From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

N-Town Cycle - The Proclamation of Banns

1 PRIMUS VEXILLAT[OR]. Now, gracyous God, groundyd of all goodnesse,
2 As þi grete glorie nevyr begynnyng had,
3 So þu socour and saue all þo þat sytt and sese,
4 And lystenyth to oure talkyng with sylens stylle and sad.
5 For we purpose us pertly stylle in þis prese
6 þe pepyl to plese with pleys ful glad.
7 Now lystenyth us louely, bothe more and lesse,
8 Gentyllys and 3emanry of goodly lyff lad,
9 þis tyde.
10 We xal 3ou shewe as þat we kan
11 How þat þis werd fyrst began,
12 And how God made bothe molde and man,
13 Iff þat 3e wyl abyde.

14 SECUNDUS VEXILLA[TOR]. In þe fyrst pagent we þenke to play
15 How God dede make þurowe his owyn myth
16 Hevyn so clere upon þe fyrst day,
17 And þerin he sett angell ful bryth.
18 Than angell with songe, þis is no nay,
19 Xal worchep God as it is ryth.
20 But Lucyfer, þat angell so gay,
21 In suche pompe þan is he pyth
22 And set in so gret pride,
23 þat Goddys sete he gynnyth to take,
24 Hese Lordys pere hymself to make.
25 But þan he fallyth a fend ful blake
26 From hevyn, in helle to a[byde].

27 TERCIUS VEXILLA[TOR]. In þe secunde pagent, by Godys myth,
28 We þenke to shewe and pley bedene
29 In þe other sex days, by opyn syth,
30 What þenge was wrought þer xal be sene
31 How best was made, and foule of flyth,
32 And last was man made, as I wene.
33 Of mannys o ryb, as I 3ow plyth,
34 Was woman wrougth, mannys make to bene,
35 And put in paradyse.
36 Ther were flourys bothe blew and blake;
37 Of all frutys þei myth þer take,
38 Saff frute of cunnyng þei xulde forsake
39 And towche it in no wyse.

40 The serpent toke Eve an appyl to byte,
41 And Eve toke Adam a mursel of þe same.
42 Whan þei had do þus a3ens þe rewle of ryte,
43 Than was oure Lord wroth and grevyd al with grame.
44 Oure Lord gan appose þem of þer gret delyte,
45 Bothe to askuse hem of þat synful blame.
46 And þan Almythy God for þat gret dyspite
47 Assygned hem grevous peyn, as 3e xal se in game,
48 Indede.
49 Seraphyn, an angell gay,
50 With brennyng swerd, þis is verray,
51 From paradise bete hem away,
52 In Bybyl as we rede.

53 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR We purpose to shewe in þe thryd pagent
54 The story of Caym and of hese brother Abelle.
55 Of here tythyngys now be we bent
56 In þis pagent þe trewth to telle.
57 How be tythyng of Abel with feyr was brent
58 And accept to God, yf 3e wyl dwelle,
59 We purpose to shewe, as we haue ment,
60 And how he was kyllyd of his brother so felle.
61 And than
62 How Caym was cursyd in al degré
63 Of Godys owyn mowthe þer xal 3e se.
64 Of trewe tythyng þis may wel be
65 Exaw[m]ple to every man.

66 SECUNDUS VEXILATOR The ijjde pagent is now 3ow tolde.
67 be fourte pagent of Noe xal be,
68 How God was wroth with man on molde
69 Because fro synne man dede not fle.
70 He sent to Noe an angel bolde,
71 A shyp for to makyn and swymmen on þe se,
72 Vpon þe water both wood and coolde;
73 And viij sowles þer savyd xulde be,
74 And j peyre of everich bestys in brynge.
75 Whan xlti days þe flode had flowe,
76 þan sente Noe out a crowe,
77 And after hym he sent a dowe
78 þat brouth ryth good tydyng.

79 TERCIUS VEXIL[LATOR].Of Abraham is be fyfte pagent,
80 And of Ysaac, his sone so fre,
81 How þat he xulde with fere be brent
82 And slayn with swerd, as 3e xal se.
83 Abraham toke with good atent
84 His sone Ysaac and knelyd on kne--
85 His suerd was than ful redy bent--
86 And thouth his chylde þer offered xuld be
87 Vpon an hyll ful ryff.
88 Than God toke tent to his good wyl
89 And sent an angel ryth sone hym tyl,
90 And bad Abraham a shep to kyl,
91 And sauyd his chyldys lyff.

92 PRIIMUS VEXIL[LATOR]. The sexte pagent is of Moyses,
93 And of tweyn tabelys þat God hym took,
94 In þe which were wrete, without les,
95 þe lawes of God to lerne and lok;
96 And how God charged hym be wordys these
97 þe lawes to lerne al of þat book.
98 Moyses than doth nevyrmore sese,
99 But prechyth duly bothe 3ere and woke
100 The lawes, as I 3ow telle,
101 þe Ten Comaundementys alle bedene--
102 In oure play 3e xal hem sene--
103 To alle þo þat þere wyl bene,
104 If þat 3e thenke to duelle.

105 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR Off þe gentyl Jesse rote
106 þe sefnt pagent, forsothe, xal ben,
107 Out of þe which doth sprynge oure bote,
108 As in prophecye we redyn and sen.
109 Kyngys and prophetys with wordys ful sote
110 Schull prophesye al of a qwen,
111 þe which xal staunch oure stryff and moote,
112 And wynnyn us welthe withoutyn wen,
113 In hevyn to abyde.
114 They xal prophecye of a mayde,
115 All fendys of here xal be affrayde.
116 Here sone xal saue us, be not dismayde,
117 With hese woundys wyde.

118 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR Of þe grete bushop Abyacar
119 þe tende pagent xal be, without lesyng,
120 þe which comaundyth men to be war
121 And brynge here douterys to dew weddyng;
122 All þat ben xiiij 3ere and more,
123 To maryage he byddyth hem bryng.
124 Wherevyr þei be, he chargyth sore
125 þat þei not fayle for no lettyng,
126 þe lawe byddyth so than.
127 Than Joachym and Anne so mylde,
128 þei brynge forthe Mary, þat blyssyd chylde.
129 But she wold not be defylyde
130 With spot nor wem of man.

131 In chastyté þat blysful mayde
132 Avowyd there here lyff to lede.
133 þan is be busshop sore dysmayde
134 And wonderyth sore al of þis dede.
135 He knelyd to God, as it is sayde,
136 And prayth than for help and rede.
137 þan seyth an angel, "Be not afrayde;
138 Of þis dowte take þu no drede,
139 But for be kynrede of Dauyd þu sende.
140 Lete hem come with here offryng,
141 And in here handys white 3erdys brynge.
142 Loke whose 3erde doth floure and sprynge,
143 And he xal wedde þat mayden hende."

144 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xte pagent, sothe to say,
145 A masangere forthe is sent.
146 Dauydis kynrede without delay,
147 They come ful sone with good entent.
148 Whan Joseph offeryd his 3erde þat day,
149 Anon-ryth forth in present,
150 þe ded styk do floure ful gay,
151 And þan Joseph to wedlok went,
152 Ryth as be angel bad.
153 Than he plyth to his wyff
154 In chastyté to ledyn here lyff.
155 þe busshop toke here iij maydonys ryff;
156 Som comforte bere she had.

157 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xjde pagent goth Gabryell
158 And doth salute oure Lady fre.
159 Than grett with chylde, as I 3ow tell,
160 þat blyssyd mayde, forsothe is she.
161 þo iij maydenys þat with here dwelle
162 Here gret spech, but noon þei se.
163 Than they suppose þat sum angell,
164 Goddys masangere þat it xuld be.
165 And thus
166 þe Holy Gost in here is lyth,
167 And Goddys sone in here is pygth.
168 þe aungell doth telle what he xal hyght
169 And namyth þe chylde Jhesus.

170 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xij pagent, as I 3ow telle,
171 Joseph comyth hom fro fer countré.
172 Oure Ladyes wombe with chylde doth swelle,
173 And þan Joseph, ful hevy is he.
174 He doth forsake here with hert ful felle,
175 Out of countré he gynnyth to fle;
176 He nevyrmore thenkyth with here to dwelle,
177 And than oure Lady, ryth sore wepyth she.
178 An angell seyd hym ryf:
179 "God is with þi wyff, sertayn,
180 þerfore, Joseph, turne hom agayn."
181 þan is Joseph in herte ful fayn,
182 And goth ageyn onto his wyff.

183 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR The xi[j]jjte pagent, I sey 3ow bedene,
184 Xal be of Joseph and mylde Mary:
185 How they were sclawndryd with trey and tene,
186 And to here purgacyon þei must hem hy.
187 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xv pagent shewe we xal
188 How Joseph went withoute varyauns
189 For rnydwyuys to helpe oure Lady at all,
190 Of childe that she had delyuerauns.

191 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xvj pagent Cryst xal be born.
192 Of þat joy aungelys xul synge
193 And telle be shepherdys in þat morn
194 The blysseful byrth of þat kyng.
195 The shepherdys xal come hym befforn
196 With reuerens and with worchepyng,
197 For he xal sauyn þat was forlorn
198 And graunt us lyff evyrmore lestyng,
199 Iwys.
200 þis gle in gryth
201 Is mater of myrth.
202 Now Crystys byrth
203 Bryng us to his blys.

204 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR [In] the xvte pagent come kyngys iij
205 With gold, myrre, and frankynsens.
206 Kyng Herowdys styward hem doth se
207 And bryngyth all to his presens.
208 The kyngys of Coleyn with hert ful fre
209 Tolde Kyng Herownde here dylygens,
210 That þei south in þat countré
211 A kyng of kyngys from fere thens;
212 A sterre led hem þe way.
213 "The chylde is 3oung and lyth in stall;
214 He xal be kyng of kyngys all.
215 Beffore hym we thynk on kne to fall
216 And worchep hym þis day."

217 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xvj pagent as wroth as wynde
218 Is Kyng Herownde, þe soth to say,
219 And cruel knytys and vnkende
220 To sle male chylderyn he sendyth þat day.
221 But Cryst Jesu þei may not fynde,
222 For Joseph hath led þat childe away
223 Vnto Egypth, as we haue mende,
224 As angel to Joseph dyd byd and say,
225 In hy3ht.
226 þo chylderyn þat syt in here moderys lap
227 To sowkyn ful swetly here moderys pap,
228 þe knythtys do sle hem evyn at a swap.
229 þis is a rewly syth.

230 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xvij pagent be knythtys bedene
231 Shull brynge dede childeryn befor be kyng.
232 Whan Kyng Herownde þat syth hath sene,
233 Ful glad he is of here kyllyng.
234 Than Kyng Herownde, withowtyn wene,
235 Is sett to mete at his lykyng.
236 In his most pride xal come gret tene,
237 As 3e xal se at oure pleyng.
238 His sorwe xal awake.
239 Whan he is sett at hese most pryde,
240 Sodeyn Deth xal thrylle his syde
241 And kylle his knyttys þat with hym byde;
242 þe devyl þer soulys xal take.

243 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xviij pagent we must purpose
244 To shewe whan Cryst was xij 3er of age,
245 How in þe temple he dede appose
246 And answerd doctoris ryth wyse and sage.
247 The blyssyd babe, withowte glose,
248 Ouercam olde clerkys with suych langage
249 þat þei merveylyd, 3e xal suppose,
250 How þat he cam to suche knowlage,
251 And in þis whyle.
252 Thre days he was oute
253 Fro his modyr, without doute.
254 Wepyng she sowth hym rownde aboute
255 Jheruselem many a myle.

256 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xix pagent xal Seynt Jhon
257 Baptyse Cryst, as I 3ow say,
258 In þe watyr of Flom Jordon.
259 With which devys as we best may,
260 The Holy Gost xal ouyr hym on.
261 þe Faderys voys xal be herd þat day
262 Out of hevyn, þat blisful tron;
263 þe Fadyr xal be herd, þis is no nay.
264 And forthwith pleyn
265 þe Holy Gost xal be his gyde
266 Into desert, þerin to abyde
267 xlti days, a terme ful wyde,
268 And xlti nygthtys to faste, sarteyn.

269 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxti pagent all be deuelys of helle,
270 They gadere a parlement, as 3e xal se.
271 They haue gret doute, be trewth to telle,
272 Of Cryst Jesu, whath he xulde be.
273 They sende Ssathan, þat fynde so felle,
274 Cryst for to tempte in fele degré.
275 We xal 3ow shewe, if 3e wyl dwelle,
276 How Cryst was temptyd in synnys thre
277 Of þe devyl Sathan.
278 And how Cryst answeryd onto alle,
279 And made be fende awey to falle,
280 As we best may, þis shewe we xalle
281 Thorwe grace of God and man.

282 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR The xxiti pagent of a woman xal be,
283 þe which was take in adultrye.
284 The Pharysewys falsed þer 3e xal se,
285 Cryst to convycte how they were slye.
286 They conseyvyd þis sotylté:
287 Yf Cryst þis woman dede dampne, trewly,
288 Ageyn his prechyng than dede he,
289 Which was of pete and of mercy;
290 And yf he dede here save,
291 þan were he a3ens Moyses lawe,
292 þat byddyth with stonys she xulde be slawe.
293 þus they thowth vndyr þer awe
294 Cryst Jesu for to haue.

295 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR The grettest meracle þat evyr Jesus
296 In erthe wrouth beforn his Passyon
297 In [þe] xxijti pagent we purpose vs
298 To shewe indede be declaracyon.
299 þat pagent xal be of Lazarus,
300 In whos place and habytacyon
301 Cryst was logyd--þe gospel seyth thus--
302 And ofte-tyme toke þer consolacyon.
303 But 3yt
304 Lazarus, as I 3ow say,
305 Was iiij days ded and beryed in clay.
306 From deth to lyve þe iiijte day
307 Cryst reysed hym from þat pyt.

308 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxiijti pagent Palme Sunday
309 In pley we purpose for to shewe,
310 How chylderyn of Ebrew with flourys ful gay,
311 þe wey þat Cryst went þei gun to shewe.
312 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxiiijti pagent, as þat we may,
313 Cryst and his apostelys alle on rewe,
314 The Mawndé of God þer xal they play,
315 And sone declare it with wordys fewe.
316 And than
317 Judas, þat fals traytour,
318 For xxxti platys of werdly tresour
319 Xal betray oure Savyour
320 To þe Jewys, certan.

321 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR For grevous peyn, þis is no les,
322 In þe xxvti p agent Cryst xal pray
323 To be Fadyr of Hevyn þat peyn for to ses,
324 His shamful deth to put away.
325 Judas, þat traytour, befor gret pres
326 Xal kys his mouth and hym betray.
327 All his dyscyples than do dyscres
328 And forsake Cryst, be soth to say;
329 For doute þei do hem hede.
330 Hese dyscyplys all, everychon,
331 Do renne awey and leve hym alon;
332 They lete hym stondyn amonge his fon
333 And renne away for drede.

334 TERCIUS VEEXI[LATOR]Than in þe xxvjti pagent
335 To Cayphas Cryst xal be brouth.
336 þo Jewys ful redy þer xul be bent
337 Cryst to acuse with worde and thouth.
338 Seynt Petyr doth folwe with good intent
339 To se with Cryst what xuld be wrouth.
340 For Crystys dyscyple whan he is hent,
341 Thryes he doth swere he knew hym nowth.
342 A kok xal crowe and crye.
343 Than doth Petyr gret sorwe make,
344 For he his Lord þus dede forsake.
345 But God to grace hym sone doth take
346 Whan he doth aske mercye.

347 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxvij pagent Sere Pylat
348 Is sett in sete as hy justyce.
349 Whan he is set in his astat,
350 Thre thevys be brout of synful gyse.
351 And Cryst, þat louyd nevyr stryff nor þat,
352 But trewth and goodnesse on every wyse,
353 As for a thef with ryth gret hat
354 Is browth to stondyn at þat same syse.

355 And þan, as I 3ow say,
356 The wyff of Pylat goth to rest
357 Coveryd with clothis al of þe best;
358 Than for to slepe she is ful prest.
359 All þis we thenke to play.

360 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxviijti pagent xal Judas,
361 þat was to Cryst a fals traytour,
362 With wepyng sore evyr crye, Alas!
363 þat evyr he solde oure Savyour.
364 He xal be sory for his trespas
365 And brynge a3en all his tresour,
366 All xxx pens, to Sere Cayphas--
367 He xal them brynge with gret dolowre--
368 For þe which Cryst was bowth.
369 For gret whanhope, as 3e xal se,
370 He hangyth hymself vpon a tre,
371 For he noth trostyth in Godys peté.
372 To helle his sowle is browth.

373 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxix pagent to Pylatus wyff
374 In slepe aperyth be devyl of helle.
375 For to savyn Crystys lyff
376 The devyl here temptyth, as I 3ow telle.
377 Sche sendyth to Pylat anon ful ryff
378 And prayth þat Cryst he xuld not qwelle.
379 þan Pylat is besy, and ryth blyff
380 Cryst for to savyn he 3evyth councelle,
381 For he dede neuyr trespas.
382 The Jewys do crye fast for to kylle,
383 The rythful man þei aske to spylle;
384 A thef þei saue with herty wylle
385 þat callyd is Barrabas.

386 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxxti pagent þei bete out Crystys blood
387 And nayle hym al nakyd upon a rode-tre;
388 Betwen ij thevys--iwys, they were to wood--
389 They hyng Cryst Jesu, gret shame it is to se.
390 Vij wurdys Cryst spekyth hangyng upon þe rode,
391 þe weche 3e xal here, all þo þat wyl þer be;
392 þan doth he dye for oure allther good.
393 His modyr doth se þat syth, gret mornyng makyth she;
394 For sorwe she gynnyth to swowne.
395 Seynt Johan evyn er, as I 3ow plyth,
396 Doth chere oure Lady with al his myth,
397 And to be temple anon forthryth
398 He ledyth here in þat stownde.

399 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR We purpose to shewe in oure pleyn place
400 In þe xxxiti pagent borwe Godys myth
401 How to Crystys herte a spere gan pace
402 And rent oure Lordys bryst in ruly plyth.
403 For Longeus, þat old knyth, blynd as he was,
404 A ryth sharpe spere to Crystys herte xal pyth.
405 þe blod of his wounde to his eyn xal tras,
406 And borwe gret meracle þer hath he syth.
407 Than in þat morn,
408 Crystys soule goth down to helle,
409 And þer ovyrcomyth be fend so felle,
410 Comfortyth be soulys þat þerin dwelle,
411 And savyth þat was forlorn.

412 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR Joseph and Nycodemus, to Cryst trew servaunt,
413 xxxii be xxxii page[ntj be body þei aske to haue.
414 Pylat ful redyly be body doth hem graunt,
415 þan þei with reverens do put it in grave.
416 þe Jewys, more wyckyd þan ony geawnt,
417 For Crystys ded body kepers do þei craue;
418 Pylat sendyth iiij knytys þat be ryth hardaunt
419 To kepe be blody body in his dede conclaue.

420 And 3it, be his owyn myth,
421 The body, þat was hevy as led,
422 Be þe jewys nevyr so qwed,
423 Aryseth from grave þat þer lay ded,
424 And frayth than every knyth.

425 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe [x]xxiij pagent þe soule of Cryst Jesu
426 Xal brynge all his frendys from helle to paradyse.
427 þe soule goth than to be grave and, be ryth gret vertu,
428 þat body þat longe ded hath loyn to lyf a3en doth ryse.
429 Than doth Cryst Jesu onto his modyr sew,
430 And comfortyth all here care in temple þer she lyse.
431 With suche cher and comforth his modyr he doth indew
432 þat joy it is to here þer spech for to devyse.
433 And than
434 Oure Lady of Hefne so cler,
435 In herte sche hath ryth glad chere.
436 Whan here sone þus doth apere,
437 Here care awey is tan.

438 SECUNDUS VEXIL[LATOR] In þe xxxiiijti pagent xal Maryes thre
439 Seke Cryst Jesu in his grave so coolde.
440 An aungel hem tellyth þat aresyn is he.
441 And whan þat þis tale to them is tolde,
442 To Crystys dyscyplis with wurdys ful fre
443 They telle these tydyngys with brest ful bolde.
444 Than Petyr and Johan, as 3e xal se,
445 Down rennyn in hast ouyr lond and wolde,
446 The trewth of þis to haue.
447 Whan þei þer comyn, as I 3ow say,
448 He is gon from vndyr clay.
449 þan þei wytnesse anoon þat day
450 He lyth not in his grave.

451 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR Onto Mary Mawdelyn, as we haue bent,
452 Cryst Jesu xal than apere
453 In þe xxxvti pagent,
454 And she wenyth he be a gardenere.
455 Mary be name, verament,
456 Whan Cryst here callyth with spech ful clere,
457 She fallyth to ground with good entent,
458 To kys his fete with gladsom chere.
459 But Cryst byddyth here do way.
460 He byddyth his feet þat sche not kys
461 Tyl he haue styed to hefne blys.
462 To Crystys dyscyplys Mary, iwys,
463 Than goth, be trewth to say.

464 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxxvjti pagent xal Cleophas
465 And Sent Luke to a castel go.
466 Of Crystys deth as þei forth pas
467 They make gret mornyng and be ful wo.
468 Than Cryst þem ovyrtok, as his wyl was,
469 And walkyd in felachep forth with hem too.
470 To them he doth expowne bothe more and las,
471 All þat prophetys spak, a[n]d of hymself also.
472 That nyth, in fay,
473 Whan þei be set within þe castell,
474 In brekyng of bred þei know Cryst well.
475 Than sodeynly, as I 3ow tell,
476 Cryste is gon his way.

477 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxxvijti pagent þan purpos we,
478 To Thomas of Ynde Cryst xal apere;
479 And Thomas euyn þer, as 3e xal se,
480 Xal put his hand in his woundys dere.
481 TERCIUS VEXILLATOR In þe xxxviijti pagent up stye xal he
482 Into hefne, þat is so clere.
483 All hese apostel þer xul be
484 And woundere sore and haue gret dwere
485 Of þat ferly syth.
486 þer xal come aungell tweyn
487 And comfforte hem, þis is certeyn,
488 And tellyn þat he xal comyn ageyn,
489 Evyn by his owyn myth.

490 PRIMUS VEXILLATOR Than folwyth next, sekyrly,
491 Of Wyttsunday, þat solempne fest,
492 Whych pagent xal be ix and thretty.
493 þe apostelys to apere be Crystys best
494 In Hierusalem were gaderyd xij opynly,
495 To be cenacle comyng from west and est.
496 þe Holy Gost apperyd ful veruently,
497 With brennyng fere thyrlyng here brest,
498 Procedyng from hevyn trone.
499 All maner langage hem spak with tung,
500 Latyn, Grek, and Ebrew among;
501 And affter þei departyd and taryed not long,
502 Here deth to take ful sone.

503 SECUNDUS VEXILLATOR The xlti pagent xal be þe last,
504 And Domysday þat pagent xal hyth.
505 Who se þat pagent may be agast
506 To grevyn his Lord God eyther day or nyth.
507 The erth xal qwake, bothe breke and brest,
508 Beryelys and gravys xul ope ful tyth;
509 Ded men xul rysyn, and þat þer in hast,
510 And fast to here ansuere þei xul hem dyth
511 Beffore Godys face.
512 But prente wyl þis in 3oure mende:
513 Whoso to God hath be vnkende,
514 Frenchep þer xal he non fynde,
515 Ne þer get he no grace.

516 TERCIUS Now haue we told 3ow all bedene
517 VEXILLATOR The hool mater þat we thynke to play.
518 Whan þat 3e come þer xal 3e sene
519 This game wel pleyd in good aray.
520 Of Holy Wrytte þis game xal bene,
521 And of no fablys be no way.
522 Now God þem save from trey and tene
523 For us þat prayth upon þat day,
524 And qwyte them wel þer mede.
525 A Sunday next, yf þat we may,
526 At vj of þe belle we gynne oure play
527 In N-town; wherfore we pray
528 That God now be 3oure spede.
529 Amen.

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