From Stage to Page - Medieval and Renaissance Drama

N-Town Cycle, Play 41 - The Assumption of Mary

Ad mea facta pater assit Deus et sua mater.

1 DOCTOR Ryht worchepful souereynes, liketh yow to here
2 Of the Assumpcion of the gloryous Moder Mary
3 That Seynt Jhon the Euangelist wrot and tauht, as I lere,
4 In a book clepid apocriphum, wythoutyn dyswary.
5 At fourten yer sche conseyved Cryste in hire matere clere,
6 And in the fiftene yer sche childyd, this avowe dar I;
7 Here lyvyng wyth that swete sone thre and thretty yere,
8 And after his deth, in erthe xij yer dede sche tary.
9 Now acounte me thise yeris wysely,
10 And I sey the age was of this maide Marye
11 When sche assumpte above the ierarchye
12 Thre score yer, as scripture dothe specyfye:
13 Legenda Sanctorum autorysyth this trewely.

14 She was inhabith in Juré by the Mounte of Syon
15 After the Assencion of hir sone, conseyved in spoused.
16 Alle the holy placys in erthe that Criste duellyd on,
17 Devouthly sche went hem, honouryng the Godhed.
18 Ferste to the place there Criste cristenyd was, clepid Flum Jordon;
19 There he fastyd and takyn was by malicious falshed;
20 There he beryed was, and roos victoryously alon;
21 There he assendid alle hevenys, God in his manhed.
22 Thus was sche ocupyed, I rede,
23 And meche sche was in the temple preyand.
24 Now blissid mot sche be, we owe to be seyand.
25 How sche was assumpte, here men schul be pleyand,
26 Preyng you of audience; now ses and tak hede.

27 MI... Pes now youre blaberyng, in the develis name!
28 What, lousy begchis, mow ye not se,
29 Owre worthy prynsis, lo, are gaderid in-same
30 That are statis of this lond, hye men of degré.
31 By there hye wisdam they schal now attayne
32 How alle Juré beste gouernyd may be.
33 And of this pillid prechouris that oure lawis defame,
34 They schul ben slayn as they say, or fayn for to fle!
35 Wherfore in pes be ye,
36 And herkenyth onto hem moste stilly.
37 For what boy bragge outh, hym spill[e] I!
38 As knave wyth this craggyd kna[g], hym kylle I!
39 Now herkenyth oure pryncis alle kneland on kne.

40 EPISCOPUS LEGIS Now, ye pry[n]sis, I, prest of the lave,
41 Of this demaunde responcyon: I aske here anon,
42 Ys there ony renogat among vs, fer as ye knawe,
43 Or ony that peruertyth the pepil wyth gay eloquens alon?
44 Yif there be, we muste onto hem set awe,
45 For they feyne falsly oure feyth--hem preve I houre fon!
46 Sweche schul ben bounden vp be the beltys til flyes hem blawe,
47 And gnaggyd vp by the gomys tyl the deuyl doth hem grone!
48 We may not won
49 To sweche harlotis settyn reddure
50 That geynseyn oure lawe and oure Scripture.
51 Now let sere pryncis in purpure,
52 In savynge of owre lawys now telle on.

53 PRIMUS PRINCEPS Sere, syn we slew hym that clepid hym oure kyng
54 And seyde he was Goddis sone, lord ouyr all,
55 Syn his deth I herd of no maner rysyng.
56 And lo, yif he hadde levyd, he had mad vs his thrall.
57 EPISCOPUS Therfore oure wysdam was to schortyn his endyng;
58 Whoso clyme ouyrhie, he hath a foule fall.
59 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS Ya, yit of on thing I warne yow at the gynnyng:
60 His dame is levyng, Mary that men call;
61 Myche pepil halt hire wythall.
62 Wherfore, in peyne of reprefe,
63 Yif we suffre hyre thus to relefe,
64 Oure lawys sche schal make to myschefe,
65 And meche schame don vs sche schall.

66 EPISCOPUS A, sere, ye ben bolde inow! Art thou ferd of a wenche?
67 What trowyste thou sche myht don vs agayn?
68 TERCIUS PRINCE[PS] Sere, there are other in the contré that clenche
69 And prechyn he is levyng that we slewe, they seyn.
70 And yif they ben sufferyd thus, this will bredyn a stench,
71 For thorow here fayre speche oure lawys they steyn.
72 And therfore devyse we now vpon this pleyn bench
73 What is beste for to do, hem for to atteyn.
74 We are but loste yif they reyn.
75 EPISCOPU[S] Why, let se, than; sey me youre ententis.
76 PRIM[US] Let vs preson hem til here myht schent is!
77 SECUND[US] Bettyr is to slen hem wyth dentis!
78 TERC[IUS] Nay, best is to hang hem wyth peyn!

79 EP[ISCOPUS] Nay, seris, nowth so. [You] bettyr avyse;
80 Haue in syth before what after may tide.
81 Yif we slewe hem, it wolde cause the comownys to ryse,
82 And rathere the devyl sle hym than we schulde that abi[de].
83 But be that seustere ded, Mary, that fise,
84 We shal brenne here body and the aschis hide,
85 And don here all the dispith we can here devise,
86 And than sle tho disciplis that walkyn so wyde,
87 And here bodyes devyde.
88 Halde ye not this beste as is sayde?
89 PRIMUS Wyth youre wysdam, sere, we are wel payed.
90 EPISCOPUS Than, ye knyhtis, I charge yow, beth arayed;
91 And ye turmentouris, redy that tyde

92 Whan Mary is ded.
93 And but she deye the sunere, the devyl smyte of here hed!

Hic est Maria in templo orans et dicens:

94 MARIA O hye Wysdam in youre dygne deyté,
95 Youre infynyth lovnesse mad oure saluacyon.
96 That it lyst you of me, sympilest, to take here humanité,
97 Wyth dew obeschyauns I make you gratulacyon.
98 And, gloryous Lord and sone, yif it like youre benygnyté
99 Nouth to ben displesid wyth my desideracyon,
100 Me longith to youre presense, now conj[u]nct to the Vnyté,
101 Wyth all myn herte and my sowle, be natures excitacyon,
102 To youre domynacyon.
103 For all creaturis in you don affye.
104 And myche more owe I, youre moder be alye,
105 Syn ye wern born God and man of my bodye,
106 To desyre yowre presens, that were oure ferste formacyon.

107 SAPIENTIA My suete moderis preyere onto me doth assende;
108 Here holy herte and here love is only on me.
109 Wherfore, aungyl, to here thou schalt now dyssende,
110 Seyinge here sche schal comyn to myn eternyté.
111 Myn habundaunt mercy on here I extende,
112 Resseyuynge here to joye from worldly perplexité.
113 And in tokyn therof, this palme now pretende,
114 Seyinge here sche fere no maner of diuercyté.

115 ANGELUS iXXXX By youre myth I dissende to youre moder in virginité.
116 ANGELUS ij XXXXXX- For qwyche message injoyeth the hefnely consorcyté.

Hic discendet angelus ludentibus citharis, et dicet Marie:

117 PRIMUS A[NGELUS]. Heyl, excellent prynces, Mary moste pure!
118 Heyl, radyant sterre, the sunne not so bryth [is]!
119 Heyl, Moder of Mercy and mayde most mure!
120 The blessyng that God yaf Jacob vpon you now lyth[is].
121 MARIA Now wolcom, bryth berde, Goddis aungyl I seuer!
122 Ye ben messager of Allmyhty; wolcom wyth my myhtis.
123 I beseke you now, say me, vpon youre hie nortur,
124 What is the very name that to youre persone dith is?

125 ANGELUS What nedith you, lady, my name ben desyrand?
126 MARIA A yis, gracyows aungyl, I beseke you requyrand.

127 ANGELUS My name is gret and merveylous, treuly you telland.
128 The hye God, youre sone, abidyth you in blis.
129 The thrydde day hens ye schul ben expirand,
130 And assende to the presense there my God, youre sone, is.
131 MA[RIA] Mercy and gromercy, God, now may I be seyand,
132 Thankyng you, suete aungyl, for this message, iwys.
133 ANG[ELUS] In tokenyng whereof, lady, I am here presentand
134 A braunce of a palme--owth of paradis com this.

135 Before youre bere God biddith it be bore.
136 MARI[A] Now thanke be to that Lord of his mercy euyrmore.

137 ANGEL[US] Yowre meknesse, youre lovnesse, and youre hie lore
138 Is most acceptable in the Trynité syth.
139 Youre sete ryall in hefne apparaled is thore;
140 Now dispose yow to deye, youre sone wyl thus rith.
141 MAR[IA] I obbeye the commaundement of my God here before.
142 But on thyng I beseke that Lord of his myth:
143 That my brether, the appostelis, myht me be before,
144 To se me and I hem or I passe to that lyth.

145 But they ben so deseverid, methynkyth it nyl be.
146 ANGELUS A yis, lady, inpossible to God nothyng trowe ye.

147 For he that sent Abbacuc with mete to Babylonye from Juré
148 Into the lake of lyonys to Danyel the prophete,
149 Be an her of his hed, lo, so myhty was he,
150 [B]e the same myht God make may the appostolis here mete.
151 And therfore abasche you not, lady, in yowre holy mende.
152 MARIA No more I do, glorious aungyl in kynde.

153 Also, I beseke my sone I se not the fende
154 What tyme outh of this word I schal passe hens.
155 His horible lok wold fere me so hende;
156 Ther is nothyng I dowte but his dredfull presens.
157 ANGELUS What nedith it to fere you, empres so hende,
158 Syn be the fruth of youre body was convycte his vyolens?
159 That horible serpent dar not nyhyn youre kende;
160 And yowre blosme schal make hym recistens
161 That he schal not pretende.
162 Desyre ye outh ellys now rythis?
163 MARIA Nouth but blessyd be my God in his myhtys.
164 ANGELUS To yow I recomaunde me than, moste excellent in sithis,
165 And wyth this ageyn to God I assende.

Hic ascendit angelus.

166 MARIA Now, Lord, thy swete holy name wyth lovnesse I blysse,
167 Of qwyche hefne and erthe eche tyme pshalmodyeth.
168 That it lykyth youre mercy me to you to wysse,
169 My sympil sowle in serteyn youre name magnefyeth.
170 Now, holy maydenys, the seruauntis of God, as I gysse,
171 I schal passe from this world, as the aungyl sertefyeth.
172 Therfore to my sympil habitacyon, I telle you now this,
173 I purpose me to go, besekyng yow, replyeth,

174 And assedually wachith me be dayes and nythis.

175 PRIMA VIRG[O] We schal, gracyous lady, wyth alle oure mythis.
176 Schul ye from vs passe, swete sonne of socoure
177 That are oure sengler solas, radyant in youre lythis?
178 Youre peynful absence schal make me doloure.
179 VIRGO SECUNDA. Moste excellent prynces, in all vertu that dith is,
180 Alle hefne and erthe, lady, you doth honure.
181 We schal wachyn and wake, as oure dewe ryth is,
182 Into the tyme ye passe to that hye toure
183 Wyth....XXX
184 MA[RIA] God thanke you, and so do I.
185 Now I wyl dispose me to this jurné redy;
186 So wolde God my brether were here me by
187 To bere my body, that bare Jesu, oure Savyoure.

Hic subito apparet Sanctus Johannes Euangelista ante portam Marie.

188 JOHANNES. A, myrable God, meche is thy myth!
189 Many wonderis thou werkyst, evyn as thi wyll is.
190 In Pheso I was prechyng, a fer contré ryth,
191 And by a whyte clowde I was rapt to these hyllys!
192 Here duellyth Cristis moder, I se wel in syth.
193 Sum merveylous message comyn that mayde tyll [is].
194 I wyl go saluse that berde that in vertu [is] moste brith.
195 And of my sodeyn comyng wete what the skele [is].

Hic pulsabit super portam intrante domum Marie, sibi dicente:

196 Heyl, Moder Mary, maydyn perpetuall!

197 MARIA A, wolcome, mayde Johan, wyth all myn herte in specyall!
198 For joye of youre presence myn herte gynnyth sweme.
199 Thynke ye not, Johan, how my child eternall
200 When he hynge on cros sayd vs this teme:
201 'Lo, here thy sone, woman', so bad he me you call,
202 And you me moder, eche othir to queme.
203 He betok you the gouernayl there of my body terestyall,
204 On mayde to another, as convenyens wold seme.

205 And now that gracyows Lord hath sent me yow, sone.

206 JOHANNES. Now, good fayr lady, what is ther to done?
207 Tellyth the cause why I am heder sent.
208 MARIA Swete sone Johan, so wyll I anone.
209 Owre Lord God sent to me an aungyl that glent
210 And sayde I schulde passe hens, where thre were in one.
211 Tho I askyd the aungyl to haue you present.
212 JOHANNES. A, holy moder, schul ye from vs gone?
213 My brether of this tydyngis sore wyl repent
214 [þat 3e schuld ben absent]!
215 Euyr trybulacyon, Lord, meche þu vs sendyst:
216 Thou, oure maystyr and oure comfort, fro[m] vs ascendist,
217 And now oure joye, thy moder, to take thou pretendist.
218 Thanne all oure comfort is from vs detent.

219 But what seyde [the] aungyl, moder, onto you more?

220 MARIA He brouth me this palme from my sone thore,
221 Qwyche I beseke, as the aungyl me bad,
222 That aforn my bere by you it be bore,
223 Saynge my dirige devouthly and sad.

224 For, Johan, I haue herde the Jewys meche of me spelle.
225 JOHANNES. A, good lady, what likyth it you to telle?

226 MARIA Secretly they ordeyne in here conseytis felle
227 When my sowle is paste, where Godis liste is,
228 To brenne my body and schamly it quelle,
229 For Jesu was of me born, that they slew wyth here fistis.
230 And therfore I beseke you, Johan, both flech and felle
231 Helpe I be beryed, for yn yow my tryst is.
232 JOHANNES. Fere yow not, lady, for I schal wyth you duelle.
233 Wolde God my brether were here now and wyst this.

Hic subito omnes apostoli congregentur ante port[a]m mira[n]tes.

234 PETRUS. A, holy brether, wyth grace be ye met here now.
235 Lord God, what menyth this sodeyne congregacyon?
236 Now, swete brother Powle, wyl ye take this vpon yow?
237 Preye to God for vs all we may haue relacyon.

238 PAULUS. Good brother Peter, how schuld I here pray now,
239 That am lest and most vnworthy of this congregacy[o]n?
240 I am not worthy to ben clepyd apostle, sothly I say yow,
241 For as a woodman ageyn Holy Cherche I mad persecucyon.

242 But neuyrtheles, I am [by] the grace of God that þat I am, lo.
243 PETRUS. A, gret is youre lownesse, Powle, brother, euyrmo.

244 PAULUS. The keyes of hevene, Peter, God hath you betake,
245 And also ye ben peler of lith and prynce of vs all.
246 It is most sittyng to you this preyere to make,
247 And I, vnworthy, wyth yow preyen here schall.
248 PETR[US] I take this vpon me, Poule, for youre sake.
249 Now almythty God that sittiste aboue cherubyn halle,
250 In sygne of thyn holy cros oure handis we make,
251 Besekyng thy mercy may vpon vs falle;

252 And why we ben thus met, yif it lyke, vs lare.
253 JOHANNES. A, holy brether alle, welcom ye are.

254 Why ye be met here I schal you declare:
255 For Mary, Goddys moder, by message is sent
256 That from this wrechid world to blysse sche schal fare,
257 And at here deying sche desyryth to haue vs present.
258 PETRU[S] A, brother Johan, we may syhyn and care,
259 Yif it displese not God, for these tydyngis ment.
260 PAULUS. Forsothe, so we may, Peter, hevyin euyrmare
261 That oure moder and oure comfort schuld ben vs absent.

262 But neuyrtheles, the wyl of God fulfyllid mot be.

263 JOHANNES. That is wel seyd, Poule, but herof bewar ye
264 That non of you for here deth schewe hevy speche.
265 For anon to the Jewys it schuld than notyd be
266 That we were ferd of deth, and that is ageyn that we teche.
267 For we seyn all tho belevyn in the hol Trynyté,
268 They schul euyr leve and nouth deye; this truly we preche.
269 And yif we make hevynesse for here, than wyl it seyd be,
270 "Lo, yone prechouris to deye they fere hem ful meche."

271 And therfore in God now beth glad euerychon.

272 PETRUS. We schal don as ye sey vs, holy brother Johan.
273 Now we beseke you, let vs se oure moder Marie.
274 JOHANNES. Now in Goddys name, to here than all let vs gon.
275 Sche wyl ben ful glad to se this holy companye.
276 PETRUS. Heyl, moder and maydyn!
277 So was neuyr non, But only ye, most blissid treulye.
278 PAULUS. Heyl, incomparabil quen, Goddis holy tron!
279 Of you spreng salvacyon and all oure glorye.

280 Heyl, mene for mankynde and mendere of mys!

281 MARIA A, wyth all myn hol herte, brether, ye are wolcom, iwys.
282 I beseke you now to telle me of youre sodeyne metyng.

283 PETRUS. In dyueris contreys we prechid of youre sone and his blis,
284 Diueris clowdys eche of vs was sodeynely curyng.
285 W[e] in on were brouth before youre yate here, iwys;
286 The cause why, no man cowde telle of oure comyng.
287 MARIA Now I thanke God of his mercy. An hy merakle is this!
288 Now Iwyl telle yow the cause of my sonys werkyng.

289 I desyrid his bodily presence to se.
290 JOHANNES. No wonder, lady, thow so dede ye.

291 MARIA Tho my sone Jesu of his hye peté
292 Sent to me an aungyl, and thus he sayd,
293 That the thredde nyth I schuld assende to my sone in deité.
294 Thanne to haue youre presence, brether, hertly I prayed,
295 And thus at my request God hath you sent me.
296 PETRUS. Wys gracyous lady, we are ryth wel payed.
297 MARIA Blissid brethere, I beseke you than, tent me.
298 Now wyl I rest me in this bed that for me is rayed.

299 Wachith me besily wyth youre laumpys and lithtis.
300 PAULUS. We schal, lady. Redy allthyng for you dith is.

301 MARIA Now sone schul ye se what Godis myth is.
302 My flech gynnyth feble be nature.

Hic erit decenter ornatus in lecto.

303 PETRUS. Brether, eche of you a candele takyth now rithis,
304 And bith hem in haste whil oure moder doth dure.
305 And bisyli let vs wachyn in this virgyne sythis,
306 That when oure Lord comyth in his spoused pure
307 He may fynde vs wakyng and redy wyth oure lithtis.
308 For we knowe not the hour of his comyng now sure,

309 And yn clennesse alle loke ye be redy.

310 MARIA A, swete sone Jesu, now mercy I cry.
311 Ouyr alle synful thy mercy let sprede.
Hic dissendet Dominus cum omni celest[i] curia et dicet:

312 DOMINUS. The voys of my moder me nyhith ful ny.
313 I am dyssend onto here of whom I dede sede.

Hic cantabunt organa.

314 MARIA A, wolcom, gracyous Lord Jesu, sone and God of mercy!
315 An aungyl wold a ssuffysed me, hye Kyng? at this nede.

316 DOMINUS. In propire persone, moder, I wyl ben here redy,
317 Wyth the hefnely quer yowre dirige to rede.
318 Veni tu, electa mea, et ponam in te thronum meum,
319 Quia concupiuit rex speciem tuam.

320 MARIA Paratum cor meum, Deus, paratum cor meum,
321 Cantabo et psalmum dicam Domino.

322 APOSTOLI. Hec est que nesciuit thorum in delictis,
323 Habebit requiem in respectu animarum sanctarum.

324 MARIA Beatam me dicent omnes generaciones,
325 Quia fecit michi magna qui potens est, et sanctum nomen eius.

326 DOMINUS. Veni de Libano, sponsa mea; veni, coronaberis.
327 Ecce, venio quia in capite libri scriptum est de me,
328 Vt facerem voluntatem tuam, Deus meus,
329 Quia exultauit spiritus meus in Deo salutari me[o].

Hic exiet anima Marie de corpore in sinu[m] Dei.

330 DOMINUS. Now com, my swete soule in clennesse most pure,
331 And reste in [m]y bosom, brithtest of ble.
332 Alle ye, myn apostelis, of this body takyth cure.
333 In the Vallé of Josephat there fynde schul ye
334 A grave new mad for Maryes sepulture.
335 There beryeth the body wyth all youre solempnité;
336 And bydyth me there stylle thre dayes severe,
337 And I schal pere ageyn to yow to comfort youre aduercyté.

338 Wyth this swete soule now from you I assende.

339 PETRUS. In oure tribulacyouns, Lord, thou vs defende;
340 We haue no comfort on erthe but of the alon.
341 O swete soule of Mary, prey thy sone vs defende;
342 Haue mynde of thy pore brether when thou
343 comyst to þi tron.

344 CHORUS Que est ista que assendit de deserto

345 MARTYRUM Deliciis affluens, innixa super dilectum suum?
346 ORDO ANGEL[ORUM] Ista est speciosa inter filias Jerusalem sicut vidistis eam,
347 Plenam caritate et dilectione; sicque in celum gaudens suscipitur,
348 Et a dextris filii in trono gloorie collocatur.

Hic cantabit omnis celestis curia.

349 PRIMA VIRGO Now, suster, I beseke you, let vs do oure attendaunce
350 And wasche this gloryous body that here in oure sith is,
351 As is the vse among vs, wythoutyn ony varyaunce.
352 Now blessid be this persone that bar God of Mythtis.

353 SECUNDA VIRGO. I am redy, suster, wyth all myn hol affyaunce,
354 To wesche and worschepe this body that so brith is.
355 Alle creaturys therto owyn dew obeschaunce,
356 For this body resseyred the Holy Gostis flithtis.

Et osculabunt corpus Marie.

357 JOHANNES. Now, holy brother Peter, I hertely you pray
358 To bere this holy palme before this gloryous body.
359 For ye ben prince of apostelis and hed of oure fay;
360 Therfore it semyth you best to do this offis, treuly.
361 PETRUS. Sere, and ye slept on Cristis brest, seyng all celestly;
362 Ye are Goddis clene mayde, wythoutyn ony nay.
363 This observaunce is most like you to do dewly;
364 Wherfore tak it vpon you, brother, we pray.

365 And I schal helpe for to bere the bere.

366 PAULUS. And I, Peter, wyth oure brether in fere,
367 This blessid body schal helpe to the ground.
368 This holy cors now take we vp here,
369 Seyng oure observaunce wyth devouth sound.

Hic portabunt corpus versus sepulturam cum eorum luminibus.

370 PETRU[S]. Exiit Israel de Egipto, domus Jacob de populo barbaro. Alleluia!

371 APOSTOLI. Facta est Judea sanctificacio eius, Israel potestas eius. Alleluia!

Hic angeli dulciter cantabunt in celo, "Alleluia!"

372 EPISCOPUS. Herke, sere princys, what noyse is all this?
373 The erthe and the eyer is ful of melodye!
374 I herde neuyr er swyche a noyse now, iwys.
375 Con ye outh say what they signefye?
376 I not, be my God, that of myht meche is.
377 PRINCEPS Whatsumeuyr they be, hougely they crye!
378 I am aferd there wyll be sumthyng amys;
379 It is good prevely among vs we spye
380 Wythowte.

381 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS. Now I haue levyd this thre skore yer,
382 But sweche another noyse herd I neuyr er.
383 Myn herte gynnyth ogyl and quake for fer--
384 There is sum newe sorwe sprongyn, I dowte.

385 TERCIUS PRIN[CEPS].Ya, that there is, sothly I say yow:
386 The prophetis moder, Mary, is ded!
387 The disciplis here beryn in gret aray now,
388 And makyn alle this merthe in spyth of oure hed.
389 EPISCOPUS Fy on yon lousy doggys, they were bettyr nay!
390 Outh! Harrow! The devyl is in myn hed!
391 Ye dodemvsyd prynces, faste yow aray,
392 Or I make avow to Mahound, youre bodyes schul blede,
393 Now that quene is ded!
394 Ye coward knytys in plate,
395 And ye tormentours, thryfe schul ye late!
396 Faste, harlotys, go youre gate,
397 And brynge me that bychyd body, I red!

398 PRIMUS PRINCEPS Dowte you not, sere byschop; in peyne of repref,
399 We schal don schame to that body and to tho prechours.
400 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS. Sere, I schal geyne tho glabereris or gramly hem gref!
401 Tho teynt tretouris schul tene yif my loke on hem louris.
402 TERCIUS PRINCEPS. To hurle wyth tho harlotys me is ful leff.
403 I schal snarle tho sneveleris wyth rith scharp schouris.
404 EPISCOPUS Hens than, a devylis name, and take me that thef,
405 And br[y]nge me that bygyd body evyn tofore these touris!
406 And here disciplis ye slo!
407 Hye you hens, harlotis, atonys!
408 The devyl boyes mot breke youre bonys!
409 Go stent me yone body wyth youre stonys!
410 Outh! Harrow! Al wod now I go!

Hic discendunt principes cum suis ministris vt feroci percucientes petras cum eorum capitibus.

411 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS, What dewyl, where is this mené?
412 I here here noyse but I se ryth nouth.
413 Allas, I haue clene lost my posté;
414 I am ful wo, mad is my þowth!
415 TERCIUS PRINCEPS. I am so ferd I wold fayn fle!
416 The devyl hym spede hedyr me brouth!
417 I renne, I rappe, so wo is me,
418 Wyndand wod wo hath me wrouth!
419 To deye I ne routh.
420 PRIMUS PRINCEPS A, cowardis, vpon you now fy!
421 Are ye ferd of a ded body?
422 I schal sterte therto manly;
423 Alle that company fere I ryth nouth!

Hic saltat insanus a[d] feretrum Marie et pendet per manus.

424 Allas, my body is ful of peyne!
425 I am fastened sore to this bere!
426 Myn handys are ser bothe tweyne.
427 O, Peter, now prey thy God for me here.
428 In Cayfas halle when thou were seyne
429 And of the, Peter, a mayde acusid there,
430 I halpe the tho; now helpe me ageyne,
431 That I were hol, outh of this fere--
432 Sum medycyn me lere.
433 PETRUS. I may not tend to the, sere, at this hour
434 For ocupacyon of this body of honour.
435 But neuyrtheles, beleue in Jesu Criste, oure Saveyour,
436 And that this was his moder that we bere on bere.

437 [PRIMUS PRINCEPS].I beleue in Jesu, mannys saluacyon.
438 PETRUS. In Goddis name, go doun than, and this body honure.
439 PRIMUS PRINCEPS Now mercy, God, and gromency of this savacyon!
440 In Jesu and his moder to beleve euyr I seuere.
441 PETRUS. Than take yone holy palme and go to þi nacyon,
442 And bid hem beleve in God yif they wyl be pure.
443 And towche hem therwyth, both hed, hand, and facyon,
444 And of her sekenesse they schal haue cure--
445 And ellis in here peynys indure.
446 PRIMUS PRINCEPS. Gromercy, holy fader Peter.
447 I schal do as ye me teche her,
448 Thankyng God euyr in my speche her,
449 Wyth hye repentaunce and herte most mure.

Hic portabunt feretrum ad locum sepulture.

450 PETRUS. Now, holy brether, this body let vs take,
451 And wyth alle the worschepe we may, ley it in the graue,
452 Kyssyng it alle atonys for here sonys sake.
453 Now insence ye, and we schal put here in this cave.

Hic ponent corpus in sepulcrum insensantes et cantantes.

454 JOHANNES. De terra plasmasti me et carne induisti me;
455 Redemptor meus, Domine, resuscita me in novissimo die.

456 Now God blysse this body and we oure synge make.

Hic vnanimiter benedicent corpus in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

457 The fruth that it bar oure soules schal saue.
458 Now reste we vs, brether, vpon this pleyn lake.
459 Tyl from oure God and oure Lord tydyngis we haue,
460 Here muste we belave.
461 PAULUS. So muste we, Johan, as ye say.
462 Thanne byde we here and pray,
463 Besekyng hym of comfort that best may,
464 Restyng here abowtyn this graue.

Hic vadit princeps ad Judeos cum palma.

465 PRIMUS PRINCEPS. Ye Jewys that langour in this gret infyrmyté,
466 Belevyth in Crist Jesu and ye schal haue helthe.
467 Throw vertu of this holy palme that com fro the Trinyté,
468 Yowur sekenesse schal aswage and restore you to welthe.
469 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS. I beleve in Crist Jesu, Goddis sone in vnyté,
470 And forsake my mavmentryes, fals in here felthe.

Hic tangat credentes cum palma et sanati sunt.

471 A, I thanke the, gracyous Lord, and thy moder of peté.
472 Now are we hol of oure seknesse and of oure foul belthe.

473 TERCIUS PRINCEPS. What, harlotys, forsake oure lawe?

474 SECUNDUS PRINCEPS. So hald I beste the do.

475 TERCIUS PRINCEPS. Hens fro me in the develis name ye go!
476 I deye! Outh, outh! Harro!
477 The wylde develys mot me to-drawe!

478 PRIMUS DEMON. Herke, Belsabub and Belyal, Sene Sathan in the herne,
479 Vs fettyn oure servauntis to this preson!
480 Blow flamys of fer to make hem to brenne;
481 Mak redy ageyn we com to this, demon!
482 SECUNDUS DEMON. Faste for tho harlotis now let vs renne,
483 To caste hem in this pet here that depe is adon.
484 They schul brenne, and boyle, and chille in oure denne!
485 Go we now, a dewelys name, as faste as we mon.
486 Harrow, harrow, we com to town!
487 PRIMUS DEMON. Drag we these harlotis in hye
488 Into the pet of helle for to lye!
489 SECUNDUS DEMON. Go we now, helle houndis, ye crye;
490 Sere Sathan may heryn oure son!

491 DOMINUS. Now, aungyl and alle this court celestyall,
492 Into herthe now discendith wyth me
493 To reyse the body of my moder terestyall,
494 And bryng we it to the blysse of my deyté.

495 Assent ye hereto now [in] vnyté?
496 ANGELI. Ya, for yowre hye mercy, Lord, al hefne makyth melodé.

Hic discendit et venit ad apostolos dicens:

497 DOMINUS. Pes be to yow alle, my postelis so dere.
498 Lo me here, yowre Lord and youre God, now rythtis.
499 A, wolcom, Criste, oure comfort, in thy manhed clere!
500 Gret merveylous God, mekyl now thy myth is.

501 DOMINUS. What worschepe and grace semyth you now here
502 That I do to this body, Mary that hytht is?
503 JOHANNES. Lord, as thou rese from deth and regnyst in thyn empere,
504 So reyse thou this body to thy blysse that lyth is.
505 Vs semyth this ryth is.
506 MYCHAEL Ya, gloryous God, lo, the sowle here prest now
507 To this blissid body likyth it you to fest now;
508 Hefne and erthe wold thynke this the best now
509 Inasmyche as sche bare you, God in youre mythtis.

Hic vadit anima in corpus Marie.

510 DOMINUS. Go thanne, blyssid soule, to that body ageyn.
511 Arys now, my dowe, my nehebour, and my swete frende,
512 Tabernacle of joye, vessel of lyf, hefnely temple, to reyn.
513 Ye schal haue the blysse wyth me, moder, that hath non ende.
514 For as ye were clene in erthe of alle synnys greyn,
515 So schul ye reyne in hefne clennest in mend.
516 MARIA A, endles worchepe be to you, Jesu, relesere of peyn.
517 I and alle erthe may blisse ye, com of owre kend.
518 Lo me, redy wyth yow for to wend.
519 DOMINUS. Abouen hefnys, moder, assende than we,
520 In endles blysse for to be.
521 MICHAEL. Hefne and erthe, now injoye may ye,
522 For God throw Mary is mad mannys frend.

Et hic assendent in celum cantantibus organis.

523 Assumpta es, Maria, in celum.

524 DOMINUS. Yow to worchepe, moder, it likyth the hol Trinyté.
525 Wherfore I crowne you here in this kyndam of glory.
526 Of alle my chosyn, thus schul ye clepyd be:
527 Qwen of Hefne and Moder of Mercy.

528 MICHAEL. Now blysid be youre namys, we cry!
529 For this holy assumpcyon alle hefne makyth melody.
530 Deo gracias.

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