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N-Town Cycle, Play 40 - Pentecost

Modo de die Pentecostes. Apostoli dica[n]t genuflectentes; Spiritus Sanctus descendat super eos, et cetera.

1 PETRUS. Honowre,
2 ANDREAS wurchipp,
3 JACOBUS MAJOR and reverens,
4 JOHANNES. Glorye,
5 PHILIPPUS grace,
6 JACOBUS MINOR and goodnes,
7 THOMAS Dygnité,
9 SYMON and excellence,
10 MATHEUS Bewté, -
11 JUDAS blyssynge,
12 MATHEAS and bryghtnes
13 PETRUS. Be to þat Lord [of] heye wurthynes,
14 ANDREAS Whiche hath performyd þat he vs hyght,
15 JACOBUS MAJOR. And vs enbawmyd with suche swetnes,

16 JOHANNES. Whiche to dyscrye fer passyth oure myght.
17 PHILIPPUS This we all wel kenne.
18 JACOBUS MINOR Now, gracyous Lord Jesu,
19 THOMAS Conferme us in þi vertu,
20 BARTHOLOMEUS And graunt us grace evyr it to sew.
21 SYMON Sey we all togedyr, amen. Amen.

Et omnes osculant terram.

22 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Now, felawys, take hede, for be my trewthe,
23 3ondyr syttyth a dronkyn felachepp.
24 SECUNDUS JUDEUS. To don hem good, it were grett ruthe.
25 TERCIUS JUDEUS. 3a, I prey God 3eve hem all shenschepp!
26 PRIMUS JUDEUS. Muste in here brayn so sclyly doth creppe
27 þat þei cheteryn and chateryn as they jays were.
28 SECUNDUS JUDEUS. 3a, were they ony wel browth asclepe,
29 It wore almes to þe revere hem to bere,
30 There hem to baptyze!
31 PRIMUS JUDEUS. þat were, as thynkyth me,
32 A jentyl sporte to se;
33 A bettyr game to be
34 Cowde no man devyse.

35 PETRUS. Serys, alas, what do 3e mene?
36 Why scorne 3e now þus Goddys grace?
37 It is nothynge as 3e do wene:
38 þer is no drunke man in þis place.
39 Wherefore ryght grett is 3owre trespace.
40 But, syrys, lyst what it doth sygnyfye:
41 Fulfyllyd is now to mannys solace
42 Of Johel þe pregnaunt prophecye,
43 In whiche þat he
44 That 3e han seyn
45 In wourdys pleyn
46 Declaryth serteyn.
47 Now blyssyd God be.

48 Amen.

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