From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Ashmole Fragment

001 þou3 ye were.

002 SECUNDUS MILES. Sure emperoure, dred ye no thynge!
003 Yff there be any fresche gedling
004 That wold yow greue with any thyng,
005 In word or in dede,
006 By þe berd I schall hym schake,
007 That ys skulle schall al tocrake,
008 And hys sawle from hym tak,
009 And rost hym ouer a glede.

To the hye prest.

010 O Mahound, þou grete god and tru,
011 Lowuely and also meke of hew,
012 Offur to þe I wyll newe
013 A daggar þat ys gud and fyne.

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