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N-Town Cycle, Play 36 - The Announcement of the Angel to the Three Marys, and Peter and John at the Sepulchre

Hic uenient ad sepulcrum Maria Magdalene, Maria Jacobi, et Maria Salomé, et dicit Maria Magdalene:

1 MAGDALEN. Swete systeryn, I 3ow besech,
2 Heryght now my specyal speche:
3 Go we with salvys for to leche
4 Cryst, þat tholyd wounde.
5 He hath us wonnyn owt of wreche.
6 The ryght wey God wyl us teche
7 For to seke my Lorde, my leche;
8 His blood hath me vnbownde.

9 Vij develys in me were pyght.
10 My loue, my Lord, my God almyght,
11 Awey he weryd þe fyndys wight
12 With his wyse wurde.
13 He droff fro me þe fendes lees,
14 In my swete sowle his chawmere I ches,
15 In me belevyth þe Lorde of Pes.
16 I go to his burryenge boorde.

17 MARIA JACOBI My systerys sone I woot he was.
18 He lyth in here as sunne in glas.
19 þe childe was born by oxe and asse
20 Vp in a bestys stall.
21 Thow his body be gravyd vndyr gres,
22 þe grete Godhede is nevyr þe lasse.
23 þe Lord xal rysyn and gon his pas,
24 And comfortyn his frendys all.

25 MARIA SALOME My name is Mary Salomé.
26 His modyr and I, systerys we be;
27 Annys dowterys we be all thre,
28 Jesu, we be þin awntys.
29 The naylis gun his lemys feyn,
30 And þe spere gan punche and peyn.
31 On þo woundys we wold haue eyn;
32 þat grace now God graunt vs.

33 MARIA MAGDALEN Now go we stylle
34 With good wyll

35 þer he is leyd.
36 He deyd on crowch,
37 We wolde hym towch,
38 As we han seyd.

Tunc respicit Maria Magdalene in sepulcro, dicens:

39 Where is my Lord, þat was here,
40 þat for me bledde bowndyn in brere?
41 His body was beryed rygh by þis mere,
42 þat for me gan deye.
43 þe Jewys, fekyll and fals fownde,
44 Where haue þei do þe body with wounde?
45 He lyth not upon þis grownde--
46 þe body is don aweye!

47 MARIA JACOBI To my Lorde, my love, my frende,
48 Fayn wolde I salve a spende,
49 And I myght aught amende
50 His woundys depe and wyde.
51 To my Lorde I owe lowlyté,
52 Bothe homage and fewté.
53 I wolde with my dewté
54 A softyd hand and syde.

55 MARIA SALOME To myghtiful God omnypotent
56 I bere a boyst of oynement.
57 I wold han softyd his sore dent,
58 His sydys al abowte.
59 Lombe of Love withowt loth,
60 I fynde þe not, myn hert is wroth!
61 In þe sepulcre þer lyth a cloth,
62 And jentyl Jesu is owte.

63 ANGELUS Wendyth forth, 3e women thre,
64 Into þe strete of Galylé.
65 3oure Savyour þer xul 3e se
66 Walkynge in þe waye.
67 3oure fleschly Lorde now hath lyff,
68 þat deyd on tre with strook and stryff.
69 Wende forth, þu wepynge wyff,
70 And seke hym, I þe saye.

71 Now goth forth fast, all thre,
72 To his dyscyplys fayr and fre.
73 And to Petyr þe trewth telle 3e--
74 þerof haue 3e no dreed.
75 Spare 3e not þe soth to say:
76 He þat was deed and closyd in clay,
77 He is resyn þis same day,
78 And levyth with woundys reed.

79 MARIA MAGDALEN A, myrthe and joye in herte we haue,
80 For now is resyn out of his graue
81 He levyth now oure lyff to saue,
82 þat dede lay in þe clay.
83 MARIA JACOBY In hert I was ryght sore dysmayd
84 The aungel to us whan þat he sayd
85 þat Cryst is resyn; I was affrayd,
86 þe aungel whan I say.

87 MARIA SALOME Now lete us all thre fulfylle
88 þe angelys wurde and Goddys wylle;
89 Left us sey with voys wul shrylle,
90 Cryst, þat Jewys dede sle,
91 Oure Lord, þat naylyd was on þe rode,
92 And betyn out was his bodyes blode,
93 He is aresyn! þough they ben wode,
94 A, Lorde, 3itt wele þu be.

Maria Magdalene dicit Petro et ceteris apostolis:

95 [MARIA MAGDALENE] Bretheryn all, in herte be glad,
96 Bothe blythe and joyful, in herte ful fayn.
97 For ryght good tydandys haue we had
98 þat oure Lord is resyn agayn!
99 An aungel us bad ryght þus, sertayn,
100 To þe, Petyr, þat we xulde telle
101 How Cryst is resyn, þe which was slayn,
102 A levynge man evyrmore to dwelle.

103 MARIA JACOBI To lyve is resyn ageyn þat Lorde,
104 The qwych Judas to Jewys solde.
105 Of þis I bere ryght trewe recorde
106 By wurdys þat þe aungel tolde.
107 Now myrth and joye to man on molde;
108 Euery man now myrth may haue.
109 He þat was closyd in cley ful colde
110 This day is resyn owt of his grave.

111 PETRUS. Sey me, systeryn, with wurdys blythe,
112 May I troste to þat 3e say?
113 Is Cryst resyn ageyn to lyve
114 þat was ded and colde in clay?
115 MARIA SALOME 3a, trostyth us truly, it is no nay!
116 He is aresyn, it is no les.
117 And so an aungel us tolde þis day
118 With opyn voys and speche expres.

119 JOHANNES. 3a, þese be tydyngys of ryght gret blys,
120 þat oure maystyr resyn xulde be!
121 I wyl go renne in hast, iwys,
122 And loke my Lord yf I may se.
123 PETRUS. For joye also I renne with the,
124 My brothyr Johan, as I þe say.

125 In hast anon evyn forth go we;
126 To his grave we renne oure way.

Hic currunt Johannes et Petrus simul ad sepuicrum, et Johannes prius venit ad monumentum, sed non intrat.

127 JOHANNES. The same shete here I se
128 þat Crystys body was in wounde.
129 But he is gon! Wheresoever he be,
130 He lyth not here upon þis grownde.

Petrus intrat monumentum, et dicit Petrus:

131 PETRUS. In þis cornere þe shete is fownde;
132 And here we fynde þe sudary
133 In þe whiche his hed was wounde
134 Whan he was take from Calvary.

Hic intrat Johannes monumentum dicens:

135 JOHANNES. The same sudary and þe same shete
136 Here with my syth I se both tweyn.
137 Now may I wele knowe and wete
138 þat he is rysyn to lyve ageyn!
139 Onto oure bretheryn lete us go seyn
140 þe trewth ryght hevyn as it is:
141 Oure maystyr lyvyth, þe whech was slayn,
142 Allmyghty Lorde and Kynge of Blys.

143 PETRUS. No lengere here wyll we dwelle;
144 To oure bretheryn þe wey we take.
145 The trewth to them whan þat we telle,
146 Grett joye in hert þan wul þei make.

Hic Petrus loquitur omnibus apostolis simul collectis:

147 Beth mery, bretheryn, for Crystys sake!
148 þat man þat is oure mayster so good,
149 From deth to lyve he is awake,
150 þat sore was rent upon þe rood.

151 JOHANNES. As women seyd, so haue we fownde:
152 Remevyd awey we saw þe ston!
153 He lyth no lengere vndyr þe grownde;
154 Out of his graue oure maystyr is gon.

[Omnibus congregatis.]

155 THOMAS We haue grett woundyr, everychon,
156 Of þese wurdys þat 3e do speke.
157 A ston ful hevy lay hym vpon--
158 From vndyr þat ston how xulde he breke?

159 PETRUS. The trewth to tellyn, it passyth oure witt!
160 Wethyr he be resyn thorwe his owyn myght,
161 Or ellys stolyn out of his pitt
162 Be sum man prevely be nyght.
163 That he is gon we saw with syght,
164 For in his graue he is nowth.
165 We cannot tellyn in what plyght
166 Out of his graue þat he is browth.

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