From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Durham Prologue

01 Pes, lordyngs, I prai 3ow pes,
02 And of 3our noys 3e stynt and ses,
03 Oure gamen to lett ne cry in pres
04 For 3our courtasy.
05 þat we 3ow play it is no les,
06 Godmen, sikirly.

07 Oure myrth we make of a knyght
08 þat in his tyme was bold and wyght,
09 Rich of rent, man mekill of myght,
10 Proper and aupert.
11 Swilk hap gan fall pat on him light
12 þat put him to pouert.

13 þan he sight full wondre sore,
14 þat so rich had ben before,
15 And had nothyng to leue on more;
16 His hert was full of grefe.
17 þe fende apierd vntill him þor
18 As man at his myschiefe.

19 He saide, "Man, lat be þi drede,
20 þou leue on me and my lede
21 And þou sall haue all pat þe nede
22 Vntill þi lyues ende."
23 Bot sikirly, als we cone rede,
24 Of Mary milde þan was his mende.

25 Mary had of him pité,
26 And till hir son scho knelid on kne,
27 Sayd, "Son, 3on body gif me.
28 I chalange be right."
29 þus fro þe fendes pousté
30 Boured scho þe knyght.

31 Me nedis 3ow no more to tell
32 O þis thing how it befell;
33 Bot 3e sall her, and 3e will dwell,
34 How þat it sall be plaied.
35 He kep 3ow all þat herid hell,
36 And sithen vp staied.

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