From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

N-Town Cycle, Play 27 - The Last Supper and the Conspiracy with Judas

Here Cryst procedyth on fote with his dyscipulys aftyr hym, Cryst wepyng upon, þe cyté, sayng þus:

1 JESU O Jherusalem, woful is þe ordenawnce
2 Of þe day of þi gret persecucyon!
3 þu xalt be dystroy with woful grevans,
4 And þi ryalté browth to trew confusyon.
5 3e þat in þe ceté han habytacyon,
6 þei xal course þe tyme þat þei were born,
7 So gret advercyté and trybulacyon
8 Xal falle on hem both evyn and morwyn.

9 þei þat han most chylderyn sonest xal wayle
10 And seyn, "Alas, what may þis meen?"
11 Both mete and drynk sodeynly xal fayle--
12 þe vengeance of God þer xal be seen.
13 þe tyme is comyng hes woo xal ben,
14 þe day of trobyl and gret grevauns.
15 Bothe templys and towrys, they xal down cleen.
16 O ceté, ful woful is þin ordenawns!

17 PETRUS Lord, where wolte þu kepe þi Maundé?
18 I pray þe, now lete us haue knowyng,
19 þat we may make redy for þe,
20 þe to serve withowte latyng;
21 JOHANNES To provyde, Lord, for þi comyng
22 With all þe obedyens we kan atende,
23 And make redy for þe in althyng,
24 Into what place þu wy[lt] us send.

25 JESU Serys, goth to Syon and 3e xal mete
26 A pore man in sympyl aray
27 Beryng watyr in þe strete.
28 Telle hym I xal come þat way.
29 Onto hym mekely loke þat 3e say
30 þat hese hous I wele come tylle.
31 He wele not onys to 3ow sey nay,
32 But sofre to haue all 3oure wylle.

33 PETRUS At þi wyl, Lord, it xal be don;
34 To seke þat place we xal us hye,
35 JOHANNES In all be hast þat we may go[n],
36 þin comaw[n]dement nevyr to denye.

Here Petyr and Johan gon forth, metyng with Symon leprows beryng a kan with watyr, Petyr þus seyng:

37 PETRUS Good man, þe prophete, oure Lord, Jesus,
38 þis nyth wyl rest wythin þin halle.
39 On massage to þe he hath sent vs:
40 þat for his sopere ordeyn þu xalle.
41 JOHANNES 3a, for hym and his dyscipulys alle
42 Ordeyn þu for his Maundé
43 A paschall lomb, whatso befalle,
44 For he wyl kepe his Pasch with the.

45 SYMON What, wyl my Lord vesyte my plase?
46 Blyssyd be þe tyme of his comyng!
47 I xal ordeyn withinne short space
48 For my good Lordys welcomyng.
49 Serys, walkyth in at þe begynnyng
50 And se what vetaylys þat I xal take.
51 I am so glad of þis tydyng,
52 I wot nevyr what joye þat I may make.

Here þe dyscypulys gun in with Symon to se þe ordenawns; and Cryst comyng thedyrward, þus seyng:

53 JESUS þis path is calsydon be goostly ordenawns,
54 Wech xal conuey us wher we xal be.
55 I knowe ful redy is þe purvyaunce
56 Of my frendys þat lovyn me.
57 Contewnyng in pees, now procede we;
58 For mannys love þis wey I take.
59 With gostly ey I veryly se
60 þat man for man an hende must make.

Here þe dyscipulys com ageyn to Cryst, Petyr þus seyng:

61 PETRUS All redy, Lord, is oure ordenawns,
62 As I hope to 3ow plesyng xal be.
63 Seymon hath don at 3oure instawns,
64 He is ful glad 3oure presens to se.

65 JOHANNES Allthyng we haue, Lord, at oure plesyng
66 þat longyth to 3oure Mawndé, with ful glad chere.
67 Whan he herd telle of 3oure comyng,
68 Gret joye in hym þan dyd appere.

Here comyth Syrnon owt of his hous to welcome Cryst.

69 SYMON Gracyous Lord, welcome þu be!
70 Reverens be to þe, both God and man,
71 My poer hous þat þu wylt se,
72 Weche am þi servaunt as I kan.
73 JESU There joye of all joyis to be is sewre
74 (Symon, I knowe þi trewe intent),
75 þe blysse of hefne þu xalt recure;
76 þis rewarde I xal be grawnt present.

Here Cryst enteryth into þe hous with his disciplis and ete þe paschal lomb and in þe menetyme þe cownsel hous befornseyd xal sodeynly onclose schewyng þe buschopys, prestys and jewgys sytsyng in here astat lych as it were a convocacyon, Annas seyng þus:

77 ANNAS Behold, it is nowth, al þat we do!
78 In alle houre materys we prophete nowth.
79 Wole 3e se wech peusawns of pepyl drawyth hym to
80 For be mervaylys þat he hath wrowth?

81 Some othyr sotylté must be sowth,
82 For in no wyse we may not þus hym leve.
83 Than to a schrewde conclusyon we xal be browth,
84 For þe Romaynes þan wyl us myscheve,
85 And take oure astat and put us to repreve,
86 And convey all be pepyl at here owyn request.
87 And þus all þe pepyl in hym xal beleve.
88 þerfore I pray sow, cosyn, say what is þe best.

89 CAYPHAS Attende now, serys, to þat I xal seye:
90 Onto us all it is most expedyent
91 þat o man for þe pepyl xuld deye
92 þan all þe pepyl xuld perysch and be shent.

93 þerfor, late us werk wysely þat we us not repent.
94 We must nedys put on hym som fals dede.
95 I sey for me, I had levyr he were brent
96 þan he xuld us alle þus ouyrlede.
97 þerfore every man on his party help at þis nede,
98 And cowntyrfete all be sotyltés þat 3e kan.
99 Now late se ho kan 3eve best rede
100 To ordeyn sum dystruccyon for þis man.

101 GAMALYEL Late us no lenger make delacyon,
102 But do Jesu be takyn in hondys fast,
103 And all here folwerys to here confusyon,
104 And into a preson do hem be cast.
105 Ley on hem yron þat wol last,
106 For he hath wrouth a3ens þe ryth.
107 And sythyn aftyr we xal in hast
108 Jewge hym to deth with gret dyspyth!

109 REWFYN For he hath trespacyd a3ens oure lawe,
110 Mesemyth his were best jewgement:
111 With wyld hors lete hym be drawe,
112 And afftyr in fyre he xal be brent!

113 LEYON Serys, o thyng myself herd hym sey,
114 þat he was Kyng of Jewys alle.
115 þat is anow to do hym dey,
116 For treson to Sezar we must it calle.
117 He seyd also to personys þat I know
118 þat he xuld and myth, serteyn,
119 þe gret tempyl mythtyly ovyrthrow,
120 And þe thrydde day reysyn't ageyn!

121 Seche materys þe pepyl doth cons[treyn]
122 To 3eve credens to his werkys alle.
123 In hefne, he seyth, xal be his reyn;
124 Bothe God and man he doth hym calle!
125 REWFYN And all þis day we xuld contryve
126 What shameful deth Jesu xuld haue.
127 We may not do hym to meche myscheve
128 þe worchep of oure lawe to save.

129 LEYON Vpon a jebet lete hym hongyn be!
130 þis jugement, mesemyth, it is reson
131 þat all þe countré may hym se
132 And beware be his gret treson.

133 REWFYN 3et O thyng, serys: 3e must aspye
134 And make a ryth sotyl ordenawns
135 Be what menys 3e may come hym bye,
136 For he hath many folwerys at his instawns.

137 ANNAS Serys, þerof we must have avysement
138 And ben acordyd or þan we go.
139 How we xal han hym at oure entent,
140 Som wey we xal fynd þerto.

141 MARIA MAGDALEN As a cursyd creature closyd all in care,
142 And as a wyckyd wrecche all wrappyd in wo,

143 Of blysse was nevyr no berde so bare,
144 As I mysylf þat here now go.
145 Alas! Alas! I xal forfare
146 For þe grete synnys þat I haue do,
147 Lesse than my Lord God sumdel spare,
148 And his grett mercy receyve me to.
149 Mary Mavdelyn is my name.
150 Now wyl I go to Cryst Jesu,
151 For he is lord of all vertu,
152 And for sum grace I thynke to sew;
153 For of myself I haue grett shame.

154 A mercy, Lord, and salve my synne!
155 Maydenys floure, þu wasch me fre.
156 þer was nevyr woman of mannys kynne
157 So ful of synne in no countré.
158 I haue be fowlyd be fryth and fenne
159 And sowght synne in many a ceté.
160 But þu me borwe, Lord, I xal brenne,
161 With blake fendys ay bowne to be!
162 Wherefore, Kynge of Grace,
163 With his oynement þat is so sote,
164 Lete me anoynte þin holy fote,
165 And for my balys þus wyn sum bote
166 And mercy, Lord, for my trespace.

167 JESUS Woman, for þi wepynge wylle,
168 Sum socowre God xal þe sende.
169 þe to saue I haue grett skylle,
170 For sorwefful hert may synne amende.
171 All þi prayour I xal fulfylle;
172 To þi good hert I wul attende
173 And saue þe fro þi synne so hylle,
174 And fro vij develys I xal þe fende.
175 Fendys, fleth 3oure weye!
176 Wyckyd spyritys, I 3ow conjowre,
177 Fleth out of hire bodyly bowre!
178 In my grace she xal evyr flowre
179 Tyl deth doth here to deye.

180 MARIA MAGDALENE I thanke þe, Lorde, of this grett grace.
181 Now þese vij fendys be fro me flytt,
182 I xal nevyr forffett nor do trespace
183 In wurd, nor dede, ne wyl, nor wytt.
184 Now I am brought from þe fendys brace,
185 In þi grett mercy closyd and shytt,
186 I xal nevyr returne to synful trace
187 þat xulde me dampne to helle pytt.
188 I wurchep the on knes bare.
189 Blyssyd be þe tyme þat I hedyr sowth,
190 And þis oynement þat I hedyr brought.
191 For now myn hert is clensyd from thought
192 þat fyrst was combryd with care.

193 JUDAS Lord, methynkyth þu dost ryght ylle
194 To lete his oynement so spylle!
195 To selle it, yt were more skylle,
196 And bye mete to poer men.
197 The box was worth of good moné
198 iij C pens fayr and fre!
199 þis myght a bowht mete plenté
200 To fede oure power ken.

201 JESUS Pore men xul abyde--
202 Ageyn þe woman þu spekyst wronge--
203 And I passe forth in a tyde.
204 Off mercy is here mornyng songe.

Here Cryst restyth and etyth a lytyl, and seyth syttyng to his disciplis and Mary Mawdelyn:

205 JESUS Myn herte is ryght sory, and no wondyr is:
206 Too deth I xal go, and nevyr dyd trespas.
207 But 3itt most grevyth myn hert evyr of this:
208 On of my bretheryn xal werke þis manas.
209 On of 3ow here syttynge my treson xal tras--
210 On of 3ow is besy my deth here to dyth.
211 And 3itt was I nevyr in no synful plas
212 Wherefore my deth xuld so shamfully be pyght.

213 PETRUS My dere Lord, I pray the þe trewth for to telle,
214 Whiche of vs ys he þat treson xal do?
215 Whatt traytour is he þat his Lord þat wold selle?
216 Expresse his name, Lord, þat xal werke his woo.
217 JOHANNES If þat her be on þat wolde selle so,
218 Good mayster, telle us now opynly his name.
219 What traytour is hym þat from þe þat wolde go
220 And with fals treson fulfylle his grett shame?

221 ANDREAS It is ryght dredfull such tresson to thynke,
222 And wel more dredfful to werk þat bad dede!
223 For þat fals treson to helle he xal synke,
224 In endles peynes grett myscheff to lede.
225 JACOBUS MAJOR It is not I, Lord! For dowte I haue drede.
226 þis synne to fulfylle cam nevyr in my mende.
227 Iff þat I solde þe, thy blood for to blede,
228 In doyng þat treson my sowle xulde I shende!

229 MATHEUS Alas, my dere Lord, what man is so wood
230 For gold or for sylvyr hymself so to spylle?
231 He þat þe doth selle for gold or for other good,
232 With his grett covetyse hymself he doth kylle.
233 BARTHOLOMEUS What man soevyr he be of so wyckyd wylle,
234 Dere Lord, among vs tell vs his name all owt.
235 He þat to hym tendyth þis dede to fulffille,
236 For his grett treson, his sowle stondyth in dowt.

237 PHILIPPUS Golde, sylver, and tresoour sone doth passe away,
238 But withowtyn ende evyr doth laste þi grace.
239 A, Lord, who is that wyll chaffare þe for monay?
240 For he þat sellyth his Lord, to grett is þe trespace!
241 JACOBUS MINOR That traytour þat doth his orryble manace,
242 Bothe body and sowle I holde he be lorn,
243 Dampnyd to helle pytt fer from þi face,
244 Amonge all fowle fyndys to be rent and torn.

245 SYMON To bad a marchawnt, þat traytour he is,
246 And for þat monye he may mornyng make.
247 Alas, what cawsyth hym to selle þe Kyng of Blys?
248 For his fals wynnynge þe devyl hym xal take.
249 THOMAS For his fals treson þe fendys so blake
250 Xal bere his sowle depe down into helle pytt.
251 Resste xal he non haue, but evyrmore wake
252 Brennyng in hoot fyre, in preson evyr shytt.

253 THADEUS I woundyr ryght sore who þat he xuld be
254 Amongys vs all bretheryn þat xuld do his synne.
255 Alas, he is lorn, her may no grace be;
256 In depe helle donjeon his sowle he doth pynne.
257 JESUS In my dysche he etyht þis treson xal begynne,
258 Wo xal betydyn hym for his werke of dred.
259 He may be ryght sory swych ryches to wynne,
260 A[n]d whysshe hymself vnborn for þat synful ded.

261 JUDAS The trewth wolde I knowe as leff as 3e
262 And þerfore, good ssere, þe trewth þu me telle.
263 Whiche of vs all here þat traytour may be?
264 Am I þat person þat þe now xal selle?
265 JESUS So seyst þiselff, take hed att þi spelle.
266 þu askyst me now here if þu xalt do þat treson;
267 Remembyr þiself, avyse þe ryght welle;
268 þu art of grett age and wotysst what is reson.

Here Judas rysyth prevely and goth in þe place and seyt "Now cownter..."

269 JUDAS Now cowntyrfetyd I haue a prevy treson,
270 My maysterys power for to felle:
271 I, Judas, xal asay be some encheson
272 Onto þe Jewys hym for to selle.
273 Som mony for hym 3et wold I telle.
274 Be prevy menys I xal asay;
275 Myn intent I xal fulfylle.
276 No lenger I wole make delay.

277 þe princys of prestys now be present,
278 Vnto hem now my way I take.
279 I wyl go tellyn hem myn entent--
280 I trow ful mery I xal hem make.
281 Mony I wyl non forsake,
282 And þei profyr to my plesyng;
283 For covetyse I wyl with hem wake,
284 And onto my maystyr I xal hem bryng.

285 Heyl, prynsesse and prestys þat ben present!
286 New tydyngys to 3ow I come to telle.
287 3yf 3e wole folwe myn intent,
288 My maystyr, Jesu, I wele 3ow selle,
289 Hese intent and purpose for to felle.
290 For I wole no lenger folwyn his lawe.
291 Lat sen what mony þat I xal telle,
292 And late Jesu my maystyr ben hangyn and drawe.

293 GAMALYE[L] Now welcome, Judas, oure owyn frende!
294 Take hym in, serys, be þe honde.
295 We xal þe both geve and lende,
296 And in every qwarel by þe stonde.
297 REWFYN Judas, what xal we for þi mayster pay?
298 þi sylver is redy and we acorde.
299 þe payment xal haue no delay,
300 But be leyde down here at a worde.

301 JUDAS Late þe mony here down by layde,
302 And I xal telle 3ow as I kan.
303 In old termys I haue herd seyde
304 þat "mony makyth schapman."
305 REWFYN Here is thretty platys of sylver bryth
306 Fast knyth withinne his glove.
307 And we may have þi mayster his nyth,
308 þis xalt þu haue, and all oure love.

309 JUDAS 3e are resonable chapmen to bye and selle.
310 þis bargany with 3ow now xal I make.
311 Smyth up! 3e xal haue al 3oure wylle,
312 For mony wyl I non forsake.

313 LEYON Now þis bargany is mad ful and fast,
314 Noyther part may it forsake.
315 But, Judas, þu must telle us in hast
316 Be what menys we xal hym take.

317 REWFYN 3a, þer be many þat hym nevyr sowe
318 Weche we wyl sende to hym in fere.
319 þerfor be a tokyn we must hym knowe
320 þat must be prevy betwyx us here.

321 LEYON 3a, beware of þat for ony thynge.
322 For o dyscypil is lyche þi maystyr in al parayl,
323 And 3e go lyche in all ciothyng;
324 So myth we of oure purpose fayl.

325 JUDAS As for þat, serys, haue 3e no dowth;
326 I xal ordeyn so 3e xal not mysse.
327 Whan þat 3e cvm hym all abowth,
328 Take þe man þat I xal kysse.

329 I must go to my maystyr ageyn.
330 Dowth not, serys; his matere is sure inow.
331 GAMALYEL Farewel, Judas, oure frend, serteyn.
332 þi labour we xal ryth wel alow.

333 JUDAS Now wyl I sotely go seke my maystyr ageyn,
334 And make good face as I nowth knew.
335 I haue hym solde to wo and peyn;
336 I trowe ful sore he xal it rew.

Here Judas goth in sotylly wheras he cam fro.

337 ANNAS Lo, serys, a part we haue of oure entent
338 For to take Jesu! Now we must provyde
339 A sotyl meny to be present
340 þat dare fyth and wele abyde.

341 GAMALYE[L] Ordeyn eche man on his party
342 Cressetys, lanternys, and torchys lyth;
343 And þis nyth to be þer redy
344 With exys, gleyvis, and swerdys bryth.

345 CAYPHAS No lenger þan make we teryeng,
346 But eche man to his place hym dyth.
347 And ordeyn preuely for his thyng,
348 þat it be don his same nyth.

Here the buschopys partyn in þe place, and eche of hem takyn here leve be contenawns, resortyng eche man to his place with here meny, to make redy to take Cryst. And þan xal þe place þer Cryst is in sodeynly vnclose rownd abowtyn shewyng Cryst syttyng at þe table and hese dyscypulis ech in ere degré; Cryst þus seyng:

349 JESU Brederyn, þis lambe þat was set us beforn
350 þat we alle haue etyn in þis nyth,
351 It was comawndyd be my fadyr to Moyses and Aaron
352 Whan þei weryn with þe Chylderyn of Israel in Egythp.

353 And as we with swete bredys haue it ete,
354 And also with þe byttyr sokelyng,
355 And as we take þe hed with þe fete,
356 So dede þei in all maner thyng.

357 And as we stodyn so dede þei stond;
358 And here reynes þei gyrdyn, veryly,
359 With schon on here fete and stavys in here hond;
360 And as we ete it, so dede þei, hastyly.
361 þis fygure xal sesse; anothyr xal folwe þerby,
362 Weche xal be of my body, þat am 3oure hed,
363 Weche xal be shewyd to 3ow be a mystery
364 Of my flesch and blood in forme of bred.

365 And with fervent desyre of hertys affeccyon
366 I have enterly desyryd to kepe my Mawndé
367 Among 3ow or þan I suffre my Passyon.
368 For of þis no more togedyr suppe xal we.
369 And as þe paschal lomb etyn haue we
370 In þe eld lawe was vsyd for a sacryfyce,
371 So þe newe lomb þat xal be sacryd be me
372 Xal be vsyd for a sacryfyce most of price.

Here xal Jesus take an oblé in his hand lokyng vpward into hefne, to þe Fadyr þus seyng:

373 Wherefore to þe, Fadyr of Hefne þat art eternall,
374 Thankyng and honor I 3eld onto þe,
375 To whom be þe Godhed I am eqwall,
376 But be my manhod I am of lesse degré.
377 Wherefore I as man worchep þe Deyté,
378 Thankyng þe, fadyr, þat þu wylt shew his mystery;
379 And þus þurwe þi myth, fadyr, and blyssyng of me,
380 Of his þat was bred is mad my body.

Here xal he spekyn ageyn to his dyscipulys, þus seyng:

381 Bretheryn, be þe [vertu] of þese wordys þat [re]hercyd be,
382 þis þat shewyth as bred to 3oure apparens
383 Is mad þe very flesche and blod of me,
384 To þe weche þei þat wole be savyd must 3eve credens.

385 And as in þe olde lawe it was comawndyd and precepte
386 To ete his lomb to þe dystruccyon of Pharao vnkende,
387 So to dystroy 3oure gostly enmye his xal be kepte
388 For 3oure paschal lombe into þe werdys ende.

389 For his is þe very lombewithowte spot of synne
390 Of weche Johan þe Baptyst dede prophesy
391 Whan his prophesye he dede begynne,
392 Seyng, "Ecce Agnus Dey."

393 And how 3e xal ete his lombe I xal 3eve infformacyon
394 In þe same forme as þe eld lawe doth specyfye,
395 As I shewe be gostly interpretacyon;
396 þerfore to þat I xal sey, 3oure wyttys loke 3e replye.

397 With no byttyr bred his bred ete xal be:
398 þat is to say, with no byttyrnesse of hate and envye,
399 But with þe suete bred of loue and charyté,
400 Weche fortefyet þe soule gretlye.

401 And it schuld ben etyn with þe byttyr sokelyng:
402 þat is to mene, 3yf a man be of synful dysposysyon,
403 Hath led his lyff here with myslevyng,
404 þerfore in his hert he xal haue byttyr contrycyon.

405 Also, þe hed with þe feet ete xal 3e:
406 Be þe hed 3e xal vndyrstand my Godhed,
407 And be þe feet 3e xal take myn humanyté.
408 þese tweyn 3e xal receyve togedyr, indede.

409 This immaculat lombe þat I xal 3ow 3eve
410 Is not only þe Godhed alone,
411 But bothe God and man, þus must 3e beleve;
412 þus þe hed with þe feet 3e xal receyve echon.

413 Of his lombe vnete yf owth belevyth, iwys,
414 Yt xuld be cast in þe clere fyre and brent;
415 Weche is to mene, yf þu vndyrstande nowth al his,
416 Put þi feyth in God and þan þu xalt not be shent.

417 The gyrdyl þat was comawndyd here reynes to sprede
418 Xal be þe gyrdyl of clennes and chastyté.
419 þat is to sayn, to be contynent in word, thought, and dede,
420 And all leccherous levyng cast 3ow for to fle.

421 And þe schon þat xal be 3oure feet vpon
422 Is not ellys but exawnpyl of vertuis levyng
423 Of 3oure form faderys 3ou beforn;
424 With þese schon my steppys 3e xal be sewyng.

425 And þe staf þat in 3oure handys 3e xal holde
426 Is not ellys but þe exawmplys to other men teche;
427 Hold fast 3oure stauys in 3oure handys and beth bolde
428 To every creature myn precepttys for to preche.

429 Also, 3e must ete þis paschall lombe hastyly,
430 Of weche sentens þis is þe very entent:
431 At every oure and tyme 3e xal be redy
432 For to fulfylle my cowmawndement.

433 For þow 3e leve his day, 3e are not sure
434 Whedyr 3e xal leve tomorwe or nowth.
435 þerfor hastyly every oure do 3oure besy cure
436 To kepe my preceptys, and þan þar 3e not dowth.

437 Now haue I lernyd 3ow how 3e xal ete
438 3oure paschal lombe, þat is my precyous body.
439 Now I wyl fede 3ow all with awngellys mete;
440 Wherfore to reseyve it, come forth seryattly.

441 PETRUS Lord, for to receyve þis gostly sustenawns
442 In dewe forme, it excedyth myn intellygens.
443 For no man of hymself may have substawns
444 To receyve it with to meche reverens.

445 For with more delycyous mete, Lord, þu may us not fede
446 þan with þin owyn precyous body.
447 Wherfore what I haue trespacyd in word, thought, or dede,
448 With byttyr contrycyon, Lord, I haske þe mercy.

Whan oure Lord 3yvyth his body to his dyscypulys, he xal sey to eche of hem, except to Judas:

449 [JESUS] This is my body, flesch and blode,
450 þat for þe xal dey upon be rode.

And whan Judas comyth last, oureLord xal sey to hym:

451 Judas, art þu avysyd what þu xalt take?
452 JUDAS Lord, þi body I wyl not forsake.

And sythyn oure Lord xal sey onto Judas:

453 JESU Myn body to þe I wole not denye,
454 Sythyn þu wylt presume þerupon.
455 Yt xal be þi dampnacyon, verylye--
456 I 3eve þe warnyng now beforn.

And aftyr þat Judas hath reseyvyd, he xal syt þer he was, Cryst seyng:

457 On of 3ow hath betrayd me
458 þat at my borde with me hath ete.
459 Bettyr it hadde hym for to a be
460 Bothe vnborn and vnbegete.

Than eche dyscypyl xal loke on other, and Petyr xal sey:

461 PETRUS Lord, it is not I.

And so all xul seyn tyl þei comyn at Judas, wech xal sey:

462 JUDAS Is it owth I, Lord?

þan Jesus xal sey:

463 JESU Judas, þu seyst þat word.

464 Me þu ast solde, þat was þi frend;
465 þat þu hast begonne, brenge to an ende.

þan Judas xal gon ageyn to þe Jewys. And, yf men wolne, xal mete with hym and sey þis spech folwyng--or levyn't whether þei wyl--þe devyl þus seyng:

466 DEMON A, a, Judas, derlyng myn,
467 þu art þe best to me þat evyr was bore!
468 þu xalt be crownyd in helle peyn,
469 And þerof þu xalt be sekyr for evyrmore.

470 Thow hast solde þi maystyr and etyn hym also!
471 I wolde þu kowdyst bryngyn hym to helle every del;
472 But 3et I fere he xuld do her sum sorwe and wo
473 þat all helle xal crye out on me þat sel.

474 Sped up þi matere þat þu hast begonne:
475 I xal to helle for þe to mak redy.
476 Anon þu xalt come wher þu xalt wonne;
477 In fyre and stynk þu xalt sytt me by.

478 JESU Now þe Sone of God claryfyed is,
479 And God in hym is claryfyed also.
480 I am sory þat Judas hath lost his blysse,
481 Weche xal turne hym to sorwe and wo.

482 But now in þe memory of my Passyon,
483 To ben partabyl with me in my reyn above,
484 3e xal drynk myn blood with gret devocyon,
485 Wheche xal be xad for mannys love.

486 Takyth þese chalys of þe newe testament,
487 And kepyth his evyr in 3oure mende.
488 As oftyn as 3e do his with trewe intent,
489 It xal defende 3ow fro þe fende.

Than xal þe dysciplys com and take þe blod, Jesus seyng:

490 þis is my blood þat for mannys synne
491 Outh of myn herte it xal renne.

And þe dyscipulys xul sett þem a3en þer þei wore, and Jesus xal seyn:

492 Takyth hed now, bretheryn, what I haue do:
493 With my flesch and blood I haue 3ow fed.
494 For mannys love I may do no mo
495 þan for love of man to be ded.

496 Werfore, Petyr, and 3e everychon,
497 3yf 3e loue me, fede my schep,
498 þat for fawth of techyng þei go not wrong;
499 But evyr to hem takyth good kep.

500 3evyth hem my body, as I haue to 3ow,
501 Qweche xal be sacryd be my worde.
502 And evyr I xal þus abyde with 3ow
503 Into þe ende of þe werde.

504 Hoso etyth my body and drynkyth my blood,
505 Hol God and man he xal me take.
506 It xal hym defende from þe deuyl wood,
507 And at his deth I xal hym nowth forsake.

508 And hoso not ete my body nor drynke my blood,
509 Lyf in hym is nevyr a dele.
510 Kepe wel his in mende for 3oure good,
511 And every man save hymself wele.

Here Jesus takyth a basyn with watyr and towaly gyrt abowtyn hym and fallyth beforn Petyr on his o kne.

512 JESUS Another exawmpyl I xal 3ow shewe
513 How 3e xal leve in charyté.
514 Syt here down at wordys fewe,
515 And qwat I do 3e sofre me.

Here he takyth þe basyn and þe towaly and doth as þe roberych seyth beforn.

516 PETRUS Lord, what wylt þu with me do?
517 þis servyce of þe I wyl forsake.
518 To wassche my feet, þu xal not so--
519 I am not worthy it of þe to take.

520 JESU Petyr, and þu forsake my servyce all
521 þe weche to 3ow þat I xal do,
522 No part with me haue þu xal,
523 And nevyr com my blysse onto.

524 PETRU[S] þat part, Lord, we wyl not forgo;
525 We xal abey his comawndement.
526 Wasche hed and hond, we pray þe so;
527 We wyl don after þin entent.

Here Jesus wasshyth his dyscipulys feet by and by, and whypyth he[m], and kyssyth hem mekely, and sythy[n] settyth hym down, þus seyng:

528 JES[U] Frendys, þis wasshyng xal now prevayll.
529 3oure lord and mayster 3e do me calle,
530 And so I am, withowtyn fayl;
531 3et I haue wasschyd 3ow alle.
532 A memory of þis haue 3e xall
533 þat eche of 3ow xal do to othyr.
534 With vmbyl hert submyt egal,
535 As eche of 3ow were otherys brother.

536 Nothyng, serys, so wele plesyth me,
537 Nor no lyf þat man may lede,
538 As þei þat levyn in charyté;
539 In efne I xal reward here mede.
540 þe day is come, I must procede
541 For to fulfylle þe prophecy.
542 his nyth for me 3e xal han drede
543 Whan novmbyr of pepyl xal on me cry.

544 For þe prophetys spoke of me,
545 And seydyn of deth þat I xuld take;
546 Fro whech deth I wole not fle,
547 But for mannys synne amendys make.
548 This nyth fro 3ow be led I xal,
549 And 3e for fer fro me xal fle,
550 Not onys dur speke whan I 3ow call,
551 And some of 3ow forsake me.

552 For 3ow xal I dey and ryse ageyn.
553 Vn þe thrydde day 3e xal me se
554 Beforn 3ow all walkyng playn
555 In þe lond of Galylé.
556 PETRUS Lord, I wyl þe nevyr forsake,
557 Nor for no perellys fro þe fle!
558 I wyl rather my deth take
559 þan onys, Lord, forsake þe.

560 JESU Petyr, yn ferthere þan þu doyst knowe
561 As for þat promese loke þu not make.
562 For or þe cok hath twyes crowe,
563 Thryes þu xal me forsake.

564 But, all my frendys þat am me dere,
565 Late us go; þe tyme drawyth ny.
566 We may no lengere abydyn here,
567 For I must walke to Betany.

568 þe tyme is come, þe day drawyth nere;
569 Onto my deth I must in hast.
570 Now, Petyr, make all þi felawys chere;
571 My flesch for fere is qwakyng fast.

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