holy Kyrke.
3147 For þe leste drope of blode
3148 þat God bledde on þe rode
3149 It hadde ben satysfaccion goode
3150 For al Mankyndys werke.
3151 JUSTICIA. Systyr, 3e sey me a good skyl,
3152 þat mercy pasyt mannys mysdede.
3153 But take mercy whoso wyl
3154 He muste it aske wyth love and drede;
3155 And eueryman þat wyl fulfyll
3156 þe dedly synnys and folw mysdede,
3157 To graunte hem mercy me þynkyth it no skyl;
3158 nd þerfore, systyr, 3ou I rede
3159 Lete hym abye hys mysdede.
3160 For þou he lye in hell and stynke,
3161 It schal me neuere ouyrþynke.
3162 As he hath browyn, lete hym drynke;
3163 þe Devyl schal qwyte hym hys mede.
3163a Vnusquisque suum honus portabit.
3164 Trowe 3e þat whanne a man schal deye,
3165 þanne þow þat he mercy craue,
3166 þat anon he schal haue mercye?
3167 Nay, nay, so Crist me saue!
3167a Non omne qui dicit "Domine, Domine" intrabit regnum celorum.
3168 For schuld no mando no good
3169 All þe dayes of hys lyve
3170 But hope of mercy be Xe rode
3171 Schulde make boþe werre and stryve
3172 And torne to gret grewaunse.
3173 Whoso in hope dothe any dedly synne
3174 To hys lyvys ende, and wyl bot blynne,
3175 Rytfully þanne schal he wynne
3176 Crystis gret vengaunse.
3177 VERITAS. Rytwysnes, my systyr fre,
3178 3our jugement is good and trewe.
3179 In good feyth so þynkyth me;
3180 Late hym hys owyn dedys rewe.
3181 I am Veritas and trew wyl be
3182 In word and werke to olde and newe.
3183 Was neuere man in fawte of me
3184 Dampnyd nor savyd, but it were dew.
3185 I am euere at mans ende.
3186 Whanne body and sowle partyn atwynne,
3187 þanne wey I hys goode dedys and hys synne,
3188 And weydyr of hem be more or mynne
3189 He schal it ryth sone fynde.
3190 For I am Trewþe and trewþe wyl bere,
3191 As grete God hymself vs byd.
3192 þer schal noþynge þe sowle dere
3193 But synne þat þe body dyd.
3194 Syth þat he deyed in þat covytous synne,
3195 I, Trewþe, wyl þat he goo to pyne.
3196 Of þat synne cowde he not blynne;
3197 þerfore he schal hys sowle tyne
3198 To þe pytte of hell.
3199 Ellys schuld we, boþe Trewþe and Rytwysnes,
3200 Be put to ouyrmekyl dystresse
3201 And euery man schul be þe wers
3202 þat þerof myth here tell.
3203 PAX. Pes my systyr Verite!
3204 I preye 3ou, Rytwysnes, be stylle!
3205 Lete no man be 3ou dampnyd be
3206 Nor deme 3e no man to helle.
3207 He is on kyn tyl vs thre,
3208 þow he haue now not al hys wylle.
3209 For hys loue þat deyed on tre,
3210 Late saue Mankynd fro al peryle
3211 And schelde hym fro myschaunsse.
3212 If 3e tweyne putte hym to dystresse
3213 It schuld make gret hevynesse
3214 Betwene vs tweyne, Mercy and Pes,
3215 And þat were gret grevaunce.
3216 Rytwysnes and Trewthe, do be my red,
3217 And Mercy, go we to 3one hey place.
3218 We schal enforme þe hey Godhed
3219 And pray hym to deme þis case.
3220 3e schal tell hym 3oure entent
3221 Of Trewthe and of Rytwysnesse,
3222 And we schal pray þat hys jugement
3223 May pase be vs, Mercy and Pes.
3224 All foure, now go we hens
3225 Wytly to þe Trinite
3226 And þer schal wo sone se
3227 What þat hys jugement schal be,
3228 Wythovtyn any deffens.
3228a Tunc ascendent ad PATREM omnes pariter
3228b et dicet VERITAS:
3229 VERITAS. Heyl, God almyth!
3230 We cum, þi dowterys in syth,
3231 Trewth, Mercy, and Ryth,
3232 And Pes, pesyble in fyth.
3233 MISERICORDIA. We cum to preve
3234 If Man, þat was þe ful leve,
3235 If he schal cheve
3236 To hell or heuene, be þi leve.
3237 JUSTICIA. I, Rytwysnes,
3238 þi dowtyr as I ges,
3239 Late me, neuerþelesse,
3240 At þi dom putte mee in pres.
3241 PAX. Pesyble kynge,
3242 I, Pes, þi dowtyr 3ynge,
3243 Here my preyinge
3244 Whanne I pray þe, Lord, of a thynge.
3245 DEUS. Welcum in fere,
3246 Bryther þanne blossum on brere!
3247 My dowterys dere,
3248 Cum forth and stand 3e me nere.
3249 VERITAS. Lord, as þou art Kyng of kyngys, crownyd wyth crowne,
3250 As þou lovyste me, Trewthe, þi dowtyr dere,
3251 Lete neuere me, Trewþe, to fall adowne,
3252 My feythful Fadyr, saunz pere!
3252a Quoniam veritati dilexisti.
3253 For in all trewthe standyth þi renowne,
3254 þi feyth, þi hope, and þi powere,
3255 Lete it be sene, Lord, now at þi dome,
3256 þat I may haue my trewe prayere
3257 To do trewþe to Mankynd.
3258 For if Mankynd be dempte be ryth
3259 And not be mercy, most of myth,
3260 Her my trewthe, Lord, I þe plyth,
3261 In presun man schal be pynyd.
3262 Lord, whov schuld Mankynd be savyd,
3263 Syn he dyed in dedly synne
3264 And all þi comaundementys he depravyd
3265 And of fals covetyse he wolde neuere blynne?
3265a Aurum sitisti, aurum bibisti.
3266 þe more he hadde, þe more he cravyd,
3267 Whyl þe lyf lefte hym wythinne.
3268 But he be dampnyd I am abavyd
3269 þat Trewthe schuld com of rytwys kynne,
3270 And I am þi dowtyr Trewþe.
3271 þou he cried mercy, moriendo,
3272 Nimis tarde penitendo,
3273 Talem mortem reprehendo.
3274 Lete hym drynke as he brewyth!
3275 Late repentaunce if man saue scholde,
3276 Wheyþyr he wrouth wel or wyckydnesse,
3277 þanne euery man wold be bolde
3278 To trespas in trost of for3evenesse.
3279 For synne in hope is dampnyd, I holde;
3280 Forgevyn is neuere hys trespase.
3281 He synnyth in þe Holy Gost manyfolde.
3282 þat synne, Lord, þou wylt not reles
3283 In þis werld nor in þe toþyr.
3284 Quia veritas manet in eternum,
3285 Tendit homo ad infernum,
3286 Nunquam venit ad supernum,
3287 þou he were my broþyr.
3288 For man on molde halt welthe and wele,
3289 Lust and lykynge in al hys lyfe,
3290 Techynge, prechynge, in euery sele,
3291 But he forgetyth þe Lord belyve.
3292 Hye of hert, happe and hele,
3293 Gold and syluyr, chyld and wyf,
3294 Denteth drynke at mete and mele,
3295 Vnnethe þe to þanke he can not kyth
3296 In any maner thynge.
3297 Whanne mans welþe gynnyth awake
3298 Ful sone, Lord, þou art forsake.
3299 As he hathe browne and bake,
3300 Trewthe wyl þat he drynke.
3301 For if Man haue mercy and grace
3302 þanne I, þi dowtyr Sothfastnesse,
3303 At þi dom schal haue no place
3304 But be putte abak be wronge dures.
3305 Lord, lete me neuere fle þi fayr face
3306 To make my power any lesse!
3307 I pray þe, Lord, as I haue space,
3308 Late Mankynd haue dew dystresse
3309 In helle fere to be brent.
3310 In peyne loke he be stylle,
3311 Lord, if it be þi wylle,
3312 Or ell I haue no skylle
3313 Be þi trew jugement.
3313a MISERICORDIA. O Pater misericordiarum et Deus tocius con-
3313b solacionis, qui consolatur nos in omni tribulacione nostra!
3314 O þou Fadyr, of mytys moste,
3315 Mercyful God in Trinite!
3316 I am þi dowtyr, wel þou woste,
3317 And mercy fro heuene þou browtyst fre.
3318 Schew me þi grace in euery coste!
3319 In þis cas my conforte be!
3320 Lete me, Lord, neuere be loste
3321 At þi jugement, whovso it be,
3322 Of Mankynd.
3323 Ne had mans synne neuere cum in cas
3324 I, Mercy, schuld neuere in erthe had plas.
3325 þerfore graunte me, Lord, þi grace,
3326 þat Mankynd amy me fynd.
3327 And mercy, Lord, haue on þis man
3328 Aftyr þi mercy, þat mekyl is,
3329 Vnto þi grace þat he be tan,
3330 Of þi mercy þat he not mys!
3331 As þou descendyst fro þi trone
3332 And lyth in a maydyns wombe iwys,
3333 Incarnat was in blod and bone,
3334 Lat Mankynd cum to þi blys,
3335 As þou art Kynge of heuene!
3336 For werldly veynglory
3337 He hathe ben ful sory,
3338 Punchyd in purgatory
3339 For all þe synnys seuene.
3339a Si pro peccato vetus Adam non cecidisset,
3339b Mater pro nato numquam grauidata fuisset.
3340 Ne had Adam synnyd here-before
3341 Anf þi hestys in paradys had offent,
3342 Neuere of þi modyr þou schuldyst a be bore,
3343 Fro heuene to erthe to haue be sent.
3344 But thyrti wyntyr here and more,
3345 Bowdyn and betyn and al to-schent,
3346 Scornyd and scovrgyd sadde and sore,
3347 And on þe rode rewly rent,
3348 Passus sub Pilato Poncio.
3349 As þou henge on þe croys
3350 On hye þou madyste a voys,
3351 Mans helthe, þe gospel seys,
3352 Whanne þou seydyst "Scitio".
3352a scilicet, salutem animarum.
3353 þane þe Jeves þat were vnquert
3354 Dressyd þe drynke, eysyl and galle.
3355 It to taste þou myth nowth styrt
3356 But seyd "Consummatum est" was alle.
3357 A knyt wyth a spere so smert,
3358 Whanne þou forgafe þi fomen þrall
3359 He stonge þe, Lord, vnto þe hert.
3360 þanne watyr and blod gan ovte wall,
3361 Aqua baptismatis et sanguis redempcionis.
3362 þe watyr of baptomm,
3363 þe blod of redempcioun
3364 þat fro þin herte ran doun
3365 Est causa saluacionis.
3366 Lord, þou þat man hath don more mysse þanne good,
3367 If he dey in very contricioun,
3368 Lord, þe lest drope of þi blod
3369 For hys synne makyth satysfaccioun.
3370 As þou dedyst, Lord, on þe rode,
3371 Graunt me my peticioun!
3372 Lete me, Mercy, be hys fode,
3373 And graunte hym þi saluacion,
3374 Quia dixisti "Misericordia seruabo".
3375 "Mercy" schal I synge and say
3376 And "miserere" schal I pray
3377 For Mankynd euere and ay.
3378 Misericordias Domini in eternum cantabo.
3379 JUSTICIA. Rythwys Kynge, Lorde God almyth,
3380 I am þi dowtyr Rythwysnesse.
3381 þou hast louyd me euere, day and nyth,
3382 As wel as oþyr, as I gesse.
3382a Justicias Dominus justicia dilexit.
3383 If þou mans kynde fro peyne aquite,
3384 þou dost ageyns þyne owyn processe,
3385 Lete hym in preson to be pyth
3386 For hys synne and wyckydnesse,
3387 Of a bone I þe pray.
3388 Ful oftyn he hath þe, Lord, forsake
3389 And to þe Devyl he hathe hym take.
3390 Lete hym lyn in hell lake,
3391 Dampnyd for euere and ay.
3391a Quia Deum, quia se genuit, dereliquit.
3392 For whanne Man to þe werld was bornn
3393 He was browth to Holy Kyrke,
3394 Feythly followd in þe funte-ston
3395 And wesch fro orygynal synne so dyrke.
3396 Satana he forsok as hys fone,
3397 All hys pompe and al hys werke,
3398 And hyth tp serue þe alone;
3399 To kepe þi commandementys he schuld not irke,
3400 Sicut justi tui.
3401 But whanne he was com to mans astate
3402 All hys behestys he þanne forgate.
3403 He is worþi be dampnyd for þat,
3404 Qui oblitus est Domini creatoris sui.
3405 For he hathe forgetyn þe þat hym wrout
3406 And formydiste hym lyke þyne owyn face
3407 And wyth þi precyous blod hym bowth
3408 And in þis world þou 3eue hym space.
3409 All þi benefetys he set at nowth
3410 But toke hym to þe Deuelys trase,
3411 þe Flesch, þe World, was most in his þowth
3412 And purpose to plese hem in euery plase,
3413 So grymly on grounde.
3414 I pray þe, Lord lovely,
3415 Of man haue no mercy,
3416 But, dere Lord, lete hym ly,
3417 In hell lete hym be bounde!
3418 Man hathe forsake þe Kynge of heuene
3419 And hys Good Aungels gouernaunce
3420 And solwyd hys sovle wyth synnys seuene
3421 Be hys Badde Aungels comberaunce.
3422 Vertuis he putte ful evyn away
3423 Whanne Coveytyse gan hym avaunce.
3424 He wende þat he schulde a levyd ay,
3425 Tyl Deth trypte hym on hys daunce,
3426 He loste hys wyttys fyve.
3427 Ouyrlate he callys Confescion;
3428 Ouyrlyt was hys contricioun;
3429 He made neuere satisfaccioun.
3430 Dampne hym to helle belyve!
3431 For if þou take Mans sowle to þe
3432 Ageyns þi Rythwysnesse,
3433 þou dost wronge, Lorde, to Trewth and me
3434 And puttys us fro oure devnesse.
3435 Lord, lete vs neuere fro þe fle,
3436 Ner streyne vs neuere in stresse,
3437 But late þi dom be by vs thre
3438 Mankynde in hell to presse,
3439 Lord, I þe beseche!
3440 For Rytwysnes dwellys euere sure
3441 To deme Man aftyr hys deseruiture,
3442 For to be dampnyd it is hys vre,
3443 On Man I crie wreche.
3443a Letabitur justus cum viderit vindictam.
3444 MISERICORDIA. Mercy, my systyr Rythwysnes!
3445 þou schape Mankynde no schonde.
3446 Leve systyr, lete be þi dresse.
3447 To saue Man lete vs fonde.
3448 For if Man be dampnyd to hell dyrknes,
3449 þanne myth I wryngyn myn honde
3450 þat euere my state schulde be les,
3451 My fredam to make bonde.
3452 Mankynd is of oure kyn.
3453 For I, Mercy, pase al thynge
3454 þat God made at þe begynnynge
3455 And I am hys dowtyr 3ynge,
3456 Dere systyr, lete be þi dyn!
3456a Et misericordia ejus super omnia opera ejus.
3457 Of Mankynde aske þou neuere wreche
3458 Be day ner be nyth,
3459 For God hymself hath ben hys leche,
3460 Of hys mercyful myth.
3461 To me he gan hym beteche,
3462 Besyde al hys ryth.
3463 For hym wyl I prey and preche
3464 To gete hym fre respyth,
3465 And my systyr Pese.
3466 For hys mercy is wythout begynnynge
3467 And schal be wythoutyn endynge,
3468 As Dauis seyth, þat worthy kynge;
3469 In scriptur is no les.
3469a Et misericordia ejus a progenie in progenies et cetera.
3470 VERITAS. Mercy is Mankynde non worthy,
3471 Dauid þou þou recorde and rede,
3472 For he wolde neuere þe hungry
3473 Neyþyr clothe for fede,
3474 Ner drynke gyf to þe þrysty,
3475 Nyn pore men helpe at nede.
3476 For if he dyd non of þese, forþy
3477 In heuene he getyth no mede.
3478 So seyth þe gospel.
3479 For he hathe ben vnkynde
3480 To lame and to blynde
3481 In helle he schal be pynde.
3482 So is resun and skyl.
3483 PAX. Pesible Kyng in majeste,
3484 I, Pes þi dowtyr, aske þe a bonn
3485 Of Man, whouso it be.
3486 Lord, graunte me myn askynge sonn,
3487 þat I may euermore dwelle wyth þe
3488 As I haue euere 3yt donn,
3489 And lat me neuere fro þe fle,
3490 Specialy at þi dome
3491 Of Man, þi creature.
3492 þou my systyr Ryth and Trewthe
3493 Of Mankynd haue non rewthe,
3494 Mercy and I ful sore vs mewythe
3495 To cacche hym to our cure.
3496 For whanne þou madyst erthe and hevyn,
3497 Ten orferys of aungelys to ben in blys,
3498 Lucyfer, lyter þanne þe leuyn
3499 Tyl whanne he synnyd, he fel iwys.
3500 To restore þat place ful evyn
3501 þou madyst Mankynd wyth þys
3502 To fylle þat place þat I dyd nevene.
3503 If þy wyl be resun it is,
3504 In pes and rest,
3505 Amonge þyne aungels bryth
3506 To worchep þe in syth,
3507 Graunt, Lord God almyth!
3508 And so I holde it best.
3509 For þou Truthe, þat is my systyr dere,
3510 Arguyth þat Man schuld dwell in wo
3511 And Rytwysnes wyth hyr powere
3512 Wolde fayn and fast þat it were so,
3513 But Mercy and I, Pes, bothe in fere,
3514 Schal neuere in feyht acorde þerto.
3515 þanne schuld we euere dyscorde here
3516 And stande at bate for frend or foo
3517 And euere at dystaunce.
3518 þerfore my counseyl is
3519 Lete vs foure systerys kys
3520 And restore Man to blys,
3521 As was Godys ordenaunce.
3521a Misericordia et Veritas obuiauerunt sibi, Justicia et Pax osculate
3521b sunt.
3522 For if 3e, Ryth and Truthe, schuld haue 3our wylle,
3523 I. Pes, and Mercy schuld euere haue trauest.
3524 þanne vs betwene had bene a gret perylle
3525 þat oure joyes in heuene schuld a ben lest.
3526 þerfore, gentyl systerys, consentyth me tyll,
3527 Ellys betwene oureself schuld neuere be rest.
3528 Where schuld be luf and charite, late þer cum non ille.
3529 Loke oure joyes be perfyth, and þat I holde þe best,
3530 In heueneryche blys.
3531 For þer is pes wythowtyn were,
3532 þere is rest wythowtyn fere,
3533 þer is charite wythowtyn dere.
3534 Our Fadyris wyll so is.
3534a Hic pax, hic bonitas, hic laus, hic semper honestas.
3535 þerfore, jentyl systerys, at on word,
3536 Truth, Ryth, and Mercy hende,
3537 Lete us stonde at on acord,
3538 At pes wythowtyn ende.
3539 Late loue and charyte be at oure bord,
3540 Alle venjauns awey wende,
3541 To heuene þat Man may be restoryd,
3542 Lete us all be hys frende
3543 Before oure Fadyrs face.
3544 We schal deuoutly pray
3545 At dredful domysday
3546 And I schal for vs say
3547 þat Mankynd schal haue grace.
3547a Et tuam, Deus, deposcimus pietatem ut ei tribuere digneris
3547b lucidas et quietas mansiones.
3548 Lord, for þi pyte and þat pes
3549 þou sufferyst in þi pascioun,
3550 Boundyn and betyn, wythout les,
3551 Fro þe fote to þe croun,
3552 Tanquam ouis ductus es
3553 Whanne gutte sanguis ran adoun,
3554 3yt þe Jves wolde not ses
3555 But on þyn hed þei þryst a croun
3556 And on þe cros þe naylyd.
3557 As petously as þou were pynyd,
3558 Haue mercy of Mankynd,
3559 So þat he may fynde
3560 Oure preyer may hym avayle.
3560a PATER sedens in trono
3560b Ego cogito cogitaciones pacis, non affliccionis.
3561 Fayre falle þe, Pes, my dowtyr dere!
3562 On þe I þynke and on Mercy.
3563 Syn 3e acordyd beth al in fere,
3564 My jugement I wyl 3eue 3ou by
3565 Not aftyr deseruynge to do reddere,
3566 To dampne Mankynde to turmentry,
3567 But brynge hym to my blysse ful clere
3568 In heuene to dwelle endelesly,
3569 At 3our prayere forþi.
3570 To make my blysse perfyth
3571 I menge wyth my most myth
3572 Alle pes, sum treuthe, and sum ryth,
3573 And most of my mercy.
3573a Misericordia Domini plena est terra. Amen!
3573b Dicet filiabus:
3574 My dowters hende,
3575 Lufly and lusti to lende,
3576 Goo to 3one fende
3577 And fro hym take Mankynd.
3578 Brynge hym to me
3579 And set hym here be my kne,
3580 In heuene to be,
3581 In blysse wyth gamyn and gle.
3582 VERITAS. We schal fulfylle
3583 þin hestys, as resun and skylle,
3584 Fro 30ne gost grylle
3585 Mankynde to bryng þe tylle.
3585a Tunc ascendent ad MALUM ANGELUM
3585b omnes pariter et dicet
3586 PAX. A, þou foule wyth,
3587 Lete go þat soule so tyth!
3588 In heuene lyth
3589 Mankynde sone schal be pyth.
3590 JUSTICIA. Go þou to helle,
3591 þou devyl bold as a belle,
3592 þerin to dwelle,
3593 In bras and brimston to welle!
3593a Tunc ascendent ad tronum
3594 MISERICORDIA. Lo here Mankynd,
3595 Lyter þanne lef is on lynde,
3596 þat hath ben pynyd.
3597 þi mercy, Lord, lete hym fynde!
3597a PATER sedens in judicio.
3597b Sicut sintilla in medio maris.
3598 My mercy, Mankynd, 3eue I þe.
3599 Cum syt at my ryth honde.
3600 Ful wel haue I louyd þe,
3601 Vnkynd þow I þe fonde.
3602 As a sparke of fyre in þe se
3603 My mercy is synne-quenchand.
3604 þou hast cause to love me
3605 Abovyn al thynge in land,
3606 And kepe my comaundment.
3607 If þou me loue and drede
3608 Heuene schal be þi mede;
3609 My face þe schal fede:
3610 þis is myn jugement.
3610a Ego occidam et viuificabo, percuciam et sanabo, et nemo est qui
3610b de manu mea possit eruere.
3611 Kyng, kayser, knyt, and kampyoun,
3612 Pope, patriark, prest, and prelat in pes,
3613 Duke dowtyest in dede, be dale and be doun,
3614 Lytyl and mekyl, þe more and þe les,
3615 All þe statys of þe werld is at myn renoun;
3616 To me schal þei 3eue acompt at my dygne des.
3617 Whanne Myhel hys horn blowyth at my dred dom
3618 þe count of here conscience schal putten hem in pres
3619 And 3eld a reknynge
3620 Of here space whou þey han spent,
3621 And of here trew talent,
3622 At my gret jugement
3623 An answere schal me brynge.
3623a Ecce, requiram gregem meum de manu pastoris.
3624 And I schal inquire of my folk and of here pasture
3625 Whou þey haue leuyd and led here peple sojet.
3626 þe goode on þe ryth syd schul stond ful sure;
3627 þe badde on þe lyfte syd þer schal I set.
3628 þe seuene dedys of mercy whoso hadde vre
3629 To fylle, þe hungry for to geue mete,
3630 Or drynke to þrysty, þe nakyd, vesture,
3631 þe pore or þe pylgrym hom for to fette,
3632 þi neybour þat hath nede;
3633 Whoso doth mercy to hys myth
3634 To þe seke, or in presun pyth,
3635 He doth to me; I schal hym qvyth;
3636 Heuene blys schal be hys mede.
3636a Et qui bona egerunt ibunt in vitam eternam; qui vero mala, in
3636b ignem eternum.
3637 And þei þat wel do in þis werld, here welthe schal awake;
3638 In heuene þei schal be heynyd in bounte and blys;
3639 And þei þat evyl do, þei schul to helle lake
3640 In byttyr balys to be brent: my jugement it is.
3641 My vertus in heuene þanne schal þei qwake.
3642 þer is no wyth in þis werld þat may skape þis.
3643 All men example here-at may take
3644 To mayntein þe goode and mendyn here mys.
3645 þus endyth oure gamys.
3646 To saue 3ou fro synnynge
3647 Evyr at þe begynnynge
3648 Thynke on 3oure last endynge!
3649 Te Deum laudamus!

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