The Young Troubadour

Medieval Stories for Young Readers

Knight Fights Against Dragon While Princess Awaits

The selections in The Young Troubadour are from Harriet Buxton Barbour's Old English Tales Retold (1924), with only a small number of changes for the sake of clarity. (Illustrations throughout the site were completed by Rodney Thomson for the same edition.)

At this point, this site includes only Barbour's works, but the plan is to include many more medieval tales, all retold in the same easy-to-read style. As the site develops, there will also be more explanatory notes. Beowulf, only told through the second major episode in the story, will be completed.

The banner image is adapted from Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld 1861. Oil on canvas 44 1/4 x 54 in. (112.3 x 137.1 cm) Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Available through Wikimedia.

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