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N-Town Cycle, Play 7 - The Root of Jesse: Prophecies of the Savior

1 YSAIAS I am þe prophete callyd Isaye,
2 Replett with Godys grett influens,
3 And sey pleynly be spyryte of prophecie
4 þat a clene mayde thourgh meke obedyens
5 Shall bere a childe which xal do resystens
6 Ageyn foule Zabulon, þe devyl of helle;
7 Mannys soule ageyn hym to defens,
8 Opyn in þe felde þe fend he xal felle.

9 Wherefore I seye quod virgo concipiet
10 Et pariet filium, nomen Emanuel.
11 Oure lyf for to save he xal suffyr deth,
12 And bye us to his blysse, in hevyn for to dwell.
13 Of sacerdotale lynage, þe trewth I 3ow tell,
14 Flessch and blood to take God wyll be born.
15 Joye to man in erth, and in hevyn aungell
16 At þe chyldys byrth joye xal make þat morn.

17 RADIX JESSE Egredietur virga de radice Jesse,
18 Et flos de radice eius ascendet:
19 A blyssyd braunch xal sprynge of me
20 That xal be swettere þan bawmys breth.
21 Out of þat braunch in Nazareth
22 A flowre xal blome of me, Jesse Rote,
23 The which by grace xal dystroye deth
24 And brynge mankende to blysse most sote.

25 DAUYD REX I am David of Jesse rote,
26 The fresch kyng by naturall successyon.
27 And of my blood xal sprynge oure bote,
28 As God hymself hath mad promyssyon.
29 Of regall lyff xal come such foyson
30 þat a clene mayde modyr xal be,
31 Ageyns þe devellys fals illusyon
32 With regall power to make man fre.

33 JEREMIAS PROPHETA I am þe prophete Jeremye
34 And fullich acorde in all sentence
35 With Kyng Dauid and with Ysaie,
36 Affermynge pleynly beforn þis audyens
37 That God, of his high benyvolens,
38 Of prest and kynge wyll take lynage,
39 And bye us all from oure offens,
40 In hevyn to haue his herytage.

41 SALAMON REX I am Salamon, þe secunde kynge,
42 And þat wurthy temple, forsothe, made I,
43 Which þat is fygure of þat mayde 3ynge
44 þat xal be modyr of grett Messy.
45 EZECHIEL PROPHETA A vysion of þis, ful veryly,
46 I, Ezechiel, haue had also,
47 Of a gate þat sperd was, trewly,
48 And no man but a prince myght þerin go.

49 ROBOAS REX The iijde kynge of þe jentyll Jesse,
50 My name is knowe, Kyng Roboas.
51 Of oure kynrede 3itt men xul se
52 A clene mayde trede down foule Sathanas.
53 MICHEAS PROPHETA And I am a prophete calde Mycheas.
54 I telle 3ow pleynly þat þus it is:
55 Evyn lyke as Eve modyr of wo was,
56 So xal a maydyn be modyr of blyss.

57 ABIAS REX. I that am calde Kynge Abias
58 Conferme for trewe þat 3e han seyd,
59 And sey also, as in þis cas,
60 þat all oure myrth comyth of a mayd.
61 DANYEL. I, prophete Danyel, am well apayed.
62 PROPHETA In fygure of þis I saw a tre.
63 All þe fendys of hell xall ben affrayd
64 Whan maydenys frute þeron þei se.

65 ASA REX. I, Kynge Asa, beleve all þis
66 þat God wyll of a maydyn be born,
67 And, vs to bryngyn to endles blys,
68 Ruly on rode be rent and torn.
69 JONAS. I, Jonas, sey þat on þe morn
70 PROPHETA. Fro deth he xal ryse; þis is a trew tall
71 Fyguryd in me, þe which longe beforn
72 Lay iij days beryed within þe qwall.

73 JOSOPHAT REX And I, Josophat, þe vjte kynge, serteyn,
74 Of Jesse rote in þe lenyall successyon,
75 All þat my progenitouris hath befor me seyn
76 Feythffully beleve withowyn all dubytacyon.
77 ABDIAS PROPHETA I, Abdias prophete, make þis protestacyon:
78 þat aftyr he is resyn to byve onys a3en,
79 Deth xal be drevyn to endles dampnacyon,
80 And lyff xal be grawntyd of paradys ful pleyn.

81 JORAS REX And I, Joras, also, in þe numbre of sefne
82 Of Jesse rote kynge, knowlych þat he
83 Aftyr his resurreccyon returne xal to hefne,
84 Both God and verry man, ther endles to be.
85 ABACUCH PROPHETA I, Abacuch prophete, holde wele with the.
86 Whan he is resyn he xal up stye,
87 In hevyn as juge sitt in his se,
88 Vs for to deme whan we xal dye.

89 OZIAS REX. And I, Ozyas, kynge of hygh degré,
90 Spronge of Jesse rote, dare well sey this:
91 Whan he is gon to his dygnyté,
92 He xal send þe Sprytt to his discyplis.
93 JOELL PROPHETA And I, Joel, knowe full trewe þat is.
94 God bad me wryte in prophesye
95 He wolde sende down his Sprytt, iwys,
96 On 3onge and olde, ful sekyrlye.

97 JOATHAS REX. My name is knowe, Kyng Joathan,
98 The ixe kynge spronge of Jesse.
99 Of my kynrede God wol be man,
100 Mankend to saue, and þat joyth me.
101 AGGEUS PROPHETA With 3ow I do holde, þat am prophete Aggee.
102 Com of þe same hygh and holy stok,
103 God of oure kynrede indede born wyl be,
104 From þe wulf to saue al shepe of his flok.

105 ACHAS REX Off Jesse, Kyng Achas is my name,
106 þat falsly wurchepyd ydolatrye
107 Tyl Ysaie putt me in blame
108 And seyd a mayd xulde bere Messye.
109 OZYAS PROPHETA Off þat byrthe wyttnes bere I,
110 A prophete, Osyas men me calle.
111 And aftyr þat tale of Isaye,
112 þat mayd xal bere Emanuelle.

113 EZECHIAS REX My name is knowyn, Kyng Ezechyas,
114 þe xjte kyng of þis geneologye,
115 And say, forsothe, as in þis cas,
116 A mayde be mekenes xal brynge mercye.

117 SOPHOSAS PROPHETA I, a prophete callyd Sophonye,
118 Of þis matyr do bere wyttnes,
119 And for trowth [d]o sertyfie
120 þat maydens byrth oure welth xal dresse.

121 MANASSES REX Of þis nobyll and wurthy generacyon
122 The xije kyng am I, Manasses,
123 Wyttnessynge here be trew testyficacyon
124 þat maydenys childe xal be Prince of Pes.
125 BARUK PROPHETA And I, Baruk prophete, conferme wurdys thes:
126 Lord and Prince of Pes þow þat chylde be,
127 [To] al his fomen ageyn hym þat pres,
128 Ryght a grym syre at Domysday xal he be.

129 AMON REX Amon Kynge for þe last conclusyon
130 Althynge befornseyd for trowth do testyfie,
131 Praynge þat Lord of oure synne remyssyon;
132 At þat dredful day he us graunt mercye.
133 Thus we all of þis genealogye
134 Acordynge in on here in þis place,
135 Pray þat hey3 Lorde whan þat we xal dye,
136 Of his gret goodnesse to grawnt us his grace.

Explicit Jesse

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