From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

The Reynes Extracts


01 Now, wursheppful souereyns pat syttyn here in syth,
02 Lordys and ladyes and frankelens in fay,
03 With alle maner of abesyans we recomaunde vs ryght
04 Plesantly to 3our persones that present ben in play;
05 And for 3our soferyng sylens that 3e han kept þis day
06 In pleyng of oure play withowte ony resystens
07 Derely we thank 3ow with myght as we may,
08 And for your laudabyl lystenyng in good audiens
09 That we haue had this day.
10 And if we haue passyd ony poynt in oure pleyng,
11 Or moved ony materys in oure seyng
12 That schuld be to 3oure personys displesyng,
13 We beseche 3ou reporte it not away.

14 For trewly oure entent was wel to do,
15 And if ony fawte be per fowndyn it is oure neglygensy;
16 And short tyme avysement causet also,
17 For lytell tyme of lernyng we haue had sekerly,
18 And euery man is not expert in eloquens
19 To vtteryn his mater gayly onto 3our audiens.
20 Wherfor we beseche 3ou of 3oure gret gentry
21 The best to reporte of vs in oure absens
22 In euery ilke a place.
23 Souereyns alle insame,
24 3e that arn come to sen oure game,
25 We pray 3ou alle in Goddys name
26 To drynke ar 3e pas;

27 For an ale is here ordeyned be a comely assent
28 For alle maner of people þat apperyn here þis day,
29 Vnto holy chirche to ben incressement
30 Alle that excedith þe costys of our play.

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