From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Croxton Play of the Sacrament

001 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR. Now þe Father and þe Sune and þe Holy Goste,
002 That all þis wyde worlde hat wrowght,
003 Save all thes semely, bothe leste and moste,
004 And bryn[g]e yow to þe blysse þat he hath yow to bowght!
005 We be ful purposed with hart and with thowght
006 Off our mater to tell þe entent,
007 Off þe marvellys þat wer wondursely wrowght
008 Off þe holi and blyssed Sacrament.

009 SECUNDUS [VEXILLATOR]. S[o]uereyns, and yt lyke yow to here þe purpoos of þis play
010 That [ys] representyd now in yower syght,
011 Whych in Aragon was doon, þe sothe to saye,
012 In Eraclea, that famous cyté, aryght-
013 Therin wonneth a merchaunte off mekyll myght,
014 Syr Arystorye was called hys name,
015 Kend full fere with mani a wyght,
016 Full fer in þe worlde sprong hys fame.

017 PRIMUS. Anon to hym ther cam a Jewe,
018 With grete rychesse for the nonys,
019 And wonneth in þe cyté of Surrey-þis full trewe-
020 Je wyche hade gret plenté off precyous stonys.
021 Off þis Cristen merchaunte he freyned sore,
022 Wane he wolde haue had hys entente.
023 Twenti pownd and merchaundyse mor
024 He proferyd for þe Holy Sacrament.

025 SECUNDUS. But þe Cristen marchaunte theroff sed nay,
026 Because hys profer was of so lityll valewe;
027 An hundder pownd but he wolde pay
028 No lenger theron he shuld pursewe.

029 But mor off ther purpos they gunne speke,
030 The Holi Sacramente for to bey;
031 And all for þe wolde be wreke,
032 A gret sume off gold begune down ley.

033 PRIMUS. Thys Crysten merchante consentyd, þe sothe to sey,
034 And in þe nyght affter made hym delyueraunce.
035 Thes Jewes all grete joye made they;
036 But off thys betyde a straunger chaunce:
037 They grevid our Lord gretly on grownd,
038 And put hym to a new passyoun;
039 With daggers gouen hym many a greuyos wound;
040 Nayled hym to a pyller, with pynsons plukked hym doune.

041 SECUNDUS. And sythe thay toke þat blysed brede so sownde
042 And in a cawdron they ded hym boyle.
043 In a clothe full just they yt wounde,
044 And so they ded hym sethe in oyle;

045 And than thay putt hym to a new turmentry,
046 In an hoote ouyn speryd hym fast.
047 There he appyred with woundys blody;
048 The ovyn rofe asondre and all tobrast.

049 PRIMUS. Thus in our lawe they wer made stedfast;
050 The Holy Sacrement sheuyd them grette fauour;
051 In contrycyon thyr hertys wer cast
052 And went and shewyd ther lyues to a confesour.

053 Thus be maracle off þe Kyng of Hevyn,
054 And by myght and power govyn to þe prestys mowthe,
055 In an howshold wer conuertyd iwys elevyn.
056 At Rome þis myracle ys knowen welle kowthe.

057 SECUNDUS. Thys marycle at Rome was presented, forsothe,
058 Yn the yere of our Lord, a thowsand fowr hundder sixty and on,
059 That þe Jewes with Holy Sa[c]rament dyd woth,
060 In the forest seyd of Aragon.

061 Loo, thus God at a tyme shovyd hym there,
062 Thorwhe hys mercy and hys mekyll myght;
063 Vnto the Jewes he gan appere
064 That þei shuld nat lesse hys hevenly lyght.

065 PRIMUS. Therfor, frendys, with all your myght
066 Vnto youer gostly father shewe your synne;
067 Beth in no wanhope daye nor nyght.
068 No maner off dowghtys þat Lord put in.

069 For þat þe dowghtys þe Jewys than in stode-
070 As ye shall se pleyd, both more and lesse-
071 Was yff þe Sacrament were flesshe and blode;
072 Therfor they put yt to suche dystresse.

073 SECUNDUS. And yt place yow, thys gaderyng þat here ys,
074 At Croxston on Monday yt shall be sen;
075 To see the conclusyon of þis lytell processe
076 Hertely welcum shall yow bene.

077 Now Jhesu yow sawe from treys and tene,
078 To send vs hys hyhe ioyes of hevyne;
079 There myght ys withouton mynd to mene.
080 Now, mynstrell, blow vp with a mery stevyn.


Here after foloweth þe Play of þe Conuersyon of Ser Jonathas þe Jewe
by Myracle of þe Blyssed Sacrament.

081 ARISTORIUS MERCATOR. Now Cryst, þat ys our Creatour, from shame he cure vs;
082 He maynteyn vs with myrth þat meve vpon þe mold;
083 Vnto hys en[d]elesse joye myghtly he restore vs,
084 All tho þat in hys name in peas well them hold;
085 For of a merchante most myght therof my tale ys told,
086 In Eraclea ys non suche, woso wyll vnderstond,
087 For off all Aragon I am most myghty of syluer and of gold-
088 For and yt wer a countré to by, now wold I nat wond.

089 Syr Arystory ys my name,
090 A merchaunte myghty of a royall araye;
091 Ful wyde in þis worlde spryngyth my fame,
092 Fere kend and knowen, þe sothe for to saye,
093 In all maner of londys, without ony naye,
094 My merchaundyse renneth, þe sothe for to tell;
095 In Gene and in Jenyse and in Genewaye,
096 In Surrey and in Saby and in Salern I sell;

097 In Antyoche and in Almayn moch ys my myght,
098 In Braban and in Brytayn I am full bold,
099 In Calabre and in Coleyn þer rynge I full ryght,
100 In Dordrede and in Denmark be þe clyffys cold;
101 In Alysander I haue abundaw[n]se in the wyde world.
102 In France and in Farre fresshe be my flower[ys],
103 In Gyldre and in Galys haue I bowght and sold,
104 In Hamborowhe and in Holond moch merchantdyse ys owrys;

105 In Jerusalem and in Jherico among the Jewes jentle,
106 Amo[n]g the Caldeys and Cattlyngys kend ys my komyng;
107 In Raynes and in Rome to Seynt Petyrs temple,
108 I am knowen certenly for bying and sellyng;

109 In Mayn and in Melan full mery haue I be;
110 Owt of Navern to Naples moch good ys þat I bryng;
111 In Pondere and in Portyngale moche ys my gle;
112 In Spayne and in Spruce moche ys my spedyng;
113 In Lombardy and in Lachborn there ledde ys my lykyng;
114 In Taryse and in Turkey there told ys my tale;
115 And in þe dukedom of Oryon moche have I in weldyng:
116 And thus thorowght all þis world sett ys my sale.

117 No man in thys world may weld more rychesse;
118 All I thank God of hys grace, for he þat me sent;
119 And as a lordys pere thus lyve I in worthynesse.
120 My curat wayteth vpon me to knowe myn entent,
121 And men at my weldyng, and all ys me lent
122 My well for to worke in thys world so wyde.
123 Me dare they not dysplese by no condescent.
124 And who so doth, he ys not able to abyde.

125 PRESBYTER. No man shall you tary ne t[r]owble thys tyde,
126 But euery man delygently shall do yow plesance;
127 And I vnto my connyng to þe best shall hem guyde
128 Vnto Godys plesyng to serue yow to attrueaunce.

129 For ye be worthy and notable in substance of good,
130 Off merchauntys of Aragon ye have no pere-
131 And therof thank God þat dyed on þe roode,
132 That was your makere and hath yow dere.

133 ARISTORIUS. Forsoth, syr pryst, yower talkyng ys good;
134 And therfor affter your talkyng I wyll atteyn
135 To wourshyppe my God that dyed on þe roode,
136 Neuer whyll þat I lyve ageyn þat wyll I seyn.
137 But, Petyr Powle, my clark, I praye the goo wele pleyn
138 Thorowght all Eraclea, that thow ne wonde,
139 And wytte yff ony merchaunte be come to þis reyn
140 Of Surrey or of Sabé or of Shelysdown.

141 CLERICUS. At your wyll for to walke I wyl not say nay,
142 Smertly to go serche at þe waterys syde;
143 Yff ony plesaunt bargyn be to your paye,
144 As swyftly as I can I shall hym to yow guyde.
145 Now wyll I walke by thes pathes wyde,
146 And seke the haven both vp and down,
147 To wette yff ony onkowth shyppes therin do ryde
148 Of Surrey or of Saby [or] of Shelysdown.

Now shall þe merchantys man withdrawe hym and þe Jewe Jonathas shall make hys bost.

149 JONATHAS. Now, almyghty Machomet, marke in þi magesté,
150 Whose lawes tendrely I have to fulfyll,
151 After my dethe bryng me to thy hyhe see,
152 My sowle for to save yff yt be thy wyll;
153 For myn entent ys for to fulfyll,
154 As my gloryus God the to honer,
155 To do agen thy entent yt shuld grue me yll,
156 Or agen thyn lawe for to reporte.

157 For I thanke þe hayly þat hast me sent
158 Gold, syluer, and presyous stonys,
159 And abu[n]ddaunce of spycys þou hast me lent,
160 A[s] I shall reherse before yow onys:
161 I have amatystys, ryche for þe nonys,
162 And baryllys that be bryght of ble;
163 And saphyre semely, I may show yow attonys,
164 And crystalys clere for to se;

165 I haue dyamantys derewourthy to dresse,
166 And emerawdys, ryche I trow they be,
167 Onyx and achatys both more and lesse,
168 Topazyouns, smaragdys of grete degré,
169 Perlys precyous grete plenté;
170 Of rubés ryche I have grete renown;
171 Crepawdys and calcedonyes semely to se,
172 A[nd] curyous carbunclys here ye fynd mown;

173 Spycys I hawe both grete and smale
174 In my shyppes, the sothe for to saye,
175 Gyngere, lycoresse and cannyngalle,
176 And fygys fatte to plese yow to paye;
177 Peper and saffyron and spycys smale,
178 And datys wole dulcett for to dresse,
179 Almundys and rys, full euery male,
180 And reysones both more and lesse:

181 Clowys, greynis, and gynger grene,
182 Mace, mastyk that myght ys,
183 Synymone, suger, as yow may sene,
184 Long peper and Indas lycorys;
185 Orengys a[nd] apples of grete apryce,
186 Pungarnetys and many other spycys,-
187 To tell yow all I haue now, iwyse,
188 And moche other merchandyse of sondry spycys.

189 Jew Jonathas ys my name,
190 Jazon and Jazdon þei waytyn on my wyll,
191 Masfat and Malchus they do the same,
192 As ye may knowe yt ys bothe rycht and skyll.
193 I tell yow all, bi dal and by hylle,
194 In Eraclea ys noon so moche of myght.
195 Werfor ye owe tenderli to tende me tyll,
196 For I am chefe merchaunte of Jewes, I tell yow be ryght.

197 But Jazon and Jazdon, a mater wollde I mene-
198 Mervelously yt ys ment in mynde-
199 þe beleve of thes Cristen men ys false, as I wene;
200 For þe beleue on a cake-me thynk yt ys onkynd.
201 And all they seye how þe prest dothe yt bynd,
202 And be þe myght of hys word make yt flessh and blode-
203 And thus be a conceyte þe wolde make vs blynd-
204 And how þat yt shuld be he þat deyed upon þe rode.

205 JASON. Yea, yea, master, a strawe for talis!
206 That ma not fale in my beleve;
207 But myt we yt gete onys within our pales,
208 I trowe we shuld sone aifter putt yt in a preve.

209 JAZDON. Now, be Machomete so myghty, þat ye doon of meue,
210 I wold I wyste how þat we myght yt gete;
211 I swer be my grete god, and ellys mote I nat cheue
212 But wyghtly the[r]on wold I be wreke.

213 MASPHAT. Yea, I dare sey feythfulli þat ther feyth [ys fals:]
214 That was neuer he that on Caluery was kyld,
215 Or in bred for to be blode yt ys ontrewe als;
216 But yet with ther wyles þei wold we were wyld.

217 MALCHUS. Yea, I am myghty Malchus, þat boldly am byld;
218 That brede for to bete byggly am I bent.
219 Onys out of ther handys and yt myght be exyled,
220 To helpe castyn yt in care wold I counsent.

221 JONATAS. Well, syrse, than kype cunsel, I cummande yow all,
222 And no word of all thys be wyst.
223 But let us walke to see Arystories hall,
224 And afterward more counsel! among vs shall caste.
225 With hym to bey and to sel I am of powere prest:
226 A bargyn with hym to make I wyll assaye;
227 For gold and syluer I am nothyng agast
228 But þat we shall get þat cake to ower paye.

Her shall Ser Ysodyr þe prest speke ont[o] Ser Arystori,
seyng on thys wyse to hym; and Jonatas goo don of his stage.

229 PRESBITER. Syr, be yowr leue, I may [no] lengere dwell;
230 Yt ys fer paste none, yt ys tyme to go to cherche,
231 There to saye myn evynsong, forsothe as I yow tell,
232 And syth coume home ageyne, as I am wont to werche.

233 ARISTORIUS. Sir Isydor, I praye yow wallke at yowr wyll,
234 For to serfe God yt ys well doune,
235 And syt corn agen and ye shall suppe your fyll,
236 And walke than to your chamber as ye are wont to doon.

Her shall the marchant men mete with þe Jewes.

237 JONATAS. A! Petre Powle, good daye and wele imett!
238 Wer ys thyz master, as I the pray?

239 CLERICUS. Lon[g] from hym haue I not lett
240 Syt I cam from hym, þe sothe for to saye.
241 Wat tidyng with yow, sem, I yow praye,
242 Aifter my master þat ye doo frayne?
243 Haue ye ony bargen þat wer to hys paye?
244 Let me haue knowlech; I shall wete hym to seyn.

245 JHONATTAS. I haue bargenes royal! and ry[c]h
246 For a marchaunt with to bye and sell;
247 In all thys lond is ther non lyke
248 Off aboundaunce of good, as I will tell.

Her shall þe clerk goon to Ser Aristori, saluting him

249 CLERICUS. All hayll, master, and we! mot yow be!
250 Now tydyngys can I yow tell:
251 þe grettest marchante in all Surré
252 Ys come with yow to bey and sell:
253 This tal ryght wele he me told.
254 Sir Jonatas ys hys nam,
255 A marchant of ryght gret fame;
256 He wolld sell yow, without blame,
257 P[l]enté of clothe of golde.

258 ARISTORIUS. Petre Powle, I can þe thanke!
259 I prey þe rychely araye myn hail
260 As owyth for a marchant of þe banke;
261 Lete non defawte be fownd at all.

262 CLERICUS. Sekyrly, master, no m[o]re ther shall!
263 Styffly about I thynke to stere,
264 Hasterli to hange your pamlowr with pall,
265 As longeth for a lordis pere.

Here shall þe Jewe merchaunt and his men come to þe Grist en merchaunte.

266 JONATHAS. All haylle, Syr Aristorye, semelé to se,
267 The myghtyest merchaunte off Amigon!
268 Off yower welfare fayn wet wold we,
269 And to bargeyn with you þis day am I boun.

270 ARISTORIUS. Sir Jonathas, ye be wellcum vnto myn hall!
271 I pray yow come vp and sit bi me,
272 And tell me wat good ye haue to sell,
273 And yf ony bargeny mad may be.

274 JONATHAS. I haue clothe of gold, precyous stons and spycys plenté.
275 Wyth yow a bargen wold I make-
276 I wold bartre wyth yow in pryvyté
277 On lytell thyng, [pat] ye wyll me yt take
278 Preuely in þis stownd;
279 And I woll sure yow be thys lyght,
280 Neuer dystre[n] yow daye nor nyght,
281 But be sworn to yow full ryght
282 And geve yow twenti pownd.

283 ARISTORIUS. Sir Jonathas, sey me for my sake,
284 What man[er] of marchandis ys þat ye mene?

285 JONATHAS. Yowr God, þat ys full mytheti, in a cake,
286 And thys good anoon shall yow seen.

287 [ARISTORIUS.] Nay, in feyth, þat shall not bene.
288 I woll not for an hundder pownd
289 To stond in fere my Lord to tene;
290 And for so lytell a walew in conscyen[c]e to stond bownd.

291 JONATHAS. Sir, þe entent ys, if I myght knowe or vndertake
292 Yf þat he were God allmyght,
293 Off all my mys I woll amende make,
294 And doon hym wourshepe bothe day and nyght.

295 ARISTORIUS. Jonathas, trowth I shall þe tell:
296 I stond in gret dowght to do þat dede,
297 To yow þat dere all for to sell
298 I fere me þat I shuld stond in dmede;
299 For and I vnto þe chyrche yede,
300 And preste or clerke myght me aspye,
301 To þe bysshope þei wolde go tell þat dede
302 And apeche me of eresye.

303 JONATHAS. Sir, as for pat, good shyifte may ye make,
304 And, for a vaylle, to walkyn on a nyght
305 Wan prest and clerk to rest ben take;
306 Than shall ye be spyde of no wyght.

307 ARISTORIUS. Now sey me, Jonathas, be this lyght!
308 Wat payment þerfor wollde yow me make?

309 JONATHAS. Forty pownd, and pay yt ful ryght,
310 Evyn for þat Lorde sake.

311 ARISTORIUS. Nay, nay, Jonathas, there-ageyn;
312 I w[o]ld not for an hundder pownd.

313 JONATHAS. Sir, hir ys [yo]wr askyng toolde pleyn,
314 I shall yt tell in this stownd.

315 Here is an hundder pownd, neyther mor nor lasse,
316 Of dokettys good, I dar well saye;
317 Tell yt ere yow from me passe;
318 Me thynketh yt a royall araye.

319 But fyrst, I pray yow, tell me thys:
320 Off thys thyng whan shall I hafe delyuerance?

321 ARISTORI[US]. To-morowe betymes; I shall not myse;
322 This nyght therfor I shall make purveaunce.

323 Syr Isodyr he ys now at chyrch,
324 There seyng hys evynsong,
325 As yt ys worshepe for to werche;
326 He shall sone cum home, he wyll nat be long,
327 Hys sopere for to eate;
328 And when he ys buskyd to hys bedde,
329 Ryght sone hereafter he shalbe spedd.
330 No speche among yow there be spredd;
331 To kepe yowr toungys ye nott lett.

332 JONATHAS. Syr, almyghty Machomyght be with yow!
333 And I shall cum agayn ryght sone.

334 ARYSTORIUS. Jonathas, ye wott what I haue sayd, and how
335 I shall walke for that we haue to doun.

Here goeth þe Jewys away and þe preste commyth home.

336 PRESBITER. Syr, Almyghty God mott be yowr gyde
337 And glad yow wheresoo ye rest!
338 ARISTORIUS. Syr, ye be welcom home thys tyde.
339 Now, Peter, gett vs wyne of the best.

340 CLERICUS. Syr, here ys a drawte of Romney red,
341 Ther ys no better in Aragon,
342 And a lofe of lyght bred-
343 Yt ys holesom as sayeth þe fesycyon.

344 ARYSTORIUS. Drynke of, Ser Isoder, and be of good chere!
345 Thys Romney ys good to goo with to reste;
346 Ther ys no precyouser fer nor nere,
347 For all wykkyd metys yt wyll degest.

348 PRESBITER. Syr, thys wyne ys good at a taste,
349 And therof haue I drunke ryght well.
350 To bed to gone thus haue I cast,
351 Euyn strayt after thys mery mele.

352 Now, Ser, I pray to God send yow good nyght.
353 For to my chambere now wyll I gonne.

354 ARISTORIUS. Ser, with yow be God almyght,
355 And sheld yow euer from yowr fone.

Here shall Aristorius call hys clarke to hys presens.

356 Howe, Peter! In the ys all my trust,
357 In especyall to kepe my counsell:
358 For a lytyll waye walkyn I must.
359 I wyll not be long; trust as I the tell.

360 Now preuely wyll I preue my pace,
361 My bargayn thys nyght for to fulfyll.
362 Ser Isoder shall nott know of thys case,
363 For he hath oftyn sacred as yt ys skyll.
364 The chyrche key ys at my wyll;
365 Ther ys no thyng þat me shall tary,
366 I wyll nott abyde by dale nor hyll
367 Tyll yt be wrowght, by Saynt Mary!

Here shal he enter þe chyrche and take þe Hoost.

368 Ah! now haue I all myn entent;
369 Vnto Jonathas now wyll I fare;
370 To fullfyll my bargayn haue I ment,
371 For þat mony wyll amend my fare,
372 As thynkyth me.
373 But now wyll I passe by thes pathes playne;
374 To mete with Jonathas I wold fayne.
375 Ah! yonder he commytht in certayn;
376 Me thynkyth I hym see.

377 Welcom, Jonathas, gentyll and trew,
378 For well and trwly þou kepyst thyn howre;
379 Here ys þe Host, sacred newe,
380 Now wyll I home to halle and bowre.

381 JONATHAS. And I shall kepe thys trusty treasure
382 As I wold doo my gold and fee.
383 Now in thys clothe I shall the cure
384 That no wyght shall the see.

Here shall Arystory goo hys waye and Jonathas and hys seruauntys shall goo to þe tabyll þus sayng:

385 JONATHAS. Now, Jason and Jasdon, ye be Jewys jentyll,
386 Masfatt and Malchus, that myghty am in mynd,
387 Thys merchant from the Crysten temple
388 Hathe gett vs thys bred that make vs thus blynd.
389 Now, Jason, as jentyll as euer was the lynde,
390 Into the forsayd parlowr preuely take thy pase;
391 Sprede a clothe on the tabyll þat ye shall þer fynd,
392 And we shall folow after to carpe of thys case.

Now þe Jewys goon and lay the Ost on þe tabyll, sayng:

393 JONATHAS. Syrys, I praye yow all, harkyn to my sawe!
394 Thes Crysten men carpyn of a mervelows case;
395 They say þat þis ys Jhesu þat was attayntyd in owr lawe
396 And þat thys ys he þat crwcyfyed was.

397 On thes wordys ther law growndyd hath he
398 That he sayd on Shere Thursday at hys sopere:
399 He brake the brede and sayd Accipite,
400 And gave hys dyscyplys them for to chere:
401 And more he sayd to them there,
402 Whyle they were all togethere and sum,
403 Syttyng at the table soo clere,
404 Comedite Corpus meum.

405 And thys powre he gaue Peter to proclame,
406 And how the same shuld be suffycyent to all prechors;
407 The bysshoppys and curatys saye the same,
408 And soo, as I vnderstond, do all hys progenytors.

409 JASON. Yea, sum men in þat law reherse another:
410 They say of a maydyn borne was hee,
411 And how Joachyms dowghter shuld be hys mother,
412 And how Gabrell apperyd and sayd 'Aue';
413 And with þat worde she shuld conceyuyd be,
414 And þat in hyr shuld lyght the Holy Gost.
415 Ageyns owr law thys ys false heresy,
416 And yett they saye he ys of myghtys most.

417 JASDON. They saye þat Jhesu to be owr kyng,
418 But I wene he bowght þat full dere.
419 But they make a royall aray of hys vprysyng;
420 And that in euery place ys prechyd farre and nere.
421 And how he to hys dyscyples agayn dyd appere,
422 To Thomas and to Mary Mawdelen,
423 And syth how he styed by hys own power;
424 And thys, ye know well, ys heresy full playn.

425 MASPHAT. Yea, and also they say he sent them wytt and wysdom
426 For to vnderstond euery langwage;
427 When þe Holy Gost to them come,
428 They faryd as dronk men of pymente or vernage;
429 And sythen how þat he lykenyd hymself a lord of parage,
430 On hys fatherys ryght hond he hym sett.
431 They hold hym wyser þan euer was Syble sage,
432 And strenger than Alexander, þat all þe worde ded gett.

433 MALCHUS. Yea, yet they saye as fals, I dare laye my hedde,
434 How they that be ded shall corn agayn to Judgement,
435 And owr dredfull Judge shalbe thys same brede,
436 And how lyfe euerlastyng them shuld be lent.
437 And thus they hold, all at on consent,
438 Because that Phylyppe sayd for a lytyll glosse-
439 To turne vs from owr beleve ys them entent-
440 For that he sayd, 'judecare viuos et mortuos'.

441 JONATHAS. Now, serys, ye haue rehersyd the substance of ther lawe,
442 But thys bred I wold myght be put in a prefe
443 Whether þis be he that in Bosra of vs had awe.
444 Ther staynyd were hys clothys, þis may we belefe;
445 Thys may we know, ther had he grefe,
446 For owr old bookys veryfy thus.
447 Theron he was jugett to be hangyd as a thefe-
448 Tinctis Bosra vestibus.

449 JASON. Yff þat thys be he that on Caluery was mad red,
450 Onto my mynd, I shall kenne yow a conceyt good:
451 Surely with owr daggars we shall ses on thys bredde,
452 And so with clowtys we shall know yf he haue eny blood.

453 JASDON. Now, by Machomyth so myghty, þat meuyth in my mode!
454 Thys ys masterly ment, thys matter thus to meue:
455 And with owr strokys we shall fray hym as he was on þe rood,
456 That he was on don with grett repreue.

457 MASPHAT. Yea, I pray yow, smyte ye in the myddys of þe cake,
458 And so shall we smyte þeron woundys fyve.
459 We wyll not spare to wyrke yt wrake,
460 To prove in thys brede yf þer be eny lyfe.

461 MALCHUS. Yea, goowe to, than, and take owr space,
462 And looke owr daggarys be sharpe and kene:
463 And when eche man a stroke smytte hase,
464 In þe mydyll part thereof owr master shall bene.

465 JONATHAS. When ye haue all smytyn, my stroke shalbe sene;
466 With þis same dagger that ys so styf and strong,
467 In þe myddys of thys prynt I thynke for to prene;
468 On lashe I shall hyme lende or yt be long.

Here shall þe iiij Jewys pryk þer daggerys in iiij quarters, þus sayng:

469 JASON. Haue at yt! Haue at yt, with all my myght!
470 Thys syde I hope for to sese!

471 JASDON. And I shall with thys blade so bryght
472 Thys other syde freshely afeze!

473 MASPHAT. And I yow plyght I shall hym not please,
474 For with thys punche I shall hym pryke.

475 MALCHUS. And with thys augur I shall hym not ease,
476 Another buffett shall he lykke.

477 JONATHAS. Now am I bold with batayle hym to bleyke,
478 þe mydle part alle for to prene;
479 A stowte stroke also for to stryke-
480 In þe myddys yt shalbe sene!

Here þe Ost must blede.

481 Ah! owt! owt! harrow! what deuyll ys thys?
482 Of thys wyrk I am in were;
483 Yt bledyth as yt were woode, iwys;
484 But yf ye helpe, I shall dyspayre.

485 JASON. A fyre! a fyre! and that in hast!
486 Anoon a cawdron full of oyle!

487 JASDON. And I shalle helpe yt were in cast,
488 All þe thre howrys fo[r] to boyle!

489 MASPHAT. Ye, here is a furneys stowte and strong,
490 And a cawdron therin dothe hong.
491 Malcus, wher art thow so long,
492 To helpe thys dede were dyght?

493 MALCUS. Loo, here ys fowr galouns off oyle clere.
494 Haue doon fast! blowe up þe fere!
495 Syr, bryng that ylke cake nere,
496 Manly, with all yowre mygthe.

497 JANATHAS. And I shall bryng þat ylke cak
498 And throwe yt in, I undertake.
499 Out! Out! yt werketh me wrake!
500 I may not awoyd yt owt of my hond.
501 I wylie goo drenche me in a lake.
502 And in woodnesse I gynne to wake!
503 I renne, I lepe ouer þis lond.

Her he renneth wood, with þe Ost in hys hond.

504 JASON. Renne, felawes, renne, for Cokkys peyn,
505 Fast we had owr mayster ageyne!
506 Hold prestly on thys pleyn
507 And faste bynd hyme to a poste.

508 JASDON. Here is an hamer and naylys thre,
509 I s[e]ye; Lyffte vp hys armys, felawe, roin hey,
510 Whyll I dryue þes nayles, I yow praye,
511 With strong strokys fast.

512 MASPHAT. Now set on, felouse, with mayne and myght,
513 And pluke hys armes awey in fyght!
514 Wat yfe he twycche, felovse, aryght!
515 Alas, balys breweth ryght badde!

Here shall thay pluke þe arme, and þe hond shall hang styll with þe Sacrament.

516 MALCHAS. Alas, alas, what deuyll ys thys?
517 Now hat he but oon hand iwyse!
518 Forsothe, mayster, ryght woo me is
519 þat ye þis harme hawe hadde.

520 JANATHAS. Ther ys no more; I must enduer!
521 Now hastely to owr chamber lete us gon;
522 Tyll I may get me sum recuer;
523 And therfor charge yow euerychoon
524 That yt be counsell that we haue doon.

Here shall þe lechys man come into þe place sayng:

525 COLLE. Aha! here ys a fayer felawshyppe,
526 Thewh I be nat sh[a]pyn, I lyst to sleppe:
527 I haue a master I wolld he had þe pyppe,
528 I tell yow in counsel.
529 He ys a man off all syence,
530 But off thryffte-I may with yow dyspence!
531 He syttyth with sum tapstere in þe spence:
532 Hys hoode there wyll he sell.

533 Mayster Brendyche of Braban,
534 I tell yow he ys þat same man,
535 Called þe most famous phesy[cy]an
536 þat euer sawe vryne.
537 He seeth as wele at noone as at nyght,
538 And sumtyme by a candelleyt
539 Can gyff a judgyment aryght-
540 As he þat hathe noon eyn.

541 He ys allso a boone-setter;
542 I knowe no man go þe better;
543 In euery tauerne he ys detter;
544 þat ys a good tokenyng.
545 But euer I wonder he ys so long;
546 I fere ther gooth sumthyng awrong,
547 For he hath dysa[rv]yde to be hong-
548 God send neuer wurse tydyng!

549 He had a lady late in cure;
550 I wot be þis she ys full sure;
551 There shall neuer Cristen creature
552 Here hyr tell no tale.
553 And I stode here tyll mydnyght,
554 I cowde not declare aryght
555 My masteris cunyng insyght-
556 þat he hat in good ale.

557 But what deuyll ayleth hym, so long to tare!
558 A seekman myght soone myscary.
559 Now alle þe deuyllys of hell hym wan;
560 God grante me my boon!
561 I trowe best, we mak a crye:
562 Yf any man can hym aspye
563 Led hym to þe pylleri.
564 In fayth, yt shall be don.

Here shall he stond vp and make proclamacion, seyng thys:

565 COLLE. Yff ther be eyther man or woman
566 That sawe Master Brundyche of Braban,
567 Or owyht of hym tel can,
568 Shall wele be quit hys med;
569 He hath a cut berd and a flatte noose,
570 A therde-bare gowne and a rent hoose;
571 He spekyt neuer good matere nor purpoose;
572 To þe pylleré ye hym led!

573 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. What, thu boye, what janglest here?

574 COLL. A! master, master, but to your reuerence!
575 I wend neuer to a seen yowr goodly chere,
576 Ye taréd hens so long.

577 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. What hast thow sayd in my absense?

578 COLL. Nothyng, master, but to yowr reuerence
579 I haue told all þis audiense-
580 And some lyes among.

581 But, master, I pray yow, how dothe yowr pa[c]yent
582 That ye had last vnder yowr medycament?

583 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. I waraunt she neuer fele anoyment.

584 COLL. Why, ys she in hyr graue?

585 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. I haue gyven hyr a drynke made full well
586 Wyth scamoly and with oxennell,
587 Letwyce, sawge and pympernelle.

588 COLLE. Nay, than she ys full saue,

589 For, now ye ar cum, I dame well saye
590 Betuyn Douyr and Calyce þe ryght wey
591 Dwellth non so cunnyng, be my fey,
592 In my judgyment.

593 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Cunnyng? Yea, yea, and with pratt[y]ffe;
594 I haue sauid many a mannys lyfe.
595 COLLE. On wydowes, maydese and wyfe
596 Yowr connyng yow haue nyhe spent.

597 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Were ys [my] bowg[e]tt with drynk profytable?
598 COLL. Here master, master, ware how ye tugg.
599 The devyll I trowe within shrugge,
600 For yt gooth rebyll rable.

601 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Here ys a grete congregacyon,
602 And all be not hole, without negacyon;
603 I wold haue certyfycacyon:
604 Stond vp and make a proclamacion.
605 Haue do faste, and make no pausa[c]yon,
606 But wyghtly mak a declaracion
607 To all people þat helpe w[o]lde haue.

Hic interim proclamacionem faciet.

608 COLL. All manar off men þat haue any syknes,
609 To Master Brentberecly loke þat yow redresse.
610 What dysease or syknesse þat euer ye haue,
611 He wyll neuer leue yow tyll ye be in yow[r] graue.
612 Who hat þe canker, þe collyke, or þe laxe,
613 The tercyan, þe quartan, or þe brynny[n]g axs-
614 For wormys, for gnawyng, gryndy[n]g in þe wombe or in þe boldyro-

615 All maner red eyn, bleryd eyn, and þe myegrym also,
616 For hedache, bonache, and therto þe tothache-
617 The colt-euyll, and þe brostyn men he wyll undertak,
618 All tho þat [haue] þe poose, þe sneke, or þe tyseke-
619 Thowh a man w[e]re ryght heyle, he cowd soone make hym sek.
620 Inquyre to þe colkote, for them ys hys loggyng,
621 A lytyll besyde Babwell Myll, yf ye wyll haue und[er]stondyn[g].

622 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Now, yff ther be ether man or woman
623 That nedethe helpe of a phesyscian-

624 COLL. Mary, master, þat I tell can,
625 And ye wyll vnderstond.

626 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Knoest any abut þis plase?

627 COLL. Ye, þat I do, mastrrle, so haue [I] grase;
628 Here ys a Jewe, hyght Jonathas,
629 Hath lost hys ryght hond.

630 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Fast to hym I wold inquere.

631 COLL. For God, master, þe gate ys hyre.

632 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Than to hym I wyll go nere.
633 My master, wele mot yow be!

634 JONATHAS. What doost here, felawe? what woldest thu hanne?

635 MASTER BRUNDYCHE. Syr, yf yow nede ony surgeon or physycyan,
636 Off yow[r] dyse[se] help yow welle I cane,
637 What hurtys or hermes so-euer they be.

638 JONATHAS. Syr, thu art ontawght to come in thus homly,
639 Or to pere in my presence thus malepertly.
640 Voydoth from my syght, and þat wyghtly,
641 For ye be mysse-avysed.

642 COLL. Syr, þe hurt of yowr hand ys knowen full ryfe,
643 And my maste[r] haue sauyd many a manes lyfe.

644 JONATHAS. I trowe ye be cum to make sum stryfe.
645 Hens fast, lest þat ye be chastysed.

646 COLL. Syr, ye know well yt can nott mysse;
647 Men that be masters of scyens be profytable.
648 In a pott yf yt please yow to pysse,
649 He can tell yf yow be curable.

650 [JONATHAS.] Avoyde, fealows, I loue not yowr bable!
651 Brushe them hens bothe and that anon!
652 Gyff them them reward þat they were gone!

Here shall þe iiij Jewys bett away þe leche and hys man

653 JONATHAS. Now haue don, felawys, and that anon,
654 For dowte of drede what after befall!
655 I am nere masyd, my wytte ys gon;
656 Therfor of helpe I pray yow all.

657 And take yowre pynsonys þat ar so sure,
658 And pluck owt the naylys won and won;
659 Also in a clothe ye yt cure
660 And throw yt in þe cawdron, and þat anon.

Here shall Jason pluck owt the naylys and shake þe hond into þe cawdron.

661 JASON. And I shall rape me redely anon
662 To plucke owt the naylys that stond so fast,
663 And beare thys bred and also thys bone
664 And into the cawdron I wyll yt cast.

665 JASDON. And I shall with thys dagger so stowte
666 Putt yt down that yt myght plawe,
667 And steare the clothe rounde abowte
668 That nothyng therof shalbe rawe.

669 MASPHAT. And I shall manly, with all my myght,
670 Make the fyre to blase and brynne,
671 And sett thervnder suche a lyght
672 That yt shall make yt ryght thynne.

Here shall þe cawdron byle, apperyng to be as blood.

673 MALCHAS. Owt and harow! what deuyll ys herein?
674 All thys oyle waxyth redde as blood,
675 And owt of the cawdron yt begynnyth to rin.
676 I am so aferd I am nere woode.

Here shall Jason and hys compeny goo to Ser Jonathas sayng:

677 JASON. Ah! master, master, what chere ys with yow?
678 I can nott see owr werke wyll avayle;
679 I beseche yow avance yow now
680 Sumwhatt with yowr counsayle.

681 JONATHAS. The best counsayle that I now wott,
682 That I can deme, farre and nere,
683 Ys to make an ovyn as redd hott
684 As euer yt can be made with fere;
685 And when ye see yt soo hott appere,
686 Then throw yt into the ovyn fast-
687 Sone shall he stanche hys bledyng chere.
688 When ye haue donne, stoppe yt-be not agast!

689 JASDON. Be my fayth, yt shalbe wrowgh[t],
690 And that anon, in gret hast.
691 Bryng on fyryng, serys, here ye nowght?
692 To hete thys ovyn be nott agast.

693 MASPHAT. Here ys straw and thornys kene:
694 Com on, Malchas, and bryng on fere,
695 For that shall hete yt well, I wene;

Here þei kyndyll þe fyre.

696 Blow on fast, that done yt were!

697 MALCHAS. Ah, how thys fyre gynnyth to brenne clere!
698 Thys ovyn ryght hotte I thynk to make.
699 Now, Jason, to the cawdron þat ye stere

700 And fast fetche hether that ylke cake.

Here shall Jason goo to þe cawdron and take owt the Ost
with hys pynsonys and cast yt into the ovyn.

701 JASON. I shall with thes pynsonys withowt dowt,
702 Shake thys cake owt of thys clothe,
703 And to the ovyn I shall yt rowte
704 And stoppe hym there, thow he be loth.
705 The cake I haue cawght here in good sothe-
706 The hand ys soden, the fleshe from þe bonys-
707 Now into the ouyn I wyll therwith.
708 Stoppe yt, Jasdon, for the nonys!

709 JASDON. I stoppe thys ovyn, wythowtyn dowte,
710 With clay I clome yt vppe ryght fast,
711 That non heat shall cum owtte.

712 I trow there shall he hete and drye in hast!

Here the owyn must ryve asunder and blede owt at þe cranys,
and an image appere owt with woundys bledyng.

713 MASPHAT. Owt! owt! here ys a grete wondere!
714 Thys ovyn b[l]edyth owt on euery syde!

715 MALCHAS. Yea, þe ovyn on peacys gynnyth to ryve asundre;
716 Thys ys a mervelows case thys tyde.

Here shall þe image speke to the Juys sayng thus:

717 JHESUS. O mirabiles Judd, attendite et videte
718 Si est dolor sicut dolor meus.
719 Oh ye merveylows Jewys,
720 Why am ye to yowr kyng onkynd,
721 And [I] so bytterly bowt yow to my blysse?
722 Why fare ye thus fule with yowre frende?
723 Why peyne yow me and straytly me pynde,
724 And I yowr loue so derely haue bowght?
725 Why are ye so vnstedfast in yowr mynde?
726 Why wrath ye me? I greve yow nowght.
727 Why wyll ye nott beleue that I haue tawght,
728 And forsake yowr fowle neclygence,
729 And kepe my commandementys in yowr thowght,
730 And vnto my godhed to take credence?

731 Why blaspheme yow me? Why do ye thus?
732 Why put yow me to a newe tormentry,
733 And I dyed for yow on the crosse?
734 Why consyder not yow what I dyd crye?
735 Whyle that I was with yow, ye ded me velanye.
736 Why remember ye nott my bytter chaunce,
737 How yowr kynne dyd me awance
738 For claymyng of myn enherytaunce?
739 I shew yow the streytnesse of my greuaunce,
740 And all to meue yow to my mercy.

741 JONATHAS. Tu es protector vite mee; a quo trepidabo?
742 O thu, Lord, whyche art my defendowr,
743 For died of the I trymble and quake.
744 Of thy gret mercy lett vs receyue þe showre;
745 And mekely I aske mercy, amendys to make.

Here shall they knele down all on ther kneys, sayng:

746 JASON. Ah! Lord, with sorow and care and grete wepyng
747 All we felawys lett vs saye thus,
748 With condolent hamte and grete sorowyng:
749 Lacrimis nostris consciendam nostram baptizemus!

750 JASDON. Oh thow blyssyd Lord of mykyll myght,
751 Of thy gret mercy, thou hast shewyd vs þe path,
752 Lord, owt of grevous slepe and owt of dyrknes to lyght,
753 Ne grauis sompnus irruat.

754 MASPHAT. Oh Lord, I was very cursyd, for I wold know p crede.
755 I can no menys make but crye to the thus:
756 O gracyows Lorde, forgyfe me my mysdede!
757 With lamentable hart: miserere mei, Deus!

758 MALCHAS. Lord, I haue offendyd the in many a sundry vyse,
759 That styckyth at my hart as hard as a core.
760 Lord, by þe water of contrycion lett me amyse:
761 Asparges me, Domine, ysopo, et mundabor.

762 JHESUS. All ye that desyryn my seruauntys for to be
763 And to fullfyll þe preceptys of my lawys,
764 The intent of my commandement knowe ye:
765 Ite et ostendite vos sacerdotibus meis.

766 To all yow þat desyre in eny wyse
767 To aske mercy, to graunt yt redy I am.
768 Remember and left yowr wyttys suffyce,
769 Et tunc non auertam a vobis faciem meam.

770 No, Jonathas, on thyn hand thow art but lame,
771 And ys thorow thyn own cruelnesse.
772 For thyn hurt þou mayest þiselfe blame,
773 Thow woldyst preve thy powre me to oppresse;
774 But now I consydre thy necesse;
775 Thow wasshest thyn hart with grete contrycion;
776 Go to the cawdron-þi care shalbe the lesse-
777 And towche thyn hand to thy saluacion.

Here shall Ser Jonathas put hys hand into þe cawdron,
and yt shalbe hole agayn; and then say as fo[l]wyth:

778 JONATHAS. Oh thow my Lord God and Sauyowr, osanna!
779 Thow Kyng of Jewys and of Jerusalem!
780 O thow myghty, strong Lyon of Juda,
781 Blyssyd be the tyme þat þou were in Bedlem!
782 Oh þou myghty, strong, gloryows, and gracyows oyle streme,
783 Thow myghty conquerrowr of infernall tene,
784 I am quyt of moche combrance thorowgh thy meane,
785 That euer blyssyd moft þou bene!

786 Alas, þat euer I dyd agaynst thy wyll,
787 In my wytt to be soo wood
788 That I so ongoodly wyrk shuld soo gryll!
789 Aens my mysgouernaunce thow gladdyst me with good:
790 I was soo prowde to prove the on þe Roode,
791 And þou haste sent me lyghtyng þat late was lame;
792 To bete the and boyle the I was myghty in moode,
793 And now þou hast put me from duresse and dysfame.

794 But, Lord, I take my leve at thy hygh presens,
795 And put me in thy myghty mercy;
796 The bysshoppe wyli I goo fetche to se owr offens,
797 And onto hym shew owr lyfe, how þat we be gylty.

Here shall þe master Jew goo to þe byshopp and hys men knele styll.

798 JONATHAS. Hayle, father of grace! I knele vpon my knee,
799 Hertely besechyng yow and interely,
800 A swemfull syght all for to see
801 In my howse apperyng verely:
802 The holy Sacrament, þe whyche we haue done tormentry,
803 And ther we haue putt hym to a newe passyon,
804 A chyld apperyng with wondys blody:
805 A swemfull syght yt ys to looke vpon.

806 EPISCOPUS. Oh Jhesu, Lord, full of goodnesse!
807 With the wyll I walke with all my myght.
808 Now, all my pepull, with me ye dresse
809 For to goo see that swymfull syght.

810 Now, all ye peple that here are,
811 I commande yow, euery man,
812 On yowr feet for to goo bare,
813 In the devoutest wyse that ye can.

Here shall þe bysshope entere into þe Jewys howse and say:

814 O Jhesu fili Dei,
815 How thys paynfull passyon rancheth myn hart!
816 Lord, I crye to the, miserere mei,
817 From thys rufull syght þou wylt reuerte.
818 Lord, we all with sorowys smert,
819 For thys vnlefull work we lyue in langowr;
820 Now, good Lord, in thy grace let vs be gert,
821 And of thy souerreyn marcy send vs thy socowr;
822 And for thy holy grace forgyfe vs owr errowr.
823 Now left thy peté spryng and sprede;
824 Thowgh we haue be vnrygh[t]full, forgyf vs owr rygore,
825 And of owm lamentable hartys, good Lord, take hed.

Here shall þe im[a]ge change agayn into brede.

826 EPISCOPUS. Oh thu largyfluent Lord, most of lyghtnesse,
827 Onto owr prayers thow hast applyed:
828 Thu hast receyuyd them with grett sweftnesse,
829 For all owr dredfull dedys þou hast not vs denyed.

830 Full mykyll owte thy name for to be magnyfyed
831 With mansuete myrth and gret swettnes,
832 And as owr gracyows God for to be gloryfyed,
833 For thu shewyst vs gret gladnes.

834 Now wyll I take thys Holy Sacrament
835 With humble hart and gret devocion,
836 And all we wyll gon with on consent
837 And beare yt to chyrche with sole[m]pne processyon;

838 Now folow me, all and summe,
839 And all tho that bene here, both more and lesse,
840 Thys holy song, O sacrum Conuiuium,
841 Lett vs syng all with greft swetnesse.

Here shall þe pryst, Ser Isoder, aske hys master what þis menyth.

842 [PRESBITER.] Ser Arystory, I pray yow, what menyth all thys?
843 Sum myracle, I hope, ys wrowght be Goddys myght;
844 The bysshope cornmyth processyon with a gret meny of Jewys;
845 I hope sum myracle ys shewyd to hys syght.
846 To chyrche in hast wyll I rune full ryght,
847 For thether, me thynk, he begynnyth to take hys pace.
848 The Sacrament so semly ys borne in syght,
849 I hope that God hath shewyd of hys grace.

850 ARYSTORIUS. To tell yow the tmowth I wyll nott left:
851 Alas þat euer thys dede was dyght!
852 An onlefull bargayn [I] began for to beat;
853 I sold yon same Jewys owr Lord full ryght
854 For couytyse of good, as a cursyd wyght.
855 Woo the whyle that bargayn I dyd euer make!
856 But yow be my defensour in owr dyocesans syght,
857 For an heretyke I feare he wyll me take.

858 PRESBITER. For sothe, nothyng well-avysed was yowr wytt;
859 Wondrely was yt wrowght of a man of dyscrescion
860 In suche perayle yowr solle for to pytt;
861 But I wyll labor for yowr absolucyon.
862 Lett vs hye vs fast that we were hens,
863 And beseche hym of hys benygne grace
864 That he wyll shew vs hys benyvolens

865 To make a menys for yowr trespas.

Here shall þe merchant and hys prest go to þe chyrche
and þe bysshop shall entre þe chyrche and lay þe Ost on þe auter, sayng thus:

866 EPISCOPUS. Estote fortes in bello et pugnate cum antico serpente,
867 Et accipite regnum eternum, et cetera.
868 My chyldern, ye be strong in batayll gostly
869 For to fyght agayn the fell serpent,
870 That nyght and day ys euer besy;
871 To dystroy owr sollys ys hys intent.
872 Look ye be not slow nor neclygent
873 To amme yow in the vertues seuyn;
874 Of synnys fo[r]gotyn take good avysement,
875 And knowlege them to yowr confessor full euyn;

876 For that serpent, the deuyll, ys full strong,
877 Meruelows myschevos for man to mene;
878 But that the Passyon of Cryst ys meynt vs among,
879 And that ys in dyspyte of hys infernall tene.
880 Beseche owr Lord and Sauyowr so kene
881 To put doun that serpent, cumberer of man,
882 To withdraw hys furyous froward doctryn bydene,
883 Fulfyllyd of þe fend callyd Leuyathan.

884 Gyff lawrell to that Lord of myght
885 That he may bryng vs to the joyows fruycion,
886 Form vs to put the fend to flyght,
887 That neuer he dystroy vs by hys temptacion.

888 PRESBITER. My father vnder God, I knele vnto yowr kne,
889 In yowr myhty mysericord to tak vs in remembrance;
890 As ye be materyall to owr degré,
891 We put vs in yowr moderat ordynaunce,
892 Yff yt lyke yowr hyghnes to here owr greuaunce:
893 We haue offenddyd sorowfully in a syn mortall,
894 Wherfor we fere vs owr Lord wyll take vengaunce
895 For owr synnes both grete and small.

896 EPISCOPUS. And in fatherhed that longyth to my dygnyté,
897 Vnto yowr grefe I wyll gyf credens.
898 Say what ye wyll, in þe name of þe Trynyté,
899 Agayn[s]t God yf ye haue wroght eny inconuenyens.

900 ARISTORIUS. Holy father, I knele to yow vnder benedydte.
901 I haue offendyd in the syn of couytys:
902 I sold owr Lordys body for lucre of mony
903 And delyueryd to the wyckyd with cursyd advyce.
904 And for that pres[u]mpcion gretly I agryse
905 That I presumed to go to the autere
906 There to handyll þe holy sacryfyce-
907 I were worthy to be putt in brennyng fere.

908 But, gracyous lord, I can no more,
909 But put me to Goddys mercy and to yowr grace:
910 My cursyd werkys for to restore,
911 I aske penaunce now in thys place.

912 EPISCOPUS. Now for thys offence that þou hast donne
913 Aens the Kyng of Hevyn and Emperowr of Hell,
914 Euer whyll þou lyuest good dedys for to done
915 And neuermore for to bye nor sell:
916 Chastys thy body as I shall the tell,
917 With fastyng and prayng and other good wyrk,
918 To withstond the temtacyon of fendys of hell;
919 And to call to God for grace looke þou neuer be irke.

920 Also, þou preste, for thy neclygens,
921 That thou were no wyser in thyn office,
922 Thou art worthy inpresu[n]ment for thyn offence;
923 But beware euer herafter and be more wyse.

924 And all yow creaturys and curatys that here be,
925 Off thys dede yow may take example
926 How that yowr pyxys lockyd ye shuld see,
927 And be ware of the key of Goddys temple.

928 JONATHAS. And I aske Crystendom with great devocion,
929 With repentant hart in all degrees,
930 I aske for vs all a generall absolucion.

Here þe Juys must knele al down.

931 For that we knele all vpon owr knees;
932 For we haue greuyd owr Lord on grovnd
933 And put hym to a new paynfull passioun:
934 With daggars styckyd hym with greuos wo[u]nde,
935 New naylyd hym to a post and with pynsonys pluckyd hym down.

936 JASON. And syth we toke that blyssyd bred so sownd
937 And in a cawdron we dyd hym boyle,
938 In a clothe full just we hym wounde
939 And so dyd we seth hym in oyle.

940 JASDON. And for þat we myght not ouercom hym with tormentry,
941 In an hoft ovyn we speryd hym fast,
942 There he apperyd with wondys all bloody:
943 The ovyn rave asunder and all tobrast.

944 MASPHAT. In hys law to make vs stedfast,
945 There spake he to vs woordys of grete favore;
946 In contmycyon owr hartys he cast
947 And bad take vs to a confessore.

948 MALCHUS. And, therfor, all we with on consent
949 Knele onto yowr hygh souereynté,
950 For to be crystenyd ys owr intent;
951 Now all owr dedys to yow shewyd haue we.

Here shall þe bysshoppe crysten þe Jewys with gret solempnyté.

952 EPISCOPUS. Now the Holy Gost at thys tyme mot yow blysse
953 As ye knele all now in hys name,
954 And with the water of baptyme I shall yow blysse
955 To saue yow all from the fendys blame.
956 Now, that fendys powre for to make lame,
957 In þe name of þe Father, þe Son and þe Holy Gost,
958 To saue yow from the deuyllys flame,
959 I crysten yow all, both lest and most.

960 SER JONATHAS. Now owr father and byshoppe þat we well knaw,
961 We thank yow interly, both lest and most.
962 Now ar we bownd to kepe Crystys lawe
963 And to serue þe Father, þe Son and þe Holy Gost.
964 Now wyll we walke by contré and cost,
965 Owr wyckyd lyuyng for to restore:
966 And trust in God, of myghtys most,
967 Neuerz to offend as we haue don befor.

968 Now we take owr lea[v]e at lesse and mare
969 Forward on owr vyage we wyll vs dresse;
970 God send yow all as good welfare
971 As hart can thynke or towng expresse.

972 ARYSTORIUS. Into my contré now wyll I fare
973 For to arnende myn wyckyd lyfe,
974 And to kep þe people owt of care
975 I wyll teache thys lesson to man and wyfe.

976 Now take I my leave in thys place,
977 I wyll go walke my penaunce to fullfyll;
978 Now, God, aens whom I haue done thys trespas,
979 Graunt me forgyfnesse yf yt be thy wyll!

980 PRESBITER. For joy of thys me thynke my hart do wepe,
981 That yow haue gyuyn yow all Crystys seruauntys to be,
982 And hym for to serue with hart full meke-
983 God, full of pacyens and humylyte-
984 And the conuersacion of all thes fayre men,
985 With hartys stedfastly knett in on,
986 Goddys lawys to kepe and hym to serue bydene,
987 As faythfull Crystyanys euermore for to gone.

988 EPISCOPUS. God Omnypotent euermore looke ye serue
989 With deuocion and prayre whyll þat ye may;
990 Dowt yt not he wyll yow preserue
991 For eche good prayer þat ye sey to hys pay;
992 And therfor in euery dew tyme loke ye nat delay
993 For to serue the Holy Trynyté,
994 And also Mary, that swete may,
995 And kepe yow in perfyte loue and charyté.

996 Crystys commandementys ten there bee;
997 Kepe well them; doo as I yow tell.
998 Almyght God shall yow please in euery degré,
999 And so shall ye saue yowr sollys from hell.
1000 For there ys payn and sorow cruel!,
1001 And in heuyn ther ys both joy and blysse,
1002 More then eny towng can tell,
1003 There angellys syng with grett swetnesse;

1004 To the whyche blysse he bryng vs
1005 Whoys name ys callyd Jhesus,
1006 And in wyrshyppe of thys name gloryows
1007 To syng to hys honore Te Deum Laudamus.

1008 Finis.

Thus endyth the Play of the Blyssyd Sacrament, whyche myracle was don in the forest of
1009 Aragon, in the famous cite Eraclea, the yere of owr Lord God M cccc.
1010 lxj, to whom be honowr, Amen.

The namys and numbere of the players:
Jh[es]us Jason, Judeus ijus
Episcopus Jasdon, Judeus iijus
Aristorius, Christianus mercator Masphat, Judeus iiij
[Isoder, presbiter] Maichus, Judeus Vtus
Clericus Magister phisicus
Jonathas, Judeus jmus Magister Coll, seruus

IX may play yt at ease.

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